Godly Model Creator Chapter 166

Gmc Chapter 166

Chapter 0166    All Dead

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: RED


The underground ice ape gave out a few more roars. Under extreme pain, it charged at Su Hao without caring for its life. Unknowingly, it didnt realize that it had long left the village and reached the edge of forest.


Taking two steps back, Su Haos figure dodged quickly. Reaching the side of the underground ice ape, his right fist suddenly rose and dealt a heavy blow.


The punch on its body directly hit the heart of the underground ice ape.

A powerful force burst out. Su Hao quickly retreated, but still his right arm chilled as it was covered by a layer of frost. If he was an instant too slow, perhaps this arm of his would have been frozen solid.


The underground ice ape struggled for a moment. Its injuries became even worse. The blood kept flowing, and finally it couldnt struggle anymore. With a loud bang, it fell to the ground, dead.


Su Hao worked on his frozen right arm. A moment later, it recovered to the usual state.

From start to finish, only one underground ice ape appeared out of all of those in the village. Su Hao was not worried. This was because the moment he knew the berserk beasts in this village were the so-called underground ice apes, he knew he didnt have to worry about being attacked.

Underground ice apes were a beast which was cold, yet afraid of warm blooded creatures.

Su Hao was very clear on this information. The reason why he didnt think of this sooner was because such beasts shouldnt appear here. Can you imagine the feeling of going to the African savannah and seeing a penguin?

Similarly, underground ice apes were also like this.

The reason they hid underground was because of one reasonheat!

They were afraid of heat!

Based on Jianghe Citys temperature, most probably they would only come out during winter. Right now it was October, the autumn season. Although the temperature wasnt really high, for them, it was still annoying weather, pretty similar to the human concept of high summer! 

Anything below zero was their favorite temperature!

When the temperature was high, they would hide themselves quietly underground to sleep, especially during summer. That was the very reason they were named the underground ice ape. Underground described them really well. Their behavior during summer could be calledsummer hibernation.

He had won.

Su Hao, with his 13.5 points in origin ability, single-handedly killed a 15 points origin ability equivalent, an underground ice ape which had its own origin ability talent. This was definitely a huge step forward, but he didnt felt happy about his accomplishment. It was he had realized something, which was very depressing news for him.

The advantage of fighting technique was slowly disappearing.

When origin abilities exceeded 15 points, the advantages of physical fitness and fighting technique would gradually turn into a support aid.

And the higher the origin ability, the smaller and smaller the advantage would be getting. When someone reached 20 points and higher, the advantage would completely disappear. It would be identical to the points brought by origin ability focused technique. At that time, 100 points of basic fighting technique would have the same strength enhancement as 100 points of beginner origin ability cultivation technique.

Oh my advantage...

Su Hao looked at his right fist.

He was able to reach here today step by step, wasnt it all because of his fighting technique and physical fitness, which brought him an advantage? The same 100 points, investing them in fighting techniques or ability indexes had huge differences! This was the very reason why Su Hao kept challenging. However, as origin abilities became higher, origin ability talents began to reveal their advantages!

Didnt todays battle clearly show this?

No matter how strong you are, if you cant hit your opponent, arent you still in a pinch?

How capable you are, if you dont dare to touch them, wont death be waiting for you, too?

There were many abilities which were similar to this cold-blooded ice. There were those with virus or toxins, who people wouldnt dare to touch. Only death would be awaiting them! That was the reason why he prepared gloves, clothes, etc., which were only effective against primary levels of infection.

Thinking of that time during the battle of honor when Fang Lin emitted that bright green light, which then stimulated the growth of rattans and branches. That was really a strong ability.

Luckily, he didnt have to worry for long.

His fighting technique and physical fitness were about to reach max. At that time, he would then fully concentrate on his origin ability talent! Su Haos initial goal was pretty simple, reaching 18 points!

If he wanted to enroll in Zhanzheng College, the first goal would be reaching 18 points in origin ability!

Soon, I will catch up with you guys, Su Hao sneered. His face recovered back to his previous confident look. The reason why he prioritized enhancing his fighting technique was to improve his strength! Within 20 points, his advantage still remained! Even if this underground ice ape was 15 points, he could still kill it!

As for the dead body of this ape, Su Hao ignored it.

Surrounding its body, the evaporating ice blue blood made this piece of land freezing cold. For a short period of time, this place wasnt fit to get near.

Su Hao looked at the village. Once again, he headed there.

When it was hot, these underground ice ape would prefer not to move. As long as you didnt step on its head, and stayed more than 2 meters away, they wouldnt wake up. And the underground ice apes would stay more than 2 meters apart from one another. Thus, Su Hao could find them one by one and kill them.


Su Hao stepped on a piece of land and another underground ice ape burst from the earth, giving a roar of anger.

Su Hao had grabbed more beast teeth from his backpack. These teeth were the ones coming from the drunk rat beast king, having the same 15 points in origin ability as these apes. They should be able to survive being frozen, right?


As the hand holding the teeth rose, he poked it at the underground ice ape.

Although the drunk rat beast king might not be able to win against this underground ice ape, their origin ability energy should be pretty similar. If this ape allowed a drunk rat beast king to bite it and then froze its teeth, then the 15 points of origin ability in this rat beast would be pretty useless.

Pu ci...

A line was drawn by the teeth on the apes body. As the ice blue blood spilt out, the teeth instantly turned blue, but then slowly returned back to their normal appearance.

Just as I predicted.

Su Haos eyes lit up. Each time he made contact, it was for less than a second. Holding these sharp teeth, he was like a hunter, and began to dance with his prey.

The only thing he had to take note of was the spurting blood.

If a single drop of blood was to land on his body, most probably something bad would happen.

Thus, although he could easily kill an underground ice ape, Su Hao still need to be careful with every step he took. Again and again, he provoked the underground ice ape until it died.

After a full ten minutes, Su Hao was only able to kill one underground ice ape.

Two hours later, 12 underground ice apes were all dead by Su Haos hands. To deal with these creatures which only acted on instinct was simply pure physical labor.

And thenit would be a war of attrition.


Jianghe City, 3 days later...

Lao Shu followed a few others and returned home, embarrassed. With a pale face, he recalled that when he went to complete the task, he relied on his sense of danger and was able to rush to the target location fast. Never did he expect that when he returned, he would actually spend such a long period of time!

If not because of meeting more guys who were trying to complete the task, he was afraid this time, he would not have been able to return back here.

He didnt know what kind of bullet Dao Ba used. After being shot, his injury still hadnt recovered after a long time. He had used several bottles of the body recovery drug, but the effect was weak. Worst, he didnt have any intermediate body recovery drug with him at the time. It was a crisis during his journey back. Later, when he met some guys who were doing the same task, he offered a huge amount of money so that they would be able to escort him back safely.

Brother Shu, is it really as exaggerated as you said? a young man said with an unconvinced face.

Nonsense, what do I get for telling lies? Lao Shu was annoyed, In this circle, what kind of person Brother Shu is, I believe you know very well. Since when have I exaggerated any fact? You think I am willing to admit this Dao Ba is that formidable? Although Dao Ba is strong and being labelled as number one in our circle, compared to others, he might only be stronger by a bit. Never would I expect that this time...

As Lao Shu said so, that lingering fear began to appear as if he had remembered that mysterious shot two days ago

Is it really prediction? Predicting with a sniper rifle, what kind of concept is this strength!

Although the young man had heard Lao Shu mentioning about it countless times, each time he heard it, he would still feel excited. Even the surrounding guys felt strange after listening. After all, such capability was too strong and out of this world!

You think Im willing to believe?

Lao Shu said with a hint of depression, You guys have seen my injury. I wonder what bullet caused this. Even now, there is still some pain. Along the way here, how many bottles of recovery drug have I consumed? Dao Bas strengthsigh.

 The young man was still unwilling. Im just not satisfied. We have accepted the task but returned without completing it. If others are to complete it, Im afraid...

Along the way, Lao Shu only met these few task-seekers.

However, it was these people who believed Lao Shus words. There was one who accepted the same task, too. In order to get the reward, he was willing to risk his life. Thus, after being reminded by Lao Shu, he then left a bottle of beginner body recovery drug and left.

Thinking of this, Lao Shu suddenly revealed his disdain, Hmmpph! They can complete the task? Im afraid they wont be able to return back.

As they were discussing, they felt a commotion at the gate. Several people then entered.

Lao Shu and others had a look and were shocked because one of them was the one who went ahead after being warned. This man really came back alive.

Could it be he had completed the century old wine task?

Hei Hu! Lao Shu shouted at the man who was at a distance away, Did you complete it?

The man who was called Hei Hu looked at him, and then walked toward him without uttering a word.

What happened? Lao Shu was shocked and vaguely guessed there was a problem.

Hei Hu slowly raised his head as he revealed a bitter smile, Dead...all dead...