Godly Model Creator Chapter 184

Gmc Chapter 184

Chapter 0184    Shocked

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

At the Chen family's floral villa.

The birthday party was lively with people enjoying their meals, drinks, and bragging, while also excitedly looking at new house offers and other sales. Chen Yirans coming of age ceremony had impressively become the hub for these people to finalize deals. 


Abruptly, a sound rang out that attracted everyones attention. The present situation caused everyone to be uneasy. Before a series of sounds could be heard. One by one, the lights were dimmed and, within moments, the whole Chen villa was blanketed in darkness. With a calm command issued, everyone was then calmed down.

A power outage? a puzzled voice said in disbelief.

Since the era of origin ability, there was never a lack of electricity. Moreover, with the Chen familys position, at the center of the city, even if the entire Jianghe City was in a power outage, there wont be a power outage here.

Housekeeper, activate the backup power supply.

Yes, sir!


The surrounding suddenly lit up and everyones vision was restored.

Just when they thought had the chance to a breathe a sigh of relief, they suddenly heard a scream, Quickly look, what is that?!


Everyone looked toward the direction of the mans eyes and instantly sucked a mouthful of cold air.

They could see from a distance away, rows of black arrows were heading toward here.

That countless of black arrows, blending in the night darkness while carrying a thick killing aura was awe-inspiring as they headed toward the Chen family. The distance from the crowd was only about 100 meters away. If not because of the standby power, perhaps nobody would be able to notice the incoming attacks.

What the heck is happening!

Chen Haonians facial expression changed. He then acted decisively by giving a command, Activate the origin ability defense.


A blue light ray suddenly shot up high in hemisphere. Covering the floral villa, everyone in the crowd was protected. 

This was an origin ability defensive shield. The most basic large-scale defense mechanism, under normal circumstances, this would be used in small-scale wars. Because its defensive ability is strong, the price was so expensive. In addition, a large amount of origin ability energy needed to be consumed, which was why most people simply could not afford it.

100 meters away only required a moment to get through.

As the origin ability defensive shield activated, the black arrows began to bombard on top of it.


Countless black arrows hit on the shield and been destroyed. Suddenly, loud bangs could be heard as the black gas spread toward the surrounding shield, like a virus and covered the whole shield.

Ci! Ci!

A burst of crisp sounds resounded. As more black arrows hit, the blue defensive shield also disappeared. Chen family defense was cleared. The whole Chen family was exposed to the outside.

Damn it!

Chen Haonians pupil shrunk. These arrows

The opponent even knew about his family having such mechanism. These overwhelming arrows were prepared for this shield. The black gas were like bone maggots. As long as it contaminated the shield, it would begin to engulf the shield. Within a few seconds, the defensive shield would be completely consumed.

Such a well calculated move!

Without activating the defense, the arrows would then attack everyone here and many people would suffer from injury. This was a consequence which Chen Haonian absolutely couldnt afford. If he used the shield, it would then be destroyed!

Who is it? Get the hell out now!

Chen Haonian coldly grumped. Standing at the door of the hall, he shouted at the outside of the villa.



The sound of movement could be heard. One by one, they rushed from within darkness and quickly surrounded Chen family. The action was smooth and decisive.

Hiding the head and showing the tail!

Chen Haonian coldly shouted. Looking at this sudden appearance of a group of men in black, May I ask which force is this from? Did, I, Chen Haonian offend you guys?

The men in black, ...

Looking at the opponents not giving an answer, Chen Haonian frowned. No matter what kind of hatred, if you leave now, I will consider nothing is happening. Today is my daughters coming of age ceremony, I dont want to see any blood being spilled. Do give me some face. After today, I, Chen Haonian am more than willing to accompany you guys!

The men in black still didnt make any movement.

Cold light flashed within Chen Haonians eyes. With just a simple finger gesture, hundreds of security guards appeared quickly in front of the hall and confronted these men in black.

The ear of the man leading the men in black gently moved. As if he had heard an order, coldness could be seen in his eyes, Kill!


The one leading them suddenly made a move. His action was very clean! You could only see the man in black taking out a soft sword from his arm and rushed toward the security guards, leaving a stream of blur images.

Get the hell out of here!


Chen familys security guards quickly clashed with them. All sorts of mysterious origin ability talent were being displayed from their hands. Showing their domineering power, many men in black were killed on the spot. However, what made everyone stunned was the moment when the men in black were killed, they would make sure to stab their soft swords into the body of the security guards.

One hit kill while dying together!

Such crazy killers!

Everyone was shocked at how they acted. These people werent some random killer but those who had undergone training to carry out an organized attack!

Who is it? Sun Batians facial expression looked a bit bad.

Im not sure either, Chen Haonian said in a soft tone, From the look, they should be killers. Without any origin ability talent, the lowest level killer. Could it be they were all accepting a task to assassinate me?

Assassinate you?

Sun Batian sneered, If they want to assassinate you, they wont send such low-level killers. Here, there are so many guest. Perhaps the target is among them. After all, most of the people in the high-class circle of Jianghe City are all here. If they want to assassinate someone, here is the best stage to do so.

I think so as well. Chen Haonian looked at the killers who were confronting the security guards, his eyes showed an inexplicable look, But still, I feel that something isnt right here.

Same here. There are too many men in black. A 30-year-old middle-aged man beside Chen Haonian said so. He was called Li Qiang, the security manager of Chen family, the one who managed the security design and mechanism!

Brother Chen, let us bodyguards here go and help too!

Alright! Chen Haonian nodded. The private bodyguards in the hall had finally made their move.

To be able to become a bodyguard, their strength was naturally higher than those ordinary security guards. With them joining, the men in black instantly lost the advantage they had and were easily eliminated.



The battle tempo progressed to a faster rhythm.

In just a minute, all men in black were killed on the spot by bodyguards. As one of the four giants, Chen familys bodyguards had undergone a tight screening in order to find one with great strength. Combining strength with the crowds personal bodyguards, the increment in strength could clearly be seen. 

At the door of the hall, everyone felt relieved as they looked at the scene.

Even daring to attack Chen family, your guts are too huge!

After eliminating every man in black, the security guard captain casually uncovered the mask wore by one of the men in black. However, the moment he did that, his facial expression turned back, Retreat!

Everyones mind went cold and immediately retreated.

However, it was too late!

Under the mask of the man in black, it turned out to be countless random little red dots, a light flashed with red and blue lines intertwining each other. They were tightly connected to the mask. The moment the security guard captain removed the mask, the light suddenly grew brighter. Every dead man in black was illuminating brightly in an abnormal way.


A terrifying loud explosion echoed. The entire courtyard was covered with fire. With the impact moving along causing the villa to tremble. 100 meters away from the hall, that was the area covered by the explosion. A few bodyguards made their move and cleanly blocked the force of the impact.

However, as the smoke extended, when the explosion sound could no longer be heard, everyone sucked a cold air.

From the door, within the scope of twenty meters, a huge pit was formed. In the pit, countless of broken limbs could be seen. Everyone was dead!

At the mouth of the hall, everyone was dead!

Corpse bomb!

Such an extreme measure!

Hundreds of men in black, together with hundreds of security guards, everyones personal guards, just like that, they were all dead.

Chen Haonian gripped both his fists tightly. His eyes revealed a murderous aura. These people they were all people from the Chen family. That security captain was one who Chen Haonian personally picked. And what was more frightening was the opponent even planned a step ahead to kill everyones personal bodyguards.

The whole courtyard was in total silence.

A few pieces of scattered leaves floated in the air, bringing a sense of desolation.

However, Chen Haonian knew very well that since the opponent had even taken actions to get rid of every bodyguard, they would definitely not stop here!

Sure enough, very soon, five figures appeared at the door. It was completely different from the brainless killers just now. These people were all covered in a dense aura of killing intent and brought along a strange atmosphere.

Chen Haonians mind startled. Taking a deep breath, He hundreds of human body bomb, 5 beginner variant standard killer, such a well-planned strategy! In Jianghe City, there arent a lot of people who could command such a huge force.

As Chen Haonian opened his mouth, everyone turned pale.

Beginner variant espers!

The five killers in front were all beginner variant espers!

If their bodyguards were here, even if they couldnt win, they could still deal with one or two. But now, all their bodyguards were dead. Who is there to fight these five beginner variant killers?! They were just here to attend a party. Never would they have thought of anyone daring to face with the whole Jianghe City?

Li Qiang, bring every family member and leave here!Chen Haonian sneered, Just leave this to us!

Yes! Li Qiang answered with his heavy face. Although the strength of the crowd here wasnt bad, only the four giants were beginner variant espers! The rest would only be dragging them! What they could only do now was to protect their second-in-line family members and leave the villa.

As Li Qiang started to lead the other family members away to protecting them.

After them, dont leave anyone alive!

When the killers saw them leaving, they immediately made a decisive move!