Godly Model Creator Chapter 187

Gmc Chapter 187

Chapter 0187    Camouflage Artifact

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Professional variant esper? Su Hao looked at Chou Yan, who was rushing toward him. Taking a deep breath, once again he aimed his sniper rifle at the figure.

Model analysis...

Terrain modeling!

Wind speed within controllable range.

Air humidity in controllable range.


Precision deviation, 0.001.


A shot was fired. The strong impact caused the surroundings to ring with an explosive sound.

In his model, Su Hao could easily see a bullet flying at a terrifying speed toward Chou Yan. In less than a second, the bullet arrived in front of Chou Yan.


Su Hao was looking forward to the scene of Chou Yan being headshot, but at this moment, through the aiming lens, he saw something horrifying.

The bullet hit him!

Chou Yan, as if he felt the incoming bullet, used his right hand to block in front of him.


The bullet entered his skin, but just to a depth of 1cm.

Through the aiming lens, he could clearly see the bullet stuck on Chou Yans right hand. As Chou Yans body bulged with overflowing origin ability energy, the bullet was forcefully removed and fell to the ground.

He blocked it? Su Haos eyes opened wide. WTF, he could block it?

At this moment, he finally knew the reason why firearms were getting eradicated. Even if it was a combination product of technology and origin ability, this origin ability sniper rifle was not lethal in front of a professional variant esper.

Chou Yans figure paused for a second before once again charging in the direction of the bullet.

Looking at the incoming figure, he knew that he was in deep trouble this time it was exactly like the previous scene of him and Dao Ba. Just that this time, he was in the  reverse position.

Run? Su Hao hesitated. Shaking his head, he told himself that now wasnt the right time to do so!

If he ran, Chou Yan would definitely return. Chen Yiran and others might have to face death by then! Thus, the only thing he could do now was to drag the time out!

Once again aiming at Chou Yans figure.


Yet again another shot accurately hit Chou Yan!

No damage inflicted!

However, his figure halted again. Forcefully removing the bullet, Chou Yan once again charged at Su Hao.

Damn it! Su Hao cursed for a second. Although Chen Haonian was his future father-in-law, he actually wanted to abuse him roundly. Chen Haonian, damn you, what the heck are you doing?


Floral villa...

Chen Haonian and the others were held back to back. Watching several men in front, to be more accurate it should be ten people, a full ten professional variant espers! When they were having the advantage in battle, never would have anyone expect that several more professional variant espers joined the battle. Professional variant espers which are always hard to meet were now growing like mushrooms here.

Four giants of Jianghe City? A person ridiculed behind the ten professional variant espers. Chou Feng, the brother of Chou Yan, was also the manager of Chou family Enterprise. His origin ability talent was 18 points and his own capability musnt be underestimated.

Tomorrow, you all will be four dead dogs!

Chou Feng... Chen Haonian coldly looked at him. So the one behind this is your Chou family. I heard that you and Jinhua Citys Li family are pretty close. Seems that this is a joint operation between you two.

Chou Feng was shocked for a second and then laughed out loud, Indeed worthy of being Chen Haonian. With just a little information, you could already figure it out. True, it is the Li family from Jinhua City!

What about these killers? Chen Haonian coldly sneered, Why did the Li family themselves not come?

Heng! If not because of the restriction set by the Origin Ability Association, you think you guys could last till now? Chou Feng sneered. The Li family wont come. As long as we give some resources to them each year, it will be alright.

Oh.Chen Haonian was disappointed and even laughed later, So, nobody from Li family came.

Chou Feng felt strange at Chen Haonians reaction. Facing ten professional variant espers, he could even laugh? Although the four giants were powerful, these killers were no ordinary people. They might be struggling to have the advantage when 4v5, but currently, having to deal with 4v10, only death awaited them!

What was there to laugh about?!

If theyre not coming, then it is about time to end it, Chen Haonian smiled indifferently, Old Sun, Old Yue, Old Zhou, you three step back.

Sun Batian and others shared a glance, and then stepped back.

These four giants had been clashing with each other for many years. Although they were opponents, they did have a rare understanding, too.

Do you know? Chen Haonian looked at Chou Feng, This morning, I received a message from someone that my Chen family would be targeted.

What? Chen Feng looked at Chen Haonian in disbelief, How could it be?!

Chen Haonian sighed, Unfortunately, I didnt believe it much. After all, if a stranger casually told me about the upcoming attack on my Chen family on a large scale, I naturally wouldnt believe it. But for the sake of making sure, I still secretly made some preparations. Saying this, Chen Haonians face revealed a mocking smile.

Chen Feng swallowed his saliva for a bit. His face was somewhat panicked.

With the Chou familys strength, how could they dare to face the four giants? Even if it was just one, they would be easily destroyed in a matter of minutes!

The reason this attack would be successful was because of three reasons!

First, they had used up almost all their family resources, and even resorted to borrowing some from the Li family to issue a task for the killer organization. That was why such a large scale attack had happened.

Second, Li Qiang being the insider, coupled with them, the outsiders, there wasnt any flaw.

Third, and the most important one, the surprise factor! The four giants didnt have any preparation! No force in Jianghe City made any preparation. Because nobody would have ever thought that there would be anyone making such a mad move. Frankly speaking, if not because of the Li family encouraging and giving them hundreds of guts, the Chou family would never-ever have dared to make a move!

And now, seeing the path of victory before him, this Chen Haonian said that he had prepared long ago?

Wasnt he toying around with people?

Looking at the mess around, Chen Feng regained his calm. Hehe, Chen Haonian, if you had prepared long ago, what about this tragedy, then? Youre just trying to scare people.

Really? Chen Haonian smiled indifferently. His right hand gently raised up in mid air.

Strange light rays appeared from his hand. Mysterious golden lights appeared from within the ground. Resonating with Chen Haonians right hand, the dazzling light scene illuminated the surrounding.

At this moment, it was as if the world had changed color!

What remained was the dazzling golden light!

A golden sword appeared from out of the ground. Without causing any damage to the lawn, it seemed to slowly pierce out from beneath them.

When the Chou family and others saw this, they suddenly sucked in a mouthful of cold air.

Even the rest of four giants were startled. This thing was the Chen familys trump card? They had speculated on the Chen familys strength, but never would they have thought it to be a camouflage artifact!

Camouflage artifact!

It was a terrifying item!

Since the origin ability energy of this item came from the earth, the ones affected wouldnt just be humans and other living creatures, but also non-living things! The central outburst of origin ability energy would be the spot which showed the most powerful effect! Under the influence of origin ability energy, some magical effect would occur.

Such an item was named a camouflage artifact!

Every camouflage artifact would have this terrifying effect! Because there wasnt any condition needed to fulfill before using it, it could produce a terrifying effect under the hands of anyone! Every time a camouflage artifact appeared, the after-effect would be so severe that it led to countless people dying! To subdue a camouflage artifact was a terribly hard feat!

At this moment, Chen Haonian had one with him!

This sword is called Rising Light! Chen Haonian said in an emotional tone. Holding Rising Light in his hand, a touch of gold light flashed.

Holding this Rising Light, pointing it at the Chou family, Chen Haonian smiled sinisterly, Destroying my daughters coming of age ceremony, you all deserve to die!


A chill aura emanated from Chen Haonians body. As if feeling his killing intent, the Rising Light sword also reacted and emitted a very dense amount of golden light.

Chou Feng swallowed his saliva for a bit, looking at the weapon in fear.

This was a so-called legendary camouflage artifact?

It is just an insignificant weapon. In our hands, we have energy weapons too! Chou Feng tried his best to comfort everyone while pointing at the energy weapons in the hands of the killers.

Each one of them also emitting dazzling light. Compared to the Rising Liight sword, they didnt pale in comparison.

Really? Chen Haonian sneered, holding his Rising Light sword high up, Time to end this...

Kill! Chou Feng pointed at Chen Haonian, Kill him! So what if it is a camouflage artifact? With ten people here, I dont believe we cant kill one!


Hearing the command, the ten killers instantly charged!

Dazzling light illuminated the dark sky. Five energy weapons produced such a bright light. In a second, the opponents had run in front of Chen Haonian and directly struck him.

Chen Haonian smiled indifferently. The sword in his hand beautifully floated in midair as he swept it across, leaving no trace behind.


A strange sound.

As the Rising Light sword cut in midair, oh so slowly, space itself had a strange fluctuation. It seemed like at this moment, the space was torn.

As the golden light spread, it swept through the surroundings.

At this moment, the world seemed to be frozen, before instantly snapping back to normal.

The whole courtyard instantly returned to silence, a terrifying quiet.

Ten killers!

All were standing there motionless.

Not moving?

Chou Feng looked at them worriedly, Kill, faster, kill him! You have all received the money, you cant step back now!

These were ten professional variant espers! Not some cabbages growing on the side of the road!

Chen Haonian was just trying to scare him. Yes, he was just trying to scare people, Chou Feng comforted himself. However, at this moment, when he looked forward, his eyes revealed panic.



One by one, the killers fell to the ground.


Ten professional variant espers!

Just like that they were all dead!

And Chen Haonian only swept his sword once...

I already said, it is over, Chen Haonian said in a flat tone. The Rising Light sword in his hand once again slashed down.

Terrified, Chou Feng shouted, No!

Pu ci-

The villa once again returned to silence.