Godly Model Creator Chapter 188

Gmc Chapter 188

Chapter 0188    The real era of origin ability

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws


With a calm gaze, Su Hao took another shot. The supersonic bullet burst out from the sniper rifle. Once again Chou Yans figure stopped abruptly. He then lifted his head and looked towards the tall building.

Su Hao bowed his head and looked down. At this moment, an aiming lens was not needed, he was able to clearly see a figure!

On a 38-story building, Su Hao stood at the buildings rooftop. As for Chou Yan, he was standing in front of that building. While both men stared at each other from over one hundred meters, Su Hao could see that Chou Yans eyes were filled with an endless amount of murderous intent!

His sons bloody revenge must be achieved!

Su Hao sneered, I wanna see how you will come up!


A deafening sound rang out from the ground as Chou Yan used his feet to stomp the ground hard. Before forcefully landing on the windows and climbing on top of them.


Su Hao was shocked. This f*cker was completely like the Hulk! He knew that a professional variant esper was very powerful, but he had never imagined that the power would be at this level!

Chou Yans physical body was completely beyond the limits of any notion.

This meant Chou Yans origin ability talent was definitely extraordinary!



After seeing Chou Yan surge upwards meter by meter. Su Hao took a deep breath, and glanced through the aiming lens, Chen Haonian had not arrived yet.

Something could not have happened to him right?

This guy could not be unprepared right?

In the morning, Su Hao even purposely gave Chen Haonian a warning.

My father-in-law sigh

If you, old man, dont come soon, your daughter is about to become a widow!

Su Hao smiled bitterly as he saw Chou Yan slowly approach with his red eyes. Once again, he lifted the sniper rifle that he was holding in his arms.


One shot!

It was blocked again!

But at this height, the powerful impact pushed Chou Yan a few meters back. The body that had climbed up was once again shot back down.

Chou Yan gave a sneer, and continued his upward charge.

No matter how powerful the impact of the sniper rifle was, it took 5 seconds to reset. As long as he took advantage of the 5 second time gap, he could reach the top very quickly.

Su Haos face was calm. He looked at Chou Yans shadow with a ray of light flashing in his eyes.

According to past experience, professional experts, had completed their fighting techniques.

Model analysis, start!

Character modeling!


Flashes of bright lights caused the surroundings to become illusionary. Su Hao didnt waste any time, and directly chose one of his cards!

Card selection complete. Advanced military fighting technique model analyzing. Model constructing

As the card was constructing, Su Hao didnt slow down. Every 5 seconds, he viciously attacked Chou Yan, who was completely blocking Su Haos bullets. How would he know, unexpectedly, Su Hao actually was using this method to allow his ability to slowly analyze Chou Yan.

If it was any other day that Su Hao used his model analysis against a powerful professional variant esper, he would be slapped to death long ago. But at this moment, in the midst of this dangerous battle, it was surprisingly stable.

If someone was already filled with anger and hatred, would they pay attention to this?

Opportunity and danger will always coexist!

Very soon, the card construction was complete. 

Advanced military fighting technique, obtained!

At this moment, the distance between Chou Yan and the rooftop was less than a few meters!


Su Hao, once again, took another shot and forced Chou Yan to retreat a little. Through the aiming lens, he looked in the distance and immediately had a look of joy displayed on his face.

In the aiming lens, a figure appeared.

Chen Haonian had arrived!

His task was complete, it was now time for him to retreat!

As he was rejoicing, suddenly, a loud boom rang out.

A surge of coldness caused Su Hao to put down his sniper rifle. He shockingly discovered that Chou Yan, whose distance between him and the rooftop was more than 10 meters a second ago, suddenly charged towards the sky. An intense amount of origin ability energy exploded and Chou Yan directly charged towards him.


As he saw a shadow charge upwards like a cannonball, Su Haos facial expression changed. He then made a sideways roll and dodged from his original position.


Chou Yans tremendous body viciously pounded on the rooftop where Su Hao was at a second ago. Instantly the mortar of the rooftop gradually cracked, launching countless pieces of rubble flying everywhere.


As Su Hao was still trying to stand up, he felt that he was locked onto by a cold gaze.

Chou Yans body stood still. Unexpectedly he didnt have any rest at the slightest and continued waving his iron fists directly toward Su Hao. Strange blue rays of light converged on both of his fists, they were full of extraordinary strength.

Such terrifying speed!

Since Su Hao was unable to dodge, he quickly got up and countered instead.


A powerful impact came, and it caused the whole of Su Hao to be blown away.

Chou Yan grinned as he looked at his opponent, the white figure who was less than 10 meters apart. At this point, both of them were on the same rooftop, Su Hao had nowhere to escape!

The white killer what?

Chou Yan laughed crazily, Regardless of the what killer you are, you killed my son. Thats a fact. Today you will die and have no place of burial! If you can reveal the identity of your employer, perhaps, I will give you a comfortable death.

Su Hao wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and stood up.

A comfortable death?


Clearly, this splendid white robe that was worn by Su Hao, caused Chou Yan to believe that Su Hao was just another killer.

Looking at Chou Yans mad appearance, Su Haos hoarse voice reverberated from the rooftop, You will not have your revenge.

Why, do you still have a trump card?

Chou Yan sneered, Id like to see what kind of trump card a beginner variant esper like you could possess?

Trump card?

Su Haos lips raised a smile, quietly took two steps backwards. He then suddenly turned his back and charged. As he charged to the edge of the rooftop, he then made a leap, directly from a few hundred meters above in the sky.


Chou Yan was obviously mad, and crazily charged over, until the edge of the rooftop but eventually had to stop. He looked at the white figure disappearing, which slowly became smaller, and fell towards the ground.

His eyes immediately displayed the look of deep regret and anger. When the killer saw that he was not able to escape, he then resorted to committing suicide!

But how could he forget about this?

However, even if he knew, he also couldnt stop it!

This height, even with his physical fitness, when he jumps down it will become minced meat!

But, he was not able to ask who is the killer of his son.

Chou Yan cursed viciously, immediately turned around and went back. The killer who killed his son definitely had ties with Chen family. Even if the killer committed suicide, then Chen family must be sought out for revenge!

At this moment, what he didnt know, Chen Haonian, had returned.


Chen Yiran looked at Chen Haonian approaching and was shocked.

What happened?

Chen Haonian saw the corpse-filled land and his face had a huge change, Li Qiang didnt protect you. Where is he?

Li Qiang betrayed us! That was not important! A senior rescued us, and he was taken away by the enemy, father you should quickly go and save him! Chen Yiran said concisely.


Chen Haonians pupils shrunk, seeing Chen Yirans nervous face, he quickly suppressed this matter. Such a matter could be discussed at a later time.

Good, which direction are they located at?

Chen Yiran pointed at the direction Chou Yan had ran towards.

Chen Haonian looked afar, took a small investigation device from his pouch. After quickly adjusted its settings, he put it on the ground. The device immediately flew at high speeds.

Destination selected! Origin ability energy fluctuation detected!

Detecting origin ability energy, locking onto origin ability energy! Location determined, image confirmed, road condition and obstructions, none! Live streaming, please wait!


On the device, a screen appeared and an image was displayed.

Impressively it was the scene of that tall building, but at this moment, Chou Yan and a white robed person were at the balcony confronting each other, and it captured the eyes of everyone.

Is is this that senior earlier?

Zhou Wang marveled.

Is it him?

Chen Yiran silently said to herself in her heart.

I will immediately go over to help.

Chen Haonian saw that the situation wasnt good, immediately said this sentence before going to offer his aid. However as he had yet to depart, he saw the white shadow made his move as Chen Yiran exclaimed. That white robed killer, actually from more than a 100 meters above the ground, jumped down!

Everyone was all shocked.

Could it be.this senior had a flying origin ability talent?

Instead no!

That shadow descended from the sky like that, and its speed was getting faster and faster, faster and faster. As Chen Haonian nervously saw this scene, he pointed at the display screen, Lock onto the white shadow.

He saw the display screen shook, and locked onto the shadow of the white robed person, and the vision changed accordingly.

A hundred meters from the sky, it was an instant landing!


The white robe person landed on the ground viciously, splattering into a thousand pieces, and no longer had any breath.


The crowd couldnt believe it as they watched this scene.

Chen Yiran blacked out and immediately fainted.


Chen Haonian quickly held her.

Yue Yings face displayed a look of indignation, she pointed the display screen, Uncle Chen, that Chou Yan is coming back! Kill him! Kill him to take revenge for senior!


Chen Haonians eyes were filled with murderous intent!

It doesnt matter who that white uniform man was, after saving his daughter and everyones lives, he was killed by Chou Yan as a result!

This revenge, must be taken!

With all being said, it was still his fault.

What if he believed the information that the strangers told him this morning? Would this result still have occurred? The strangers information in the morning, was it sent by the white robed man himself?

The biggest deceased, the Chen family owed him too much!


After contacting one of the four giants, Chen Haonian quietly went towards the distance with a gold ray of light flashing in his hands.

Five minutes later.

Chou Yan was dead.

Surrounded by the 4 giants, he had no place to escape and eventually was beheaded by Chen Haonians sword.

He was dead with an incomplete body!

After listening to what Chen Haonian said about the white robed killer, the whole crowd sighed. However, Sun Batians face flashed a strange color, because he clearly remembered, initially, the disclosure of the blue dream butterfly case, was done by this white robed killer!

Could it be that this person, was really a hero?

He wasnt the only one who noticed it. Very quickly, news about the previous white robed person was exposed. The crowd at this moment found out, that all along, the exposure of the blue dream butterfly matter was done by this white robed person!

But this time, the white uniform person silently protected the city!

Even in the origin ability era, everyone has an origin ability talent, but compared to this person, the crowd found out, the gap between the hero and themselves, exactly how far apart they were!

After this battle and the blue dream butterfly matter, this white robed persons act was interpreted as of protecting the city and exposing evil.

Time and time, its the same!

In order to prevent the Chou family from hurting the people of Jianghe City, the white robed person silently appeared again, and protected everyone!

At this moment, the white robed person had became the hero protecting the city.

Its a pity, the only thing that was worth regretting was, that this was how reality worked, and not a hot-blooded comic, eventually, this white robed person had died.

Swiftly after Chou Yans death, the entire Chou family was destroyed!

This big scale attack, also completely ended. The crowd also was sent out from the war preparation area. The furious Jianghe citizens rallied and charged towards the Chou family.

The result speaks for itself.

The Chou family of more than 100 people, none of them escaped!

The Origin Ability Association and the government who were constantly upholding peace and justice, regarding this matter, they both remained silent. Because they were clear about something.

This time, there were a countless number of deaths, many powerful figures children were killed in the battle.

The fury of the Jianghe City needed an outlet!

And the Chou family, was a very good outlet for release.

But in the respective houses, after looking at the traumatized children, the parents didnt comfort them, but instead patted them on the shoulder, Welcome to society, and for experiencing the true origin ability era!

In order to grow, the only way was to have a ceremony of blood.

After this battle, these people, then truly understood why adults always said, wait until you enter society then your worldviews will be completely turned upside down.

This was because this was the real form of the origin ability era!