Godly Model Creator Chapter 158

Gmc Chapter 158

Chapter 0158    Rapid analysis

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The government had prohibited the production of this popular weapon.

The reason behind this prohibition was due to the fact that, ever since the eruption of the origin ability era, the strength of the berserk beasts increasingly grew stronger. As such, merely a firearm would no longer cause any harm to the berserker beasts.

Even a powerful rocket launcher was useless against a powerful berserk beast!

Handguns, grenades and other weapons werent even worth a mention. Instead, once a humans origin ability had gone through a certain level of development, then some harm against the berserk beasts can be caused. Firearms were unable to pierce or harm the berserk beasts. As for facing origin ability talents, naturally, they were powerless against.

In fact, after the eruption of the origin ability era and its reconstruction, many weapon production factories were destroyed, and now, barely a few weapon production factories remained. In order to reconstruct these factories, an enormous fee must be paid. Making an enormous expenditure just to reconstruct something which is ineffective in combat? Naturally, this wasnt permissible.

Eventually, firearms were banned.

However, following the development of origin ability, humans discovered a horrific matter, that is. Even though firearms were ineffective against berserk beasts, but to humans, firearms were lethal against them. These firearms which were useless against the berserk beasts, were frighteningly useful against humans. It was as if firearms were humans ideal equipment to annihilate each other!

The reason was simple, the berserk beasts fur will always be on them.

No matter when the shot was made, the fur of the berserker beasts would effectively block any incoming bullets. But for humans? Although humans origin ability talents were great, they werent able to be constantly alert for 24 hours a day or to eternally use the origin ability defenses. Therefore, one moment of carelessness or negligence, a shot from a kilometer distance would be fatal.

After the Origin Ability Association discovered this, they were immediately enraged.

As you face such an incredible enemy like the berserk beasts, humans would still kill one another? Therefore, the Origin Ability Association immediately issued a ban!

The ban prohibited any business corporation in any condition, in any size, to produce firearms! If such production was found, any person was allowed to kill them on the spot. And this person would be able to claim a lucrative reward from the Origin Ability Association. Reporting any leads which were then subsequently confirmed would also be entitled them to a lucrative reward.

It was an order to stop killing each other.

This caused the few remaining firearm production factories to be completely destroyed. However, a few would still slip through the net and quietly produce such weapons and would secretly and illegally sell firearms.

In addition, after many years of advancement.

The integration of firearms and origin ability liquid produced an even more powerful effect!

This weapon would be very effective against low-level berserk beasts. However, the number of these low-level berserk beasts were so numerous that they werent able to be completely annihilated. And humans biggest enemy was those ferocious berserk beasts. The so-called college entrance examination system was produced to cultivate strong espers! Only truly strong espers would be really effective against these berserk beasts.

Therefore, the government was willing to pay any cost!

As firearms werent able to see the light of day, among them, the unavoidable sniper rifle, was called by others as traitor guns. Because only when they faced humans, they were able to unleash their most powerful might.

Su Hao saw these firearms twice.

The first time, which was like this gun earlier. As for the other time, it was the gun when he faced the Piao Ling Organization. Both times were abnormally dangerous.

Indeed, what the wise old saying was true, humans greatest enemy would always be themselves!

With his thoughts as quick as lightning, which in reality it wasnt even a second, Su Hao quickly analyzed the earlier gunshot. As a victor need to know the enemy as well as himself, as long as he knew any information about the enemy, he would be victorious.

For him, that earlier shot revealed a lot of information.

Shooting position!

From the line of fire attacking him from his back, reaching the tree, it was a 30-degree angle. Su Hao easily deduced the enemys estimated position.

The size of the muzzle!

The bullet easily shot through the huge tree and left a tiny bullet hole. As Su Hao left earlier, he made a glancing sweep. Based on the size of the bullet, he was able to determine the size of the muzzle, and from thereon he was able to determine the model of this sniper rifle. There was only one type of sniper rifle that would use such a small but high-speed bullet, and that was the latest fk7-111 sniper rifle model.

Friction force delay!

In theory, the bullets speed would be faster than sound, therefore, it was certain that the bullet would arrive, followed by the sound.

But, after air friction factor was considered, once exceeding 1000 meters, although the speed of the bullet would be reduced, the sound wouldnt be reduced. Therefore, in an ordinary scenario, once beyond 1000 meters, it was possible that the sound would arrive earlier than the bullet.

However, the fk7-111 sniper rifle was an exception.

This fk7-111 sniper rifle was a product of the integration of both origin ability and technology. It only had one unique feature, where it would disregard air friction! Every friction consumed would be the bullets internal origin ability! Within a 5000 meter radius, from start to finish, it would maintain a constant speed, that was what made it so frightening.

The shooting speed of the fk7-111 sniper rifle was roughly 1850 meters per second, but from there till here, the speed wasnt as fast as before. That it reached a point which Su Hao was able to notice a shadow flashed past him.

After reflecting the speed of the earlier bullet and making a comparison, where the top speed of the fk7-111, the speed would reduce after it pierced through every tree and with the average distance of every tree and the sound propagation of the speed...

Su Haos brain continued to calculate at a crazy pace.

Finally, he came to a conclusion, the distance between the enemy and himself would be about 3000-3500 meters!

3000 meters

Su Hao was shocked. With such a distance, the enemy must have accurately calculated that there will be a passerby at this moment. Upon calculating the time, at this moment, there was only one type of person who could pass by, and this type of person would be the person who was heading to Fengshan Village.

The enemys identity was finally revealed.

It would be a person accepting the century-old wine task which was the same as the one he accepted. However, the enemy wasnt a student, but a horrifying strong esper who accepted this task from the Origin Ability Association firm!

That was a very cruel method!

Su Hao said in shock. In order to finish this task, this person had planned to ambush and kill every competitor. How clean and crisp was this method?

Su Hao admitted that he has yet to possess such boldness!

The enemy who used this fk7-111 sniper rifle, his physical fitness level would be at least 250 points. To shoot with such precision, the enemy would probably be very well trained. This meant the enemy would always use this method of sniping. Basically, the task was reliant on this, and not reliant on his origin ability.

In other words, the enemy wasnt relying on the talent of origin ability to survive!

From another perspective, it could be said that this person doesnt have any talent of origin ability!

For a person who relies on combat for a living, this was similar to the ancient mercenary, or it can be said that this person was a mercenary before the origin ability era.

This meant that the deduction of the physical strength of the person was complete!

Identity, location, distance, weapon, strength, these five factors were completely determined. And the hidden enemy probably didnt realize that a shot would expose every information about him!

Su Hao was confident that even if there were any miscalculations, it wouldnt be more than ten.

The coldness within his eyes flashed, Su Hao remained unmoved, Fk7-111 sniper rifle, if he is not a strong esper, then he couldnt have endured this rifles recoil force! He would have to rest for at least 5 seconds or drink a bottle of body recovery drug. Otherwise, if he continued to fire, his hands would be crippled!

5 seconds.

Su Hao pondered a while, up until now, 2 seconds have passed. In addition to the 2 second audio delay, in other words, he will fire in another 1 second!

Just knowing his position wouldnt be enough, specific information to capture him must be accurately determined, otherwise, although the next shot can be avoided, the 3rd shot will cause problems!

What can I do?

Cold sweat appeared on Su Haos forehead, but his face appeared to be extraordinarily calm.

For moments like this, all the more reason a calm heart was required!

By now, the one he could only rely on was his model analysis. But this model analysis was very limited, and he deeply understood that due to his previous experience when he constructed models.

During the battle of honor, if it exceeded 800 meters, all his energy would be depleted and the model collapsed instantaneously. Although currently, his ability has hugely increased and the consumption of the origin ability energy would also have been reduced to a certain level, but according to his calculations, he could only reach 1000 meters if he was forced to. Not to mention 3000 meters, if he dared to directly establish the model and not wait for the enemy to attack, he would first exhaust his origin ability energy!

What to do now?

Su Haos breath was heavier, his mind was quickly contemplating, as there wasnt a single moment he could afford to waste.

3000 meters 800 meters this is not right!

Why must I make a complete detection?

Su Haos eyes lit up. Since I know the enemys position, then why why couldnt I unilaterally establish the model?