Godly Model Creator Chapter 164

Gmc Chapter 164

Chapter 0164    Yet another missed shot

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws


Can sniper rifles predict?

Lao Shu felt that his view on this world had been brought upside down.


The late gunshot only came at this moment.

This clearly showed that the distance between him and opponent was pretty far apart! In such a long distance yet the opponent was able to predict? Exactly how powerful was this opponent of his?

In the whole Jianghe City, the only one who is able to achieve such feat was without a doubt, only Dao Ba alone!

Lao Shu tried to recall it and soon he remembered.

To be able to achieve such feat, besides personal incredibly rich experiences, an aid from origin ability was necessary! The perfect combination of a sniper rifle and origin ability, could it be the new weapon of Dao Ba? However, what is this new weapon which has such terrifying ability? Even the latest fk7-111 didnt have such a capability.

Being unknown was what terrifying the most!

In the end, what had Dao Ba mastered?

Lao Shu was somehow horrified.

At this moment, far away from here, Su Hao looked at the sniper rifle in his hand with shock before moved his sight to his own hand. He then sighed helplessly.

F*ck, I actually shot inaccurately!

Shot inaccurately


If Lao Shu was to hear this, he might have died from anger!

Anyway, Su Hao felt helpless.

Reality and theory would always have some differences.

Fk7-111, although it had a strong recoil force, facing Su Haos strong physical fitness which is as stable as Mountain Tai, he basically remained unmoved after shooting. Thus, after aiming, Su Hao didnt hesitate to fire! In theory, this shot of his would eventually hit the heart.

However, the reality was different.

The wind speed, the temperature of the air, the trees in the path, humidity and all sort of blocking factors, Su Hao never considered them. If he was to use model analysis to aid, Su Hao was very confident that with his computing ability and the accurate aim of the fk7-111, he would be able to achieve perfect shot! However, this was a warm-up, a training ground for him to make a perfect shot.

No matter how good he is today, he was still a novice. Because of this, it led to a two meters deviation. It was just that something strange happened. Without knowing why his shot was inaccurate yet that figure jumped to the bullet line.

And then it was such a coincident that he jumped exactly two meters away.

Did the opponent felt it?

Or not?

Su Hao shook his head. Well, he would try for another attempt and then his question would be answered. Thinking of this, once again he laid down on the ground and then aimed at that red figure.

Terrain modeling!

Wind speed...

Air humidity...


Su Hao was calm in every action. As his eyes showed coldness, he gently pulled the trigger.


The strong force once again burst out from fk7-111 and rushed to a distance away.

Somewhere far away.

Lao Shu had just escaped from the thrilling moment. The injury on his thighs had also been suppressed.

However, at this time, he felt something strange.

Because, based on how Dao Ba took his action, he would definitely die! However, he was extremely lucky that he managed to survive somehow this time. Why didnt Dao Ba kill him?

Lau Shu had some doubt.

Any detail noticed might turn a fight around. This key detail, Lao Shu definitely wont let it go. This might be a message from Dao Ba.

Or perhaps Dao Ba actually wanted to hit his heart but due to his dodge and the prediction had some difference, it then hit his thighs?

If this was the case, this could only mean that Dao Bas mastery of his new weapon wasnt that great.

However...from chest to thigh, the deviation seemed to not be far. Plus, with his terrifying prediction, Dao Bas standard once again improved.


As Lao Shu was thinking, he felt goosebump all over his body. Yet another sense of danger began to envelop him.

Damn, it is coming again!

Lao Shu quickly stood up and wanted to dodge. However, that injury on his legs made his movement a bit inconvenient. Not even having time to move as he wanted to, he heard the sound of bullet passing.


A strong piercing sound could be heard as the bullet blasted through a large tree two meters away.

Without leaving any trace, a little hole formed on the tree as the bullet left. Lao Shus soul came back to his body. Looking at the bullet hole in the tree two meters away, he instantly understood.

Dao Ba was someone who could predict his movement yet why this time, his shot missed? As for Dao Bas shooting level, they understood well of what he was capable of.

Then, there could only be one possibility.

That was Dao Ba was giving him a warning.

There were many people who accepted this task. If he shot each and every one of them, then many people would have fall victims.

And Dao Ba used such method to warn him that this task belonged to Dao Ba! At the same time, it was also a way to inform others to leave as far as they can or else, he would get rid of them next time!

Lao Shu himself was also the backbone for hunters in Jianghe City.

He could judge in the hunter circle of Jianghe City, the number of people who could escape from Dao Bas attacks could be counted on a single hand!


Thinking of this, Lao Shu quickly made a decision.

Dragging his limping legs, he quickly left. He wanted to tell those who were attempting the task that if there is no strength to back them up, it is better to give up. Although the task itself is a competition which youre willing to bet your life for it, if the worst case was to happen, it would be a big blow to the hunter circle of Jianghe City.

Very soon, Lao Shu disappeared into the forest.

Thousands of miles away, Su Hao helplessly looked at the sniper rifle in his hand and couldnt help himself to say this sentence.

Damn, yet another missed shot!

Helplessly shook his head, Su Hao used his aiming lens and scouted the situation surrounding him. Nothing could be found. Every single mouse had fled out of his range.



Su Hao then disassembled the sniper rifle into three sections. The rifle itself is an assembly type and didnt need any experience to assemble. Soon, once the disassembling was completed, he then put them all into his backpack.

Huh nobody is here. Fengshan Village should be in front.

Su Hao took a deep breath and headed directly to Fengshan Village.

After passing through countless of bushes and tall trees, ten miles away, a village quietly stood there at the outermost part of the previous Jianghe City.

Fengshan Village!

Su Hao didnt come out from the forest. The information had stated that Fengshan Village had been occupied by berserk beasts. When all villagers fled here a few decades ago, this had since become the beasts nest.

To rush in without any plan was just a dead end.

Fengshan Village...

Su Hao pondered for a moment. Trying to retrieve some information from the Internet was a fruitless attempt.

Fengshan Village covered an area of 200,000 square meters. It was pretty small and was just one of the villages located at the edge of Jianghe City. Coupled with the remote terrain, usually, not many people would be here. After the arrival of origin ability era, it was even more of a reason that this place had no man living.

Here, at least more than ten years nobody had taken a step in.



Su Hao quickly assembled the sniper rifle and then aimed it at Fengshan Village. Looking through the aiming lens, it was totally empty.

No berserk beast?

Su Haos eyebrows wrinkled slightly. With the aiming lens, as long as there is any figure moving within 5000 meters in range, he could absolutely detect it as long as it carried heat.



Although snake is cold-blooded, still its body had its own temperature. It was absolutely impossible to escape from being detected via this aiming lens.

Keeping this rifle back, Su Hao then had a look at this quiet village.


It was too quiet.

The whole village was in ruins but the atmosphere here was quiet.

It was as if at this moment, Fengshan Village had undergone hibernation mode. Looking from far, nothing could be seen, not even a single berserk beast.

What surprised Su Hao the most was after all these years, Fengshan Village actually had several houses which were preserved. If not for the existence of these houses, perhaps this land would just be a flat ruin.

There are still some houses which didnt collapse.

Su Hao pondered, Are there really no berserk beast here?

Based on logic, the houses in this little village wont be that strong. In other words, those houses which were still intact could only mean one thing, no berserk beast went to destroy them. The whole village was in total quiet, probably indicating that no berserk beast was present here. At this time, finding the cellar was the correct move.

Just in case, to ensure his deduction was right, Su Hao casually looked at the village from a long distance.

Model analysis, start!

Life detection!


Light flashing within Su Haos eyes. The energy within his body instantly spread to the surrounding, covering the whole village.


Life detection was completed. A beautiful model of the village was established within Su Haos mind. This scene, Su Hao was very familiar with it!


The moment he saw it, he sucked a mouthful of cold air.

Blank spot.

A lot of blank spots.

Countless blank spots.

In other words, this village had countless of berserk beasts hidden!

Within this seemingly peaceful village, how many hidden terrifying berserk beasts are there! Su Hao suddenly felt cold sweat on his back. If he was to just rush in like a retard just now, most probably he would be eaten into nothingness.

What kind of berserk beast is this? Even no heat is released?

Su Haos heart went tight.

Enter and have a look?


Without knowing what kind of berserk beasts were they, facing unknown force, if he was to act without a proper plan, he would end up dying miserably.

It is not necessary for me to clash with the berserk beasts. Let me have a look which spot is the exact one for the task.

Thinking of this, Su Hao then carefully looked at the village.

The forest had higher elevation, putting Su Hao in a spot that could easily see the whole picture of Fengshan Village. Besides those several intact houses, everything else was just ruins. Forget about the cellar, even the so-called house described in the task could not be seen.