Godly Model Creator Chapter 169

Gmc Chapter 169

Chapter 0169    Chase and Kill in Forest

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: RED

The bulletproof armour was very fragile!

Unfortunately for Su Hao, the only attack which he could use origin ability energy was the one and onlyfighting point!

Achieving a combo on Green Snake, like trying to hit a ghost?

Even he himself felt this was impossible!


Green Snake didnt give him any opportunity to think. At this moment, Green Snake instantly made his move. His figure flashing, Green Snake didnt hesitate to attack Su Hao.


Su Hao counterattacked by blocking Green Snakes attack. Turning around, he blasted a punch back.


The punch hit empty air.


Green Snakes figure appeared at the other side. Su Haos eyes coldly flashed as he slashed toward him with the berserk beast teeth in his hand.

Ci la~

A crisp sound could be heard. Without even thinking, Su Hao knew well his slash landed on the bulletproof armour again!




Both of them exchanged moves several times. To Su Hao who was standing a few steps away, this Green Snake was just like a ghost. He kept flashing non-stop in the surroundings and occasionally delivered a blow.

Su Haos strong analysis played an important role. From time to time, he would be able to guess Green Snakes incoming attacks and then intercept him halfway. Too bad, whenever he saw an opportunity to kill Green Snake, Green Snake would easily evade and his attack would hit on the bulletproof armour.

Hong! Yet another confrontation. Green Snake had already began to gain the advantage.

Hold on! Su Hao suddenly opened his mouth to interrupt.

En? Green Snake was startled and looked at him.

Su Hao casually said, Speed type talent, coupled with bulletproof armour, against someone like me who doesnt have origin ability talent, youre already in an invincible spot! If were going to continue fighting, there wont be any meaning in it. I already can imagine the result. In the end, even if you win, you would still be in a sorry state. Then, the third bird might be taking advantage instead. I believe those who want to complete the task is not limited to you...

Then whatre you planning? Green Snake looked at him coldly.

Su Hao smiled, This trip of mine wasnt easy either. I even killed Dao Ba. However, I have after all eliminated Dao Ba, one of your big enemies. Why not we split this 50-50?

Absolutely not! Green Snake coldly laughed, I am more willing to kill you and then hide. With my speed, how many people could catch up with me?

Kill me? Su Hao laughed out loud, Although Im not as fast as you, but the next time youre attacking me, I will hold you tight and let both of us suffer. You think you can evade this?

Green Snake was alert.

This madman!

He was really afraid!

It was a fact that the capability of the boy in front of him wasnt strong. Yet, he could easily calculate Green Snakes incoming attack. Several times, he was almost killed half way while executing his attacks. If not for his lightning speed and bulletproof armour, he would have been dead long ago. Plus, this opponents speed wasnt slow. He was at least twice as fast as Dao Ba.

Exactly how strong is his physical fitness?

If the opponent was willing to suffer together with Green Snake, clinging on him suddenly, attacking him, even if he could win in the end, it would still be a miserable one and they could even possiblydie together.

This madman!

Green Snake cursed for a bit. Now only did he seriously consider the proposition. After thinking about it, he then said, 50-50 is impossible. I can only give you 30 at most.

30? Su Hao shook his head and laughed. Heihei, why not we do this since both of us are not trusting each other? Why not use star dollars to trade then? Give me 5 million star dollars and I will hand over the task item to you.

Stop dreaming! Green Snake was mad, 5 million! Youre mad! Where would I get that much cash? Even if I sold it, it would only be a few million!

A few million? Su Hao said in a flat tone, The guidance from Master Feng is really that cheap? That is no ordinary grandmaster! In the black market, it would have cost tens of million star dollars! If you think a few million is alright, I dont mind giving up so you can take this?

Green Snake smiled without even showing a tiny bit of embarrassment. Just now he was indeed acting. After all, a trade was supposed to be like this, trying to get a better deal for oneself.

Give me a reasonable condition. Otherwise, we will fight to the death. Lets see who will obtain the millions in the end! Green Snake didnt retreat.

Su Hao shrugged, Are you sure if you fight until death, you will still be getting the bottle of wine in the end?

Su Haos mouth revealed a smile. From his backpack, he took out an ancient wine bottle and gently smiled at it. Satisfied with the smell, This is indeed worthy to be century old winethere is this nice aroma coming from the wine. If this thing broke, how sad would it be.

After saying so, Su Hao seemed to have accidentally slipped. The bottle almost fell to the ground before he caught it at the very last moment.

Damn, be careful! Green Snake cursed. His heart hurt as he watched the bottle falling.

Damn it!

All these time, he had carefully planned and even bought this special armour to deal with Dao Ba, for what? Wasnt it because of this task?

If this bottle of wine broke, then everything would be in vain.

I dont have 5 million!

Green Snake bitterly said, But I do have 3 million. If you want, I will give you 3 million and you pass me the bottle of wine. How about it?

Three million?

Su Hao pondered for a moment and then sinisterly smiled, Deal!

How can I trust you? Green Snake asked.

You must trust me.

Su Hao put the bottle of wine on the ground and then took a step back, If you dont give me the money, I will destroy this bottle then. If you pay, I will leave. Since I have obtained the money, I dont think there is any need to risk my life being chased by you by destroying your task, right?

In contrast, if you obtain the wine, you wont dare to make a move. But once this wine is not available, you would not hesitate to kill me. You think I will do something stupid that might end up killing me without any benefit or hatred?

Green Snake pondered. It was as he said.

Green Snakes strength was slightly stronger than this opponent. If he was to obtain the item, he would certainly leave immediately and would not try to wear his opponent off here. However, if the task item was destroyed, he would definitely try to get rid of the opponent in desperation. In the end, it would be a lose - lose situation for both of them.

With this brats intelligence, would he try anything funny?

Deal! Give me your account number! Green Snake bit his teeth as he said this.

Su Hao then gave over his account number.

Green Snake opened his virtual screen and then selected public mode before transferring money to Su Hao. A moment later, Su Hao received one of his largest harvests so far, three million!

Great, I received it! Su Hao looked at the information on his account. Taking a few steps back, Nice deal there!

Green Snake glanced at him for a bit. Carefully walking to the bottle and grabbing it with his hand, he then felt relieved. Happy cooperating!

Su Hao smiled. His right hand subconsciously touched the berserk beast teeth. Green Snake looked at him alertly.

Get out of here before I change my mind.

Su Hao licked his lips as he watched the bottle on Green Snakes hand. This thing, this temptation is definitely greatIm afraid a few minutes later I might change my mind!


Green Snake cursed for a moment. Throwing the bottle of wine into his backpack, his figure flashed, quickly leaving the scene.

He noticed bad intentions in Su Haos eyes. But now, with the bottle in his hands, what he could do now was only run!



His figure was like the wind, Green Snake quickly went past the forests edge. Storing the bottle of wine properly in his backpack, as long as it was not directly attacked, it would be impossible to damage it! The only fear he had was that boys attack!

Although he knew that for his own safety, the boy definitely wouldnt make an early move. However, inexplicably, he had this bad feeling.

The item task was already in his hand!

Green Snake had run for hundred of meters. Just as he ran into the forest, he suddenly felt a killing intent lock on him. His figure suddenly shifted.


Just a few hundred meters away, the sound and bullet seemed to arrive at almost the same time!

Green Snake managed to avoid the shot. Looking at the small hole on the tree to his right, his face revealed a trace of a sneer.

Finally your plan is revealed! This youngster is too inexperienced!

So this is your plan all along? It is too weak! Green Snake sneered. Knowing Su Haos plan, he finally felt relieved. With such a leveltoo badtrying to hit Green Snake?

Youre a century too early!


Yet another bullet shot at him. Green Snake used his origin ability and began to dodge thru the forest like a phantom. He was so elusive!

What a joke! Green Snake coldly smiled. Such level, it was even worse than Dao Ba. You think your shot can hit me?



From time to time, the sound of the sniper rifle could be heard. Compared to others who were easily headshot, Green Snake moved with an ease as if he was just walking in the forest!


At the entrance to the forest...

A man who wanted to reap the benefits was approaching the forest and heard the gunshot. He was so scared he almost pissed his pants. Lying on the ground for a long time, he didnt dare to make any movements.

Soon, he heard more gunshots. Only then did he realize that these shots were not directed at him!

Damn, scared me to death! This man took a relieved breath. Then he saw a shocking scene. A green figure was flashing quickly thru the forest, as if he was enjoying himself.

Every 5 seconds, there would be one gunshot.

Isnt that Green Snake? How could he be targeted? Was Dao Ba aiming at him?

A series of question marks appeared in his mind. Looking at the happy expression of Green Snake and the repeated inaccurate shots, the man suddenly came to an understanding.

Could it be the task item was with Green Snake now?