Godly Model Creator Chapter 181

Gmc Chapter 181

Chapter 0181    A Bitter First Love

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He? Who is he? Yue Ying repeated in a strange tone before she quickly blurted out, Su Hao?

Following the direction Chen Yiran was looking, Yue Ying was shocked that he was indeed the handsome little man who had appeared just now.

No way...

Yue Ying felt like her view of the world had changed. This little handsome man was Su Hao? Wasnt this Su Hao someone who had outstanding achievements in theoretical basis, average combat ability, and his future was limited? Although every time she only said good words about Su Hao in front of Chen Yiran, that was only to comfort her friend.

Regarding rumors of Su Hao, she had heard them, too. She had heard all kinds of things before, but nothing like what was before her right now!

This-this-thiswas he really Su Hao?

It couldnt be Chen Yiran having a delusion, right?

Yue Ying subconsciously looked in the direction of Sun Yaotian. Noticing his extremely sour expression, she instantly understood; this young man...was really Su Hao!

At this moment, the hall was in total silence. Everyone looked at Su Hao in shock.

For those who didnt know, they were sighing in admiration for this young man, who had  become a friend of Master Feng. As for those who had seen Su Haos photo before, only one thought echoed within their mind.

Mad! This world is mad!

Wasnt this Su Hao?! Su Hao actually appeared at such an occasion?!

What was actually happening hold on, it seemed that the one inviting Master Feng was Sun Yaotian? Everyone looked at Sun Yaotian and witnessed his ugly expression.

Su! Hao! Sun Yaotian uttered those two words between his grit teeth as he stared at that figure in disbelief.

No matter what, he would never have thought that Su Hao would appear in such a manner! But from start to end, Su Hao didnt give him a single look. After exchanging looks with Chen Yiran, he then sat down in front of the piano.

It was as if at this moment, only the two of them were in the hall.

In front of Master Feng, Sun Batian and Chen Haonian looked calm. However, from the exposed green veins on their hands, it was clear that they werent calm at all.

For Su Hao to appear in such a way

They didnt care much about this. What they were worried about was, what was Su Hao trying to do? What was his relationship with Master Feng?

Last time, Su Hao inexplicably became the disciple of a drug master. Once again, he had some relationship with another heavyweight character. Unknowingly, the previous boy who was just an ant who could be exterminated without batting an eye, finally had the qualifications to face them.

Many people quietly discussed this event. Soon, everyone knew the identity of the young man in front of them.

It seemed that the rumor turned out to be true! That boyfriend of Chen Yiran really did exist! It was just that it was a bit different from the rumor...


A crisp sound echoed out. Everyones thoughts were directly interrupted. An inexplicable mood began to grow in everyones mind. The crowd quieted down. The familiar melody woke up everyone. This piano piece - wasnt this Master Fengs famous music piece?

Su Haos fingers gently danced like a mysterious genie.


As the origin ability energy began to proliferate, that wavy sound suddenly became violent and surging.

At this moment, everyone felt like they were in the middle of an ocean. They were being hit by wave after wave, riding up and down. As the waves hit the coast, a bursting sound echoed forth. Suddenly the sound changed, and everyone was carried up into the air! Instantly, everyone was seemingly sent to a heavenly wonderland.

This was a true fantasy!

From the highest peak of eternal perfection, it was as if a hot blooming love entered a stable period. At this moment, there wasnt any passionate ardor, but only thick and warm feelings.

The emotional piano tones echoed among the audience. Everyone put aside all their worries and troubles as the music passed into their hearts. They all let themselves be immersed in the sea of music. That gentle sound made them feel as if they had returned to the most perfect moment of their childhood.

Looking back, within their hearts, it was not that passionate love, but everlasting warmth! Remove the ardor, and what remained was the simplest love, the warmest feeling ever!

To the people I love, all these years, are you having a good life?

Countless people were dripping tears.

As the chaotic era of origin ability arrived, they were the ones who felt it the most. At that time, they could still remember the earth and sky suddenly changing color. With berserk beasts rampaging, wives and children being separated, how many people felt despair? That chaos, how many lives had it taken away? What was sadder than seeing their loved ones dying in front of them?

Time flew. They were still alive right now.

But the ones they loved the most were all gone a long time ago.

Chen Haonian quietly sat there, tightly holding the hand of his wife, Zhao Yaru. His eyes were somehow teary. Yes all these years, did she have a good time there?

That year, the same love and choice.

He chose the passionate love. As a result, he lost his true love.

She died while in his arms. It was a regret he wouldnt forget for the rest of his life.

After tens of years, his daughter faced the same dilemma. While the love was just blooming, he tried his best to cut it off to prevent the same tragedy from happening.

However, the more he tried to suppress them, the more intense their love became.

And now, Su Hao chose such a way, standing in front of everyone, displaying his might without any fear.

A strong mind was not easy to shake. Very soon, Chen Haonian let out that thought at the bottom of his heart. He then looked at the elegant figure under the faint blue light.

Su Hao perhaps you can really change?

At this moment, there wasnt any dispute or intrigue. Everyone was just enjoying the immersion in their memories.

The effect of the piano origin ability technique was clearly felt by all.

Chen Yiran quietly sat there; her heart was calm as she looked at Su Hao not far away.

Her usual character was elegant and cold. She didnt have many emotions due to events when she was younger. As she fell in love with Su Hao, it made her feel like a young girl. She knew the feeling of missing someone, worrying, getting lost in thought and even felt some jealousy whenever she saw Su Hao chatting with other girls. These were all things she had never experienced before meeting Su Hao.

You idiot

As tears silently fell down, Chen Yirans mouth revealed a smile, such a sweet smile.

As the piano music leisurely played on, bringing everyone back to their best times, unconsciously, Chen Yiran remembered that the very first time she interacted with Su Hao was even earlier than what everyone else thought.

Junior high school. At that time, they were all still young.

At that time, everyone had no origin ability talent. Thus, there wasnt any grade division.

Just like all students, everyone admires those with good results. In her school, there was this one outstanding student who attracted her attention.

That was a boy who gave a warm feeling when he smiled. He loved to play with everyone, had good results in school, was willing to help students do well in exams, and was popular among the girls.

At that time, she knew his name, Su Hao.

Just two words, simple and clean. Exactly like his character.

She could still remember that there was a student named Luo Wei who got beaten up by outsiders outside of the school. Su Hao then brought other students from the same class and went for a fight with those outsiders. Although quite a number of them received a discipline lesson from the class teacher later on, his actions had won the trust of everyone, and also the secret love of many girls.

She wanted to talk to him, but didnt dare to.

Watching those lively and cheerful girls who could laugh and play as much as they wanted, she lost her confidence. He must prefer those girls who are cheerful and lively, right

Thus, she would always watch them in silence.

Sometimes, she felt jealous. Sometimes, she felt sad.

Later she knew from her mother that such a feeling was actually her first love.

Sweet, sour, bitterness.

At that time, she told herself that before graduation she needed to confess her feelings at least once she must have the courage to do so.

When they were about to graduate from junior high school, she mustered her courage and asked a friend of hers to help deliver a note.

And then embarrassedly ran to the field and waited for him, until ten oclock at night. Su Hao didnt appear. She still remembered she cried a lot at that night.

She wasnt one who liked to bother other people.

If she was getting annoyed, she would just silently sit in a corner and silently cry. She wouldnt bring any trouble to others even though she really wanted to ask...

Why didn't he come?

Why did he let her wait for so long?

In high school, both of them were still in the same school.

She hid her feelings even deeper.

Such a bright man, with so many girls loving him, it would never be her turn. This was because she got rejected once. At most, she would quietly sit by the window and watch him playing around in the school.

However, soon everything changed.

As every student integrated their origin ability, the grade division was happening. Many students changed. That student Luo Wei who had been saved countless times by Su Hao became a dog's leg of Sun Yaotian. Su Hao, a good student in junior high, had become a waste in high school and was abandoned by others.

Su Hao no longer loved to speak, or even mix with others. He only kept training like a madman, but yet, he could only increase 0.1 at a time. He was very hardworking and yet with such results, it really made her sad.

She felt her heart ache.

However, this trash who everyone gave up on, in such a short period of time, had improved his theoretical basis until he monopolized the first rank in this department, becoming a fully deserving bookworm!

At that time, she knew that he was still there!

At the park, she had her first contact with him and learned about theoretical basis. Soon, they became good friends and she began to learn more about things.

For example, that day, he didnt receive any paper at all.

He had already left the school early. He was in a rush to work and earn money for his high school fees to help reduce the burden on his family.

After returning home, she happily told her mother about this and yet, her mother had a long talk with her.

The agreement with Sun family high school is different from junior high school.... Su Haos future potential Chen familys burden troubles that Su Hao would face

In just a night, everything changed.