Godly Model Creator Chapter 176

Gmc Chapter 176

Chapter 0176    Breakthrough!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Nora.

Finally It was about to begin!

Su Hao was excited but his face was unbelievably calm.

His origin ability energy was about to reach its maximum capacity. Without hesitation, Su Hao rushed to his beginner origin ability refinement.

Beginner origin ability refinement trainingread!


Under the influence of the origin ability energy, the progress bar which had been uncompleted for many days finally began to skyrocket. The beginner origin ability refinement card slowly began to transform from grey as it grew brighter and brighter.




With excitement, Su Hao watched as the card slowly grew brighter, and completely forgot about the time. While anticipating the completion of the card, it was at that moment


The music suddenly stopped.

Su Hao was shocked. He then realized that Master Feng had stopped playing.

5 minutes had passed!

Damn it!

It actually stopped at this moment!

Su Hao was a little depressed. This feeling was as if his climax was cut off just as he was about to reach it, such a feeling was miserable.

How is your understanding of it? Master Feng asked kindly.

That, can you please play that once again? Su Hao cautiously asked.

Play that once again?

Master Feng was speechless but he soon laughed. Anyway, in these three days, I will be teaching you. Since you have your own way, then lets have it your way.

After he finished speaking, Master Feng played that piece once again.

For a moment, Su Hao was excited. Master Feng, I really love you!


Once again, his origin ability energy recovered. Without hesitation, Su Hao once again charged his card.

After a momentary halt, Su Haos progress soared again!

However, if Master Feng knew that the extremely diligent youth before him was using his piano piece to restore his origin ability energy, how would he feel?

5 minutes later.

Once again, the music stopped. Su Hao timidly said, Master Feng, I am still slightly confused, I hope that you can play that once more.

Master Fengs face turned sour.

5 minutes later.

As the music stopped once again, Su Hao meekly asked, Master Feng, can you please play that one more time? I feel that I am already at the threshold and that I will soon be able to understand it.

Master Fengs face became slightly darker.

Another 5 minutes later.

The music once again stopped. Su Hao satisfyingly said, Master Feng, one last time. This time, I feel that I can certainly understand it!

Master Fengs face was completely black.

Another 5 minutes later...

After playing the piece for the sixth time in a row, Master Fengs face had turned from black to green. As he saw that Su Haos lips were prepared to speak, he quickly interrupted him. Su Hao, you have listened for half a day, why dont you play for once?

Su Hao answered in shock, Can I really do so?

Of course, come and give it a try. Master Feng nodded his head violently. Under normal circumstances, he would not allow a student who had not played the piano to destroy his famous musical piece before him. However, Su Hao would say that he was about to understand every time. As such, why not destroy him into pieces then? This kid should not be intentionally toying with him right?

After he performed for six consecutive times for a full 30 minutes, his hands grew weak!

Ever since he became famous, he had not played for such a long time. After all, his past performances were all focused on quality, since when was it focused on quantity

Then I wont hold back.

Su Hao sat at the origin ability piano before him.

This was his first time coming into contact with an origin ability piano but he did not have the slightest sign of fear. This was because he was already too familiar with it. The only thing that was heartbreaking to him was that performing would consume a large amount of origin ability energy. For someone who needed a huge amount of origin ability energy like him, to waste it in such manner was too disgraceful! However, after he saw Master Fengs unpleasant face, he thought that if he did not play, he was afraid that Master Feng would try and kill him first...

Cough cough.

Letting out a cough, walked to the origin ability piano that was in front of him, as if he knew how to play it.

However, his actions were like a rough imitation. He completely lacked the grace of a piano master. The surrounding students all jeered and laughed, this kind of standard really was...


Su Hao softly pressed a key. The moment he touched the piano keys, countless memories flashed in his mind. He has seen this song in Master Fengs memories countless times and he was familiar with it to the point that he could play the piano origin ability technique. Therefore, since he performed in the normal mode, he was naturally a master at it.

Beautiful notes rang out in the hall. The melody was almost perfect and the rhythm flowed like water. This dumbfounded the studentsthey were prepared to watch a humiliation.

It was simplysublime!

Even Master Feng stood up. As he saw this scene, he was shocked to witness Su Hao using a choppy and unfamiliar technique to deduce this piece of piano music.

From Su Haos actions, it could be easily seen that this was his first performance because it was too choppy. However, due to his experience with the origin ability piano, Master Feng could clearly see that Su Hao was getting more and more familiar with the piano. The performance was slowly approaching perfection.

This standard..

Master Feng was so excited that he could not contain himself. He could not help but to hum along. Even if it was not a play that utilized the origin ability technique, Master Feng was able to deduce that this type of normal playing mode was beyond even the skill and standard of a few of his well-known disciples!


Along with the passing of time, Su Haos familiarity level rose again.

Master Feng relentlessly stared at Su Hao. He saw a song that was slowly gaining perfection a familiar melody reverberated in his mind. This almost perfect feeling had not appeared in a very long time.

This time, did he really see the birth of a genius?

1 minute 2 minutes As Master Feng began to grow excited but at this moment.


The music abruptly stopped.

Master Feng had been so excited that his face was as red as a tomato, when the music suddenly stopped there, he blankly lifted his head. Where was the music? To have the play stop at such a crucial moment gave him an extremely unsatisfactory feeling.

Su Hao shook his head regretfully. I only understood up to this part, the latter part is still under analysis. I will only be able to master it after listening a few more times.

Then why didnt you say so earlier!

Master Feng looked at him angrily. Go away! Let me perform.

Once he finished his words, Master Feng went up the stage again and sat before the piano. He looked at Su Haos eyes. I will play a few more times, when you have mastered it, remember to let me know.

Yes, Master!

Su Hao said respectfully.

However, he secretly laughed inside. The feeling of getting stuck after almost reaching the climax must be very unsatisfactory.. heh heh.

The beautiful music once again began to float.

Just like before, Su Hao surged towards the completion of the card within his body!

Charge! Charge! Charge!


The overflowing origin ability within his body began to fluctuate. The recovery of his origin ability energy increased rapidly.

It really was unknown how many times stronger Master Fengs standard was compared to the recovery speed provided by an intermediate piano master! However, in this world, there was only one person who could cause the piano master to tirelessly restore his origin ability!




Su Hao had already completely forgotten the time because in his mind, there was only one matter.

And that was to charge, charge, and continue charging!

After ten days of life and death battles, the time of reaping the rewards finally came. How could he let go of this golden opportunity? He was completely soaked in the comprehension of his own zone.

However, this created a very strange scenario.

On one side, Master Feng was playing with all his strength while Su Hao sat beside him. Su Haos eyes were closed, as if he was enjoying the beautiful music.

The surrounding students were completely dumbfounded...

What was this?

Although the reward stated that it was three days worth of guidance but a dignified master should not give Su Hao such treatment! Since when did Master Fengs temper become so good?

For half a days worth of time, up until the afternoon, the music continued for a long period of time before it slowly stopped.

Master Fengs face grew slightly pale as his body had some sweat. There were a few bottles of advanced origin ability recovery drug bottles to his right. After playing for a few hours, even a masters origin ability energy would not be enough to support it. After not playing like a madman for so many years, Master Fengs face was filled with fatigue.

Do you understand now?

Master Feng completely ignored his own fatigue. His eyes were firmly set on Su Hao.

Su Hao slowly opened his eyes and a ray of light flashed through.

It was done!

Just now, the intermediate military fighting technique had broken through using the limitless amount of origin ability energy. The progress had been completed! Many broken pieces of information appeared within his mind and all memory related to Zhao Fengs daily training: how he trained, the process of training, the fighting style that he held the most expertise in... Countless information flashed inside his mind.

Moreover, due to Su Haos extraordinarily strong foundation towards the beginner military fighting technique, this intermediate military fighting technique was simply natural to him. With the addition of Zhao Fengs experience, he was able to quickly and completely master this new skill.

Su Hao felt that he could completely grasp everything within a few days time!


Su Hao waved his arms in the air twice and bursts of wind accompanied his movements.

Although he punched the air, it contained a chilling intent. The intermediate military fighting technique was indeed much stronger!

This action did not matter but it completely scared the students around him. As they saw Su Haos whole body explode with a strong momentum, some were scared to the point where they fell of their chairs.

Damn you!

He only asked if you understood, why did you strike a blow?

As Su Hao heard the falling noises around him, he opened his eyes and smiled awkwardly. He then quickly said to Master Feng, Master, I would like to try.


Master Feng stepped aside.

Su Hao took a deep breath and sat before the piano.

I really love you?

He had already mastered it long ago!


Beautiful notes were again released from his hands. Even though they had been prepared due to what had happened in the morning, the students were still shocked by him. It was the same perfect pitch as earlier. If not for them staring at Su Hao, they really would have thought that the music was personally played by Master Feng. It almost seemed as if there no differences.

1 piano piece was not long.

Within 5 minutes, Su Hao finished played.

But, the training hall was completely silent. Everyones faces revealed looks of shock, was this was this really a student who had just enrolled today?

Was this really a student who had previously never touched an origin ability piano?

Based on the standards of this song, his skills were already higher than the intermediate pianists in the crowd!

He was only second to Master Feng!

If it were not for that strange feeling that occurred from coming into contact with the origin ability piano for the first time, perhaps he would have reached the same level as Master Feng a long time ago! This level of talent was simply astonishing.