Godly Model Creator Chapter 172

Gmc Chapter 172

Chapter 0172    Black Hand behind the Scene

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A crisp sound echoed in the room. The liquid inside instantly spilled all over. Instead of wine, it was just water stains scattered all over the place.

This is the century old wine you gave me? Sun Batian coldly said.

Green Snakes body trembled. Looking at the water stains on the floor in disbelief, he was stunned, Noimpossiblethis...how could this be! Im sure what I took was...

Puchi- Green Snake madly struggled on the floor, licked a mouthful on the water stains.

This taste is water. Mineral water, this is mineral water. How could this be?! Green Snake said it like a madman.

Heng! Sun Batian coldly grumped, Our Sun family has been in Jianghe City for so many years, it is quite rare to find someone who is trying to make a fool out of the Sun family. Trying to cheat me with mineral water. Green Snake, you have guts, yes!

No, I just took it directly from the cellar...

Green Snake suddenly gained enlightenment. He seemed to have thought of something and understood.

He had been tricked!

From the beginning he had been tricked.

That young man, from the start, this bottle was the one given by him. Later, the young man showed a sinister look, scaring him into fleeing in a rush.

The boy, afraid that he would check the bottle, began to suppress him by shooting the sniper rifle.

It seemed like there were countless shots, but none actually hit him!

Was the opponents skill really that bad?


Absolutely not!

Green Snake right now was having doubts, Dao Ba didnt even appear in his thoughts. From beginning to the end, it was this young man who was toying around with those hunters.

Such a terrifying young man!

Damn it! Green Snake was barely able to control his anger. F*ck this boy, I will definitely kill you!

The raging Green Snake only now remembered. He couldnt even remember the name of that boy. Yet, he was cheated out of 3 million! Cant remember your name? I will investigate! A mad expression could be seen in Green Snakes eyes. This time, he must seek his revenge! A mad revenge!

Just that, under the delusion of revenge, Green Snake seemed to have forgotten this one thinghere, this was the Sun family.

Great guts! Sun Batian looked at the increasing killing intent of Green Snake, Kill him!

That cold tone instantly woke up Green Snake. His whole body began to sweat madly, I...no...

Pu ci~

A cold light flashed. Behind his back, a man in black appeared. Green Snake covered his neck in disbelief. As blood kept splurting out, he fell to the floor and died with both eyes wide open.

Heng! Sun Batian sneered.

Butler Zhang smiled bitterly and then gave orders to a few people to clear the body.

Even he could see that this Green Snake had been tricked. Did the Chairman not notice it? No, the Chairman absolutely realized it. It was just that he needed something to vent his anger.

Green Snake could only blame himself for dealing with the wrong guy. Just a hunter dying, nobody would care about it.

Please contact Master Feng for me. After finishing venting his anger, Sun Batians face seemed a bit more at ease. As soon as possible.

Yes, Chairman! Butler Zhang respectfully said and quietly left.

That night, the rumor of Green Snake trying to deceive the Sun family with mineral water was spread throughout the whole city. There were even some people who witnessed Green Snakes body being thrown outside of the city.

Everyone who heard this was dumbfounded.

Nobody could have expected it to turn out like this!

Could Green Snake be so foolish as to use mineral water and try to deceive the Suns?

Of course not!

Then there could only be one possibility. The one in his hand was fake all along. If Green Snake wasnt powerful enough to not let them snatch it away, then the one who was killed could have been them, instead?

As they thought of this, everyone was covered in cold sweat.

However, it was at this time, the very top listed task at the Origin Ability Firm suddenly disappeared without any sign. In other words, the task had been completed!


Everyone was at a loss.

How was it completed?

The item with Green Snake was fake. Then who completed it? Something wasnt right here! Today, only those who were chasing Green Snake entered the city. How could someone complete the task?

For a time, there was doubt everywhere.

It happened when Green Snake was killed by the Sun family. Was the item with Green Snake really a fake one?

However, this was only what Sun family said!

Instantly, each and every look directed at the Sun family was full of hatred. The incident of the blue dream butterfly was still fresh in everyones memory. Once again, the Sun family became the target of public criticism!


At this time, the culprit behind this matter, Su Hao, was enjoying his meal in his home.

After eating compressed biscuits for a full ten days, he had almost died of boredom. Reaching home, he obviously cleaned up his mums home cooked food.

Eat slower, Li Xiaoru said in a loving tone, You, dont you attend the natural selection class? Why do I feel like you always return back home?

Hehe. Su Hao had a mouthful of rice and smiled. He couldnt bring himself to say he just came back from the wilderness. His mum would be worried for him. Well, I dont get to eat good food there.

Su Ling muttered, Once bro is back, there would be a huge meal then.

Su Hao looked at this little girl and then directly stuffed a few pieces of meat into her mouth, Little brat, I will have you eat more!

Hmmp, I hate you!

Su Ling was suddenly blocked off by a huge piece of meat in her mouth. She took quite some time to bite it off and then kicked a few times at Su Hao, Smelly brother, you dare to bully me!

Haha! Su Hao laughed out loud.

Looking at brother and sister teasing each other, Li Xiaorui felt pleased.

After that lively family dinner, Su Hao then examined Su Lings fruit of labor for a bit before returning to his room.

Ten days!

For his family, ten days seemed short. But for him, these last ten days were too dangerous. Each and every step he took, he could have gotten himself killed.

This was the first time he had accepted such a risky task.

At first he thought that as long as he was careful and didnt stumble into others, it would be fine. Now, it seemed that killing others was the theme of the origin ability era!

Su Hao began shooting empty threats, but there were always people who took his warnings as nothing. However, when he managed to headshot people later on, only then did people begin to get scared.

And it was at this time that Su Hao understood a truth. In this era of origin abilities, only when blood is spilled can you protect yourself.

What was an interesting fact was, from start to finish, he didnt see any student from the natural selection class!

This task was an unrestricted task. Yet there wasnt anyone from the natural selection class. This could only meant one thing: in the school, this task was a one-timer! In order to prevent students from killing each other, the school was smart to release tasks as one-time tasks.

After all, what school aimed for was healthy competition, not killing one another.

In addition to the changes in his mentality, this battle had made Su Hao understand his own shortcomings.

That feeling of being weak when facing Green Snake. The opponents origin ability was above him, and coupled with that bulletproof armor, Su Haos defeat was only a matter of time.

Even with better physical fitness and fighting technique, he simply couldnt touch a single hair on his opponent. That had caused such frustration in his heart...

If...if his origin ability talent could be improved

He knew well that a case like Green Snake, who had high speed, was rare. His speed-type talent coupled with bulletproof armor, that was even rarer. With such a strategy, once you faced someone who concentrated on their origin ability, you were just as good as trash. Especially in the natural selection class, 90 percent of them were such people.

However, a failure was a failure!

Regardless on how rare it was, Su Hao would never find any excuse. He didnt want to fail at the same thing twice.

Once I am done with military fighting technique, I will immediately study my origin ability, Su Hao said to himself determinedly. Daddy dont believe that with this mutated ability of mine, I have already discovered so many functions, but no attacking abilities exist?

He needed to get stronger, faster!

October 26th. Su Hao looked at the time on the virtual screen. His face was surprisingly calm.

There were 4 more days before Chen Yirans coming of age ceremony.

To go or not?

Su Hao closed his eyes to ponder for a moment. Countless scenarios were flashing within his mind.


Why would I need to miss it!

Since Sun Yaotian had paved the stage for him, if he didnt go up and perform, then he would have wasted all the hard work of this young master Sun. Butthe script in his hand was another version.

Su Hao sneered. He had made up his mind.