Godly Model Creator Chapter 160

Gmc Chapter 160

Chapter 0160    Chase and kill

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Nora.


If the opponent had some sense of regret for confronting him, Su Hao was somewhat afraid too. After all, the closer he was to the sniper rifle, the faster the relative bullet speed. Do not forget, the duration would be shorter too. He must dodge at almost the same time that the shot was fired. To identify the bullet route was no longer an option. If he was delayed for a single fraction of a second, he might be hit instead.

But this time.the opponent was resorting to fleeing?

Is this a joke?

Su Hao made an estimation. The opponents physical fitness was at least 250 points but it would not be extremely high. As a hunter who did not have any origin ability talent, he definitely would not use any advanced strengthening drug! Thus, the opponents physical fitness should be a bit more than 250 points. Perhaps, there might even be quite a distance before they reached 300 points.

How could this level of physical fitness be compared with Su Haos, who had reached a terrifying 350 points?


Su Hao once again activated the prediction modeling twice and easily captured the speed of the opponent. The difference between the two figures was within an interval of 0.5 seconds, his speed was greater than the opponents by a factor of two. That would be his speed in a second.

It was weak in comparison!

There was quite a gap when compared to Su Hao.

Su Hao made a quick calculation, There should be around 260 points in physical fitness for them to maintain such a speedthis is within expectations. Since the situation is like this, then there can only be one result...

Su Haos mouth revealed a trace of a sinister smile.

At a distance away.

Dao Ba had run a full distance of 6000 meters before he finally stopped!

Fearing that the surrounding berserk beasts might affect his sniping, he had already killed off all the berserk beasts in the surroundings when he had first reached this first. Since this place was the intersection between two territories, the original number of berserk beasts were already small in the first place. After being killed by him, this place had become silent.

These 6000 meters, he did not dare to run in a straight line.

Along the way, he reduced his speed and took several circles around. Not only that, he also made sure to remove any traces he left behind so that the opponent could not determine where he went.

As a qualified hunter, he was very competent in his work.

Huh...I finally managed to escape.

Dao Ba wiped the sweat off his body as he hid under a boulder within the forest. This was basically a small cave. If you did not have a clear look at it, you would not even recognize this cave because this spot was only 50 meters in height. It was surrounded by tall grasses and there was a big boulder above. Most people would think that it was a gap in between the boulder.

Who would have thought that under this crack, a person could fit in?

Removing the boulder, Dao Ba twisted his body for a bit to get himself inside. Only after doing that did he put the boulder back. The position was just right for the sniper rifle to be placed in a way to aim outside. In such a position, nobody would be able to find him. Even if he killed his enemy that was within a few hundred meters, most probably he would not be found out. This was because this spot was too well hidden!

Damn, finally I can take a breath of relief.

Dao Ba took a deep breath. Only here did he truly feel secure.

Through his aiming lens, he looked at the situation outside. Sweeping around left and right in a circle, he could not find any traces of the boy which then made his guard go down.

Never would he expect someone like him who was used to sniping goose to almost be poked by a goose today. This was totally dangerous.

In this era of origin ability, nobody is to be underestimated.

Dao Ba carefully thought about it. When he took a closer look, he sneered. So what if youre so powerful? This young master still managed to shoot you many times and fled safely. In these days, distance is the true king! Whatever talent, under a sniper rifle, everything is just a useless!

Just when he was about to say something, he suddenly heard a strange sound which was then followed by some vibrations on the ground.

Whats happening?

Dao Bas facial expression changed. It cant be earthquake right?

Thinking of this, Dao Ba decided to quickly get out. Just at this moment, a loud bang could be heard. The boulder above him was suddenly hit by a strong force. This boulderwhich was originally used as a roofcollapsed. It was then broken into pieces and fell down.

Bao Bas face turned bad. He just wanted to get out quickly, how could he easily leave this spot after he had crawled that deeply into the crack?

Just as he climbed halfway out, heavy stones struck him down.


A mournful scream could be heard from the pit.

Above the boulder, Su Hao was standing there as he sneered while looking at the middle aged man who was struggling to come out. This was the person who was vicious to the extreme and had nearly put him to death?

Thinking of this, Su Hao fiercely stepped on the boulder with his feet.

The stones collapsed into a worse state. It was needless to say how the situation looked for Dao Ba who was under the rocks. When he was finally able to climb out of the pit, his pair of legs would almost be crippled for certain!

If it was ordinary people, they would have scream non-stop due to the intense pain. However, Dao Ba skillfully took out a capsule from his left pocket and quickly swallowed it at this moment.


Countless mysterious hormones began to react within his body. His leg injury began to rapidly heal at a speed noticeable by the naked eye.

Su Hao looked in surprise.

Noticing the healing speed, it must have been at least an intermediate body recovery drug and it was a drug compressed into a capsule. How expensive was that capsule?

The so-called capsule existed because a bottle of drug was not easy to carry around and inconvenient to use. Thus, in order to remove hindrances during battles, the liquid was compressed into a capsule. 

From the surface, it was not any different from an ordinary capsule.

Similarly, because of its capsule form, the value had increased by at least ten times the original price! Thus, this little intermediate body recovery capsule should at least cost a few million star dollars or above.

And this capsule should be the life saving card of this middle aged man.

Both of Dao Bas injured legs began to gradually recovered.

However, at this time, his whole body was covered in cold sweat. He did not dare to move because he could sense that someone was standing behind him!

Someone is there?

Dao Bas soul was about to depart from his body.

This cave here had collapsed due to this opponents doing?

Slowly turned his head over, Dao Ba looked at a teenager that was before his eyes in shock. That familiar figure made him instantly understand that this person was the boy who had been chasing and trying to kill him!

Its you?!

Dao Ba looked at the boy before him in disbelief.

No matter what, he could not believe his opponent had chased him all the way here, it was a total distance of 6000 meters. How could this opponent chase him all the way here? How did this opponent discover him? What kind of magical ability was it this time?

Hey, lets have some introductions. Im Su Hao. Su Hao looked at him expressionlessly. I believe you dont mind introducing yourself, right?

Dao Ba bitterly smiled, Everyone calls me Dao Ba.

Dao Ba, such an imposing name, Su Hao casually said, Can you tell me why you attacked me? If not because of my unique origin ability talent, I would probably be dead under your hand.

Sure enough, it was this problem of origin ability talent.

But this question.

The opponent did not know the reason of him trying to kill?

Dao Ba bitterly smiled, Actually.


At this moment, Dao Ba made his move. At this close distance, he threw his punch without any hesitation. He flung both of his fists, the distance between them was only a few centimeters!

He looked at Su Haos figure, which obviously did not make any response.

Dao Ba coldly laughed within his heart. A student was always a student. A few tricks and you will let your guard down. At this age, not staying in school but roaming here is just an act of digging your own grave!

Regarding his physical fitness, Dao Ba was very confident!

His 260 points in physical fitness easily made him one of the best among hunters! Although he did not have any origin ability talent, when his physical fitness was coupled with his fighting techniques, nobody could compete with him! After all these years, he had earned the title of Dao Ba (Scar from a knife wound).

The boy in front of him naturally had powerful capabilities. His origin ability must be pretty strong too.

But close combat, who could compete with him?



A punch was directed down with full force on the opponents body. Dao Ba did not have the chance to feel proud before he felt that something was not right. When he had a closer look, his face suddenly changed.

He could only register now that his incomparable iron fist had been easily caught by this opponent with their bare hands. Moreover, they did so while looking at him casually. Your strength.is only so?

Su Hao laughed out loud, Im so disappointed!


Su Haos right leg gave a heavy kick. Dao Ba subconsciously tried to resist. However, as both legs clashed, he instantly flew out and landed on the ground, rolling a few times before he stopped.


Dao Ba looked at Su Hao in disbelief, Such strength.how could you be?!

Su Hao smiled indifferently, My physical fitness is 350 points. Are you satisfied with it then?

Dao Ba was covered in cold sweat. 350 points!

What kind of heaven defying score is this?!

He had been in this field for so long and only managed to obtain an intermediate body strengthening drug. After that, he used it while he was in perfect condition and with it he managed to rush all the way to 260 points. A full difference of 90 points, that really made his fighting spirit disappeared altogether.

Am I going to die like this?

Absolutely no!

Dao Ba made a decision in his heart. His face showed a determined look.