Godly Model Creator Chapter 18

Gmc Chapter 18

Chapter 0018 Brother, why need to make things difficult for brother?

Chen Yiran took a breath of relieve. While looking somehow speechless, she snappily looked at Su Hao, You, when have you been this annoying?

Su Hao let out a loud laugh which really made Chen Yiran wanted to beat the hell out of him. Well, what did you find me for? Dont tell me you want to exchange fighting techniques with me again. If you want to do so, this time I wont suppress my origin ability.

Of course not.

Su Hao continued, How is your brother?

My brother? Chen Yiran was somehow a bit confused, He should be having his meal with those scoundrels. This time, he took a leave to return home. By tomorrow, he should be returning to Zhanzheng college.

Oh really? Su Hao thoughtfully said, Can you ask him out?

Chen Yiran shooked her head. This brother of mine, when he is messing around, he will switch off his communication device. This time, he should be partying at some unknown place, there is totally no way to contact him at all.


Su Hao laughed and while facing Chen Yiran, he continued, Let me borrow your phone for a moment.

Chen Yiran pointed her wrist. Seeing this, Su Hao was ashamed. Yes, for those rich men, they would naturally use the latest communication device. Who would even use this old fashion mobile phone!

Noticing Su Hao not believing her, Chen Yiran activated the virtual screen of the communication device and in front of him, she dialed the contact number of Chen Yifeng. A few seconds later, the call was connected to the video voicemail. There was really nobody to answer the call.

You see. I already told you this bastard has gone somewhere to do his crazy stuff. Chen Yiran said so helplessly.

Su Hao shook his head. The way you opened it was wrong.


Chen Yiran was loss at his words. Looking curiously at Su Hao, she asked, What do you mean by the way I opened it was wrong?

Su Hao smiled indifferently. He walked behind Chen Yiran and grabbed her wrist to direct the virtual screen to his face. Touching Chen Yirans white and smooth wrist, his heart was moved by it. He was not willing to let her go. Plus, since he was very close to her now, his nose could enjoy the fragrance of Chen Yiran.

I have a way to make him come here soon.

What method? Chen Yiran could feel the hot breath of Su Hao at her ear. Although she was a bit uncomfortable, she pretended to be calm in appearance.

Su Hao smiled. Once again, he used the communication device to contact Chen Yifeng. When the video voicemail appeared, Su Hao suddenly took out a fang and pointed the sharp edge towards the neck of Chen Yiran.

Chen Yifeng, your sister had been kidnapped by me. Quickly come here if you dont want her to die. I want you to come here alone or not..hehe. Su Hao acted with some vicious gestures before turned off the communication device.

Chen Yiran was completely speechless. This is the so-called method of Su Hao talking about?

This time, Su Hao had stood behind Chen Yiran and tightly grabbed her arms from behind. Plus, with a sharp fang pointing at her neck, the aura given off was completely like a hungry predator.

After closing the communication, Su Hao released Chen Yiran. Once again, he sat on a bench opposite her and said, He will be here very soon.

Chen Yiran sorted out her hair which had been a bit messy and snappily looked at Su Hao. You, doing nonsense stuff. My brothers communication device is closed for the whole day. Even if he does open it, you did not tell him the address.

Su Hao faintly smiled. Believe me. Only those who become a brother to someone would understand the mind of how a brother works.

Chen Yiran was a smart girl. She instantly understood what was he trying to say. She then said with some hint of surprise, You mean, my brothers communication device is always open. It is just that he reads but doesnt reply to my messages?

Of course. In general, having his own little sister be easily reachable is something he would do. Su Hao said in a low tone.

Owh, so it seems that you are quite experienced too. Keeping lots of things from Su Ling in dark. Chen Yiran reversed the topic.


Su Hao had a little cough. This communication device of yours, your brother gave it to you right?

How did you know? Chen Yiran was somehow curious and then suddenly understood it. She turned her head and looked at a distant scene. A bright ray of light flashed through the sky. Ignoring any speed regulation, the car travelled at such high speed all the way here.

Hong long long~

A sport car landed in a very rough manner at a nearby pavilion. A figure rushed out from the door of the car, Su Hao, you dare to make a move on my sister! I will make sure you die without any burial..huh?

Chen Yifeng, his whole body was stunned on the spot. Looking at Su Hao and Chen Yiran who were quietly sitting inside the pavilion, this is not like a kidnapping! This seems to be more like a couple having a date!

As for Su Hao and Chen Yiran, they were speechless at the scene in front of them. Looking at Chen Yifeng in front of them, they only had one word to describe him, daring!

At the current moment, Chen Yifeng was wearing his pyjamas with a pair of slippers. Even his hair was messy and some lipstick stains could be seen on his face and neck. From the way it looked, it seemed that Su Hao had disturbed the good time of this young master Chen.

Big brother Chen, the way you dressed up is really cool. I salute you! Su Hao suddenly opened his mouth.


Chen Yifeng was surprised and then only noticed that his whole body was filled with girls makeup. Seeing his own sisters chilly gaze, he quickly sneaked back into his sports car and changed into a clean set of clothes. After that, he came out of the car, looking like a proper good brother.

Who can tell me what is going on right now?

Chen Yifeng sat down on a bench. With his mind still cloudy, he asked them. As for the lovey dovey matter of Su Hao and Chen Yiran, he already knew about it. However, since when had the games played between the couple started going to such lengths? Dont tell me I have already been left behind by the new era?

This is not important. Chen Yirans facial expression was as cold as ice. I want to know, you did not close your communication device? Also, how did you know my current location?

Chen Yifeng took a look at Su Hao. Su Hao was now looking down at the table, catching an ant and let it run around in circle.

Haiz. Chen Yifeng quietly kicked Su Haos leg and looked at him. In Chen Yifengs eyes, it went without saying that they were both in the same boat. Why must a brother made things difficult for another brother?

Su Haos eyebrow rose. He acted like nothing happened and again kept blocking the route of the ant. It could only helplessly follow the designated route set by Su Hao. The meaning of his action was very clear. He wanted Chen Yifeng to agree on one condition.

The corner of Chen Yifengs mouth twitched. He once again kicked the leg of Su Hao as a sign of agreement.


Su Hao showed a very bright smile.

Chen Yiran stared doubtfully at both Chen Yifeng and Su Hao who were communicating with their eyebrows. Somehow, there was an unexplainable sour feeling in her heart. These bastards, in the end, who are actually dating here?

What are the both of you doing?

Cough~ cough~ Su Hao coughed. Lets not talk about this. In fact, this time I contacted Brother Chen because I have something to trouble you.

En? What? Chen Yifeng hit his chest, As long as it is within my capability, I will definitely never refuse!


Chen Yiran gave a kick at him. You still havent heard the details of the request yet you agree already?

What kind of brother in-law.

Shut up! Chen Yiran snappily interrupted him.

Su Hao felt funny looking at the bickering of this pair of brother and sister. He pondered for a moment and then voiced out, I want another rematch with Brother Chen!


Chen Yifeng stared blankly. You sure?

Confirm! Su Hao answered with a firm determination.

I can see that your origin ability is nearing 7. Even if I do not use my origin ability, I still have a lot of fighting techniques yet to be used, Are you sure you want to play with me? Chen Yifeng looked at him.

Su Hao still firmly nodded.

Alright, I will accompany you for a round!

When both them said they wanted to fight, they really acted according to their words. After finding an open space which is suitable for fighting, both of them stood at their spot and were ready for action.

Chen Yiran was surprised at this turn of events. She did not completely come to grips with what had happened in this short period of time. However, she was able to compose herself, Be more careful!

Su Hao, be careful! Chen Yifeng gave a warning and instantly made his move.

The same basic fighting techniques, the same flaws, Su Hao acted according to the flaw and tried to chase victory. However, this time around, Chen Yifeng suddenly changed his movement and immediately countered!

Police fighting techniques!

Su Hao instantly understood why Chen Yifengs basic fighting technique had flaws. This was because he had integrated basic fighting techniques and police fighting techniques together. Thus, the place which looked like a flaw was actually left for police fighting techniques to fill. However, in their earlier duel, Chen Yifeng did not use police fighting techniques, so in the one-two setup, using only one- one- etc would of course seem like a flaw.

It was also because Su Haos origin ability was only 5 last time that Chen Yifeng was being suppressed that hard. He could only used basic fighting technique which was what caused him to be defeated quickly.

However, this time it was different. Su Haos improvement allowed Chen Yifeng to show more of his potential!


Both of them exchanged fists and stepped backwards.


Chen Yifeng was obviously surprised, Police fighting techniques? Nice. Again!

Chen Yifeng obviously was getting more and more interested in the fight. He then rushed forward again.

Su Hao turned around and fought back. Within his eyes, a glowing light ray was flashing. Model analysis, activate!


The surrounding environment instantly changed. There, a model of Chen Yifeng was quickly established. A mini figure of Chen Yifeng appeared in the middle of his mind. Su Hao directly searched for advanced police fighting techniques!

Card selection completed..advanced police fighting techniquesanalysing model.model established..card model establishment complete.

The unreal scene quickly disappeared. Within Su Haos mind, an additional gray card appeared.

Once he acquired this card, Su Haos mind became calm and stable. He continued playing with Chen Yifeng in this fight. But since Chen Yifeng began to fuse his attacks with intermediate and advanced police fighting techniques, Su Hao continued to be suppressed.