Godly Model Creator Chapter 180

Gmc Chapter 180

Chapter 0180    Old acquaintance

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Master Feng!

Chen Yiran was delighted as she saw the figure in front of her. She didnt expect that the gift that Sun Yaotian mentioned would unexpectedly turn out to be Master Feng!

Not to mention Chen Yiran, both Chen Haonian and his wife were shocked.

It turned out to be Master Feng!

This grandmaster pianist actually came, how much did the Sun family pay him?!

This is too unbelievable!

He is an internationally renowned pianist!

The whole crowd was shaken!

The crowd was shocked as they saw the white-haired senior. Although he had aged quite a bit, every movement he made was graceful, and caused everyone to be relaxed and happy. Admiration slowly emerged all around.

Yue Ying had long since covered her lips.

Master Feng!

No wonder Sun Yaotian was so confident. If it was someone else, it was possible that Chen Yiran wouldnt even bother. But Master Feng When Chen Yiran was a young girl, her soul suffered a huge blow which almost ended her life! After Chen Haonian heard of Master Feng, he spent a fortune in order to get Master Fengs medical treatment.

Step by step, Chen Yiran then walked out from the shadows. That was why she had great respect towards this master.

Eventually, she also became one of Master Fengs loyal fans, and she had always been looking forward to having the opportunity to meet Master Feng again. A few days earlier, upon returning home after a task, Chen Yiran heard that Master Feng had ended his concerts. She was silently sad and confused. Never would have she expected that today she would see Master Feng with her own eyes.

After saying goodbye for so many years, that young lady back then has now grown up, Master Feng laughed. Young lady, do you have any person that you like? If you do not, I have a friend, and I feel that he is very suitable for you.


The crowd was stunned for a moment.

Perhaps this master was a bit too aggressive, upon arriving he immediately was playing matchmaker?


Chen Yiran felt uneasy, not knowing how to reply. She asked herself honestly in her heart; she really didnt want to lie to this master who had pulled her out from a deep valley.

Ha ha, I was just teasing you, the young lady has really grown up, Master Feng laughed and said. It looks like you have completely recovered.

Master Feng!

Chen Haonian and his wife both rushed up to give their regards.

Ha ha, Haonian, long time no see, Master Feng lamented when he saw Chen Haonian. When Chen Haonian initially requested him for treatment, he was merely a small businessman. He never thought that after so many years, Chen Haonian would turn out to be one of Jianghe Citys four giants.

Master Feng, you look as healthy as before, Zhao Yaru said with respect.

Ha ha, I am old already, Master Feng laughed and said, Today is this young ladys coming of age ceremony, I also cant come here empty-handed. Earlier this young lady didnt look happy. And I prepared her a small gift, as a token of my blessing.

Master Feng opened his mouth, and the crowd grew excited.

Could it be that this master was going to perform personally?

That piano piece would be extremely beneficial to ones health, and no one would get bored of it regardless of how many times they listened to it. If today they would be so fortunate as to hear Master Fengs performance, that would definitely be an incredible benefit!

In the end, Sun family was quite capable - they actually could invite Master Feng! This was quite a performance on their end!

Master, what music do you wish to play? the crowd asked excitedly.

No, Master Feng waved his hand and laughed. I am already old, the concert I held two days ago was enough to wear me out. Today I will not perform. However, I have a friend who also knows this music piece, so Ill let him perform it for everyone.

Quick, prepare the origin ability piano!

The Chen family housekeeper immediately called for the crowd to give them some space.

A friend recommended by the master, could he be an ordinary man? That said, this piano piece, any ordinary man would not be able to comprehend it. They could easily tell that he must be another master. To have a master level pianist perform at this sort of gathering, and to have two master pianists together, what an honor this was!

Sun Yaotian triumphantly said, Yiran, are you satisfied with this gift?

Chen Yiran glanced at him, and flatly replied, Thank you!

Heh heh, you are welcome. Sun Yaotian was delighted, even if the tone was cold. It was a very good start. When he saw how delighted Chen Yiran was earlier, he knew that she was very happy with this gift. According to his past experience in his pursuit of girls, as long as the ice had melted, the rest could be slowly removed yes, it was going to be soon...

Like this, no matter how stubborn she was, she couldnt escape this young masters palms.

Sun Yaotian was very proud of himself. As he saw the crowds envious looks, he immediately straightened his back. Thats right! He had waited for this for a long time. His own confidence was almost beaten to shreds. It was only in front of these people that he would feel superior, especially to those who were in awe of what he had done.

Unfortunately, what they didnt know was that for this trip, Master Feng didnt receive a single cent!

When Master Feng heard that it was Chen Yirans coming of age ceremony, he immediately decided to attend, and didnt receive any fee from the Sun family. However, after countless pleas from Sun Yaotian, Master Feng finally agreed that he would appear in such a dramatic style! This showed off Sun Yaotians wisdom, greatness, and dominance.

As he stood there seemingly indifferent, Sun Yaotian was internally filled with pride.

However, the only thing that caused him to wonder was Since when had Master Feng brought a friend who could perform the piano origin ability technique?

Behind his back, the crowd looked at the Sun family members and whispered, and pointed their fingers.

It must be said, the Sun family this time was very generous, so generous the crowd trembled!

However, at this moment, the crowd thought of something Green Snakes mysterious death, the unwarranted charges, Sun familys sudden contact with Master Feng. When they connected the matters, a horrifying truth appeared.

The Sun family really was the mastermind in that event!

Damn it!

What fake wine, fake wine your ass!

If it was a fake wine, how did you hook up with Master Feng? Everyone knew that Sun Yaotian didnt learn the piano, because during these last few days he was strolling around the Chen family area, in order to add vibrancy to Chen Yirans coming of age ceremony. The results made it obvious, Sun Yaotian exchanged the task reward for Master Feng participating in Chen Yirans coming of age ceremony!

As they looked at the prideful Sun Yaotian, the crowd shared many glances and had already made decisions in their hearts.

Whenever we conduct business with the Sun family, we must be very careful!

They would double cross you for a mere ten million. It seemed that due to many things, the Sun family had taken many serious blows. If they were to be caught...

When they came to this thought, the alertness within the crowd increased yet further.

The Sun family was too dangerous!

As the housekeeper called the workers to move the origin ability piano, Yue Ying ran to Chen Yirans side. Young lady, it looks like you are very happy with this present.


Chen Yiran was still overjoyed, Master Feng was my savior Its such a pity, if he was here too, it would be great.

Seeing Chen Yiran turning slightly depressed, YueYing quickly changed the topic. Aiyaya, our young miss, you are so infatuated, do your parents know about it? If that Young Master Sun finds out that after he tirelessly brought you this present, yet your heart is still thinking about that lover? I am afraid he would puke blood on the spot.

Chen Yiran stared at her, I cannot marry anyone who gives me a present. Or else, I could give you this Young Master Sun? Miss Yue who is as pretty as an angel, I think he definitely would be very happy.

Cheh! Yue Ying giggled and said, Young lady, if there is anyone I want to snatch, it would be your Su Hao!


As Chen Yi Rans mood recovered a little, the watching Yue Ying let out a sigh of relief. Su Haos non-appearance today caused a normally indifferent lady to suffer, it seemed that in the future, if there was a chance she would need to have a talk with him Really, if you want to let go, then completely do so! If you want to grab, then you must grab tightly, this was what a man should do!

This hiding behavior really caused her to be in a bad mood.

Do - Re - Mi - Fa! rang out the crisp sounds of a piano. The housekeeper played for a bit, the sound test was complete, and he walked down satisfied.

Is this piano piece really that powerful? Yue Ying quietly asked.

Yes! Chen Yiran nodded, It's very useful. Apart from healing psychological shadows, it can also adjust ones mental state and train it. Moreover, this piece contains a very dense warmth; its like experiencing a movie-like romance story, very beautiful.

True or not. Yue Ying whispered a sentence.

Shh - it seems like the pianist is here, you will know once you listen. Chen Yiran lifted a finger and pointed outside.

Yue Ying immediately went silent.

The housekeeper clapped his hands, and the lights in the hall suddenly dimmed, the noise immediately disappeared. What remained was a ray of blue light, which shot from the roof and landed on top of the origin ability piano, filling it with a silent beauty.

The faint blue fluorescent light flashed as it scattered from the sky. Crystal clear, it left a sentence behind in the sky.

Chen Yiran, happy birthday!

So pretty! Yue Ying was completely captured!

Chen Yiran was so surprised she covered her mouth. This incredible scene was it also prepared by Master Feng? Or was it prepared by Master Fengs friend?

Shua! The light disappeared, and once again dissipated into the sky.

In the midst of the dim blue light, a slender body wearing formal clothing slowly appeared from the dark, step by step, and walked towards the origin ability piano.

The blue light dimmed, it was not possible to see his face.

What could be seen from afar was only the mans elegant and decent shadow. Slowly, the shadow walked to the front of the piano. The mans appearance was then clearly visible to the eyes of the crowd.

He was a youth, not very handsome, but the shape of his face was like a sculpture; his facial features were clear and deep, and were filled with extraordinary masculinity! Deep dark eyes filled with strong emotions, coupled with elegant and decent formal clothing; his whole person displayed a very special attraction.

The youth looked towards Chen Yiran, eyes filled with deep emotions. At this moment, in his eyes, it was as if there was nobody else present.

The youth slightly bent and bowed, then sat down before the piano.

Not far away, Chen Yiran sat stunned.

She couldnt believe it as she watched the faint blue light, that elegant shadow. Chen Yiran rubbed her eyes, thinking she had gone crazy because of her infatuation. Was it really him? It couldnt be...


She pinched Yue Ying. After hearing her cry in pain, Chen Yiran revealed a surprised look - it really wasnt a dream!

This idiot.

Chen Yiran covered her mouth as a blessed tear rolled down from the corner of her eye.

At this moment, the shocked and aggrieved Yue Ying said, This cannot be, young miss Chen! The person who should cry is me, your pinch was really very painful! Fine, is it because of the handsome man in front of you? I know this handsome man is very attractive, but, you dont need to cry, right? Hmm, no big deal, I will just let you have him.

Chen Yiran laughed at her teasing. Ignoring Yue Ying's ramblings, Chen Yiran muttered to herself, Its himhe finally came