Godly Model Creator Chapter 183

Gmc Chapter 183

Chapter 0183    Toying with You Until Death!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: RED

Sun Yaotian grit his teeth in hatred.

Who could he blame?

Blame Master Feng?

Master Feng hadnt received a single cent from the Sun family. The moment he heard about Chen Yirans coming of age ceremony, he took the initiative to go himself. As for him appearing in such a fashion, it was something Master Feng agreed to after being begged multiple times. It was just that Sun Yaotian did not expect that ultimately Su Haos appearance at the end would destroy all his hard work. His action was like making a wedding dress for others!

And the worse part was what this piano origin ability technique used for?

To deal with psychological blows!

Previously there was a shadow left by Su Hao in his heart and it was this piano origin ability technique which cleared away the shadow. Indirectly, it could be said that Su Hao saved him again! Such a feeling was like swallowing a fly, and chewing a few times before spitting it out. That feeling of swallowing and spitting out wasreally disgusting!

Looking at the happy expression of Chen Yiran, Sun Yaotian felt even more heartache.


He lost to Su Hao again!

And nowSu Hao planned to show his affection to Chen Yiran in front of everyone? In front of the wealthy circle of Jianghe City!

He was now no longer wearing a green hat, but a green giant!

Su! Hao! I-I want to kill you! Sun Yaotian pointed at Su Hao with his ever-trembling hand. He said this as his brimming anger rushed to his heart. At this time, Su Hao was just forcing Chen Yirans hand.

En? As if he noticed Sun Yaotian pointing at him, Su Hao turned around and looked at Sun Yaotian with some doubt. Giving him a sweet smile, Su Hao then turned back.

Everyones mouth twitched.

At this time, youre still smiling at him yet it was such a sweet smile.

Wasnt this a provocation?

Was this guy courting his own death?

Everyones heart went cold. It was as if they could picture the scene of war within Jianghe City.

Jianghe City was about to enter an age of chaos. The atmosphere had reached a freezing point. Everyone was scared.

At the same time everyone was frightened, Su Hao gently pulled up Chen Yirans hand and bent down. Kissing her hand like a gentleman, Miss Chen, I wish you a happy birthday!

A? Chen Yiran opened her eyes in confusion. Looking at Su Haos actions, she suddenly smiled and replied, Thank you.

Su Hao smiled indifferently, and then retreated confidently.

The crowd was stunned.

What was happening here?

Once they carefully thought about it, they suddenly reacted. Hand-kissing ritualit was a tradition of Western society. It represented welcoming, respect, or even dedication. In their modern society, not many practiced this. It could only be seen in some high-class party or concert. In short, it was an old ritual.

However, because of some cultural differences between East and West, Eastern people rarely practiced such gestures.

This time, when they took a closer look, it seemed that Su Hao didnt do anything out of bounds.

A pianist at such a level, played this piano origin ability technique as a gift for Chen Yiran. After the play ended, he came forward to Chen Yiran for a hand-kiss and a blessing before quietly retreating.

This was an elegant series of actions!

Piano originated from the West. And the hand-kissing ritual was also from West. What Su Hao did was reasonable. There wasnt the slightest flaw to be found.

However, because of Su Haos special status, each movement of his left everyone trembling in fear.

After finally understanding the whole situation, everyone was relieved.

Although they had been toyed with by Su Hao, making everyone nearly pee their pants, he didnt provoke the outbreak of war in Jianghe City. It was good for everyone. Right now, this mysterious identity of Su Hao, coupled with his unknown background, was like an unstable bomb. Nobody dared to touch him

Chen Haonian bitterly smiled as he shook his head. Having a look at his own wife, she was helpless, too. The whole crowd had been toyed with by this kid!

Making them worry the whole day, if they were to rationally think, with Su Haos intelligence, how could he do anything outrageous? Forget about others, at least he definitely wouldnt involve Chen Yiran in this.

At the corner of the hall, witnessing this scene, Zhou Wang smiled, This guy hasnt improved for quite some time. So it was all because of his love matter However, after this, he should be able to concentrate on his training! When it is time to enter Zhanzheng College, he will definitely be there too!

He didnt understand much about piano, but cultivation and training was his area of expertise.

Su Hao recently must have done some task. His body was now covered with an aura of hostility. Even Su Hao himself was affected by it. A piano origin ability technique had made him awaken from the anger. The reason he toyed around with them was to vent out all the hostility in him!

Nothing is happening! Bai Lingfeng, standing beside him, looked at him disdainfully while raising a cup of wine in his hand. Compared to this Zhou Wang the career otaku, he could see more than that. I have this premonition. For us, the first few months are the best for us to sprint forwards in our progress. But for Su Hao, when all the worries are eliminated, this guy, Im afraid he will really start his engine now.

Zhou Wang nodded in deep agreement.

As Su Hao retreated, the piano performance could be considered as ended.

Under the blue spotlight, only Chen Yiran could be seen standing there. With the slight smile on her mouth, coupled with the elegant dress, Chen Yiran at this moment was just like a goddess!


As the faint blue light flashed, the focus light on Chen Yiran gradually dimmed and the usual lighting returned back to the hall. 

Just a casual music piece just now, it was like a dream, taking everyone for a ride. After that, Su Haos actions made everyone tremble in fear, terrified that the situation might turn upside down.

When the lights came up, there was a sense of returning back to reality.

What they could see now was the origin ability piano. As for the young man who had stunned everyone, he had already disappeared.

At this moment, everyone recalled the scene just now. That Su Hao who was labeled a poor student before this, his current character was covered with a layer of mysterious aura, mysterious background, and a special identity, and not to forget that stunning piano origin ability technique. From now on, in Jianghe City, nobody would dare to underestimate the impact of this young man.

Hes gone?

Yeah, he left.

Too bad, here am I thinking of getting to know him better. So hateful, why did he leave after playing the music.

Ceh, if he didnt leave, you think he would wait for you, this cunning girl, to hook him? People are here to send his gift to his girlfriend.

Heng, if they havent married yet, why wouldnt I dare to chase him! But I think, he left not because of Chen Yiran, but those few people over there.

Several people were pointing at a spot not far away.

At this point, when the lights came up, the Sun family was not in a good mood.

Sun Yaotian was completely dumbfounded.

So it was him who misunderstood just now?

Su Hao was definitely sincere just now! Thinking of his appearance just now, brimming with anger, cursing while pointing at Su Hao, Sun Yaotian felt embarrassed. With so many wealthy people aroundthis time he had really lost all face.

Todays performance by Sun Yaotian was indeed commendable. At the very beginning, when he seriously presented his gift, that action did capture the heart of many ladies. But unfortunately, the heroic appearance of Su Hao, when both of them were compared, Sun Yaotian suddenly became a lump of shit Not to mention that embarrassing action by Sun Yaotian when he was mad.

Without even thinking, Sun Yaotian could guess what role he was playing in the eyes of everyone.

Su Hao! Sun Yaotians anger was reaching his limit, but he had nowhere to vent it off!

This Su Hao, from the very beginning, was just toying around with him!

But then, so what?

At least in the eyes of others, Su Haos actions werent strange at all. Sun Yaotian could only bitterly swallow all the embarrassment. If he tried to say Chen Yiran and Su Hao did something, for the reputation of his daughter, Chen Haonian would definitely be the first one to step up and teach him a lesson.

The more Sun Yaotian thought about this, the madder he became.


What the hell is he!

Pa!  With a hit on the table, Sun Yaotian walked out in anger. He was afraid that if he stayed here any longer, he would collapse.

Sun Batian sighed. His eyes revealed a trace of disappointment.

Just now, with so many things happening, his face didnt show any expression at all. His whole attention was placed on his son. What Chen Yiran or Su Hao, he didnt care about them at all. At most, they would just have a war!

Since when was the Sun family scared of anyone!

But there were things which a war couldnt solve

A strong heart!

The future of the Sun family was on the shoulders of Sun Yaotian. If he could make Sun Yaotian into someone who was more calm and determined, he was willing to pay whatever price!

He noticed the changes of his son from being pressured by Su Hao. Unfortunately, in the end the only thing Sun Yaotian could do was just leave here angrily.

Sun Batian sighed. Raising his glass, he emptied the wine in one swallow!

As the gift ceremony ended, it was time for the banquet to begin.

Within the hall, everyone was surrounding Chen Yiran, who happily cut the eighteen- layered cake. No matter how complex the mood, the atmosphere was still cheerful.

However, nobody noticed that at the top of the villa there was this strange atmosphere. Within the darkness, a shadow flashed like a nightmare.

At this time, near the Chen familys villa, Su Hao quietly stood there and watched the lively birthday party. Though he was smiling faintly, his eyes revealed a trace of killing intent.


At night, lightning split the sky.

The white light made the scene brighten. Once the light disappeared, the sky again went dark. If someone was there, they would have been able to see Su Hao, wearing a white robe, and a chilling aura emanating from his body.

In the endless night, that white robe was eye-catching.


Su Haos figure blurred as he disappeared into the darkness. 

Little brat, Yirans birthday party is over, but our partyis about to begin!