Godly Model Creator Chapter 162

Gmc Chapter 162

Chapter 0162 -  New ability

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: RED

What is actually happening?

Looking at the mans proof of identity, Su Haos mind was working like electricity, rapidly working through the analytical processes.

Assassinate him?

No, absolutely not!

Only a few people knew he was here. Did Sun Yaotian tell Sun family about the incident and then they began to make a move? No, it was impossible! With Sun Batians identity, he could have easily learned that the man supporting behind him was Zhang Zhongtian. Then, he absolutely wouldnt make a move. Based on his understanding of Sun Batian, this personprioritized the interests of his family over everything!

He absolutely wouldnt take such a risk to make a move on Su Hao. Plus, Su Haos real identity was flawlessly covered up. There was simply no way anyone could notice he was that white killer!

Then...apart from that?

Su Hao couldnt recall offending other people. Even if there was some random person eyeing him, the probability was definitely below 1 percent.

In other word, there could only be one possibility.


This Dao Ba was here not to assassinate him, but to complete the task. Killing him was just his method to complete the task butsince when did the Piao Ling Organization begin to accept such tasks, too?

Thinking of this, Su Hao coldly asked, An assassin from the Piao Ling Organization would accept such a task?

No, its not like that! Dao Ba bitterly smiled, This, this is my last task. To be frank, Im just an outermost follower of Piao Ling Organization who just passed the assessment and became their assassin! This was because my strength was perfect for assassination! As long as I successfully completed a task, I would then be a qualified assassin!

However, these last few days, the tasks released by Piao Ling Organization were too difficult to complete. I still havent found a suitable one. As for those lower rank tasks, they had all been snatched away. Plus, Im a bit tight on money, so I tried this task.

Sure enough, it was just a coincidence!

Su Haos mind moved. His speculation had been confirmed.

The whole truth was finally revealed!

If so, then how was he going to deal with this man in front of him?

Kill him?

Looking at the respectful expression coming from Dao Bas face, Su Hao sneered in his heart. The cover up was too perfect that it seemed fake!

Chi! Su Hao sneered, You think I will believe you? Take off your communication device. I cant see clearly. You have nothing to be afraid of me looking at it right?

Yes, I will take it off now, Dao Ba said while feeling nervous. Looking down, he hid the killing intent within his eyes. So many years, he had never seen anyone daring to treat him like this. If he managed to get out of this pinch alive


The communication device was taken off. The information it was projecting instantly disappeared.

This was a protective measure to protect an individuals privacy. When the communication device was taken off from their wrist, it would automatically go into DNA private mode which others couldnt open.

Noticing Su Haos expression didnt turn any better, Dao Ba quickly entered the password and fingerprint verification before selecting public mode and passed it to Su Hao.

Su Hao then had a look at the virtual screen, casually saying, Seems that youre really a killer from Piao Ling Organization

Yes, I am for sure! Dao Ba excitedly continued, If you kill me, the organization will definitely bring you trouble. This wont be convenient for you. Why not become friends. In the future, I could help you complete any task you request for free.

Heh, not needed, Su Hao coldly laughed and forcefully stepped on him.


Dao Bas eyes opened wide as he looked at Su Hao in disbelief. Somehow, he couldnt believe that just like that, Su Hao actually killed him!

Su Hao sneered without a word.

Such a person, he was too clear about them!

The judgement before this was still in effect. If such person was to escape, it would only bring him endless trouble. Even if Su Hao himself couldnt be killed, he was still afraid of his family members safety. Since Su Hao was hostile to him, naturally he wont be allowed to leave here with his life intact!

Finally it ended, Su Hao said in a flat tone and sneered as he looked at the communication device in his hand.

Everything he did until now, wasnt it all just to obtain the communication device in his hand right now?

Since DNA private mode had been confirmed, public mode had been selected, Su Hao maintained the device in such state. Whenever he needed to have a look at it, he would then open it.

His aim was actually simple. With the information of Piao Ling Organizations tasks in his hand, in future when there was someone who wanted to kill him, he could discover it!

If the task to assassinate him was discovered early, at least he would be alerted!

Cleaning up the scene for a bit, at this moment, Su Hao still didnt realized that this analysis type origin ability talent did not only upgrade his strength. Under his nonstop growth, every little detail was able to be captured easily, which then turned into detailed analysis and deduction.

His thinking ability and mental calculation speed also increased rapidly!

This ability was not clearly reflected during experiments. However, based on how Su Hao did things, it continued to show its edge again and again!

Not only that, countless amounts of information which he had learned in the past, and which he had stored unconsciously deep within his memory was now able to recalled.

The advantage of being a bookworm began to show as it developed together with his analyzing ability.

Su Hao was improving rapidly!

In todays encounter with Dao Ba, not only did he obtain access to Piao Ling Organizations information, his understanding on his model analysis had also reached a new high. Although the score in his college entrance examination was his main focus, while in a situation of life or death, such danger had unknowingly deepened his understanding of potential applications for his model analysis.

New ability - prediction modeling.

Prediction was just a name Su Hao came out with. As of now, the so-called prediction didnt have the ability to predict the future, or a deductive function. The role of this prediction model was just to determine the route an opponents attack which couldnt be seen with the naked eye.

This application was perfectly displayed when confronting Dao Ba.

The distance between them was huge. He was totally clueless of Dao Bas exact location. However, with prediction modeling, he could made a conclusion from the trajectory of the bullet to determine the final location of the bullet. After all, after the bullet left the rifle, its route had already been fixed! As for unknown attacks, they couldnt be predicted.

But, what if it was ineffective from the front? What about behind, then?

Su Hao carefully thought about it and made a surprising discovery. This usage of prediction modeling was actually very diverse and powerful!

If he was in the middle of battle, when he activated prediction modeling, it was as if there was an additional eye behind his back, which then allowed him to easily judge any movement from behind! During battle, it was definitely an advantage!

For example, if somebody sneak attacked him from behind.

Su Haos mind moved and instantly established prediction modeling surrounding him. Within a radius of 3 meters, all scenes were shown in his mind as a 3D model. Almost at the same time, the whole space seemed to be frozen, which allowed him to easily judge who the person behind him was!

What was the attack?

How strong was the attack?

Then, he could then plan the most effective dodge and counterattack.

Although currently this ability seemed to be weak, what about in the future?

When he could use model analysis as much as he liked, would this ability be weak then? When he could create a model every 0.1 second, would this ability still be weak? When he could instantly establish a model 24 times in a second, would it still weak?

Absolutely not!

To be able to do 24 times in a second, it was equivalent to screenshotting 3D models, which when all the screenshots combined together, a complete video would be formed!

Because even in a film, the number of frames per second was also at 24 frames!

If one day he could really establish 24 times per second, it would then be like a virtual reality in general where the scenes surrounding him would be perfectly shown in his mind.

Heh! Su Hao shook his head and got rid of this thought.

He had lots of ideas, but the reality was different. His current origin ability was still weak. With just a few centimeters long little water pipe and trying to fill the vast ocean?

This was nonsense!

Su Hao took a set of brand new camouflage clothes from Dao Bas backpack and changed into them. After all, he was nearly naked right now with his current clothes.

Indeed worthy of being a veteran in this field, he knew well to prepare extra clothes with his rich experience. Unlike Su Hao, only when his clothes were in a sorry state did he think about them. As for why Dao Ba only prepared new clothes instead of used clothes, Su Hao didnt have to think much about it. What else would he do, since Dao Ba was a man without a wife!

After changing into the camouflage clothes, Su Hao looked like a new person, full of spirit.

Any other useful items he also took.

After cleaning things up, Su Hao grabbed that FK-111 sniper rifle, and happily fiddled with it for a bit. Through the aiming lens, he then studied the surrounding area.

Unexpectedly, a red figure appeared in the aiming lens!