Godly Model Creator Chapter 174

Gmc Chapter 174

Chapter 0174    Redeeming the reward

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Early morning in Jianghe City, it was unusually quiet.

It was now near the end of October and reaching late autumn.

Only at a Western villa, it was crowded with people. They were all trying to offer gifts or money just to get a chance to see Master Feng.

This was the home of pianist Master Feng.

Despite the crowd, only a few people managed to pass the assessment and were led in to see Master Feng, leaving the rest of the crowd to sigh helplessly. But at this time, a young man went to the door and was greeted by the Feng familys housekeeper personally. This scene made everyone dumbfounded.

Who is this man?

Dont know, but he is someone who the housekeeper personally came out to greet and escort him in! For my son, I had to save a lot of money for a few months just to get a slot for the assessment to be Master Fengs disciple. Whether he can pass or not is still an uncertainty!

It must be some rich kid who got in through a backdoor.

Sigh, let's not mention something like that.

Listening to the words, Su Hao faintly smiled and followed behind the housekeeper.

As the housekeeper was leading him, Su Hao suddenly frowned. The route didnt seem right.

The villas in Jianghe City generally had similar layouts.

When Su Hao was studying building models, he acquired some understanding about this. Thus, despite being surrounded by tall trees and not being able to see the surrounding roads, he clearly understood that the housekeeper was not leading him to the guest hall but the west side of the villa.

Su Hao didnt utter a word, but rather silently memorized the route into his mind

Mr. Su, it is here.

The housekeeper said in a polite manner while pointing in front of them, This is where master and the students train. Its the private concert hall of Feng family. Occasionally, there would be a small private party and master would perform here.


Su Hao had a closer look. This was a classroom, pretty similar to those music classrooms in Jianghe City, but the scale was a little larger. They must have built this on their own after because the original layout of the villa didnt have this.


Su Hao caught on this word that was uttered by the housekeeper.

En, just ordinary disciples. The housekeeper laughed, Master is looking forward to having his own successor. He will probably choose his successor from amongst them. Although theyre just disciples, many of them have already reached intermediate pianist level. It is your blessing to be able to come here.


Su Hao smiled indifferently.

Opening the door of the concert hall, inside it was indeed a spacious training hall. The light yellow wooden floor was smooth and sparky. Countless tones of beautiful music came from the room, bringing a pleasant feeling to the ears.

There were about ten origin ability pianos in the room. Many people were listening carefully to the piano. There was only one person sitting in the middle and madly immersed in his playing. And not far away Master Feng was, sitting there, listening to his disciples performance.

As Su Hao came in, he didnt attract the others attention.

Or to be more precise, they saw him but just ignored him since they were watching the performance of the person in the middle of the crowd.

Su Hao didnt voice out and silently walked next to the crowd and had a look. Instantly he understood the situation in front of him now. Master Feng and his eight disciples...one of them was currently playing while Master Feng accessed him. Was this Master Fengs assessment of his disciples training?

For a full ten minutes, this young man played before finally stopped while sweating heavily. He then bowed toward Master Feng.

Master Feng calmly opened his mouth, You have quite a good grasp on the tone. The rhythm too is not bad. But your control of origin ability energy is still weak. Go back and train harder.

Yes, master.

As the young man nodded and left the stage, another one came up.

Su Hao had a glance and instantly felt in a bad mood.

One come after another?

Watching the young man who finished just now walked back to his seat, Su Hao was stunned. The one who is now on stage was the second disciple? A total of eight disciples playing until their origin ability energy was completely exhausted like the previous one? If one took about half an hour, then if a total of eight people were to perform

F*ck that shit!

Su Haos eyes revealed an unpleasant look. Regardless of how Master Feng was thinking, he had, after all, risked his life to complete the task and was currently here to redeem the reward. And the result was this scene in front of him are you trying to toy around with me?!

What he was lacking the most was time!

These three days, he must use every second wisely.

As for obtaining good impression from Master Feng?

Hehe, even if he wasted three days to obtain a good impression from Master Feng, so what? A few days later, Master Feng would sweep his ass away and leave here. He would not know this masters whereabouts, so how could he find this master in the future? This was the result that he risked his life for. For his future, to enhance his strength, he absolutely must not allow this chance to be wasted.

This was a deal.

Since he had paid the price, it was necessary to claim his reward!


The young man only pressed a note on the piano and not yet even began his play. Yet, Su Hao interrupted him, Student Su Hao greets Master Feng!

Everyone was in silence and looked in disbelief at this guy who just entered not long ago. Who is this brat? Dont understand the rules here? Interrupting someones play is such a rude thing to do!

Moreover, doing so in front of Master Feng, are you courting your own death?

Master Feng opened his eyes and looked at this young man in front, Youre Su Hao?

Yes, I am.

Su Hao respectfully said.

En, I know about the task that you have completed. Master Feng nodded, These 3 days, stay here then. Today is my assessment of my disciples. You stay here and listen to them. It is good for your future. Then, I will ask some of them to teach you music foundation and allow you to complete the basic of playing the piano.

After Master Feng said so, he then waved his hand as a sign to ask Su Hao to sit.

Su Hao, ...

Instantly, Su Hao frowned. Asking a disciple to teach him? It seemed that Master Feng had investigated his data and knew that he didnt learn how to play the piano before. Therefore, he had decided to ask his disciple to teach him music foundation. Once Su Hao was more familiar with music would he be taught casually. Just like that, 3 days would past.

If it was any other average person, they would definitely accept this with gratitude. After all, even the disciples were already in intermediate pianist level. 

But for Su Hao, if he just wanted to learn the basics, what would he have spent all this effort for?


The young man once again gently pressed on the piano key before once again being interrupted by a voice, Master Feng, I heard that in a few days, youre leaving Jianghe City?


Master Feng opened his eyes wide. Staring at Su Hao with an unpleasant look, Su Hao didnt retreat and looked at Master Feng face to face!

All disciples looked at Su Hao in dissatisfaction. What is the problem with this brat?

It was finally the time for their assessment and this guy interrupted again and again! Wasnt Master Feng already mentioned that after the assessment is done, he would arrange for his education?

Not even starting and yet, he had stepped on Master Fengs tail. Is this brat retarded?

Master Feng stared at Su Hao and said in a flat tone, Since youre not willing to listen, I will ask someone to teach you music foundation then. Zhiping, you go and teach him.

A young man who was sitting on the fifth seat looked at Su Hao disdainfully and then walked in front of Su Hao, Come, follow me.

Su Hao looked at him and motionless. Instead, he still calmly looked at Master Feng, You still didnt answer my question just now.


This sentence instantly stunned every disciple in the entire room.

The nerve of this man!

Yes, forget about his rudeness, he even dared provoke master!

Yet he doesnt look at himself in the mirror!

Well, wait. We will let him have a good time!

Many people were cursing at him. The one called Liu Zhiping scolded Su Hao on the spot, Youre Su Hao right? Who gave you the guts to create trouble here! You know what kind of identity Master Feng is? Extremely daring!

Su Haos facial expression finally had a slight trace of change. Looking at this young man with a cold expression, he then said, If you have the courage, say it again. Let's see whether I will kill you or not!

Su Haos terrifying killing intent began to leak out, sweeping toward the surroundings.


These few days Su Hao had killed between 800 and 1000 people.

Liu Zhiping was enveloped by the killing intent. He could feel his body trembling, leaving his legs soft. He was just an ordinary pianist and usually had the protection of a bodyguard. Since when had he faced such a scene before?