Godly Model Creator Chapter 173

Gmc Chapter 173

Chapter 0173    Dao Ba the grimreaper

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A message arrived. Su Hao had a lookit was a notification from Feng family.

Finally its here

Su Hao was quite excited.

For some, task points were the most important. However, for Su Hao, time was the most important factor! He gave up 1000 task points and chose to undergo Master Fengs guidance. All of this was in order to save time and once again engage in a super sprint session! If a two hour concert could madly recover the energy in his body, now with three days of piano guidance, how much origin ability energy could he rejuvenate?

What Su Hao needed right now were cards!

After learning more cards, he would then attempt to break through at Master Fengs place!

His abilities had been stagnant for too long that he could not wait to satisfy his need to breakthrough once more.

Thinking of this, Su Hao had a look at the cards in his mind. The only card which in the grey state was the beginner origin ability essence, its current progress was 50%.

Not enough, I still need another card.

Su Hao had an idea. He switched his communication device on and very quickly, he found a person he was familiar with. He immediately became glad, I have not seen this guy for so many days. By now, he should have broken through to intermediate military fighting technique.

The communication device beeped a few times. Very quickly, a calm human figure appeared.

Su Hao, anything?

Su Hao laughed, Ha, Zhao Feng, its nothing. I just havent seen you for a long time. Id like to treat you to a meal. Tomorrow, I will look for you in the school, do you have time for it?

Uh, I am currently not at school.

Zhao Feng strangely glanced at Su Hao, I am out doing a task. I am currently in the urban district.

You are in the urban district? Su Haos eyes lit up, I am also in the urban district, tomorrow morning, I will go look for you.

Okay, great!

Zhao Feng nodded.

The next day, early morning, 5 am.

In a small restaurant in Jianghe City, Zhao Feng amusedly looked at the Suo Hao who sat in front of him. Su Hao said that he would look for him in the morning but he did not expect the morning to refer to 5 am!

Damn it!

At 5 am, early in the morning, Su Hao had called him out from his bed. Thinking that something had happened, Zhao Feng had anxiously rushed out. However, in the end, the important matter that Su Hao mentioned was to have a meal!

Really? There is nothing else?

Zhao Feng could not help but ask, Theres nothing to be shy about. If there is anything just ask. As long as I, Zhao Feng can do it, I will definitely not decline!

What thing could there be?

Su Hao indifferently replied and let out a burp, Hmm, todays dishes are not bad.

Zhao Feng: ....

Eat, eat, eat, dont let me eat alone, Su Hao said quickly, Come, start eating.

Astonished, Zhao Feng could not help but notice Su Haos courtesy towards him. He then ate a mouthful of rice but the suspicion in his heart still could not be dissipated. Su Hao, is there really nothing?

Yes, please eat more.

Su Hao smiled as he said. He then quietly activated his model analysis.

Not surprisingly, Zhao Feng had really learned the intermediate military fighting technique. From the looks of it, ever since Su Hao had given him that advice, Zhao Feng had begun training the military fighting technique!

And for more than a month, he too had been rapidly improving.

After all, the task points held by repeaters were still relatively high. To Zhao Feng, the difference was when there was an opportunity, he would grab hold of it without any hesitation.

Card selection complete. Intermediate military fighting technique Model analyzing Model establishing Card model establishment starting.

As the energy circulated, it began to be consumed. With high speed, information about Zhao Fengs daily training routine was analyzed. Little by little, a grey card began to slowly take shape.

The construction of the card was about to be complete soon.

Su Hao once again glanced at Zhao Fengs model and noticed that there were a few regretful findings. The origin ability of Zhao Feng was still firmly at the beginner origin ability transition technique. It seemed that after listening to Su Haos tips, he did not make any research on the advancements of origin ability. This caused Su Hao to be quite disappointed. It would be great if there was an intermediate origin ability transition technique card...

Cough does my face have something?

Zhao Feng strangely rubbed his face.

Haha, of course not.

Su Hao laughed and quickly changed the topic of conversation, Looking at you, the advancements you have made are not bad.


Zhao Feng nodded, Lately, my ability has increased a lot, the path that I took in the past was really wrong! After the increase in my ability, I soared whenever I did a task. That why my task points have increased at a crazy rate. Im not lacking in them at the moment. However, a few days ago, I saw a lucrative assignment that was worth 1000 task points. I hesitated for a while and the assignment was accepted by someone else. It was quite a disappointing moment.

The century old wine task? Su Hao raised an eyebrow.

You saw it too? Zhao Feng said with some lingering fear, Fortunately, at that time, I didnt receive it. It is said that due to this task, hundreds of hunters were killed. Now that is called brutal! There was a grim reaper named Dao Ba. As for the amount he killed, the number of deaths in his hand should be 800, if not 1000!

Su Hao: ....

One thousand?

How could it be that many?

Did the hunters circle in the whole of Jianghe City even have that many people?

This is not the main point. The most important thing is, after many hardships, Green Snake was seemingly killed by the Sun family without any proper reason.  Green Snake had won through a herculean effort. It was said that the Sun family played a trick and took the reward for themselves.


Su Hao almost spit his rice, The Sun family played a trick?


Zhao Feng lamented, It was said that when Green Snake was killed while handing over the item, the task was completed. If not Sun family, then who else could it be?

Su Hao: ....

The former matters were within his prediction but as for the latter result, it was truly delightful. It seemed that no matter what he did, it eventually had to do with Sun family.

Cough, its impossible for Sun Batian to be so foolish. Su Hao stated.

Yes, even I couldnt believe it. Zhao Feng said in amazement, However, everyone didnt care if it was true or false. The more false it is, the hotter the rumour would be when its spread! As for the matter of the Sun family playing trick, this has spread through the whole Jianghe City to anyone who has a nose and an eye. Because of the previous incident, after much effort, Sun family had finally managed to stabilize their shares. Now it is estimated that their share will drop quite a lot.

Su Hao was dumbfounded without uttering a single word.

This time it was not his fault really!

Poor Sun family, Amen!

After eating a while, Zhao Feng had some hesitation. Putting some thought into it, he still asked, For Chen Yirans birthday gathering, what present do you plan to give?

What do you mean?

Su Hao frowned. This matter, even Zhao Feng knew about it? How was this possible! So far, the only person he met was Sun Yaotian, could this Sun brat again...

In order to restore his reputation, Sun Yaotian sent out invitations. Zhao Feng face turned strange, For the natural selection class students, it can be confirmed that at this time, at least a dozen people will attend the gathering. This includes freshmen and repeaters, although the majority of them have not returned yet. Additionally, Sun Yaotian publicly declared that he had invited you and expressed his gratitude So, if this time you dont go, I guess it wont look good on you.

Su Haos eyes immediately squinted, Killing three birds with one stone. Not only does he redeem his reputation, he is challenging me. After that, he would appear to be courteous before Chen Yiran in the eyes of the elite members of the society. This guy has grown a lot smarter lately. But how did he get so many invitation cards?

Zhao Feng pondered for a while, I heard that this birthday gathering is organized by Chen Yirans mother.


Su Hao slapped his forehead as he finally figured it out.. Werent Ms. Chen and Ms. Sun reported to be secretly close friends? For this type of situation, it was natural for her son to gain an advantage. Because of Chen Yirans matter, Ms. Chen would naturally turn a blind eye, and this was the eventual result.

Honestly, I dont quite understand the affairs of their circle. However, if you dont attend this time, it is predicted that more and more rumors would spread from Chen Yirans side. If you do go, I am afraid that being mocked by some is unavoidable, Zhao Feng cautiously analyzed, To go or not to go, have you thought about it?

Heh, dont worry.

Su Hao sneered, Relax, since Sun Yaotian is so eager and wants me to go, how can I not go? By then, I will give him a big, big surprise.

If you have your own plans, thats good. Zhao Feng nodded.

After the two gossiped for a while, Zhao Feng left as he had a task later in the morning. However, because he was confused by Chen Yirans matter, Zhao Feng felt that he had forgotten something yet he was not able to recall what it was.

In the end, he simply shook his head helplessly and rushed on with his task.

Poor Zhao Feng, after being dragged by Su Hao to a meal, it was all simply empty chat in the end. As for what he forgot to ask about, that was why Su Hao looked for him this early in the morning...