Godly Model Creator Chapter 177

Gmc Chapter 177

Chapter 0177    Are you willing to be my disciple?

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Great! Great!

Master Feng said so in a state of excitement. His non-stop demonstration for a few hours had not wasted his efforts.

It was worthy of him to do so for Su Haos talent.

For a piano master

He would rather work hard for a talented disciple than waste his words on one without talent. As for Su Haos first impression, if not because of the task, Master Feng probably would not have bothered with him but Su Haos almost perfect performance really made him stunned.

Su Haos talent was without any doubt!

Such talent could become his disciple?

Master Fengs heart started to move.

You are you willing to be my disciple? Master Feng excitedly asked as he looked at Su Hao.


The thing held by Liu Zhiping felt to the ground. His whole body felt weak. In fact, at this moment, the whole hall was in total silence that a needle dropping could be heard. They were all stunned at the scene in front.

Master Feng actually took the initiative to accept a disciple!

This brat his luck was too good to be true.

Everyone was pondering in jealousy, during their time, they had to suffer all sort of hardships and spend countless costs, coupled with their good talent before finally becoming masters disciple. And this Su Hao, he was instead approached by Master Feng first.

This was an honor!


Not only were they dumbfounded even Su Hao, himself, was stunned too.


This is playing a bit too far!

Why was he so perfect? Because he personally learned all these from Master Feng anyway. Just that it was through some underhanded method. As long as he trained a few more times, he would definitely be skillful enough to match Master Feng.

However, his original purpose was to let Master Feng play for him due to his great talent. Never would he thought that Master Feng would take the initiative to approach him to become his master.

It was just a piano song, what was there to be surprised? If I am playing using the piano origin ability technique, then would you all have been shocked to death?

Su Hao was at a loss.

Obviously, as an outsider, Su Hao didnt understand the representative meaning of this piano piece for Master Feng and also the difficulty! At least the intermediate pianist level was required to play such a piece. An ordinary beginner pianist definitely would not be able to do so. As for mastering the advanced piano technique

Only a few advanced pianists are able to do so

Such an extremely difficult music piece and yet it was able to be interpreted by a newbie to perfection, this was a shocking event!


The sound of air being sucked in could be heard from the surrounding. This time, Su Hao had to consider this problem. To accept or not?

Each choice had its own advantage. The influence of Master Feng was pretty huge. However, he had to consider one thing and that was time!

Who is Master Feng?

To take the initiative in accepting a disciple, he would naturally use all his time to train Su Hao, but did Su Hao had such a luxurious amount of time?

The college entrance exam was pretty soon. All his spare time would be used for training.

Now or even later, he would not have much time to practice the piano because his dream wasnt here!

To become a full-time master pianist?

If he really had such a plan, what was there for him to work that hard? Drug master, building master, he just had to pick any of them and he had the confidence to be one of the best.

But then, so what?

The reason for learning pharmacy was to aid his training while learning the piano was to control and heal the crazy mentality due to his frequent killing. It could be considered a good aid in his training too.

From start till the end, his one dream was to...

Enrol at Zhanzheng College!

To become the so-called legendary strongest esper!

After all his efforts, the condition in his house had improved. With millions of star dollars in his possession, he no longer needed to worry about his family. Now he could concentrate on realizing his dream. Not to mention, there was Chen Yiran. There were still quite a lot of matters to be handled and all of them required him to increase his strength.

After pondering for quite some time, Su Hao finally gave his answer, I refuse.


Feng Yongzhi was startled. Looking at the calm young man in front of him, for so many years, this was the first time he took the initiative to ask and had been rejected! He almost thought that he had heard it wrong! He as a grandmaster, had been rejected by a newbie who just started learning piano?

Have you really consider it properly?

Master Feng coldly asked. His face was quite ugly. No matter how good his temper is, being slapped on his face in such a way was really an ugly scene.

The surrounding disciples were in total silence. Nobody dared to speak out, only looking at Su Hao as if looking at a madman.

This brat, was he crazy?

He even dared to refuse Master Feng?

I have considered it properly.

Su Hao calmly nodded and didnt show any color of regret.

Alright. My energy had been consumed all. As for the rest, let them handle it for you then. Master Feng turned around after saying so.

Today had brought a lot of stimulation to him.

Su Haos determination allowed him to recall his early days Su Haos talent allowed him to get excited Su Haos refusal let him disheartened.

His calm mind as a grandmaster pianist for so many years had been completely disrupted.

Liu Zhiping was the first one to point finger at Su Hao, What are you doing? How dare you reject my master? What qualification do you have to disregard to his request?

True, look at yourself in the mirror.

Just because you can play a piece, dont think that youre so great. I can do that too.

Who knows he might have actually trained in private. How could master look up at such a person.

Facing the crowds accusations, Su Haos face didnt change, Fellow members, just now Master Feng said that his energy had been consumed. For the rest of the day, you guys would be handling it. Hehe...


Everyones face instantly turned pale.

Todays Master Feng playing like a madman on the stage was still fresh in their mind. Even Master Feng nearly couldnt hold it anymore, if they went up on the stage, they would be courting their own deaths.

Thinking of this, everyone retreated.

Er, I still have a piano piece which I havent finish comprehending. A young man instantly spoke up and returned to his seat.

Aiyaya, right. It is such a coincidence. I also have one which I need to master. Another disciple also spoke up.

Recently I have this feeling that Im about to breakthrough to an advanced pianist. A man who had just achieved intermediate pianist three days ago said so without any shame and left.

In just a moment, those group of disciples nearly all left.

Liu Zhiping was completely dumbfounded while pointing at them. His fingers were shaking with anger, How could you guys...


Su Hao patted his shoulder and smiled sinisterly, Young man, in order to fulfill the task reward by your master, I will leave it to you.


Liu Zhiping swallowed a bit of his saliva. His face was a bit pale, I also have one piano piece which I havent.

No problem, let's study it together.

Su Hao put his arm around Liu Zhipings shoulder, Who knows I might be able to help you.


Just like that, Liu Zhiping was dragged by Su Hao away. The surrounding disciples looked at him with pity. None of them were fools! Who was willing to be tortured by Su Hao! Todays experience had made them learn something new.

Three days passed by in a blink of an eye.

Having to say so, Master Feng really had the quality of a grandmaster.

These two days, following the request of Master Feng, Su Hao learned about the etiquette required by a pianist and also become a real beginner pianist.

This made the disciples in the training hall shocked again.

Being a beginner pianist was very important. This meant that you had finally gotten rid of your identity as a newbie and officially entered the field of a pianist!

During their times, they had to spend a few months and were hailed as a genius, before ultimately becoming Master Fengs disciples.

And this Su Hao only used three days!

This had already exceeded the scope of jealousy and it was a level which they could only admire. This made them realize...comparing man with man would instead anger yourself.

Just that, if they knew that this newbie who they respected had already reached the intermediate pianist level, how would they feel?

Intermediate pianist, done!

Su Haos mind was excited.

These three days of time, he didnt waste a single second. Finding a card wasnt easy but with these pianists, it was too easy!

Intermediate pianist was the minimum requirement to master intermediate music foundation, intermediate origin ability control and another skill named theoretical piano essence.

After Su Hao locked onto his target, he would begin to madly create new cards.

Without being accompanied by Master Feng, he dragged Liu Zhiping to play. Once Liu Zhiping couldnt go on anymore, he would then change his target to another disciple. These two days, all the disciples of Master Feng had turned green

Unfortunately, this was a reward which their master needed to fulfill.

Sharing worry with their master is what each disciple should do. Thus, they could only risk their life accompanying this madman. After these two days passed, they didnt know how they managed to live through this hell. They, who loved the piano so much, were forced to continuously play to the point of almost vomiting at the sight of a piano.

Su Hao, used the excuse of trying to gain comprehension, had patiently listened to them play the piano.

Within two days, Su Hao dragged six intermediate pianists and requested them to play the music piece which they were familiar with until they collapsed. Finally, he came up with a sentence, Well, the gap is too huge. If Master Feng personally played it, Im afraid I should have already had comprehended it by now.

Almost all disciples spat out blood on the spot.

Of course, if they were to know the reason Su Hao kept asking them to play was to recover his origin ability energy, what would they feel

Su Hao looked at several cards within his mind and was extremely satisfied.

Beginner origin ability refinement, done!

Intermediate military fighting technique, done!

Intermediate music foundation, done!

Intermediate origin ability control, done!

Theoretical piano essence, done!

Intermediate piano performance, done!

This was the result of his three days here, a total of six cards! And among them, there were three cards, the ones enhancing his overall strength.

Beginner origin ability refinement, 100 points.

Intermediate military fighting technique, 70 points. Excluding 50 points from beginner military fighting technique, there were a total of a 20 point increase.

Intermediate origin ability control, 70 points. Excluding beginner origin ability control, another 20 point boost!

In short, he had increased a total of 140 points at once! Reassessing his origin ability, previously his 13.5 points in origin ability had now increased to 14.9!

This enhancement was, without doubt, a huge one.

Intermediate military fighting technique, for the time being, he would not get into it yet. After he finished training beginner origin ability refinement and intermediate origin ability mastery, his energy consumption had been greatly eased. Based on Su Haos estimation, once these two skills superimpose with each other, he would only use one-tenth of his original consumption rate.

On the other hand, it was equivalent to his origin ability energy increasing 10 times!

These three days, the harvest was pretty good.

Su Hao was satisfied.

However, that didnt mean the others were satisfied.


A hand slammed on the table with full force, Liu Zhiping ran off in anger, This daddy is not doing this anymore!