Godly Model Creator Chapter 161

Gmc Chapter 161

Chapter 0161    Another encounter with Piao Ling

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

There was no hope of escaping.

However, did physical fitness equate to power?

Or did power equate to fighting technique? But being a strong esper, I have mastered beginner military fighting technique! Pure physical strength only makes someone reckless.

As the thoughts reached here, Dao Bas eyes tightened in anger. He charged forward while ignoring his bodys injured state.

Beginner military fighting technique!



Dao Ba instantly executed this fighting technique.

Su Hao smiled wryly, beginner military fighting technique? He was too familiar with it


Likewise, Su Hao rushed forward and he executed the same basic military fighting technique.

Although it was the same fighting technique, the difference between the two was their physical fitness. Dao Ba was forced back by Su Hao in a blink of an eye. Dao Ba had yet to receive three blows and yet, he was already beaten until he was almost vomiting blood. More horrifyingly, due to the existence of fighting essence, Su Haos combat was unusually flowing smoothly. From the beginning until the end, he easily and severely beaten Dao Ba.

In fact, until the very last moment, a frightening amount of origin ability energy exploded from his fist.

Fighting point, burst!


Dao Ba was launched backwards, as this time Su Hao didnt show any mercy. This was the explosion of a powerful physical fitness coupled with fighting points.

One punch!

Half of Dao Bas body was instantly crippled. As he crumbled on the ground, his body was covered with blood and he couldnt get up for a long time.

Fighting essence

Dao Ba bitterly said. Beginner military fighting technique coupled with fighting essence, the opponents fighting techniques had a total of 350 points after being all added up, making it almost perfect.

What was there a way to resist anymore?

Is he really a student?

Wasnt origin ability talent the main course of students, up until specialization? Only then would they speed up the learning of physical fitness and fighting techniques.

What exactly happened to this student in front of him?

Dao Bao immediately felt as if his world was turned upside down.

Su Hao calmly looked at him, and asked him in a low voice: Still the same question, can you tell me, why did you attack me?

Dao Ba smiled bitterly.

Just a mere split second, his mind thought quickly.

Although he was still young, he already had such a powerful ability. Fighting technique and physical fitness, the time wasted to spend on training was several times more than origin ability talent. Does that mean that the opponent used all his time to train his physical fitness and fighting technique?

How old is he?

It could mean that the opponent was an innocent boy!

Those who madly trained were normally people who stayed indoors. Although they possessed powerful abilities, they wouldnt understand societys deceit and human relations. In other words, they were naive!

It was worth noting that Dao Ba was very clever.

As a hunter who was in this field for many years, he would not miss any opportunities. Every target would be easily caught. As he thought of this, he looked at Su Haos frighteningly young face, Dao Ba felt that he could fool him for a bit. As such, his lips hesitated for a moment, before softly speaking,

What was it again. Actually, the assignment that I accepted was clearing out any berserk beasts. Therefore I have wiped out all targets appearing on my aiming lens. As you know, on the sniper rifle I can only see a little and not clearly see the target Ah, it hurts

As he finished speaking, Su Hao violently stepped on him. Su Hao then gave Dao Ba a slight smile, saying, Really? Sigh, can you tell me, how good was the task you accepted? Why did you hide?

Su Hao used a regretful tone as he spoke. After Dao Ba heard that, he took a deep cold breath!

He finally understood!

This boy was definitely a ruthless person!

If he wouldnt speak, the opponent would first cripple him. After that, he would use this method of interrogation. If Dao Ba let the opponent become unhappy, he was afraid that he really couldnt escape death this time.

You, you speak, if there are any questions I will definitely answer.

As Dao Ba thought of this, he respectfully spoke. He has completely ignored the pain in his body! With technology being so advanced, any injury can still be healed. But if he was to be killed by the enemy, everything would be completely gone.

Very well.

Su Hao nodded in satisfaction, Then tell me, what assignment did you accept?

Dao Ba took the initiative to open his virtual screen and let Su Hao have a look.

Object to search: The missing century old wine

Task rating: Two stars

Task Requirement: None

Task Receiver: None

Description: I am a villager from Fengshan Village of Jianghe City. When the origin ability era arrived, everyone panicked and fled, leaving many houses unkept. At the underground cellar back of my old house, stored a sealed bottle of century-old wine.

Task Reward: Grandmaster Pianist Feng Yongzhis guidance and tutelage for 3-days.

Task Publisher: Feng Yongzhi

Surprisingly this is the reward!!

Su Hao was surprised. No wonder the school released 1000 task points for this!

Master Fengs personal tutelage for 3 days!

He was a legend in this generation, the piano genius, teaching you hand to hand for 3 days. If a person who has music foundation learnt from him, it would surely be much easier! If an intermediate pianist whose learning was stuck at the bottleneck would learn from this master, he most probably would be able to break through and reach the levels of an advanced pianist!

This would be such an honourable occasion.

No wonder this person would crazily accept this task. Even if he couldnt use the reward, if he completed the task and sold it to someone who needed it, it would be a lucrative profit, even up to at least tens of millions! For those rich kids who needed to learn piano, this would be a priceless treasure!

Personal tutelage for 3 days...

Su Hao contemplated for a moment, why was Master Feng connected to this task?

What is the connection between Master Feng and Feng Shan Village?

Su Hao knew that he had found out something. As Master Feng recently returned to Jianghe City, the task was released. Plus, the reward was related to Master Feng. Therefore, it was no question that this bottle of wine was something that Master Feng needed. But why would Master Feng recklessly and desperately need this bottle of wine?

Based on Su Haos analysis from what he knew about Master Feng, this person would normally have a gentle and elegant demeanour. In order for him to recklessly do such an act would certainly be related to his wife!

As Su Hao connected the dots further, Master Fengs wife was from Jianghe City.

The answer to this matter was almost deduced.

Master Fengs wife, who was a villager from Fengshan Village, Jianghe City. When Master Feng returned to the city, this time, he somehow found out about the existence of this wine.

The information from the summary of the task didnt seem to be false, as Master Feng at least wouldnt commit such an act.

Then maybe, this was how it was originally written?

Who wrote this?!

The family of Master Fengs wife!

And it could be said, through his wifes family, Master Feng found out about the existence of the old wine. Therefore he would expend his efforts to preserve the old wine.

In just a moment, Su Hao had completely and clearly analyzed the whole situation.

This was his own analysis and it was one of the countless possibilities. However, this was the only one with the highest possibility!

Very good.

Su Hao sneered, he originally wanted to ask some more questions.However, it was unexpected that by connecting the information from the two tasks, he would completely understand the whole situation. If that was the case, it was about time to end this.

Thinking of this, Su Hao looked at Dao Ba with a murderous glare.

Dao Ba was shocked, he was familiar with those eyes. Su Hao wanted to kill! As he thought of this, he panicked a little. After being in this field for many years, how could he end like this, being killed so easily?



You you cannot kill me! It was as if Dao Ba screamed.


Su Hao looked at him coldly, Give me a reason!


Dao Ba gritted his teeth and said viciously: I am an assassin from Piao Ling Organization! If you kill me, the organization will not let you go. You have at least heard of Piao Ling Organization right?


The colour on Su Haos face turned as his pupils shrunk. An assassin from Piao Ling Organization?!

He was too familiar with this name!


As he viciously stepped on Dao Bas chest, Su Hao coldly said: Give me proof that you are an assassin Piao Ling Organization!

I have proof! I have proof!

It was as if Dao Ba had a glimmer of hope, he raised the communication device that was in his hands, and quickly entered his private information. A strange website loaded and was shared for Su Hao to see everything clearly.

That actually was the website of Piao Ling Organization!

Within it, all sorts of information could be seen, all the assassination orders, everything was clearly displayed there. The domain name was not wrong, which meant, this person was really an assassin from Piao Ling Organization?

How could this be possible?!

When this matter was already clear in his mind, a twist appeared again! With the revelation of the identity as an assassin of Piao Ling Organization, the whole scenario was suddenly confusing again.

Could it be that someone came to kill him yet again?

Su Hao became confused.

What actually is happening here?