Godly Model Creator Chapter 167

Gmc Chapter 167

Chapter 0167    Purging

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

What was dead?

Lao Shu looked at him with a horrified expression.

The people doing this century-old wine task. Hei Hu bitterly smiled, Excluding those few people who were earlier, the guys later all were dead. Dao Ba made his move!

Lao Shu was shocked. The several young men beside him started feeling some cold sweat. They had a look at each other and rejoiced for their luck.

The older generation hunters really had unique eyes.

They as youngsters, even if their strength wasnt lacking, but in the experience department, there were too much of a gap!

What happen?

Lao Shu carefully asked.

Hei Hu hesitated for a bit before slowly revealed, After you left, some people who didnt listen to your advice still went ahead. Then, Dao Ba issued a warning! After witnessing the mighty power of the sniper rifle, these people finally gave up.

But you know, some people arent afraid of death. More and more people came. Dao Ba was getting annoyed by them and began to hurt them for real. In a blink, a dozen of people had been shot and injured. However, this task, you should know the price in the black market. Even with the fame of Dao Ba, it still wasnt enough to stop those greedy people. Therefore, although many people were injured, they still rushed toward Fengshan Village.

Hei Hu showed a hint of being afraid after saying till here before continuing, It was at this moment, Dao Ba finally raged. Those who still insisted to enter...nobody came out alive. Just one shot! One shot from far away and then...died! When I rushed over there, I just managed to witness a young man in front of me.

A shot...

Hei Hus face was somewhat pale, A headshot kill, that young man died on the spot. The blood splashed on me. I was so scared that I quickly fled. Since Dao Ba saw me leaving, he just let me go and didnt fire. If not, I wont be standing here alive.

Hearing this, everyone sucked in a mouthful of cold air.

Lao Shu swallowed his saliva for a bit. What Hei Hu described was similar to his experience!

I remember Dao Ba wasnt this powerful. Even his personal sniper rifle which he personally modified, only has a range of 3000 meters. But this time, it reached even 5000 meters! Plus, the forests had a lot of obstacles. Yet, he could just ignore them and headshot his victim. The current strength of Dao Ba was an entirely different world!

Thats right! Hei Hu sighed in sorrow, According to the rumour, Dao Ba had joined a mysterious organization. At first, I didnt believe it but now, Im afraid its true! After creating his name in Jianghe City for so many years, he finally succeeded!

Huh, true!

Lao Shu also sighed. Only when would they succeed?

Those few young men were also confused by the conversation, These two seniors, isnt Dao Ba the number one hunter in Jianghe City? How could he succeed just right now?


Lao Shu shook his head, The number one? Only within ordinary hunters! If he is really strong, who would want to be a hunter? Sniper rifles have always been monitored and banned by the Origin Ability Association. Even with a sniper rifle, when facing a truly strong esper, it would be just a joke. It may seem like an honour but us guys have basically reached the end road! Without origin ability talent, relying on a weapon to achieve glory and wealth, so what then?

Why would Dao Ba always upgrade his weapon? Because the only thing he could improve on is his weapon! His potential had been exhausted. Without origin ability talent, sooner or later he would be eliminated. But still, Dao Ba finally succeeded. With such powerful strength, presumably, this mysterious organization must have promised him a lot of benefits or perhaps gave him an origin ability talent of his own.

As for being the number one hunter in Jianghe City?

It is a joke in front of others.

Lao Shu laughed at himself and looked at the youngsters, Since you all have origin ability talent, train hard then. One day, you guys will surpass us. This is the era of origin ability. Only those with origin ability will have the final laugh.

Hei Hu nodded as he felt the same.

Those who were active in the front lines of the hunters circle basically were the first batch of the era. However, like Li Xiaoru, they didnt possess any origin ability talent. Lao Shu was also very strong but still failed halfway. He only managed to obtain the strong sense of danger.

Although it was different from origin ability talent, all these years, he couldnt remember how many time it had saved him. But others might not be that lucky. All they could resort to was training their body, buying powerful weapons, and using drugs to increase their strength.

What was behind all these glories was sadness!

If Dao Ba can succeed, we definitely can too! Lao Shus eyes suddenly showed high spirit as he looked at Hei Hu, Remember this day. This time, it is the fame of Dao Ba! One day, I will let everyone afraid of me in battle too.

Haha, great then!

Hei Hu laughed out loud, Come, let's go to a bar! Nobody is to go back home until we are drunk! The fame from battle, one day this daddy will have too. We will learn from Dao Ba! Pay respects to Dao Ba!

Pay respects to Dao Ba!

Shouting a few times, they walked towards a bar together.

But at this time, they were totally clueless that the all mighty Dao Ba which they respected was gradually decaying in the forest near Fengshan Village.


A sharp piercing sound could be heard. Su Hao who was lying on the ground, holding his sniper rifle and watched one person who dared to rush in.


From the aiming lens, a blood lotus instantly formed on where the person was.

Headshot kill!

Su Hao sneered. Holding his sniper rifle, he had a look left and right. All aim had been eliminated.

Finally its over.

Su Hao sighed. He had self-reflected in his heart that he had underestimated the greed of humans.

This task, so many people accepted it!

Almost all hunters lined up and rushed into the village! If he is to count, there were no less than 100 people!

Even when he was in a battle with the underground ice ape, he still had to be careful of anyone approaching the village.

That was why the thing which could have been completed in two days, he had to extend for a whole five days. These few days, every meal of his was of dry ration and mineral water!

Its clear now.

Su Hao casually stored his sniper rifle. His mouth revealed a trace of a smile. Although it was hard the benefits were there too.

For example, the usage of this sniper rifle.

At first, Su Hao always couldnt make a perfect shot. Almost every time the shots he fired were all inaccurate. He did aim at the chest and even activated his terrain modeling, but each time, it would always deviate from the path he wanted the bullet to take. No matter how accurate he calculated, it would always deviate by a few meters.

Fortunately, the opponents saw the power of the sniper rifle and retreated.

Unfortunately, although there were ones who retreated, there were also people who kept rushing forward.

This forest then became Su Haos training site. With more and more people rushing in, finally, Su Hao managed to shoot accurately. Finally, he could kill someone for the first time with the sniper rifle!

If he succeeded once, the second time would be much easier.

The third time, the fourth time

Up till now, unless the opponent has a special ability, Su Hao basically could hit one hundred percent!

Within 5000 meters, a perfect headshot!

Unfortunately, every time he would consume energy by using his model analysis to aid. That was still quite a terrifying amount. If a lot of people came, Su Hao might even have to spend all his energy.

However, as Su Hao began to kill, the one following behind were obviously scared. Thus, fewer and fewer people came at least within Su Haos scope. Thus, anyone who entered within Su Haos scope would receive a headshot. As word began to spread, he finally managed to fool these guys.

If those who were scared by Su Hao knew that they were just a practice target instead of Su Haos kindness of letting them go, it was a mystery whether they would be angry or not.

After five days, Su Hao already mastered the usage of this sniper rifle. Moreover, those underground ice ape here were almost cleaned up by Su Hao.

Stored the sniper rifle into his backpack, Su Hao then walked toward the center of the village.

Using his life detection, he noticed that the first half of underground ice apes had all been cleaned up. Even those surrounding the cellar were all killed too. 


Su Hao jumped and was soon in front of the house. After confirming there was no creature in the house, only then did he open the door.


Countless dust fell everywhere causing Su Hao to frown. Looking at the dust in the room, he could already guess that nobody had come here for ages.

Those underground ice apes definitely wouldnt enter here. Those lazy creatures which were afraid of heat dared to enter this room? They would only like those cold places.

Looking around, the room was large and empty.

Just that, when he had a closer look, Su Hao saw quite a number of familiar things. An experiment table, white lab coat, the discarded drug bottles on the floor and all sort of tables and chairs on the floor.

Su Hao slowly lowered his body and had a look at the traces on the floor.

Here.indeed there was someone who came here before, and at least ten years ago. Clearing off the berserk beasts here, they then set up a laboratory to carry out experiments. As for why the underground ice apes which shouldnt have appeared here and yet lived here, it seemed that the answer was pretty much revealed.

But the one responsible did not seem to complete the experiment on time.

From how messy this place was, he could determine that the party must have fled here in hurry. Something indescribable must have happened.

10 years ago...

Su Hao pondered. 10 years ago, there wasnt any big news. Or perhaps he was too young at that time. However, no matter what happened, since they had fled for at least 10 years, this could only mean that this place had been abandoned.