Godly Model Creator Chapter 159

Gmc Chapter 159

Chapter 0159 - Universally Shocking

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What if he only established models in the direction of the enemy?

A radius of 800 meters, the huge scale was why it was hard to maintain. Due to its circular shape, the further it was from the point he was standing, the greater the radius would be. When the radius reached 800 meters, how much area he did he need to cover? 800*800* = 2,010,619. The final result was 2.01 million square meters. That was a enormous number!

No wonder when he was establishing the model, it would instantly collapse. He couldnt even maintain the model for 0.01 seconds.

However, if he was to establish it in just one direction, the area for him to establish the model would be much smaller! 3000 meters in length, 3 meters in width meant a mere 9000 square meters. Compared to the previous model, it wasnt even worth a fraction.

But it was still more than enough to sustain the model!


Su Hao took a deep breath. Now, I will just be waiting for you to shoot!

In order to determine the location of the foe and to prevent him from changing his position, Su Hao need to confirm whether the sniper had moved his position after the first shot. Only then would Su Hao be able to make a better judgement.

The last second reached!

Model analysis, start!

Terrain modeling!

Single direction: 12 oclock!

Fixed distance: 3500 meters!

Fixed duration: 0.5 second!


From Su Haos position to the location of enemy analyzed by Su Hao, he instantly began his model analysis. At this moment, numerous models appeared within Su Haos mind. In order to prevent any mishap due to enemy being further away, Su Hao covered a full distance of 3500 meters!

Sure enough, at 3200 meters, Su Hao found his foe.

Position, unchanged!

He was still in the same spot!

In between them, all the trees, locations, gaps between trees were all clearly visible within Su Haos mind.

After 0.5 seconds, the model instantly collapsed!

This was the duration Su Hao set up himself. Had he established all these models just to discover the position of the foe? Of course not! The reason he established the model in such way was just for one reason, avoiding bullets!

One more time!, Su Hao sneered.

Model analysis, start!

Terrain modeling!

Single direction: 12 oclock!

Fixed distance: 3200 meters!

Fixed duration: 0.5 second!


The same scene once again appeared. Being separated by 0.5 second, Su Hao found out something different between them..

After 0.5 second, many trees in between a certain range had an additional little hole. Impressively, this time, a bullet appeared in the model established which was heading toward Su Hao. Just 0.5 second and yet it had travelled 800 meters!


Su Hao sneered. Being able to discover your position and determine the bullet track, you still think that you will succeed in shooting me?


Su Haos image flashed as he easily dodged to the right side.

In order to judge his counterattack, he purposely waited for a bit. Sure enough, one second later, a bullet passed through the place he was standing at a moment ago, leaving a small hole behind.

Yea, I guess it right, Su Hao murmured, Thanks to your blessing, I managed to comprehend a new ability. Since I can predict long ranged attacks, I guess I will name it prediction modeling, then!

Since every single detail had been confirmed, then what was there to wait for?!

Su Haos eyes were glowing coldly as he looked at the position of his enemy 3000 meters away. To move 3200 meters, he needed 100 seconds! Attacking once every 5 seconds, in other words, his enemy could attack 20 times in between. So he needed to dodge 20 bullets. With his current energy.it was enough!


Su Hao kicked off the tree behind him and rushed in the direction of the foe.

The trees in the forest began to tremble. Su Hao was like a runaway beast, his body was moving at lightning-like high speed.


Thousands of meters away...

After this shot, Dao Ba was just about to close shop when he noticed through the aiming scope the person he aimed at had easily evaded his shot!

Dodging two times in succession? Dao Bas facial expression turned bad.

Evading once could be considered as luck, but to do so two times wasnt right! To be able to survive in the wilderness for so many years, naturally he had formidable attributes to back him up.

It was none other than him being very cautious!

Theres a problem!

Dao Ba adjusted his position for a bit and silently counted for 5 seconds. Once again, he aimed at the silhouette and shot. At this time, his opponent was running back and forth. He was totally dismissive of such actions.

Someone who was familiar with sniper rifles could predict an enemys movements easily.

Based on his opponents actions, 2 seconds were already more than enough to predict what he was going to do.


Yet another shot. The strong recoil force caused the wound on Dao Bas hand to bleed even more. Yet, his face was still the same as his eyes kept staring at his rivals image.

However, what stunned him was when the bullet was about to hit the boy-

The boyhe actually halted for a moment!

This short pause actually made his prediction line just miss, brushing past the boy.

It was another missed shot!

How could this be? Dao Ba was shocked as he looked at the figure leaping around. Could this be another coincidence? Did he found out my prediction line? No, impossible! It was a prediction attack by me, how could he discover it?

Dao Ba, who didnt want to believe what he saw, once again silently counted off 5 seconds. When the injury in his hand recovered, he took aim and shot again.


Another shot, this time the foe was advancing forward within the prediction line. Basically, he didnt need to guess that this time the bullet would definitely hit his target.

However, just like previously...

Just when the bullet was about to hit the boy, that boy gently dodged to the side as the bullet passed by him!

Just 2 seconds in between all this, yet the boy was able to quickly make his judgement within a second!

Damn it! Dao Ba cursed for a second. At this moment, he finally understood. The boy had nothing to fear! He could easily discover his bullets, or perhaps this boy had some sort of sixth sense!

F*ck my life!

Dao Ba was mad. This time, the foe had some sort of prediction-type origin ability talent? Or perhaps intuition-type origin ability talent? This time he was in deep trouble!

Still not believing his own judgement, he fired several times. Without any accidents, each bullet just passed by the boy.

He simply couldnt hit his target.

As if God was playing a joke on him, this foes terrifying ability was like the movie Next which Nicholas Cage starred in, where he could casually allow each bullet to pass by his body.

The difference of life and death was just a thin hair apart.

Dao Bas face turned completely green.

Plus, he noticed something scary. No matter how he adjusted his aiming lens, he could easily find the boy. This was because at this time, it was just a straight line between him and his target.

Although this person didnt stop moving around, he was actually moving towards Dao Bas position!

Not only did the boy notice him, he was actually sprinting towards him!

Damn it! Dao Bas face changed dramatically, He could even do this?

That was a distance of more than 3000 meters! How could the target discover him?

Poor Dao Ba didn't know that for his bookworm opponent, just one shot was enough to expose his location.

What to do now? After noticing this, Dao Ba only had two options to pick.

First, gamble with his foe! At this moment, the distance between both of them was about 2000 meters. He could still attack several times. Although the boy was fast, as the distance closed between them, he might not be able to dodge all attacks. Perhaps, he could hit the boy once!

Second choice, escape! Living in mountains, he wasnt afraid of lacking any firewood. Leaving here and waiting for his rival to go Fengshan Village and pick up the item, or to start fighting with berserk beasts, he could then make his move.

After thinking about it slightly, Dao Ba didnt hesitate to make the second choice.

With the first choice, if the foe really had any prediction class ability, then the probability of him dying would be more than 90 percent! Taking the second choice, if he was to flee into the woods, he would still have the chance to obtain the task item. This was the first time he had made such a choice after being in the wilderness for so many years.


Thinking of this, Dao Ba didnt hesitate to turn around and leave.

At this moment, Su Hao was pursuing him, and once again used his prediction modeling. He was stunned..the reality was different from what he planned. The bullet he expected didnt appear. Instead, he saw the figure retreating a distance away. Almost instantly, he understood the situation.

This brat wanted to flee?

Such a good decisive reaction!

Making moves without hesitation. Acting decisively! Formidable strength!

Su Hao quickly analyzed the judgement of this enemy of his. He asked himself, if such a person was allowed to flee, what would the end result be?

It went without saying!

Su Hao didnt wish to see himself working hard to complete the task and then all the rewards going to the other!

Chase him!

Cold light flashed within Su Haos eyes as he didnt hesitate to chase and kill the sniper.