Godly Model Creator Chapter 170

Gmc Chapter 170

Chapter 0170    Sun familys man

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws


The eyes of this man lit up, revealing a rather surprising color.

The speed of Green Snake was able to restrain Dao Ba but in front of him, he simply couldnt see any bullets!

Lao Er, Lao San! Green Snake has the item. Dao Ba is now aiming at him. We will wait for them to leave the forest and attack them at once!

Inside the forest, it was the world of Dao Ba.

Even if he managed to stop Green Snake, the item would eventually fall into Dao Bas hands. as long as Green Snake managed to safely bring the item out from the forest only then would they be able to take action easily. At that time it would be a true test melee combat!

This seemingly endless gunshot attracted the crowd which seemed to have noticed what was actually happening. One by one, they were all staring into the forest. Several people received a message at the same time, hiding in the darkness and were getting ready to give a death blow the moment Green Snake came out from the forest!



As the phantom flashed, yet another bullet fell. Green Snake laughed, Hahahaha daddy finally came out. Your range only reached 5000 meters! Outside of 5000 meters, what can you do? Trying to plan your vicious scheme and yet the one who emerged as victor is me! Dao Ba, you must be turning in your grave for witnessing how strong am I right now!


With a sudden laughter, Green Snake had a look at the forest behind. He was on cloud nine now.

For someone like him with such speed, as long as the sniper rifle exceeded 3000 meters, it was basically useless. Although in theory, the range of fk7-111 is 5000 meters excluding the air friction, in the forest, there were countless of trees in between. Passing through the trees would make the shot completely ineffective!

The closer the target is to the sniper rifle, the more powerful it is.


After coldly laughed, Green Snake put this matter of Su Hao into the bottom of his heart.

Just a little student, yet trying to play a trick in front of Green Snake. This was just seeking his own death! After I submitted the task, this daddy will come back and give you a beating. That 3 million of mine wasnt just for nothing!

Walking out from the forest, just as he was getting ready to step forward, Green Snake suddenly felt countless of murderous intent locked on him.

His mind started to panic. As Green Snake looked up, he had a horrifying discovery! Surrounding the forest, quite a number of heads quietly stuck out. Their eyes seemed to be emitting faint green light as they were staring at his backpack.

F*ck my life!

Green Snake covered in cold sweat. This time he was in deep shit!

This group of bastards, how did they know me?

That hehe, the item is in Dao Bas hands. I dont have it here...he must be the one telling you guys right? Dont be fooled by him. Green Snake smiled a bit as he said so while gently retreating a step back.


A middle-aged man leisurely walked out, I will keep it short. If you dont have it, we wont chase you. Just open your backpack in front of everyone. If you dont have it, there isnt any need for us confronting you right?

Hehe, alright.

Green Snake smiled sinisterly. As he gently handed over the backpack, his other hand behind his back suddenly stabbed out a knife into the middle-aged man fiercely.


The middle-aged man easily blocked. Coldly laughing out loud, Daddy already knew the item is in your hands. Haha, fellow brothers, attack together! Once the item is in our hand, we will discuss about the reward!

Hua -

A group of people instantly surrounded him.

Get lost!

Green Snake gave a loud roar and then threw a round thing into the ground. A trace of white smoke began to appear. As everyone had a look at it, they were instantly shocked. F*ck!

Origin ability liquid bomb?


Everyone quickly fled. At the same time, Green Snake also ran away.

For a long time, there wasnt any reaction.

Everyone turned around and had a look. That round thing, although its appearance was similar to origin ability liquid bomb, but it could only produce smoke

Damn, we have been tricked.

Such shameless things!

This bastard Green Snake, let's go and chase him!

The crowd chased him with anger. From this place which was near to Fengshan Village all the way till Jianghe City, they began to chase him like madmen.

This item which cost more than ten million on the black market deserved to be highly desired by everyone!

As everyone left the scene, a figure then slowly appeared from the forest. It was none other than Su Hao.


Su Hao activated the virtual screen and then opened his own task to cancel it.

The task had been cancelled.

Watching Green Snakes figure escaping, Su Haos mouth revealed a trace of a smile, The good drama is only starting. Brother Green Snake you must hold the audience well!

3 days later.

The main gate of Jianghe City.

A figure flashed. A human figure was running in a rush, followed by countless of shadow behind, leaving a trail of dust.

Zhou Tiancai, who was guarding the gate, noticed the scene and was stunned. This familiar scene


Yet another berserk beasts tide?

Not right!

When he had a closer look at the detector, they turned out to be human! A figure leading the pack, being chased by a group of people who wanted his life. They were directly heading toward the direction of the main gate.

Guards, be alert!

Zhou Tiancai gave an order. Several guards began to prepare their weapons and equipment.

Since the previous confrontation with the berserk beast tide, these people turned a new leaf. They had made a total change and now were brimming with confidence.

Yes, captain!

A loud roar and everyone was in position.


As Green Snake was dashing for his life, it was at this moment when a figure flashed from behind. A guy named Zhuang Han came and rushed to the front of Green Snake, blocking his path.

Haha, Green Snake. Let's see where you are going to run now!

Zhuang Han looked at Green Snake who had nowhere to escape. Grinning out of nowhere, he then suddenly stabbed a knife over. However, what made him felt strange was this Green Snake was not even the slightest bit scared.


A sharp arrow was shot and directly hit the side of the knife Zhuang Han was holding. Zhuang Han instantly raged, Who the heck bother with my matter?

I want to bother, so what then?!

Zhou Tiancai looked at him coldly. Bringing his troop here, he then sneered, In the city, it is forbidden to kill. You dont know?


Zhuang Han was surprised. Looking left and right, unknowingly he had chased all the way to the city main gate.


Zhuang Han swallowed a bit of his saliva. Looking at the well-equipped guard, he could only bitterly smile, This, Captain Zhou I really didnt realize we have reached the city. We have been chasing for several days and didnt notice...Im sorry.

These words, keep it for others. Trying to kill, capture him for a few days! Take him away!

With an order from Zhou Tiancai, a troop came and held the man down before directly took him away.

The surrounding people were in total silence.

No matter how strong they are, in the city, going against the government was an unwise choice.

Zhou Tiancai looked at Green Snake and gave a serious warning to him.

Green Snake smiled and nodded. He then squatted down on a spot not far away from the main gate, taking a rest openly.

Being chased for several days, he didnt have any good sleep at all. 

He was so exhausted that he was about to collapse.

They had chased him for 3 days and yet he managed to enter the city! Even if he entered the city, it is still fine as long as they could find a place and kill him but squatting now near the main gate without any intention of leaving! This spot was under the guards supervision for 24 hours a day, who the hell would dare break the law here? Killing this bastard in front of the guards?

This wasnt a really good choice

Oh yea, this guy didnt sleep for a few days. While he was sleeping, we would take his item away


Noticing the eyes from everyone, Green Snake who just lied down for a few minutes once again opened his eyes. Just that, this time, his eyes revealed a pleasant look.

Finally here!

Looking at Green Snake standing up, everyone was shocked. What is this guy trying to do?

Here? What is here?


A stream of light came across the sky and then landed. A gorgeous suspension car slowly landed in front of Green Snake. A man dressed in a suit then came out from the car and walked to the front of Green Snake, Excuse me, are you Green Snake?


Green Snake asked cautiously.

Nice to meet you, Green Snake. Im the butler of Sun family. Under the order of chairman, Im here to pick you up. You can just call me Butler Zhang. Butler Zhang casually said.

So youre Butler Zhang. Nice to meet you.

Green Snake quickly replied.

After exchanging greetings, both of them then went into the car. Just that before departing, Butler Zhang looked at the surrounding crowd and revealed a thick warning look.


As the force produced from the burning of origin ability energy, the suspension sports car then dashed into the sky and disappeared.