Godly Model Creator Chapter 178

Gmc Chapter 178

Chapter 0178    Whats done is done, its too late to change anything now

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You sit down!

Master Feng gave him a stare, Are you trying to give me problems too?

Master, I am not satisfied!

Liu Zhiping furiously said, Master, these three days is your assignment reward, and all the students have no opinion on that. But how does this type of person qualify to be a pianist? He doesnt care about improving and possess a terrible behavior. For three consecutive days, all he heard was just this piano piece. He has heard it several hundred times by now. He was just toying around with me and other disciples.

Since he looks down on pianists, what makes him qualified to be a pianist?

It looked as if what was said by Liu Zhiping had stirred the crowds anger.

Yes, in these few days it was obvious that Su Hao was embarrassing them!

Quickly, all the students stood up and complained about the misery they endured in the past 2 days, and they directly described Su Hao as a cynical brat, the reason of him coming was to completely satisfy his own ego. You say he is not like this? Look, he even declined to be Master Fengs student. Wasnt that because he looked down on pianist?

The crowd had divided opinions, Master Feng looked at Su Hao, I broke my rules to give you a beginner pianist certificate, it was because I was stunned by your talent, and hoped that you would stay with Piano Association. But, since there are so many doubters, lets have an assessment. Of course, if you wish to do so.


Su Hao gave an indifferent smile, the identity of a pianist, to him was not very useful.

However, if he let these people doubt him, does that mean that he would not be able to execute the next part of his plan?

Towards the doubt of the crowd, Su Hao did not have anything to say. Slowly walking towards the origin ability piano which was placed in the middle, he faced Master Feng and gave him a slight bow in a gorgeous and graceful manner. It was what he learned from the etiquette course these two days.

Within these few days this student had some realizations, so I let the seniors play a few more times, and now using my comprehension, I would ask Master Feng for some guidance.

Master Feng nodded slightly.

Liu Zhiping sneered, After listening to a piano piece for hundreds of times, what did you actually realize? Didnt you already know this song earlier? What are you pretending!

Su Hao sighed and glanced at him, You have to be diligent in everything that you do, then you can realize, these few days you have been too impulsive. For this song, every day I would have one new realization. After listening to it hundreds of times, then there was some improvement. That was why I am brave enough to perform here. You still have a lot to learn.


As he saw Su Hao who was acting like an unteachable child giving him a lesson, Liu Zhipings anger rose! A student who had just joined for three days even dared to start teaching him?

Unfortunately, at this moment Su Hao had already sat in front of the origin ability piano.

He took a deep breath and the whole hall went silent, this was the respect given to the pianist.

The whole place was frighteningly quiet. Master Feng and the others who sat close by were waiting for Su Haos performance. Either acting indifferent, smiling sarcastically or scornfully, everyones eyes were different. However, they were also very doubtful, what improvements could the current Su Hao have after a perfect rendition of this song was played three days ago?

Could it be that he was still unable to adapt?

In the midst of the silence, Su Hao closed his eyes and understood the freedom surrounding him, his heart was completely at peace. His bodys origin ability energy got stimulated, it was that familiar feeling, that familiar song.

Unable to refrain, Su Hao lightly pressed on the origin ability piano.


The piano rang out lightly. But it was as if a bolt came from out of the blue, such scene caused everyone in the hall to be awakened!

This was...

Piano origin ability technique!

The frantic origin ability reverberated throughout the entire practice hall. From that moment, it was as if they returned to their origins, they returned to the time of their youths and went back to their choppy first love. Subconsciously, everyone was reminiscing within themselves. Only Master Feng stood up trembling as he was astonished watching this scene.

5 minutes was neither a long nor short time for the song be completed.

Piano! Origin! Ability! Technique!

Liu Zhiping swallowed his saliva and suppressed that shock. Anyhow, he couldnt comprehend that Su Hao had actually mastered this piano origin ability technique!

And this was the toughest song!

And that was a song that many advanced pianists wouldnt dare to touch!

Ha ha

Master Fengs depressed heart was finally set free, no wonder this kid didnt ask him to be his master. With such talent, such future He, Feng Yongzhi, perhaps really does not have such qualifications! Even his famous song was completely mastered by Su Hao? What else was there that he could teach Su Hao?

However, after seeing Su Haos performing this song with his hands, his heart was very satisfied.

Like this, I should be able to qualify as a pianist. Su Hao laughed.

Liu Zhiping smiled bitterly.

Su Hao had even mastered the piano origin ability technique, who still dared to doubt him?

Of course!

Master Feng lamented and said, The next generation truly has ousted the previous generation. This song was composed out of love, if you dont have deep emotions, it would be impossible to play with such perfection. From your piano playing, I could hear your deep emotions. From the looks of it, you have someone that you are sentimentally attached to.

Su Hao nodded in dejection, I regret that I am not able to see my hearts desire.


Master Fengs interest was piqued, Why do you say so?

Su Hao glanced left and right, feeling a bit embarrassed.

Immediately Master Feng laughed loudly, Come, follow me to the hall and let us talk about it there. After all these years, you are the first person who played this piano origin ability technique piece as a beginner. I really want to hear, what kind of feelings that would cause you to be so emotional!

Liu Zhiping was at a loss as he watched Master and Su Hao depart.

One song, really could express so many feelings?

Using this method, of listening to a music piece a few times, one really can actually reach such comprehension?

As he thought of this, Liu Zhifeng suddenly turned and saw a youth, and fiercely said to him, Junior student, can you play this piece for me until I understand it?!

Junior student, ....

The night was peaceful.

During the night of Jianghe City, it has always been bustling with life.

The Chen familys floral villa was extraordinarily lively as tomorrow was their young mistresss coming of age. At this moment the place was busily making preparations, especially within the villa, which was decorated with lights. It was a festival that has never been seen before.

On the balcony of the 2nd floor, two young girls who were in pajamas quietly stared at the sky.

You say, will he come... one young girl quietly asked, but from the way she pinched her little pinky, it can be seen that she was very worried.


The other young girl immediately laughed, Chen Yiran, my young mistress, since when you have become so worried?


Chen Yiran amusedly hit her for a bit, Yue Ying, I am serious. If you make any trouble, I wont let you sleep here today.

Okay okay okay, I wont tease you anymore.

Yue Ying laughed, I think Hmm.. Its not about him coming, but rather, do you wish for him to come?

I dont know. Chen Yiran was slightly lost, I wish for him come. But I am afraid of what happens if he comes. In fact, I dont know how to face him if he really comes.

You, ah.

Yue Ying bit her lips, Young mistress, anyhow you are the schools goddess, do you really have to be so worried? This type of romantic matter, let Su Hao think about it. Anyway according to my understanding, this guy is a standard for all macho men, hmm surely you dont have to worry. You should just wait and see.

Thats true.

Chen Yiran smiled sweetly.

Last time, wasnt it like this?

When she was in a dilemma and didnt know what to do, even when she made the decision to ignore Sun Yaotian, Su Hao was like a hero appearing before her and settled everything under his control.

At that moment, her heart felt very warm.

For goodness sake, I cannot take it anymore!

Yue Ying sported a speechless look, Young mistress, do you have to be in a such a state of longing? Please! Please consider the feelings of the crowd!

Envious, if you are envious then you should also look for one.

Chen Yiran giggled as she retorted.

Aiyo, why do you recover so quickly? Yue Ying closed her eyes. Actually I feel that it shouldnt be too difficult if you two want to be together. I have a good idea.

What idea? Chen Yirans eyes lit up.

Yue Ying laughed happily, like a mouse who managed to steal something to eat, You can turn raw rice into cooked rice. At that point, when you carry a baby home, lets see what you dad dares to say then.


Chen Yirans face blushed, and she charged towards Yue Ying, wanting to scratch her.

Aiyaya, Chen Yiran, you perverted girl. Dont touch me. Yue Ying screamed sharply as she quickly dodged and counter-attacked.

Hmph, you are the perverted one.

As they chased each other from the balcony until the bedroom, they stopped after fooling around for a bit.

Chen Yirans face still revealed some worry, she looked at Yue Ying and asked, Hmm.. that idea, would it really work?

Instantly Yue Ying was dumbstruck.


As she fell on the bed speechless, Yue Ying mumbled to herself, My goodness! I am going to collapse, what soup did Su Hao give you to drink

The night had gone really dark.

In front of the Feng family villa, a young man slowly walked out, impressively it was Su Hao.

Because of the piano origin ability technique, he and Master Feng were chatting for a long time. Concerning Chen Yiran, and every single thing about her, he roughly told Master Feng. Master Feng went into deep thought. For someone like him who deeply loved his wife, he naturally knew what was that feeling. And so, when Su Hao earnestly made a request, he agreed without hesitation.

As the human life was short and bitter, the people in front of him must be cherished.

After the passing of his wife, he had nobody to talk about his many thoughts. If not for the existence of his family, he perhaps would have gone a long time ago. Su Haos feelings and perseverance, it was as he saw a mirror image of himself. Not to mention, Su Haos astonishing talent, made him feel that Su Hao will remain in the piano industry, and will display his extraordinary brilliance.

Finally done!

Su Hao raised his lips and smiled a little. In order for his someone to happily celebrate the birthday, he had to put in a lot of effort.

Even though the process was difficult, but fortunately, Master Feng agreed.


A strange sound rang out, Su Hao raised an eyebrow. His communication device was set to vibration mode, why did it ring?

Suddenly, it was as if Su Hao thought of something, he quickly grabbed the communication device from his pocket. The display screen light flashed on and it displayed many urgent messages.

After looking at them, Su Hao was startled.

After a while, Su Hao then slowly pocketed his communication device. As he looked towards the Chen family, his eyes flashed with coldness, Tomorrows coming of age ceremony looks like its fated not to be peaceful