Godly Model Creator Chapter 182

Gmc Chapter 182

Chapter 0182    Perfect romance

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Within one night, everything changed.

She also changed.

Her behavior became more indifferent, and also much colder. She kept all of her emotions hidden within her heart, and she swore to never be affected by them again. Her interactions with Su Hao was just to maintain a mellow friendship.

After 2 years of being together, they gradually became closer and became best friends.

The muddled feelings of the past were melted within their 2 years of friendship. However what was unexpected was, there would be a day, the moment when Su Hao first encountered fighting technique, he suddenly soared and his ability began to improve by leaps and bounds!

The increase in his ability, caused him to be self-confident. Once again he was back to his old self.

A bossy declaration.

A smooth transformation.

Just like the previous him, he once again caused her long stilled heart to float. However, rationale quickly crushed this strand of affection, because, at that time, she was already clear that if they two were to be together, it will bring Su Hao plenty of troubles! According to Sun familys methods, they perhaps would cause Su Hao to immediately disappear.

That was something she would not tolerate.

Not to mention, to her, maintaining this type of friendship, was already enough.

However, what happened later was totally out of her expectations.

Their relationship became a little uncertain. Through Su Haos eyes, she saw the same thoughts, but fortunately, both of them were rational in nature. However, Sun Yaotians couple of attempts became the catalyst that brought, these two people who could still control themselves, together even quicker!

The longing that have been buried in their hearts for a very long time had finally exploded!

After years of accumulation, years of yearning, when the feelings exploded, such feelings couldnt be suppressed any longer as the feelings of them both rapidly increased in temperature!

However, very quickly, that repulsive viper returned.

A small plan, caused everything to change. Although Sun Yaotian timed wrongly and caused himself to pay a very heavy price, this couldnt restore her pain.

Because at this moment, she discovered.

That affection, that deep longing was no longer suppressible

For one month, she trained crazily just for the sake of suppressing the deep longing within her heart. She subconsciously wouldnt speak about any topic that was related to him, because she was afraid that she couldnt suppress her feelings.

The schools task store, once again she was caught in a struggle.

Because she was clear most of the time, many inadvertent decision would cause someone to be hurt. Therefore, she eventually didnt help Sun Yaotian. But at this moment, Su Hao appeared again, and in an extremely bossy manner and stood up to let her know, that all along, there was  someone willing to cover her through the rain.

This coming of age ceremony, Su Hao shouldnt have come.

Even if he didnt come, she wouldnt blame him.

But, as a girl, no matter how indifferent her character, her heart also possesses her own romantic story that a prince would come down from the sky. It was every girls fantasy. She also hoped that her own prince would come from the sky on her most important day, whispering to her these words, happy birthday.

As such, when she knew that Su Hao didnt come, she was slightly disappointed.

But she never thought  he still came and used such a magical way, a way that wouldnt give her any trouble, and presented her the most beautiful birthday present.

In the past, this piano piece was what brought her out of her despair.

Today, it was this piano piece that had again given her a deep sense of love.

This familiar melody, caused her to tear up in happiness.

This fool...

Why does he always trouble himself?

5 minutes later, the music faded but everyone was still soaked in their own deep thoughts. As the crowd awoke from their own memory, they felt a deep sense of longing.

The many girls in the crowd, infatuatedly looked at the shadow. They were so touched that they felt torn.

My goodness how romantic!

Such feelings, such love, if there such a person in my life, with such emotions, this life would be worthwhile.

Was this the poor kid who was rumored to be connected with Chen family? With that elegant figure, that passionate love, this was clearly a prince!

Seeing this, that Sun Yaotian was more like a 3rd party!

As they saw a tearing Chen Yiran who wasnt far away, the eyes of the girls in the crowd were filled with envy. If it was me, I probably would have eloped a long time ago.

Yue Ying, who was at Chen Yirans side, felt it the deepest. As she saw this romantic scene, she muttered to herself, Alright I am begin to believe in love

A resplendent piano piece had crowned Su Hao as a prince among the hearts of the many girls.

However, compared to the girls innocent feelings, what the immediate crowd saw was much much more.

This is - the future!

Su Hao this year was just 18 years old.

According to the Piano Association statistics, statistically the youngest person who could play piano origin ability technique, it was 10 years ago by a musical genius, at the age of 26, he became a master pianist and played a piano origin ability technique, shocking everyone, and was placed in the records of the Piano Association. But this time...

This record was broken!

The youngest piano origin ability technique performer in history, Su Hao!

Aged, 18 years old!

This represented a type of honor, the type of honor that was fated to enter into the Piano Association record books. Regardless of whether he was Master Fengs student, when he displayed that incredible talent, it was fated, that he would be the piano industrys rising star! That was also the reason why Master Feng and Su Hao got along.

He had met many geniuses.

There were many types of origin ability talents, there was even a type that could copy another origin ability talent which could almost copy and perform the piano piece that was presented perfectly. It was a very powerful ability. But, with this type of talent, when faced with the piano origin ability technique, it was very consuming! After copying only 10 musical notes, then he was thoroughly defeated.

Unlike Su Hao, after merely analyzing and comprehending, it could be learned.

Simply unique!

One piano origin ability technique, blooming a dazzling radiance, as Su Hao was the center of it. This signified that - he was the piano industrys new superstar, not somebody that could be touched. Even if it was the Sun family, who may want to make a move on Su Hao, they had to ask whether Master Feng would agree or not! They had to ask whether the whole Piano Association would agree or not!

For the first time, Su Hao stood upright before Jiang He Citys 4 giants and wasnt afraid!

As he elegantly stood up, Su Hao walked towards Chen Yiran. The crowd at the scene were shocked, this guy again, what does he plan to do? In this occasion, at this place, he shouldnt try to completely destroy his own image! Even on the foreheads of Chen Haonian and Sun Batian, blue veins appeared with a few drops of sweat.

For someone who put family interest as the top priority like Sun Batian, a stain was not permissible to appear in his family honor! Rumours he can tolerate, he could also tolerate baseless allegations! But if Su Hao would be improper towards Chen Yiran in front of him, that would cause his Sun family to be trampled and squashed by a few feet!

For some things, when it was punctured, the only way was to fight!

For Jianghe citys current situation, if a fight broke out, nobody could bear the consequences!

At this moment, Su Haos every move involved the hearts of everyone present.

A blue spotlight shone, there was no other one in Su Haos eyes for a long time. As he slowly walked towards Chen Yiran, he silently looked at her. The two of them crossed eyes as if it was the first time they met each other!

Putong! Putong!

Chen Yiran could feel that her heart was about to jump out. The person whom she missed every day, at this moment, stood before her and smiled as he looked at her.

What What is he going to do?

Chen Yiran could even hear his breath. At this moment, in this scenario, should she reject Su Hao? If she does not reject him, the permanent breakup of the Chen family and Sun family could happen right in front of her!

What should she do?

Thats it what family interests, let them be casted aside! At this moment, she only wanted to be selfish for once. She only wished to be a small girl who was trapped in the river of love.

At the thought of this, Chen Yiran shyly closed her eyes.

Su Haos lips lifted a smile as he held her soft and gentle hand.

The lips of everyone shrunk, as a thought flashed through their minds, it was finished!

This fellow wants a faceoff!

This fool!

The permanent breakup between the Sun family and Chen family would cause Jianghe City to be in utter chaos! In this era of origin ability, the outcome of the battle could only be decided by blood! All the small families, small business, no one could escape! This unprepared battle could lead to an untold number of deaths or injuries... it was really the end.

This was the thought in the minds of everyone present.

Cold sweat dripped off Chen Haonians forehead. His daughters choice caused him to be slightly worried. This child, in the end, made the same choice as him.

But no matter what, at this time, he already couldnt stop it.

No matter what decisions his daughter made, he would only support.

Sun Batian was also very calm. His face didnt change, but a cold light flashed through his eyes. It could be seen that at that point he was controlling his fury.

This was Chen Yirans coming of age ceremony!

Because of the relationship between the two misses, this coming of age ceremony, his wife also took a lot of effort as she participated in its planning, being so busy. Wasnt it done to create a chance for Sun Yaotian? Wasnt it done to remove all the ill feelings between him and Chen Yiran?

What was the result?

When it seemed to have become successful, Su Hao came, and simply destroyed all of the familys hard work, gave her a huge present, then held Chen Yirans hand. This was bare naked ignorance!

And not far away, as Sun Yaotian saw this scene, he felt like fainting, and a stream of fresh blood was spat.

Su Hao entered the scene without speaking a word. He only performed a piano piece, and that caused Chen Yiran to be restless. Such an action, how could Sun Yaotian endure anymore!

Su Su Hao!

Sun Yaotian was so angry that he shivered. He trembled as he lifted his finger, pointed at Su Hao, and was so angry that he was speechless.

He completely didnt expect that this was the final outcome! Su Hao actually played this piano piece. Although, when comparing his performance to Master Feng, there was still a gap in ability, the effect it brought was perfectly displayed. Such a splendid demonstration of love, wasnt that something that he always wanted to do?

This was within his plans.

To buy the century-old wine task reward, to let Master Feng impart his piano piece, to establish a good relationship with Master Feng, to then splendidly appear, to perform this to Chen Yiran, and romantically confess.

The result?

The execution of the plan was alright!

But it was Su Hao who completed the scene instead!

This rival whom he hated so much!