Godly Model Creator Chapter 165

Gmc Chapter 165

Chapter 0165    Underground ice ape

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Su Hao broke a sweat. Did this mean he had to go to every ruins to search after killing every single berserk beast?

Why not give terrain modeling a try then.

Su Hao muttered silently to himself. Finally, at this moment, terrain modeling had its purpose.

However, if he were to use terrain modeling, his current state would not be able to cover the entire village, which was 200,000 square meters.

Life detection covered a larger scope than terrain modeling. The only advantage it had was the shorter time!

While terrain modeling was continuous by nature, life detection was instantaneous by nature.

The longer the duration the model was maintained, the more origin ability energy it consumed. However, for terrain modeling, it was a mini version of the overall model which would continuously consume energy for several seconds. However, as for life detection, it was able to establish a model within 0.1 seconds and instantly dissipate. As long as the opponents position was determined, then it had already served its purpose.

To use a common method to describe this, terrain modeling was like a video recording, while life detection was akin to photo capturing. The energy consumed was naturally different respectively.

In theory, as long as the duration was reduced, within that reduction, the scope that Su Hao would be able to detect would be larger!

For example, from 1 second, if it were to be reduced to 0.1 second, the effectiveness of Su Haos origin ability talent would increase multiple times. If from 0.1 seconds it was reduced to 0.01 second, or even lower, the effectiveness of his origin ability talent would be increased even further. It could potentially cover the whole globe!

Of course, this was purely theoretical.

In reality, 0.1 seconds was the shortest time period that Su Hao could handle. If the duration was reduced to below 0.1 seconds, the effectiveness of modeling would be equivalent to none. Based on his current capability, he was not able to see anything with lower than 0.1 seconds and he would not be able to capture the detail. Only when he reached the standard required would Su Hao be able to see everything within 0.1 seconds and remember them.

200,000 square meters with my current origin ability energy, it should be enough to maintain for 1 second!

Su Haos eyes flashed.

Model analysis, start!

Terrain modeling!


Countless energy became excited as the whole scenery changed. Within Su Haos mind, the model of a village appeared. From top to bottom, the model included the foundation of every house.


1 second had passed. The model instantly collapsed. 90% of Su Haos origin ability energy was consumed, it was close to being drained off totally.


At that moment, he saw four cellars! Beneath the village, there were four cellars. However, before he was able to specifically identify which cellar had wine, the model village disintegrated.

1 second was still not enough.

Su Hao smiled bitterly. In the past, couldnt terrain modeling last for 3 seconds? To visualize every object in the terrain and remembered them completely, at least 3 seconds were required!

But this time, it only lasted for 1 second and he could only see an overview.

At least four places are locked on.

Su Hao sat cross-legged in the forest. After that, he took out and drank a few bottles of recovery drug and the origin ability energy within his body began to recover.

After an hour, Su Hao used terrain modeling once again. However, it lasted 1 second only again. He quickly checked on one of the four cellars.

And beneath that cellar, laid hidden the so-called century old wine.

Its the leftmost cellar... Su Hao had a look at the village map. Comparing it with the map its rough position, should be here!

Su Hao said as he looked at an intact house at the central.

Was that cellar beneath this perfectly intact building?

This isnt right!

Su Haos head went numb for a while. Cellar the task clearly said the cellar was beneath the backyard but this time... a perfectly intact house was above it.

In other words this meant that the house was constructed later!

Damn it!

Su Haos eyelids shrunk. Has anyone come here before?

The thought that the building was constructed later was not quite right, as this was the berserk beasts nest! Certain places in the Fengshan Village were constructed right after it was destroyed by the berserk beasts, this included the central and a few other places. No, not right! It should be that these few houses which remained in the village were rebuilt later!

For such a remote village...

The alertness of Su Haos mind had reached its maximum limit.

This peaceful yet terrifying village in front of him. It was as if, at any moment it would transform into a terrifying berserk beast, that would then open its gigantic mouth as it waited for people to enter it and be swallowed a whole.


Su Haos lips were dry. His eyes revealed a slight hesitation.

However, he gradually regained his calm soon.

Cannot retreat!

After working hard for two days to reach this point, he had not seen anything yet he scared himself into retreating?

Darn it!

Wasnt it just a few berserk beasts?

Su Hao face was filled with murderous intent. He must destroy every obstacle right in front of him!

Little brat, stop cultivating. Help me pay attention for a bit. Su Hao paused for a moment and requested aid from the blue dream butterfly.


The gentle voice of the blue dream butterfly rang in his mind.

Su Hao stared at the faraway village. With a dignified face, he walked towards it.

He did not move recklessly. In fact, he had intentionally chosen a spot. According to the model, there was a blank spot here. At least, he should be able to see what these berserk beasts were!


Su Haos foot violently stomped on the ground. Instantly, a minor tremble spread to the surface of the ground.


It appeared!?

Su Haos body retreated a couple of meters.


A shadow suddenly exploded from the ground. The ground surrounding it instantly collapsed. As the hole exploded out, that shadow viciously charged towards Su Hao.


Su Hao did not have time to look in detail. In such a crucial moment, his body quickly took a right turn. He wheeled onto the ground, barely dodging the shadows attack. The opponents attack missed.

Who is this?

Su Hao carefully raised his head and looked but he soon realized that thing in front of him was not human. Although it was a creature walking upright, it was an ape!

With sturdy arms and a hairy body, it was actually an ape.

However, the current ape, its body was not normal. It had dull blue fur and a pair of sharp claws that were blue in color.

Su Haos mind shook. A name flashed within his mind.

Underground ice ape!

Underground ice ape was a transformed berserk beast ape. Although there physical body did not grow bigger or smaller, the whole body became ice blue in color. For these transformed underground ice apes, their strength were not greatly increased. However, their bodies had undergone a huge change due to the reconstruction of their genes.

And most importantly - origin ability talent!

The origin ability points for an underground ice apes was 15. Origin ability talent: grade D, cold-blooded. Its whole body was as cold as winter and it did not have a trace of temperature. Any heat detector would not be able to detect it due to its temperature being constantly at 0 degrees. It could even affect the surrounding areas.

Underground ice apes loved to sleep underneath the surface. As it submerged in the ground, the temperature of the ground and its surrounding would be affected, and it would eventually drop to 0 degrees. Therefore, if a heat detector was used to try and detect its existence, such detection was unlikely to succeed.

In a moment, all the information concerning the underground ice apes floated into his head.

Instead of being in a pinch, Su Hao let a sigh of relief. Since he knew what it was, no matter how difficult, he would be able to identify a way to counterattack. Fortunately, the knowledge he had gained from theoretical basis was not wasted.


The underground ice ape roared angrily and charged towards Su Hao. Anyone would be irritated at someone who broke their sleep.


A punch was released and Su Hao dodged to the side.

The strength of the underground ice ape wasnt great. With Su Haos 350 points in physical fitness, he could completely destroy it but...


The underground ice apes empty punch produced a few icicles in mid-air.

That was the air which Su Hao exhaled. The moment it collided with the underground ice apes punch, it became ice!

Cold-blooded ice!

This talent did not have any frightening attacking or defensive capability. However, every item that this talent touched would have its temperature changed to be the same as it. Moreover, as long as this origin ability talent existed, it could be extended infinitely! In theory, if there this was an infinite origin ability, any cold-blooded person could cause the whole earth to enter into the ice age!

Unfortunately, the horrifying consumption caused this origin ability talent to be a lowly grade D talent.

However, in the hands of an underground ice ape, the power of cold-blooded ice was extraordinary.


Another punch came. As it looked like Su Hao would not able to dodge, he gathered his strength with his right hand and viciously punched in return.


Two fists met.

The underground ice ape took a step back and let out a sorrowful cry. Su Hao was unmoved. In terms of pure strength, he was not afraid. However, at this moment, his right arm became trapped in a layer of ice.



Su Hao shrugged with force and the clothes on his right arm instantly became pieces of ice and fell, making his arm bare again...


The underground ice ape howled and charged again. Su Hao cursed and quickly dodged. At the same time, he kept moving his right arm. After a while, his right arm was restored to normal.

Dealing 1000 damage to the enemy but taking 800 damage yourself!

Although that one move of his did damage the underground ice ape, he himself was almost choked with the coldness.

Why not try a weapon?

Su Hao suddenly pulled out the fang of a red jackal and aimed it towards the charging fist of the underground ice ape.


The fang entered its body and plunged into the fist of the underground ice ape. At that moment, Su Hao horrifyingly released the murderous fang that was in his hand.

He saw that after the underground ice ape was pierced, it revealed a trail of ice blue colored blood. This blood trail was on the berserk beast fang and the blood speedily froze it. After that, as the underground ice ape struggled in pain, like a piece of frozen tofu. The fang then easily transformed into pieces and fell on the ground.


Su Hao was shocked. Fortunately, he had released it quickly, otherwise...

However, after the two strong attacks, the underground ice ape was injured even more. Being directly pierced during Su Haos second attempt, the ice blue blood dripped from its body. As each drop of blood landed on the ground and dyed it, the ground would become unusually cold.