Godly Model Creator Chapter 157

Gmc Chapter 157

Chapter 0157    Life or death crisis

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Su Hao looked at her, glanced at her red cheeks and suddenly chuckled, Did I what?

I hate you!

The blue dream butterfly stamped her feet and pouted her small mouth, I asked you did you see me..

In order to express her deterrence, the blue dream butterfly even showed her little fierce fist. However, the current her, no matter how you looked, she seemed more like sulking. That cute tone coupled with her half revealing clothes, besides having ones blood boiling, how could there be any hint of a threat?

Helplessly shaking his head, Su Hao pinched her wings and directly threw her on his shoulders. He then snappily said, If I didnt see, how could I cover you up with clothes? Its not like I havent seen it before. Whats there to be shy about? Little brat, prepare to depart. Youre not small so keep your wings hidden, or else, you might accidentally get hurt during battle.


The blue dream butterfly replied in a low tone. It was a rare occurrence of her not rampaging. That white cheeks of her revealed a slight touch of rose red. Looking at Su Haos normal expression which didnt seem to be fake, her embarrassment had been reduced by quite an amount.


A wave of energy ripple flashed. The blue dream butterfly disappeared.


After noticing the blue dream butterfly had disappeared, only then did Su Hao feel relieved in his heart.

He, who pretended to be calm on the surface, received a huge amount of pressure just now! A naked body was, of course, nice to look at, but what aroused people the most was this half revealing, half covering scene without any doubt! Would just a casual cloth be able to cover her whole body?

Plus, before this, with the appearance of a butterfly, he didnt feel anything.

This time, facing a beautiful girl, this was really a test of his faithful love to Chen Yiran.

This was torture!

Taking a few steps forward, he cleared away the mess within his mind.

A cold wind blew past him, allowing him to get into a calm state faster.

The sky was cold.

Taking rapid steps, Su Hao looked back for a bit. Many berserk beasts were following the lead. Just that this time, the rooster no longer throw any brick.

This mysterious Rich chicken farm...one day, I will definitely come back here!

Su Haos mouth raised a smile. Waving his hand to those little yellow chicks, he then abruptly turned around and continued his journey.

Those berserk beasts were shocked when Su Hao waved his hands. They quickly hid themselves, before coming out and taking a peek at Su Haos figure leaving. Surprisingly, those little yellow chicks faced Su Hao while waving their little wing.


Just stepping out from the chicken farms territory, a strange berserk beast began to charge at him.

Su Hao frowned. As his stature flashed, white teeth on his hand skillfully passed by the beasts neck and blood instantly sputtered. This berserk beast died on the spot.

The teeth of that drunk rat beast king is indeed powerful!

Su Hao said so in satisfaction. Once again, he continued his journey by following the route on the map.

Five hours later.

Su Hao appeared at the edge of wasteland. The clothes on his body now were decorated with several holes. His current appearance now was like a beggar. The muscles in his body were now completely exposed.

Regarding this, Su Hao could only bitterly smile.

Damn it. In theoretical basis, there wasnt anything which mentioned extra clothes must be brought while in the wilderness?

In fact, this was entirely Su Haos fault.

The desire of a youth was fired up by the blue dream butterfly. Su Hao let off all his steam on those berserk beasts. On his way here, almost every berserk beasts suffered a huge loss.

Being singled out alone, Su Hao didnt fear anything here!

Here, no berserk beast with strength higher than 15 points in origin ability appeared. Su Hao casually abused and toyed around with those berserk beasts. Of course, the end result.

Were these ragged clothes.


Spitting out a leaf in his mouth which he didnt realize had entered his mouth, Su Hao once again activated his virtual screen.


The map was flashing.

A realistic 3D map appeared. A line was drawn throughout the map with numerous spots marked. Su Hao was standing at one of those spots right now.

According to the route picked by him, there wasnt anything dangerous up front. What would be appearing was a forest, full of trees and bushes, not under any mans jurisdiction. And it was located exactly between two berserk beasts territory which would make his journey smooth. After that, he would then reach Fengshan Village!

It could be said once he left the wasteland, he had already completed 90 percent of his journey.

Exactly one and a half day duration. Seems this journey is considered smooth.

Su Hao calculated for a bit. Because of the usage of toxin drug, he was able to pass Machinery Wine Factory easily. As for the Rich chicken farm, it was needless to say. He spent the night there comfortably. That was why his journey was faster than what he planned. If he continued with such progression, perhaps by tonight he would obtain the wine.

Closing the virtual screen, Su Hao looked at the forest in front and directly entered.


Su Hao easily traveled in the forest. Occasionally, there would be some berserk beasts appearing. However, they simply couldnt keep up with his footwork and were easily left behind. When there wasnt any large wave of berserk beasts, this method was indeed fast and efficient.

Just that as he kept moving, Su Hao began to gradually frown.

Something wasnt right here.

The forest was in total silence and such silence was too scary.

Right now it was about 1 pm. However, as he moved at a quick pace, he found out that lesser and lesser berserk beasts appearing. Although this was the border between two berserk beasts territory, those wandering berserk beasts shouldnt be so few!

Besides those few which he met at the earlier stage, for the last half an hour, he didnt even see a single shadow.

Perhaps there is any huge berserk beast or those two berserk beasts species were in a war?

Su Haos mind became even more anxious and alert.

However, at this time, a sweet voice resounded within his mind, Su Hao, quickly dodge!

This voice.

Su Haos eyes lit up. Without any hesitation, he dashed to his right and rolled his body to the side.

Just as his head was about to move, when he didnt dodge on time, he already heard a loud sound traveling past his ear and blasted the tree behind with full force which then formed a hole.

Escaping an inexplicable attack, Su Hao then stood up horrified.

Looking around, he actually couldnt find anything!

What happened?

After quite some time, Su Hao recalled hearing a familiar sound!


Su Haos mind went tight, gunfire!

It turned out to be gunfire!

Su Haos eyes turned cold. Carefully looking at the hole in the tree, he quickly hid himself behind a tree.

A kilometer away.

A middle-aged man with scars on his face, carrying a long sniper rifle, he was aiming at somewhere within the forest. Through the aiming lens, he could easily see a human shadow within the forest.

Hehe, just a little baby student. Yet, trying to snatch this task away from me! Dao Ba sneered, This is funny. I thought youre expert since youre able to evade once. Yet, you dont know how to hide yourself from a snipers view. This is a new type of sniper rifle, you think you can evade its shot easily?

Through the aiming lens, he could clearly see a red shadow flashing here and there within the forest. The latest type of sniper rifle had a heat sensor with the aid of origin ability energy. That was why you could easily detect any living organism with heat. With huge firepower, it was more than enough to penetrate all the roads blocking its path!

3000 meters distance was a just a blink of an eye to travel!

From his backpack, taking out a bottle of body recovery drug, Dao Ba in a breath drank half a bottle. Traces of blood in his hand slowly disappeared and healed. Soon, the wound was gone.


Dao Ba grinned for a second. Once again, he adjusted his aim at the red shadow. The cross was aimed at the center of the heart as he slowly counted the time.

Times up!

Dao Ba without any hesitation pulled the trigger.


A strong force came by as a huge momentum appeared from the mouth of the sniper rifle.


The stones below the sniper rifle were broken into countless pieces.

The recoil force was too strong!

The higher the force produced, the higher amount of recoil force he had to endure!

The hand of Dao Ba once again revealed traces of blood.

The speed of the bullet is faster than sound. Dao Bas mouth revealed a brutal smile as he drank the remaining drug in the bottle, Little brat, enjoy your last moment before death.

In the forest.

Behind a tree, Su Hao who just escaped by a thin margin from the first shot was covered in cold sweat.

No matter what, he would have never thought that at this time and place, he would encounter a sniper. If not for blue dream butterflys warning just now, he would have become a corpse!