Godly Model Creator Chapter 175

Gmc Chapter 175

Chapter 0175    The Perseverance during those Years

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The whole room was in total silence.

Su Hao casually glanced around. Those who made eye contact with Su Hao subconsciously lowered their heads. That horrifying aura really stunned everyone!


A loud bang came from the door. A team of bodyguards entered. As the bodyguards of the Feng family, their ability to sensing killing intent was strong. They started to rush in almost at the same instant Su Hao released his killing intent.

However, after coming in, they were stunned by the scene before them for a moment.

It wasnt anything like the battle to the death they had imagined. It was just a young man with killing intent as he had a war of eyes with Master Feng.

Liu Zhiping retreated from Su Hao in embarrassment after noticing the bodyguards. Pointing at Su Hao, he said, He...wants to kill people. Quickly, catch him!

Go! Several bodyguards surrounded Su Hao. He glanced at them for a second while maintaining his icy cold expression.

Enough! You guys leave here now! Master Feng was angry as he pointed at the bodyguards. You guys leave here now! Who allowed you guys to enter?

These bodyguards bitterly laughed. They could only walk out in embarrassment. This time, they were not sensitive enough to matters happening here. No matter what, they must never let Master Feng get involved in any mishap.

Only after chasing the bodyguards out did Master Feng look at Su Hao, After so many years, youre the first one daring enough to talk in such a tone to me. I, Feng Yongzhi, although not talented, I will absolutely honor my words!

Answer my question. Su Hao didnt retreat.

Not bad. In three days, I will leave Jianghe City, Master Feng declared.

A good three days later! Su Hao coldly laughed, Youre leaving in three days. As for my task reward, it should be a three day private tutoring. Three days before leaving Jianghe City, you must personally teach me! And yet you are trying to drag me here, wasting time. What is your motive?

Master Feng looked at him, What do you want, then?

Su Hao looked at him calmly, My task reward. I want you to teach me personally for three days, and not these half-assed pianists.

Master Feng looked at Su Hao coldly. Hie eyes revealed a disdainful look, Little brat, dont be too overbearing!

The one who is too overbearing is you! Su Hao laughed. With a stomp on the ground, a tremor could be felt. This panicked the bodyguards outside and they almost rushed in again.

Do you know how much effort I put in for this task? Let me tell you, a total of ten days! I lived in the wilderness for a full ten days! In those ten days, I was always on the edge between life and death. In those ten days, I cant even remember how many people I killed! Luckily, I managed to complete it in the end! Su Hao sneered.

But what do I get in return? You ask these half-ass pianists to teach me? What you wrote in the task is all fake? Your daddy is risking his life for the guidance of several intermediate pianists? What they teach is worth tens of millions? If this is the case, Im sorry. We will meet at the Origin Ability Association, then.

Without fearing anything, Su Hao laid it all out, showing his determination.

In this matter, he was standing on the right side.

Even if he had to trouble the Origin Ability Association, the one who needed to compensate others in the end was Master Feng. According to the stated rules, if a task was completed, but not rewarded Not to mention, this task was released jointly by Master Feng and the Origin Ability Association. If this matter became huge, Master Fengs fame would most probably destroyed right here.

Thus, Su Hao had not the slightest fear. In this training hall, he was fighting the crowd without backing down.

The gloomy face of Master Feng finally changed. Looking at this determined young man in front of him, he asked in a slight amazed tone, The  century old wine task, you personally completed it?

Yes! Su Hao nodded, Without any background, coupled with the fact that Im still a student, in order to get what I want, I have to do it myself.

He did it himself? Master Feng was shocked.

All these years, he had so many rich disciples. In order to allow their sons to be his disciple, all sort of monies were spent! 

Among those disciples, some had no respect, some were serious in learning, and some were kind and attentive.

All the disciples he accepted, each of them had their own colors in order to be true pianists, buthe had never met such person before.

In order to receive personal guidance from him for three days, this young man even went and risked his life!

When he released the task, he had already expected this might involve a fight between hunters, which wasnt related to him at all. Life and death was a free fate. The current world was just such a cruel place. However, never did he expect there was such a young man accepting the task, too!

He had already seen Su Haos background. Indeed, Su Hao didnt have any background!

But this young man, in order to realize his dream to become a pianist, went ahead and became an enemy with the hunters!

Such determination such effort just to get three days of guidance from him?

Suddenly, Master Feng remembered something. When he was young, in order to learn piano, he went to the music hall and begged. That determination and madness was the same as what he saw in front of him right now.

Now, how many people actually had the guts to struggle to achieve their dream?

Thinking of this, unknowingly, Master Fengs eyes lit up, Su Hao, great! I will teach you personally these three days, then!


Liu Zhiping exclaimed and looked at his master in disbelief. Master even made an exception?

How could this be?

Although master was kind, he had a stubborn temper. The harsher you were, the tougher master would be! All these years, because of his character, he had offended a lot of people outside of his circle. However, master actually made an exception for Su Hao today!

Liu Zhiping couldnt understand this.

Go practice by yourselves, Master Feng waved his hand as he asked everyone to disperse. Then he personally brought along Su Hao to the origin ability piano on the stage. Although the rest of the disciples went to their own pianos, their eyes couldnt help but peek at the main stage. They were curious as to what Su Hao actually wanted to do.

Before this, have you had any contact with an origin ability piano? Master Feng pointed at the piano in front of them.

Nope. Su Hao shook his head honestly.

Alright, I will teach you from the foundation, then. Master Feng sat down in front of the piano, pointing at a certain part of the piano, This is called -

Er, Master Feng... Su Hao had to interrupt him again, but this time he had an embarrassed tone, Master Feng, although I havent played such a piano before, I have seen the information about it.

The surrounding disciples couldnt help but laugh.


Who the hell didnt read the information before learning?

However, was the information you obtained from a book the same as a teacher? Especially since this was an explanation coming from a grandmaster! This brat actually dared to interrupt masters explanation? This was simply seeking his own death.

Oh? Try to explain, then.

Master Feng didnt get angry. Instead, he allowed Su Hao to explain.

Su Hao then introduced each and every part of the origin ability piano by himself. He even went further, explaining about the experiences of those using this piano crystal clearly!

Great! Master Fengs was astonished. This Su Hao really gave him some surprises.

Self-study and being able to reach such a point was the act of a genius! Obviously, he didnt know that the so-called experience of Su Hao was all coming from himself. Naturally Su Hao could explain all this with ease.

Teaching the theoretical basis didnt last long.

Everyone was shocked to find out that in this aspect, Su Hao was simply in a different tier! He obviously hadnt been in contact with any piano, yet he knew it so well! Master Feng even went on to ask several problems which might be encountered, and Su Hao easily gave the solutions.

Had Su Hao really never played an origin ability piano before?

Regarding this, Su Hao only answered that his theoretical basis in school was 190 points!

Super bookworm!

Theoretical basis even had knowledge from the study of music? Master Feng was puzzled, but in the end, he could only accept Su Haos explanation.

If this is the case, then I no longer have to start from theory. Master Feng sighed, Youre the first person I have met to master so much knowledge before even starting.

Su Hao felt embarrassed.

The surrounding disciples looked at him. Jealousy began to grow in their hearts as they watched him being praised by Master Feng .

After foundation instruction, it was time to practice.

Master Feng looked at Su Hao and asked, What piano piece do you want to learn first?

Su Hao answered without any hesitation, Your most famous piece, of course!

Pu! Many people sprayed out water on the spot.

To learn Master Fengs most famous piece?

Are you joking?

That was the piano origin ability technique!

Even for advanced pianists, those who could master this piece were few in number! At this moment, they felt that they were getting jealous at Su Hao too early. With such a person, what was there for them to be jealous of?

Master Feng also looked at Su Hao in a strange manner.

Although this time he felt that Su Haos talent was not bad, and his potential was pretty good too, butto learn his signature piece, this Su Hao, was he naive or ignorant? However, thinking about it more, this Su Hao seemed to not know about the piano origin ability technique. He then finally understood the situation here.

Alright, I will play it first. Master Feng said. Have a look yourself and tell me what you could learn from this.

Su Hao respectfully walked down from the stage.

Master Feng sat before the piano and slowly hit the keys. The familiar melody and rhythm once again played out under Master Fengs hands.

Just that, this time, it wasnt a piano origin ability technique, but just ordinary playing mode.

However, a grandmaster had to be worthy of the name! What did grandmaster level piano performance signify?

Su Hao wasnt sure. However, he knew that during the concert, an intermediate pianists skill allowed his origin ability to recover slowly. This time, with Master Feng playing, his origin ability energy began to skyrocket and recovered at a rapid rate. It was several times faster than the last time.

Finally it was about to start!