Godly Model Creator Chapter 171

Gmc Chapter 171

Chapter 0171    Substituting one for another

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Nora.


At the citys main gate, all the hunters glanced at each other while being dumbfounded!

After attempting to kill him for a few days, this was the end result?

Green Snake was also very ruthless. He did not sleep for three full days and had expended a lot of effort to run to the citys main gate. Afterwards, he had immediately contacted the buyer to sell the item.

Damn it!

Feeling helpless, these people looked at the distance light ray. All they could do was sigh.

If it was someone else, perhaps they could secretly kill him. After all, for this type of matter, things were fine as long as you were not get caught. But this Sun family...

How many members from Sun family were here in Jiang He City?!

Needless to say!

Who would dare to offend Sun family?!

Upon reaching this thought, everyone laughed bitterly. After a few curses, they began to scatter one by one. A moment later, only a few remained. This was in contrast to the bustling crowd at the gate earlier.

At that moment, a travel weary youth entered the city through the city gate.

He had the appearance of a student and he looked very ordinary. As he carried a heavy backpack on his back, he nonchalantly walked towards the city.

Hey, Su Hao?

Zhou Tiancais eyes lit up and he immediately laughed, You are out for a task again?


Su Hao smiled and nodded, Captain Zhou, it was quite lively earlier. What happened?

Sigh, it was a bit of a mess.

Zhou Tiancai waved his hands, It seems like someone took the task item so the others were chasing to kill him. Matters like these are common. However, its rare to see this on such a big scale, and here I thought it was because of a berserk beast tide.

Berserk beast tide arent that common.

Su Hao laughed awkwardly.

Oh, thats true.

Zhou Tiancai laughed. Then he sternly said, Brat, you better be careful. These people are the type who will not hesitate to take advantage of you. As you do your task, be extra careful. Recently, there have been many people hijacked while doing their tasks. If you are not careful, you may even lose your life.

Yes, thank you Captain Zhou, I will take note.

Su Hao said with thankfulness.

Okay, I see that you are weary from all the traveling, so you better go home quickly. Zhou Tiancai waved his hand and stepped aside, allowing Su Hao to continue his journey.

After Su Hao bid Zhou Tiancai farewell, he rushed towards the Origin Ability Firm.

However, as he saw the direction of Green Snakes exit, a hint of suspicion flashed in his mind. Sun family? Why would the Sun family want this task item for...

City center, Sun family.

Sun Batian stiffly stood at the window, as if he was waiting for something. After a while, Butler Zhang opened the door and entered, Chairman, Green Snake has arrived. 12 million star dollars were already agreed upon during the journey.

Okay, proceed to make the payment. Sun Batian calmly said.

Yes, Chairman.

Butler Zhang sighed and nodded his head in reply.

Sun Batian glanced at him as if he knew what he was thinking, It seems like you dont understand why I stopped this task?

Butler Zhang nodded, I have my suspicions. But, if you did so, you must have had your own reasons.

Sun Batian revealed a smile on his face, You are the butler of Sun family for so many years. You dont have to be so cautious. The reason I stopped this task, is because of Yaotian That kids mental state is causing problems again! I thought that after participating in Master Fengs concert, his psychological trauma would be completely healed. I didnt think that a simple sentence from Su Hao would thoroughly confuse his mind.

Speaking of that, Sun Batian was very helpless. It was only before this elderly butler that he could display a little of his weariness and helplessness.

This time, if I allow him to learn from Master Feng for a few days, naturally it would be better if he could learn the techniques. Even if he doesnt learn, still his mind would be more steady after gaining more exposure to Master Fengs musical pieces. Sun Batian calmly said.

Butler Zhang finally understood, so that was it!

The Chairman really put in a lot of efforts for his son!

Lets go, lets go together and have a look.

Sun Batians face was restored to his usual, dignified gazepowerful and majestic, Lets have a look and find out what type of wine would cause Master Feng to be so desperate.

Yes Sir!

With his usual calmness, Butler Zhang respectfully led the way.

Jianghe City, Origin Ability Firm.

Su Hao walked towards the main halls self-service counter. He silently accepted a task, before he walked towards the task registration counter.

Hello, may I know if you are submitting your task or accepting a task?

The registrar said sweetly. Although she knew that it was merely a regular student standing before her, she would not show the slightest neglect of her professionalism.

I need a quiet room if you dont wish to create a commotion here. Su Hao spoke softly. Although it was a plain and normal tone, it was without doubt a domineering one.

The registrar was shocked. Su Hao casually showed the task number on the screen.

After checking on the computer, the registrars reaction came, Please wait a moment!

Swiftly, Su Hao was led to one of the rooms in the firm.

After a while, the Deputy Directora plump manran over in a sweat, Who completed the century old wine task?

It is this Mister.

The registrar pointed at Su Hao.

The Deputy Director glanced at Su Hao and was obviously shocked. A young student actually completed the century old wine task?

A few breaths later, he came back to his senses. This youth, he must have a huge background. Therefore, he was sent over here to complete the task to then gain the reward of the guidance from Master Feng. However, someone else must have completed the task.

Hello, I am the Deputy Director of the Origin Ability Firm, Zhang Wei. The Deputy Director quickly stretched out his hand for a handshake as he spoke to Su Hao.

Cough, cough

Su Hao almost failed to hold back his calm face.

Zhang Wei?

This guys name is Zhang Wei?

Su Hao sweated madly. Indeed, such a name really described him perfectly. (Zhang Wei = growing larger)

Su Hao did not waste his time with any idle chatter. He immediately took out a brown wine bottle from his backpack. A moment later, a sweet smelling aroma floated into the air, causing everyone to be startled.

From the moment Deputy Director Zhang saw that wine bottle, his whole body trembled. After he received the bottle, he carefully inspected. He then said excitedly, This is it! It is exactly the same as what Master Feng described!

After completing his inspection, Deputy Director Zhang passed the bottle to a few experts. After they conducted their own identification and confirmed the task item, an exciting announcement was made: Su Haos task was complete!

Today, I will deliver this item to Master Feng. Tonight, you will receive a message to learn piano tomorrow, Director Zhang said to Su Hao, As Master Fengs time is very tight and since this task took up a lot of time, I hope that in the three days beginning from tomorrow, you are able to free up some time.

No problem.

Su Hao happily nodded, I am already prepared. However, I would like to make a suggestion.


Deputy Director Zhang looked at him strangely.

Su Hao calmly said, This task caught the attention of many people as its value is very high. If the task is now listed as completed, I am afraid that everyone will immediately know about it. Why dont you temporarily cease any acceptance of the task and wait until the item has reached the hands of Master Feng before listing it as completed? Otherwise, if the item is stolen on its the journey, I am afraid that you will not be able to make any explanations to Master Feng!

Deputy Director Zhangs mind was shocked. He nodded his head violently, No problem! I will immediately make the necessary arrangements!

Su Haos lips raised into a smile. When he first accepted this task, he had already considered a couple of problems. This was why he had prepared a wine bottle in advance. Additionally, with Green Snakes attack, that preparation of his had helped him to smoothly complete his plan. Now, he had completed this task successfully.

But he did not know whether Brother Green Snake was having a good time with the Sun family.

Jianghe City, Sun family.

Sun Batian silently sat at the center of the living room. Butler Zhang stood behind him, while Green Snake sat opposite him. With saliva flying everywhere, Green Snake was busy narrating the great price he had paid, how much effort he had made, how he overcame many difficult obstacles, and how difficult it was to obtain this task item in the midst of millions of enemies.

Lets examine the item first.

With one sentence, Sun Batian interrupted him.

Green Snake stopped abruptly. Feeling embarrassed, he quickly took out the wine bottle that he had prepared earlier.

A few experts were already on standby. When the bottle was handled, all of the experts almost immediately frowned. After all of the experts inspected the item with a gloomy facial expression, they cautiously submitted the examination report to Sun Batian.

Whats the situation?

As Green Snake saw the facial expression of the experts and he immediately realized that something bad was going to happen.

Upon receiving the examination report, Sun Batian glanced at it. His face was so calm that there seemed to be no problem. Suddenly, he grabbed the wine bottle and viciously threw it to the floor.


Green Snake said in shock. This was because he had risked his life to obtain this item.

A green light ray flashed. Green Snake was ready to catch the wine bottle but unfortunately, a shadow came over and intercepted him. Green Snakes eyes were in tears as he stared at the bottle that he sacrificed so much for as it fell to the floor.