Godly Model Creator Chapter 163

Gmc Chapter 163

Chapter 0163    An unbelievable shot

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Nora.

Someone is there?

Su Hao was surprised.

Dao Ba had already cleaned up the area within the radius of a couple of miles. Whenever a warm-blooded animal appeared, it represented the arrival of a new lifeform. If it was not a berserk beast, then it should be a human.

And impressively, the shadow that appeared before his eyes was a human!

Su Hao had read about the fk7-111 sniper rifle many times through books and manuals. However, when he saw an actual fk7-111 this time, he had an itch to have a look at it. Never would he have expected to spot someone in the process.

Interesting, is this another person who is doing the same task?

Su Haos lips raised into a smile as he used the aiming lens to scout his surroundings. Within a radius of a couple of miles, the aiming lens detected only this particular person.

As Su Hao laid on the ground with the sniper rifle, he observed that persons every move with the lens.


Su Hao saw the human shadow make a sudden rush, sprinting from bush to bush, before it eventually hid carefully. There were no movements for some time before the shadow began to slowly but surely move forward.

Su Hao sweated as he saw the whole activity, wasnt this guy being too cautious?

However, these steps were sufficient for Su Hao to make some analysis.

Unorthodox method!

By observing the opponents movements, this person was clearly not a student from the natural selection class. Instead, he was a properly qualified hunter. The aiming lens spotted a red shadow but could not provide a clear look of that persons face.



With another two steps, the opponent quickly hid behind a huge rock. His movements displayed an extraordinary level of experience. Even if Su Hao shot using his sniper rifle right now, there was no guarantee that he would be able to hurt his opponent.

Even if the bullet could pierce through the rock, how much force would still remain?

The opponent was clearly unaware of Su Haos presence. However, with such experienced movements and luring, even if Su Hao was to shoot now, that person would definitely dodge his shot immediately.

Su Hao sighed. This person is truly a proper hunter. Nobody in the natural selection class could easily match him, at least in term of battle awareness.

Definitely, without a doubt.

If a natural selection class student was released in this forest and had to face this hunter in a one on one battle, the student would eventually die nine times out of ten! So what if you are strong in origin ability?! Without many years of field experience and battle awareness, these type of battles will only end up in gruesome deaths.

But for Su Hao, it was obvious that he was an exception.

Model analysis made him lose quite an amount of attack power. However, that very same ability gave him something important in return. At least, to a certain extent, he had obtained a perspective equivalent to that of a god! It was as if he was in heaven, overlooking everything and well versed of the situation within a few miles radius.

Along with his rich knowledge, this ability would bring him to victory in this battle of life and death!

In fact, the tasks released by the school each time was in such situation too. Only by having more experiences would students have such qualities to survive!

Brother, Im sorry.

Through the aiming lens, Su Hao locked onto the shadow that was moving alertly and then suddenly aimed the sniper crosshair at him. For this task, I must complete it! If I dont use this advantage that was created by Dao Ba, it would be such a waste!


Su Hao shot.

This was the era of origin ability!

One success required many sacrifices!

Su Hao had always tried to keep himself in good faith, maintaining that innocence of his. However, facing people who had plans to obstruct him, Su Hao would not hesitate to remove them!

A powerful force came from the sniper rifle, which then caused his ears to buzz.

Fortunately, as Su Haos current physical fitness was 350 points, he was able to withstand the recoil force of the fk7-111. However, the bullet preparation for the fk7-111 still required 5 seconds of time.

Su Hao did not mind, as he coldly stared at the shadow through the sniper lens. Just a moment ago he was a prey and now he was reborn into a hunter.

Instantly he became the grim reaper, holding the life of another within his palm.

Within the forest.

A middle-aged man who wore camouflage clothes began to carefully move forward. He had a small head and he had a crafty looking face. His pair of small eyes were looking around the surroundings constantly.

This person was exactly like his name.

He was called Lao Shu (rat). People commonly refer to him as Brother Shu because he had an incredible ability to sense danger. However, even if he had a strong ability to sense danger, his heart was filled with worry as he was about to arrive Fengshan Village.

He really did not want to accept this task because it was reported that Dao Ba accepted this same one. Who was this Dao Ba? Brother Shu was too familiar with him!

The circle of hunters within Jianghe City was neither big nor small.

Dao Bas name and reputation were very famous!

Although Dao Bas origin ability was not high, he was a very frightening character. It was said that he came from a mercenary background. Although he did not receive origin ability talent, he surprised many people by completing many unimaginable tasks through his own abilities and experience with weapons. According to the Origin Ability Firm, Dao Bas assignment success rate was 80%.

80% was a frightening statistic!

However, some people would question the other 20%. He still had a 20% failure rate, why was his success rate still considered high then? If you thought that way, then you are wrong. 20% failure rate was a very common occurrence because there were many unexpected situations. For example, an employer released a task for bodyguards, and that task was accepted. But before the person was sent to do the job, the employer died...

Or in another situation where an assignment of killing a berserk beast was accepted, but before they reached the destination, the berserk beast was killed by others. Or it could be that the berserk beast was killed by another, more powerful berserk beast.

Another example, the employer was willing to pay compensation and wanted to cancel the task.

Due to these series of unexpected incidents, a common hunters success rate would only be around 50%. 60% would be considered very high, 70% would be considered as a master. As for 80%... men could only dream to reach such a statistic.

Some people even gave this label to Dao Ba once. Anyone below 20 points of origin ability would not able to withstand Dao Bas sniping!

Although it might be exaggerated but it was precisely because of this fact that people were aware of Dao Bas powerful abilities.

Additionally, this was the description of the old Dao Ba. According to the rumours, it was stated that Dao Ba spent his lifes savings to purchase a new weapon in order to join a mysterious organization. He sold his original, custom-made sniper rifle and his accumulated savings to purchase that mysterious weapon.

What exactly was this weapon that nearly caused Dao Ba to be bankrupt?

Brother Shu bitterly smiled. If it was not because I owe that person a debt, only a crazy people would accept this ridiculous task!

As Brother Shu carefully made a few steps forward, he felt a little numb on his scalp. From the moment he entered the forest, he vaguely felt as if something was locked onto him. Although this feeling was absurd, after all these years, he had never made a mistake about it.

It was due to these absurd thoughts, that he was saved a countless number of times from danger.

As he connected the information he had, he knew who was locking on himDao Ba!

As he thought about this, Brother Shus body was drenched in sweat. This Dao Ba really came!

What should I do?

Brother Rat smiled bitterly, the next step was filled with danger.

Every step he made was filled with caution.

Damn it! I will take the risk! Brother Shu gritted his teeth. Relying on my powerful sense towards danger, I will definitely know when Dao Ba would attack! As long as I complete this task, my debt would be cleared. After this, Brother Shu would be completely free!


Brother Rats figure dashed forward with an explosive force and he began to surge towards the Fengshan Village.

However, as he made two steps, a powerful killing intent trapped him. Cold sweat immediately covered Brother Shus whole body. His senses were not wrong, there was really someone whose eyes were locked on him!

The opponent attacked!

Dao Ba shot!

Brother Shus eyelids jumped. He felt that the sense of danger begin to grow stronger and stronger. He then immediately dodged to his right. Whenever Dao Ba attacks, one blow would be an instant kill, with no mercy. In addition to the enormous force that came from the mysterious weapon, he would take any defensive measures necessary so that he would not regret it later!


Brother Shu made a vertical leap and leaped as far as two meters away!

Through his pre danger senses, he was able to dodge early. In normal circumstances, it would not be possible for sniper rifles to hit him but...


A powerful sound was emitted. As Brother Shu was dodging, his body felt a shock. A bullet pierced through his calves. Searing pain immediately surged through.


Brother Shu rolled on the floor. His face was pale as large beads of sweat rolled down his face. Quickly, he took a bottle of drug and applied pressure on the pain. Such action gave him a lot of relief.

How how is this possible?

Brother Shu displayed a face of disbelief. Pre.prediction? Sniper rifles also can make such predictions? Taking into consideration the wind direction, temperature, obstacles, such factors make it very difficult and yet prediction is still possible?