Godly Model Creator Chapter 186

Gmc Chapter 186

Chapter 186    Endless massacre

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

The Li family at Jinhua City.

So, this matter, they were the one behind this scene!

Li Qiang, stop uttering nonsense! Destroy every one of them!

Chou Huo smiled sinisterly, Dont forget the thing that you promise me. You can kill others but these girls belong to me.

Courting death!


The voice of a few girls could be heard from within the crowd. Chou Huo laughed out loud, Just scream while you can. In the future, you wont even able to utter a word or why else would I spare your life?

This this...

Chou Huo looked at a few girls with his mocking smile and then looked at Chen Yiran, I used to think youre beautiful but never did I expect with just a casual makeup, your beauty is even more amazing. That idiot Sun Yaotian, with such a beautiful girl beside him, he still didnt realize. Today, you will be mine!

Chen Yiran sneered without saying a word. With her right hand waved, a stream of ice crystals flashed within her hand, forming sharp ice thorns in mid-air!

Aiyo, still trying to resist?

Chou Huo pretended to be surprised, This is really surprising. Shitou, go and take her down!

The one called Shitou was a burly man. His whole body was filled with big muscles. Hearing the order, he grinned for a second before charged at Chen Yiran.

With a wave of her right hand, the ice thorns shot at his body but helplessly fell off.

The impact on Shitous body didnt inflict any damage.

Her origin ability energy had all been consumed.

Shitou sneered. With a big step, he headed there and didnt realize that a pair of cold eyes were locking on him.

At a few distant kilometers away!

Su Hao with his white robe quietly stood above a tall building. His sniper rifle was pointing at the place where several people were in battle while his eyes turned extremely cold.

This position was the best spot out of the analysis he had done during early morning today.

The best environment for a sniper!

Opening his virtual screen, Su Hao sent a message to Chen Yiran and then looked at the burly figure through his aiming lens. A cruel smile could be seen on Su Haos face.

Such a large figure, are you here to let me aim?

Model analysis...

Terrain modeling!

Wind speed within the control range.

Air humidity in the controllable range.


Precision deviation, 0.001%.


A strong impact came by, the whistling bullet quickly projected out!

Below, looking at Shitou who was charging at her, Chen Yirans facial expression didnt change. With the little amount of ice in her right hand, a trace of a cold chill was flashing in the air.

If one had seen Chen Yirans performance in the battle of honor, you would have easily noticed this move. This move was similar to the one when she died together with the repeater!

But here it was a reality!

Pinching her bracelet, Chen Yiran felt fortunate somehow. She was glad that Su Hao departed earlier and not involved in this battle.

In future, I hope he would think of me.

Goodbye, Su Hao.

Chen Yiran sighed. Just at the moment when she was about to make her move, her wrist gently vibrated. A message popped out, Yiran, close your eye - Su Hao.

Close her eyes?

Su Hao?

Chen Yiran was at a loss. What was this meaning of Su Hao? Closing her eyes at this moment? Was he nearby? Although there were some doubts in her heart, she still trusted Su Hao and subconsciously closed her eyes.

Shitou noticing her action began to let his guard down. Had she given up on resisting?


Shitou with all his might charged forward to capture Chen Yiran.


Everyone exclaimed. The others who couldnt watch it any longer closed their eyes.


A strange light flashed by and Shitous heart suddenly had a bloody hole. His whole body had halted. With his mouth opened wide, he crashed on to the ground without uttering a single word.


As Shitou fell to the ground, everyone was shocked.

He had died?

Chen Yiran opened her eyes and then saw the dead Shitou on the ground, leaving behind a pool of blood. Looking at her virtual screen, with private mode on, she was at a loss. What is actually happening here?


The late sound of gunfire finally arrived!

Snipe rifle!

Everyone reacted!

Chou Huos pupil contracted, This is bad, its a sniper rifle. Quickly hide!

Everyone retreated, finding obstacles to hide behind.


A Chou family member about 4 to 5 meters away from Chen Yiran had, once again, emerged a blood lotus and instantly fell to the ground!

5 seconds!

5 seconds again!

The reaction of the people there was fast, but how far could you run in 5 seconds?


Yet with another shot, one more victim was claimed!

The bullets traveled faster than their sound. Without considering friction, a bullets speed is always faster than their sound. Each time, only after, someone was dead could the gunshot sound be heard! It was simply a futile attempt to escape! The sudden bullets were like the scythe of a reaper, stripping away human life.

Damn it!

Li Qiang cursed. His battle experience was far ahead of Chou Huo, We cant continue like this! Dont hide! Everyone capture a hostage! Let's see if he dares to shoot us then or not!

Everyone was terror-stricken and quickly charged at Chen Yiran and others.


The ones who ran the fastest were killed on the spot. Every Chou family members had cold sweat on their back. Without a slight pause, they started to run even faster.

5 seconds!

They were fighting for that 5 seconds!

As long as they managed to capture a hostage in 5 seconds, they would have nothing to fear!

Go, delay for time!

Chen Yiran made her decision quick, We will retreat and delay for some time. Dont allow them to catch up!


Zhou Wang suddenly stopped the crowd. Looking at the incoming Chou family members, his eyes were cold, As long as I can stop them for one minute, is it enough?

Then let me do it!

They noticed Zhou Wang took out a rounded ball-shaped object. They had a closer look  at it before their faces changed into a pleasant expression. It turned out to be plasma isolation ball.

Zhou Wang grabbed the ball and with his full force, slammed it on the ground.

Li Qiang's betrayal had caused them to be unable to escape. Even if they hid in the war preparation area, Li Qiang could still open the door. Thus, this plasma isolation ball was useless, but at this time -  the emergence of this mysterious man let him see some hope!


A blue light ray suddenly rose, as if like a horizontal line, dividing them from the Chou family members.

It was clearly a encircled defensive shield!

Not good!

Chou family members madly charged at the front of the light ray.


An energy reaction occurred and the Chou family members were bounced back, falling to the ground.

A plasma isolation ball, what was in front of them right now was a layer of isolated plasma. It was a super defensive measure, much better than an origin ability defensive shield. Of course, the price was horrifyingly outrageous too. Moreover, there wasnt any market price for this, that was why it was precious. Even these wealthy children had only seen it in textbooks.

Never would they expect the Zhou family to have one and that it was given to Zhou Wang!

Everyone had a look with each other. The Chen familys origin ability defensive shield, the Zhou familys plasma isolation ball.the four giants of Jianghe City wasnt as simple as it seemed on the surface.



A burst of gunshots resounded. Each gunshot represented the disappearance of a soul!

Very soon, almost every member of the Chou family had been killed.

Even Li Qiang, who attempted to escape, couldnt evade Su Haos aim. He received a headshot! Without wearing a bulletproof vest or possessing fast agility, like Green Snake, in front of the super analysis of Su Hao, they were just fishes on a cutting board!

No! You cant kill me!

Chou Huo madly shouted, I am the successor of Chou family! Chen Haonian and others are destined to die! Only if Im alive will you all have the chance to negotiate. Or else, when my dad arrives, you will all become corpses!

Your father?

Looking at Chou Huos mouth, Su Hao sneered, In such a situation, if Chen Haonian could die, then he was playing death himself!

After aiming at Chou Huo, Su Hao did not hesitate to pull the trigger!

At this moment, Chou Huo, who was desperately shouting, suddenly lit up. This was because he saw a distant figure rapidly rushing over. When he took a closer look, he saw that it was his own father, Chou Yan!

Dad, come save me!

Chou Huo shouted while panicking.

When Chou Yan rushed over here, he could see countless corpses on the ground, leaving only Chou Huo shouting in the middle like a madman. All he could see was the Chen family members standing not far away, he simply couldnt see any enemy!

What was his son shouting about?

He was at a lost but still rushed over here. However, as he rushed for the first second, he saw a madness scene. His sons madly shouting voice suddenly stopped as a blood lotus formed on his chest. His son lifelessly looked at himself, before collapsing on the ground.


Chou Yan shouted with all his might. His figure flashed several times, forming a few pits on the ground as he rushed to his son.

Unfortunately, when he reached his son, he could only see his sons body which was still warm.

No you can't die! Huo Er, wake up now. Wake up now!

Chou Yan shook his sons body in disbelief. He crazily stood up and threw a punch on to the isolation barrier.

Ah ah ah ah ah!


As terrifying killing intent leaked out from his body. The isolation barrier began to tremble. Everyone looked at Chou Yan in shock. This was a plasma isolation layer! With just a random blow from him, he actually managed to make it quiver? With such strength, this barrier would not hold out for very long against Chou Yan!

No wonder the Chou family was such a madman!

This Chuo Yan, he had become a professional variant esper!


The late gunfire finally arrived. Chou Yan subconsciously squat down and instantly confirmed the cause of his sons death! Looking up at the direction of the gunfire, his eyes were filled with killing intent!


Yet another pit was left in the ground!

Chou Yans figure disappeared toward a distant building.

Zhou Wang and others finally felt relieved, Chou Yan is being led away by this senior...


Bai Lingfeng wiped off the cold sweat on his forehead, Our strength is too far apart compared to Chou Yan!

Yue Ying also linked arm with Chen Yiran to comfort each other. Looking at the worried look of Chen Yiran, she comforted, Nothing will happen. Don't worry since that senior dared to lead Chou Yan away, he naturally has his method to deal with. We better leave here fast. What if Chou Yan couldnt chase the senior and decided to come back for us, that would be trouble.


Chen Yiran looked at the direction Chou Yan left. Only she was clear on the reason!

That wasnt any senior!

It was Su Hao, that fool!

The reason he led Chou Yan away from here was to ensure her safety!


You must survive this and come back alive!

Chen Yirans eyes were tearful. Silently offering her prayer, this was the first moment that she wished to possess overwhelming strength. Never had she longed for such strength before this moment when she learned that she was totally useless!

You must stay alive...