Godly Model Creator Chapter 179

Gmc Chapter 179

Chapter 0179    Sun Yaotians gift

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Nora.

The term coming of age ceremony, was only used by well off families.

For an average family like Su Haos, nobody would celebrate this so called coming of age ceremony. He vaguely remembered that during his 18th birthday, his mother only added an extra egg to his meal

That was it.

But it was that simple egg that made his heart warm for the whole day. Every time he recalled that day, he felt blessed. A persons 18th birthday, no matter how it was celebrated, would always be an important day of their life.

Thus, Chen Yirans coming of age ceremony was a must go for him!

That whole day, Su Hao secretly prepared something. Even if Su Ling got curious and asked him, Su Hao would just ask her to go away.

Su Hao only came back in the evening and he looked extremely exhausted

Bro, what happened?

When Su Ling noticed that her brother had returned, she quickly went and held him. Her eyebrows wrinkled. You used too much energy. Bro, what have you done?

Nothing. Su Hao smiled. Let me change my clothes before I go.

Su Ling then let him lay down on the sofa. With her small chest out, she acted strong. You better behave well and sit here!

Su Hao was confused.

After letting Su Hao sit down comfortably, she used her small hands to gently massage his shoulder, Bro, have a rest. Later, when you go to Sister Yirans coming of age ceremony, Im sure you dont want her to see you like this.


Su Hao closed his eyes.

He had done what he needed to prepare. Tonight, it was destined to be a feast


A lightning struck down and illuminated the sky of Jianghe City.

Somehow, todays weather felt a little different.

Chen family, floral villa.

Countless people had gathered here. Most members of the rich circles in Jianghe City could be seen. 

It was not all because of Chen Yiran. 90 percent of the people here did not even know this young mistress of Chen family. For them, it was just a gathering to know more people.

Enemies, friends, allies, whatever information you wanted could be obtained here.

As to eight in the evening approached, the party had already started long ago. Everyone present looked extraordinary and elegant. You could easily observe groups of three to four that chatted with each other and occasionally laughed. This was how Jianghe Citys high class society acted.

At exactly eight in the evening, the noises gradually disappeared. Everyone looked up and saw a girl slowly walked down from the stairs at the corner of the hall. Dressed in a white dress, the exquisite lace revealed her snowy white legs. Her tall and slim figure made the dreamy body curve even more noticeable.


Everyone sucked in a mouthful of cold air. They were already used to the usual Chen Yiran. However, never had they expected that today when she wore a little dress she would become like a goddess and stun everyone.

Chen Yiran faintly smiled and took a glance at the crowd for a bit. A trace of disappointment was revealed on her face.

He still has not come?

She stepped aside in sadness as Chen Haonian and his wife came down from the stairs. Both of them wore their best formal wear. Naturally, they looked forward to their only daughters coming of age ceremony!

When he noticed the look of his daughter, Chen Haonian was instead relieved!

Su Hao did not come!

This was great!

In such a situation, if Su Hao came, it would bring quite a big trouble. After all, with so many rumors circulating about, quite a number already knew at least a bit of their matter. Sometimes, if the matter escalated out of control, that would not do any good for either of them. Not to forget that...today, he had a more important matter to attend!

Haha, Old Chen. I did not arrive late right?

A domineering voice could be heard. Sun Batian came from outside and the steps he took were huge and full of confidence.

Of course not.

Chan Haonian smiled. Without you, how could I dare to start the banquet?

Well said!

Sun Batian laughed. I guess we should start it now. After all, everyone is here to participate in Yirans coming of age ceremony and not yours. You cant just let everyone wait in hunger man.

Everyone burst into laughter.

Chen Haonian was helpless. Since Chairman Sun has already spoken, then lets start the banquet. This beloved daughter of us, born under the chaotic era of origin ability, more or less also had us worry about her well being. Now that she has reached 18 years of age, it can be considered as one of our wishes being fulfilled. Thank you so much for coming here and blessing us. We have nothing much but make sure you eat to your hearts content.


Youre too humble.

Big brother Chen, you cant say it like that. A thirty to forty year old fat man stood up, feeling dissatisfied. We are all here because of our young miss. In order to prepare a gift for the young miss, I have traveled to a lot of places. Since nobody has spoken about it yet let mePangzibless her first.

Having said this, Pangzi took out a green jade box and handed it over.

Everyone showed a look of interest.

To present the gift before the banquet was indeed an interesting event. In Jianghe City, many companies would love to cooperate with Chen family. If they were able to send a gift that was to young miss Chens liking, then with a wave from Chen Haonian, their company future would soar up into the skyeven if they had to cling to the Chen familys thighs.

As for the big business companies, the kind of gifts you sent represented how big your company was. If you were being stingy and send a cheap gift, everyone would look down on you and no longer have the interest to cooperate with you in future.

Chen Haonian handed it to his daughter. Chen Yiran gently pushed the jade box and her eyes revealed a trace of surprise. It was a heaven snow jade ginseng. This was a very valuable herb! Under the influence of origin ability, consuming this herb would greatly increase the quality of the bodys energy. It was at least worth tens of millions!

Damn! Heaven snow jade ginseng!

It is really that!

This time, Pangzi is too ruthless!

Everyone exclaimed and felt helpless. This bastard Pangzi. He had already sent out an expensive gift as the first one, what about them? Their gifts, how could they present them?

Not bad.

As he looked at his daughter, Chen Haonian was somehow satisfied. Pangzi, it seems that nowadays, your business is not bad.

Hehe, it is all thanks to Brother Chen who takes good care of me.

As Pangzi laughed, his heart understood. This relation, he had obtained it!

When they saw Pangzi raise his flag of victory, everyone began to send their gifts. All sort of magical drugs, cultivation techniques and jewelry were presented  but besides the heaven snow jade ginseng at the start, Chen Yirans face no longer showed the slightest change.

Yue Ying quietly appeared next to Chen Yiran. She grabbed  Chen Yirans little hands and felt a burst of coldness. Only Yue Ying could understand the current mood of Chen Yiran.

Just now, she had specifically gone and walked around outside yet Su Hao could not be seen.

This could only mean one thing Su Hao really did not come!

Yue Ying, Chen Yiran said in a soft tone.

Dont worry.

Yue Ying consoled her. If he is determined, he would definitely come.


Chen Yiran pinched the corner of her dress as she looked at Yue Ying before she burst into laughter. This young miss, who never had never used any makeup before, had stayed in the room for three hours straight just to learn how to use makeup and dress beautifully from Yue Yingall to let Su Hao catch a glimpse of it.

Too bad, it was a pity

Yue Ying sighed in her heart.

Soon, everyones gifts were presented.

In addition to the Sun and Chen families, the two other families of the four families of Jianghe Citythe Zhou and Yue familyalso presented their gifts. Everyone was shocked by the scale of the gifts. However, everyone knew well that this time, the main focus was Sun family!

Sun family and Chen family had a very close relation. It was to the point that Chen Yiran and Sun Yaotian had a relationship contract on paper. However, there were recently rumors that because of the existence of another young man, there seemed to be a trace of a crack between them. If both families went to a war, in the end, only the other parties who were cannon fodder would suffer the most.

But well, luckily it seemed to be just a rumor.

Could you not see this scene in front? That Sun family was the only one that had not presented their gifts yet?

Regardless of whether the person existed or not, if he did not appear at such an important occasion, this could only mean that his qualifications had been eliminated!

Only Sun family is left.

Yes I already told you, how could young miss Chen love an ordinary student.

True, I heard that the young man is the number one student in the natural selection class, Su Hao. But now, it seems to be just a rumor. Although that Su Hao seems to have performed quite well in his results, the gap between him and Chen family is still huge.

If the rumors were true, then this Su Hao would be even more incredible. In such an important occasion but he did not appear. Someone who only knows how to hide, what is the use of them?

I also heard about it. A poor student with no future, how could he be in any relationship with someone like young miss Chen.

Everyone whispered among themselves in discussion. At the same time, their eyes all looked at Sun family.

Sun family was the last one to present their gift. It must be one hell of a gift. Even those gifts worth millions could not move the heart of Chen Yiran, what did the Sun family plan to give then?

Everyone looked forward to it!

Chen Yirans face was a bit pale. Her right hand held tightly onto Yue Yings hand. He didnt come.

So many people were present. Perhaps, he was considering your reputation. Yue Ying comforted her.

I know.

Chen Yiran sighed. Just that Im a bit sad.

How could it be just a bit sad!

Yue Ying laughed bitterly at her expression and quickly changed the topic. You say, what kind of gift would Sun family give it to you.

Not interested.

Chen Yiran shook her head.

Yue Ying gently smiled. Then this is not necessary. Look at that young master Sun. At this time, he seems to be quite satisfied. Who knows, maybe he would give you a surprise.


Chen Yiran said in a mocking tone, It has been so many years, you think I dont know his character? He is just a prodigal son. Whatever gift prepared by him was definitely due to the influence of his family.

Yue Ying shook her head. This is not necessarily true. Hey, he is coming.

Under the watchful eyes of everyone, Sun Yaotian walked toward Chen Yiran with a smile. Yiran, happy birthday!

Chen Yiran frowned and did not say anything.

Sun Yaotian seemed to not be bothered and continued in a loving tone. Yiran, I have been chasing you for so many years. I admit that I used to be a bastard for quite some time. But for you, Im willing to change. For this gift, I have already prepared it since a month ago. And now I am ready for it! I do not hope for anything but your smile

Wow! This is so moving!

Yes, this is so romantic!

Many girls looked at Sun Yaotian with twinkling eyes. Even Yue Ying felt somewhat moved too. This guy, what kind of earth shattering gift did he prepared?

This is the gift I have prepared!

Sun Yaotian smiled indifferently. He faced the door and pointed at it. Everyone was suddenly shocked as they noticed a slender and elegant figure walk in slowly.

Chen Yiran was shocked at the figure. Her eyes revealed the color of surprise.

No matter what, she would never have imagined that Sun Yaotians gift would turn out to be