Godly Model Creator Chapter 185

Gmc Chapter 185

Chapter 0185    Energy weapon

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Nora.


There was a loud and clear cry. Flashes of bright lights appeared. Different colors lit up the sky and blinded everyones eyes. Among the five killers, at least three of them appeared to wield energy weapons!

The bright blue light of the lightsaber flashed!

The calm black light of the sledgehammer flashed!

The bloody red light of the dagger flashed!

Energy weapons!

These weapons used ones own origin ability energy as the foundation and the energy that the weapon produced had a very powerful multiplicative effect on ones attacks. More accurately, the energy weapon was also a type of origin ability technique!


Five killers, four charged towards the four giants. However, the short killer took the shining black sledgehammer and charged toward the dispersing crowd at extreme speed!


In a flash of light, the short killer hammered the sledgehammer he wielded!

The crowd felt their vision filled with a black, huge, and powerful pressure. This was followed by the black sledgehammers attack. It was like being crushed by a mountain!


At this moment, a figure flashed in the air. Bright white light was unleashed and clashed with the black sledgehammer. As the black and white colors alternated, the light became dazzling!


The short killer was directly struck down and viciously smashed to the grounddust flew everywhere.

A middle-aged man stood indifferently before him. He was the leader of the Zhou family, Zhou Jun!

The short killer looked behind. Then he made a horrifying discovery. The killer who had confronted Zhou Jun was blankly returning his gaze. It was obvious to him that the killer did not know when Zhou Jun had suddenly disappeared.

You people also wish to destroy the power of my Jianghe City?

With a cold smile, Zhou Jun said, Thats too naive!


As Zhou Jun finished his sentence, he attacked again. In an unyielding manner, he attacked the short killer before him and caused him to slowly retreat.

So what if you have an energy weapon?

Before absolute strength, you would only be suppressed!

As the rest of the killers saw the situation, they quickly provided aid and immediately entered into the chaotic battle.

The four giants of Jianghe Cityin a four vs five situationdid not seem to have the slightest disadvantage!

The backyard of the villa.

Li Qiang quickly led the crowd through the hall and moved towards the Chen familys war preparation area. However, for a distance of a kilometer, it was estimated that it would take minutes. Fortunately for this era, everyone had a bit of skill. Even the weaker rich family daughters physical fitness and skills were not that weak. Thus, they were not dragging down the crowd in the slightest.

However, after walking for less than 100 meters, a few people blocked their path!

Everyone, long time no see.

At the end of the street, there stood a sunny youth who smiled as he looked at them.

Chou Huo, it is actually you!

Zhou Wang was obviously a bit surprised. Why are you here?

Bai Lingfeng quickly pulled at him, then sneered and said, At this moment, appearing at this position hehe, I am that afraid that this matter was started by that Chou family.

Zhou Wangs pupils shrunk. He suddenly looked towards Chou Huo.

Chou Huos lips displayed a sarcastic smile. Indeed, worthy to be a member of the Bai family. Hmm Zhou Wang, you are as ignorant as always!

It is actually you Chou family! Damn it, I still gave you some business previously.

Exactly, Chou Huo, your parents came to my house to seek my help, where are they now? Bring them here! I want to see how much guts they have! The dare to do such a thing!

Noises from the crowd slowly began to ring out.

Everyone present was basically a part of Jianghe Citys wealthy business circle.They had dealt with each other for so long, who would not recognize each other? However, no one would have thought, that the person who started all of this was actually Chou family!

Chou family was a second line family in Jianghe City. They were also the standard for a family business operations model. They were slightly more powerful than a standard family. However, if compared to the four giants, there was still quite some distance. This time, a second line family dared to directly challenge the four giants, this was a rhythm of finding ones death!

Chou Huo, even if you destroy Chen family, arent you afraid of vengeance?


Chou Huo sneered and his face displayed a look of despise. Relax, this time, I will not let any of you leave this place alive. From today onwards, the four giants of Jianghe City will be completely removed! Oh, yea. You guys too, these unknown second line families and businesses. The whole Jianghe City will only have Chou family!

Clap clap!

Chou Huo clapped his hands and dozens of Chou family members quickly blocked the crowd.

Zhou Wang lifted his head and glanced. His mind tightened. Around ten of them have origin ability points of 15 and above, twenty of them have origin ability points of 12 and above, and thirty of them have origin ability points of 10 and above.

Bai Lingfeng squinted. The Chou family are really generous. Attacking at such a scale, your Chou family definitely wouldnt be enough. Otherwise, why have you guys wandered at the second line for so many years? I am afraid that this time, you have contacted with the people of other cities. After tasting something from the outside, even if the Chou family destroys the remaining influential figures, they will still eventually become the lackey of the people of other cities.


Chou Huo grinned. He was obviously exposed by Bai Lingfengs words.

They? When our Chou family becomes strong, they would be just a dog. Now, please let me kill youattack!

Chou Huo no longer spoke more nonsense and signaled for the Chou familys people to charge.




Countless shadows walked out from the crowd. A valiant aura shot out and caused the Chou family to retreat!

Bai Lingfeng, Zhou Wang, Chen Yiran, Yue Ying. These four were at the front and countless origin ability energies shook the surroundings. The remaining rich family members also did not concede.

At this moment, their beloved families were right behind them!

Fresh blood scattered and the shirts of countless people were dyed red. The smell of blood drove everyone into a maddened craze. At this moment, they realized, that this was the era of origin ability!

The drinking friends of the past had today become sworn enemies!

And everything was for personal benefits!

Mom, bring them to the war preparation area first.

Chen Yiran spoke to Zhao Yaru. As she looked at the faces in the crowd, there was not even the slightest hint of fear!

Okay, you be careful.

Feeling worried, Zhao Yaru glanced at Chen Yiran, and then brought a bunch of inexperienced people away. If they stayed here, they would only be dragging them down. Not to mention, she is the Chen familys mistress. As the husband was in battle, the daughter would also be in battle. Thus, it was her responsibility to usher the rest the people to a safe place.

If anything happened to these people, even if the war was won, it will still be counted as a loss!

The crowd quickly left.

A big battle exploded again!


Zhou Wang eyes were filled with bloodlust. His mother stood behind him. Being a simple minded person, he thought that having meals with the enemy just two days ago was a form of humiliation. Like lightning, he wrecked havoc and released a horrifyingly aura of origin ability to his surroundings. Two enemies whose origin abilities were at 15 points were then completely suppressed by Zhou Wang.

One vs two, Zhou Wang held the complete advantage!


Bai Lingfeng surrounded himself with countless suspended wind blades that were like cutting machines. He completely killed every enemy who dared to get close to him.


An ice crystal was crushed into pieces. These crushed ice pieces were shot towards the surroundings and sharp icicles stabbed out. As a few of the Chou family were not careful, they were immediately punctured and countless fine wounds were left on their bodies.


Cherry blossoms descended as Yue Ying was surrounded by countless descending pink petals within a radius of ten meters. It was such a beautiful image. Every aggressive Chou family killer who came was astonished and their faces displayed how they were at a loss. What followed was one of the surrounding flower petals suddenly cross their neck, leaving a trail of blood.

At this moment, this gentle girl had turned into a god of killing!

The rest did not give in either. A few of them were repeaters, students from natural selection class and there were some from senior high school. Their abilities were pretty good.

As the two sides clashed, the Chou family unexpectedly did not have any advantage!

This is indeed the future elites of Jianghe City! Chou Huo squinted and he actually laughed. Their abilities are really strong, if you all were allowed to develop, it would be really difficult to deal with later. Such a pity because all of you will eventually die here.

Chou Huo, once my hands are free, I will definitely kill you!

Chen Yiran coldly said as she stared at Chou Huo.

Gee, Ms. Chen, I am afraid you wont have such an opportunity. I am really sorry for sabotaging your coming of age ceremony. However, I am also here to give you a real gift. To let you understand what is the real origin ability era! Chou Huos lips revealed a grin. Next, I will teach you a lesson.

And that is, sometimes, the most horrifying matters are internal affairs.


Everyone in the crowd was shocked when they heard this, what did Chou Huo mean by that?

Puci -

Puci -

Two rays of lights flashed. Two rich students who were battling suddenly felt a pain in their bodies. Their vision blacked out and they immediately fell to the ground.

The crowd was shocked. They turned around and looked. Then they realized that the person who had attacked was actually - Li Qiang!



Li Qiang attacked from the back and countless people got immediately blown away. As the crowd panicked, some of them were killed by the Chou family members. In a short space of time, more than ten people died! The Chou family began to gain the advantage and they did not spare anyone. With Li Qiangs assistance, they killed everyone with incredible ease.


A muffled sound rang out. Zhou Wang, Chen Yiran and others were also blown away by the impact. Blood flowed out of the corner of their mouths.

Li Qiang! After the Chen family looked after you for all these years, you dare to betray us!

Chen Yiran looked at Li Qiang, her face filled with the intention to kill.

She finally knew why the opponents plans were so smooth! When they were killing the men in black, it was Li Qiang who suggested to allow the bodyguards to attack together. At that moment, not much thought was put into it but seeing this situation, it was an obvious plan to send the bodyguards to their deaths.

Li Qiang sighed. I am sorry, Miss. As people walked towards eminence, water flows towards the lower places. Although, ILi Qiangknows that what I am doing is wrong, I definitely will not allow myself to forever stuck in the societys bottom levels and I definitely will not be a lackey that anyone can do as they please with!

You go to Chou family, you really think that they would sincerely treat you well?

Chen Yiran coldly stared at him.

The Chou family? Hehe. Li Qiang laughed coldly. The Chou family are still not qualified to draw me in. The reason behind me attacking is of the Li family of Jinhua City! When the origin ability turmoil happened years ago, I fled to Jianghe City and since then many years had passed. The past few days, I found out that actually my Li family has actually developed back at Jinhua City and its my own family!

Hahaha! This type of opportunity, how could I let it pass?