Godly Model Creator Chapter 189

Gmc Chapter 189

Chapter 0189    There is always a mishap in plans

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

That night quietly went by.

The next day, Jianghe City was in the business as usual.

Early in the morning, people were getting busy with their life. There wasnt even a trace of abnormality.

Nobody knew that in just one night, Jianghe City experienced a bloodbath! They only knew that the big forces in their city began to accept more members and surprisingly the requirements were reduced.

In one of the news report in Jianghe City, there was this being mentioned: Chou Yan from Chou family became a professional variant esper. With their increasing strength, they moved to other cities.

At this moment, somewhere within Jianghe City.

A young man was sitting cross-legged in a deserted small alley. Traces of origin ability energy escaped from his body. Being surrounded by a golden light, his whole person seemed solemn and dignified.

Pu pu~

A blue light flashed by in mid-air. A beautiful butterfly slowly appeared from mid-air. Her translucent blue wings were shining elegantly. What was shocking was in the middle of the wings, there was a figure of a beautiful girl.

Just that this time both her hands were holding a bottle of a drug and with all her might, she had carried it over here while flying.

Hey, Su Hao. Wake up, I brought the drug here.


Su Hao opened his eyes. With a light shined in his eyes, he looked at blue dream butterfly who was struggling to hold the drug bottle, suddenly laughed.

Taking the bottle of drug, he consumed it all.


As the red drug was all consumed, a mysterious energy began to react within his body. Su Haos body started producing a strong heat which caused the surrounding air to distort.

As sweat kept rolling down his forehead, Su Hao was motionless.

After a moment later, only then did Su Hao feel relieved, Indeed worthy to be intermediate body recovery drug. The effect is so strong! However, this intermediate body recovery drug is not something you can find anywhere. Where did you get it from?

Aiya, you dont have to bother with it.

Blue dream butterfly said in a pitying tone, Someone helped you look for it the whole night before manage to find one. I have worked hard and havent slept yet. So forgive me please.


Su Hao rolled his eyes and snappily said, Yesterday, I almost fell to death arent you the one who said with full confidence that there wont be any problem?

How would I know that youre so heavy? Last time, when I carried Sun Yaotian, it was really quite easy.

Blue dream butterfly said in a weak tone.

Su Hao bitterly smiled.

Yesterday his plan was pretty good. Jumping from the rooftop so the blue dream butterfly could take him away before casting the illusion to fake his death.

But the end result

The fake death scene was done pretty well and he, himself, almost died.

Because his physical fitness was so strong, his current weight was much heavier than Sun Yaotian at that time. When the blue dream butterfly grabbed him, both of them fell together.

Although the blue dream butterfly tried her very best to fly upward, however, during landing, he still received in damage in the form of several broken bones.

In desperation, he could only recover himself here while the blue dream butterfly looked for a drug for him to use.

Okay, I wont blame you.

Su Hao helplessly waved his hand. Although she did make a mistake there, this little brat did work hard. Even if there was a mistake, he could only blame himself for not taking this factor into account. He could not really blame it entirely on the blue dream butterfly.

Xi xi.

Seeing him no longer blaming her, she then flew to his shoulder, Alright, continue practicing. I am going to sleep. You played a hero to save your girl and I have to suffer the whole night. Youre terrible!

After saying so, the air had some fluctuation and blue dream butterflys figure disappeared without a trace.

This little brat...

Su Hao helplessly shook his head.

Standing up for some stretching, a loud crack could be heard. His bones had reconnected successfully. This bottle of intermediate body recovery drug was able to cure yesterdays injury completely.

A wave of force burst from his fists.

My physical fitness seemed to have improved. Su Hao calculated a bit.

In this month, regarding his body forging technique training, he did not slack in that department. Also, after all the countless of life and death battles, he didnt know what his current state was at. When he went back, he would measure for a bit. Regarding this, Su Hao felt that it was about the right time to buy self-evaluation software.

The communication device from the natural selection class seemed to have been built with almost every hardware available.

But not much software was installed inside. There were only the schools task store, task system, and the communication system itself. If he wanted to use other software, he could only buy them himself! One of the software he wanted was origin ability assessment software!

The error rate was within a range of 5.

This was a very valuable software. Whether it was a battle or test, it was extremely useful. The reason Su Hao didnt buy this until now was because of one reason, it was too expensive!

500 task points!

After several battles, this assessment software seemed like a necessity for him to buy. Each time, he estimated the strength of the opponent, there would always be room for a marginal error. In a battle, accurate information might change the situation!

This time, I will buy it when I return.

Su Hao smiled indifferently. Then he took out another communication device, In one night, the Chou family must have disappeared then it is about time for me to collect my reward.


The virtual screen popped out!

The familiar task appeared above it.


Target: Chou family members and every killer hired from the Liu Feng Organization

Location: Chen family, floral villa.

Task reward: 

- Chou family ordinary member 10 killing points per head

- Chou family elite subordinate 50 killing points per kill

- Chou family direct descendant 100 killing points per kill

- Chou Yan 1000 killing points worth

- Ordinary killer, 60 killing points per kill

- Professional variant killer, 600 killing points per kill


This was the reward set up by the Piao Ling Organization. The moment when he left from Master Fengs place, Su Hao already saw this news and quickly reacted.

This is the Piao Ling Organization, opposing the task of the Liu Feng Organization.

These two big killer organization, Piao Ling and Liu Feng, both of them were sworn enemies. When they get the news of the Liu Feng Organization accepting a task from the Chou family, the Piao Ling Organization quickly released this task. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, not many killers from the Piao Ling Organization resided in Jianghe City. Even those in Jianghe City did not dare to involve themselves in this messy situation.

In the end, the only one who participated was Su Hao alone.

The task information had allowed Su Hao to analyze the task completely.

The following day, he quickly made a series of plans.

From notifying Chen Haonian to investigating the building structures near the Chen family villa to finding the best spot for sniping

Everything was carried out in an orderly manner. Excluding the last part which was him almost falling to death, it could be considered perfect.

Killing points...

Su Hao had a quick look at the note. It was pretty similar to the task point in the natural selection class. Just that the higher the reward, the bloodier it would become.

Yesterday, he had killed a dozen of them. This should be considered as having completed his task.

Just that, how did this thing detect when it was done or not?

Su Hao opened the right option of the task list and selected the task system. This was the special software made by the Piao Ling Organization. As long as you activated it before doing the task and then submitted your completion after you were done.

Yesterday before the battle, he had already activated it.

But how did this software obtain data, he was not quite sure.

Ding ding!

Su Hao hit the red button to submit the completion of the task. The screen refreshed and information about the task appeared in front of him.


Submitting, please wait.

The task information is submitted.

Analyzing information.

Task assessment.

Task assessment done!


Ding - Hello, Dao Ba. Welcome to the system of the Piao Ling Organization. Please input your code name which will be used during your time with the Piao Ling Organization. Note: Your personal information has been verified. After you enter your code name, your personal information will then be completely hidden.

Do I have to choose Dao Ba as my code name?


Su Hao had a look at the clothes he was wearing and then shook his head, My code name will be Bai Yi. (White Cloth)

Code name is registered. Personal information successfully hidden!


A sound rang out before the information on the screen refreshed again.

Hello, Bai Yi. After confirming your results, during the task, you killed: 16 ordinary members of the Chou family, 10 elite subordinates, 1 direct descendant and the Chou family's leader, Chou Yan. Your current amount of killing points are: 1760 points.

1760 points?

Su Hao frowned, This is much easier to obtain than task points.

Su Hao was very calm. Just that, if this is heard by the other killers from the Piao Ling Organization, they would be angered to death!

1760 points!

This was worth a few months of difficult rookie killer tasks!

Only God knew that they might even accept a task which would require a countless number of days to complete and yet only obtain 300 points sometimes.

As for Su Haos situation, it wasnt something which they could copy. He had the Jianghe Citys geniuses to drag this Chou Hen around and also Chen Haonian who came at the last moment for him.

He hid, himself, in the darkness with his ultra long range sniper rifle. Killing each target with one shot in a cool fashion. In just one night, obtaining 1760 points. Not to mention, he was the only killer who fired countless shots at Chou Yan. That was why Chou Yans death was considered his effort too.

Piao Ling Organization...

Su Hao pondered. The reason why he kept Dao Bas communication device was to prevent this kind of incident. As for the reward from killing, he had never really thought about it.

Looking at these 1760 killing points, Su Haos mind moved. In the Piao Ling Organization, what kind of good stuff could he get?