Godly Model Creator Chapter 168

Gmc Chapter 168

Chapter 0168    Who is the bird?

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From the looks of it, this should be a temporary facility.

The ones responsible for this did not build the facility perfectly either, as the foundation of the whole building was very shallow. Even the cellar was untouched. Or else, this place would have collapsed long ago. Moreover, thanks to the influence of the underground ice apes, although the soil was not thick, the ice made the soil solid. This made it capable of supporting the whole building.

This should be the laboratory set up by the ones responsible and the several buildings that surrounded here were presumably their accommodation. After the opponent escaped, the underground ice ape stayed at the original location and developed. After all these years, they finally formed a community. However, due to their physical factors, they usually stayed underground, and only appeared during the winter period.

With the limited number of traces on the site, Su Hao managed to analyze a lot of information.

However, after he circled the room for half a day, Su Hao could only smile bitterly. How to put this, this building was built directly above the cellar. To access it was to destroy this place! With his current ability, such destruction was easy but as there was only a single bottle of century old wine in the cellar, this trip would have been a waste if the item was destroyed.

Lets have a look first.

Su Hao pressed the ground with his right hand.

Model analysis, start!

Terrain modeling!


A faint, blue colored light ray appeared, and the model of the whole building appeared in his mind. Underneath the building, with a gap of less than a meter, laid the cellar. If not for Su Haos initial survey, who would have known that this huge building would be situated above an empty cellar!

Within that cellar, there were many simple tools.

The cellar had hoes, sickles, nails, shovels, brooms, and a series of items that were common to civilians. However, right at the centre and underneath a table, there was a loose wooden board. Underneath the board was an old fashioned, brown colored wine bottle. Unsurprisingly, this was the so called century old wine.

In the secret compartment under the table at the cellars southeast corner. If I choose to enter via the northwest corner, I definitely wont destroy the wine bottle.

Su Hao pondered for a bit and then he walked to the rooms northeast corner. He stared at the ground beneath his feet and viciously stomped it.

With his current abilities, a meter gap would still be nothing. Wasnt this easy?


A dull sound rang out but the ground remained the same.

Su Haos mouth twitched. He felt that his right foot was numb.

Damn it!

He forgot that the ground was solidified by the ice, otherwise, it would not be able to support this huge building.

Su Hao then went to the forest to wander. As he did so, he found some wood and went back to the corner of the room. After lighting the wood, the temperature of the room slowly increased. Especially for that corner. Under the flame, the ground that was solidified by ice began to soften. Vaguely, it seemed as if the room began to slightly shake. The ground looked to be loosened.


With a stomp from Su Hao, the ground that was previously as solid as a rock instantly collapsed and a huge hole appeared as a direct result of his stomp.


Countless items dropped down and a chasm immediately appeared in the room. The bottom of the chasm could be seen. The buildings foundations were only 2 meters and further below was a meter of solid ground. Underneath it was the cellar.

After putting out the fire, Su Hao leaped down.

As the cellar did not contain anything valuable, Su Hao directly went underneath the table. He flipped and opened the secret compartment to retrieve the ancient wine bottle. It was a brown bottle, decorated with old fashioned circular designs. This was the tasks ultimate item!

After seven days of hard work, he finally got it!

Outside the forest.

Many people rushed to come here again from time to time. However, the reputation of the grim reaper Dao Ba began to spread. Additionally, those headless corpses in the forest were solid evidence.

After entering the forest for 10 meters, heads will explode!

The whole forest had become a burial that no one dared to enter!

Therefore after a long period of silence, those people slowly left.

It was as if everyone had given up on the task, as accepting such a task before the grim reaper would be suicide. However, in the past few days, a hideous looking young man silently appeared here.

Hehe, Dao Ba?

This young man grinned and said, Number one in Jiang He City? This is really a joke, dependence on firearms is eventually not the way of the king! I will show you that these so called weapons, before origin ability talent, would only be an amusing existence. Your task, I, Green Snake, definitely want it!

Green Snake, with his origin ability score at 15, was a strange existence among hunters.

He could be considered the circles young talent. Before reaching 30 years old, he had reached 15 points of origin ability. More importantly, he had origin ability talent!

C class origin ability talent, lighting speed!

He was a graduate from an ordinary university. After graduation, he was not satisfied with an ordinary career. This was why he had worked hard to become a hunter and wandered at the outskirts of Jiang He City. After a few years, he established a decent reputation. Due to his possession of origin ability talent, many people were jealous of him.


A shadow flashed by and Green Snake instantly appeared within the 5 meters perimeter. Layers of his afterimages were left behind in the air.




Green Snake entered the forest and disappeared like a ghost. He was confident that with his current speed, even Dao Ba would not be able to hit him!

The gap of 5000 meters was covered in a moments time.

However, up until he walked out of the forest, he did not hear any horrifying gunshot.

Dao Ba is not able to lock on me, therefore he didnt dare to shoot?

Green Snake was slightly pleased. However, at the moment he walked out of the forest, his entire being became dumbstruck. Because at this moment, in Fengshan Village, there were only berserk beast corpses. No one was in the whole village. The village was covered with dense, light blue berserk beast corpses, and many innumerable and strange potholes, stretched until it reached one of the villages building.

What kind of berserk beast is this?

Green Snake was slightly surprised. Such a light blue fur, he had never seen this hairy berserk beast in Jianghe City before!

Could it be that idiot Dao Ba was killed by this berserk beast?

Green Snake had some suspicion. However, this was merely according to the corpses. As he looked towards the faraway building, if Dao Ba was not dead, he would definitely be in there!



Green Snakes body blinked. He crossed a portion of the gap with a beautiful letter Z, then proceeded without any clear pattern as he approached the building. In front of Dao Ba, as long as his movement did not have any clear patterns, then the sniper shots could be avoided.

However, something made him curious. Even as he charged towards the door, no one appeared!

Was Dao Ba really dead?

Green Snake calmed his senses and kicked the locked door open.


A terrifying bang spread over. The door was instantly crushed into pieces and destroyed by this simple kick. Green Snake sneered as he moved forward in great strides. At this moment, a cold ray of light appeared. Additionally, this light targetted his neck, it was dazzling and bright.


Green Snakes pupils shrunk as his body dripped with cold sweat. He transferred all of his energy and activated lighting speed. A green light flickered!

The cold light missed his neck and it crossed his chest.


With a crisp sound, the two bodies brushed past each other. A moment of silence.

After a while, a low voice rung out within the room.

You are not Dao Ba!

Green Snake stood up and slowly looked at the shadow in front of him. Dao Bas current level is definitely not so advanced. His figure is also different.


A clear cold voice replied. Su Hao turned away from the dark. He then looked at the middle-aged man that stood before him. You took a blow from me and you actually didnt die!


Green Snake sneered. Well, I didnt hear Dao Bas gunshot. The mantis stalks the cicada unaware of the bird behind. I am afraid that Dao Ba most likely killed by you. However, you must not have realized that behind that bird was another bird, hahaha!

Su Hao was non-committal. He coldly stared at Green Snake. Perhaps you are overconfident!

Heh heh, just a student.

Green Snake laughed sinisterly. Dao Ba really met an unexpected failure. However, based on that earlier attack, if my origin ability talent was not the speed type, I am afraid that I wouldve also been killed by you! Heh, brats nowadays are very sinister. Too bad, since you didnt kill me with that strike, the person who is going to die is you.

Su Hao glanced at Green Snake for a bit. With the activation of character modeling, he practically saw through Green Snakes abilities with a single glance.

Grade C talent, lightning speed.

Beginner military fighting technique.

His origin ability points were unidentifiable. However looking at his imposing figure, he should be as strong as the underground ice ape. Aat most, he should be at 15 points With this type of ability, where did his confidence come from?


Green Snakes clothes had been ripped by Su Haos attack, which revealed an object underneath. After Su Hao took a glance, he immediately gulped a mouthful of cold air, Bulletproof armor?

Bulletproof armor was specially made to counter firearms. Its defensive capability was extraordinarily strong! Even standing in front of a sniper rifle would still be completely safe. The berserk beast fang that Su Hao held in his hand was not even worth mentioning. No wonder he was fine after Su Hao shot his chest earlier.

You are right!

Green Snake sneered. This was originally prepared for Dao Ba. I did not think that I would bump into you. Haha, are you another one who has no origin ability talent but plan to remove hunters within the circle? Haha, Dao Ba met with unexpected failure but that would not happen to me. Can you break the defense of my bulletproof armor?

Su Hao squinted his eyes.

The bulletproof armor that Green Snake wore on his body was very thin. Like an undergarment, the bulletproof vest was completely stuck onto the body. Moreover. the price was very expensive and its defensive ability was super strong. Of course, as expensive as it was, it also had weaknesses. One, it could only protect the upper body, which included the chest. Thus if the other parts of Green Snakes body were targeted, the bulletproof armor would be useless.

However Green Snake did not have strength but speed! Even if Su Hao was able to increase his hands swiftness, after Green Snake used his origin ability, Green Snake could move dozens of centimeters in an instant, making his attack completely miss!

Wasnt that the case earlier?

Su Hao had actually aimed for the berserk beast fang to pierce Green Snakes throat. Instead, it hit his chest. Come to think of it, even if Dao Ba was here, it would be the same. With Green Snakes speed, it would actually be difficult to hit him. Even if a bullet hit him after exerting a lot of effort, it would only land on the bulletproof armor, and be rendered completely useless! This bulletproof armor, coupled with Green Snakes origin ability talent, simply was the perfect combination!

Su Hao had no doubt. No matter how he attacked, every time, it would land on the bulletproof armor protecting his opponents chest.

But this bulletproof armor had a second weaknessit was ineffective against origin ability attacks. No matter how tough or sturdy it was, or how soft he was, in front of origin ability, it would still be trash.

As such, its sales volume was so low that it was not surprising.

Apart from being used to counter someone like Dao Ba, this type of item was only popular within the hunters circle. However, if one were to wear it in a battle of honor, countless of these armor would be turned into dust...