Godly Model Creator Chapter 19

Gmc Chapter 19

Chapter 0019 Heaven will reward the diligent!

I lost.

Su Hao bitterly gave up while watching Chen Yifeng. You indeed live up to your fame as the legendary senior. This junior here is willing to step down gracefully.

That is of course. Chen Yifeng, with his indifferent tone, sounded like a great scholar.

Chen Yiran then coldly interrupted their chat, Using advanced police fighting techniques to bully your junior, do you even have any face?

Chen Yifengs face suddenly went stiff after hearing her comment. He could only bitterly smiled at Su Hao, You see, this is the reason why I am reluctant to have a duel with you. When I win, I will be blamed for bullying, but if I lose, I do not even know where to hide my face.

Chen Yiran stared at him for a second before she shifted her gaze at Su Hao. With a hint of worry she voiced out, Beginner police fighting techniques already caused a ton of stress on your current body condition. I know your martial arts talent is extremely high, but please dont keep testing your limit. From intermediate police fighting techniques onwards, each step requires a very high requirement of your body condition!

Yes. Chen Yifeng nodded. You may not know, but the golden ratio for the combat method and physical fitness should be 1:1. Forced cultivation would only bring permanent damage to your body instead.


Su Hao realised the problem. Currently, his physical fitness and fighting techniques are maintained at 150 points. It seems that when he was practising police fighting techniques earlier, his physical fitness was forcibly promoted, and precisely because of this, he fainted at the park. If Chen Yirans didnt react quickly and fed him a recovery drug, he would have been long gone.

Police fighting techniques, beginner 50 points, intermediate 70 points, advanced 100 points. Thus, if you want to learn intermediate, at least make sure your physical fitness reaches 170 points! Chen Yiran warned.

Your current direction is wrong. Chen Yifeng frowned. Fighting techniques are only auxiliary; developing your own origin ability is the right path! Beginner police fighting techniques is the standard for regular college students. Even though learning military fighting techniques will give you 300 points, upgrading your ability is much more efficient and useful!


Su Hao nodded, but in his heart, he could only bitterly smile. All these points, how could he not know about them? But this fighting technique which is worth 300 points was the only hope he has to enrol in Zhanzheng college!

Noticing Chen Yifeng had blindly hurt Su Haos feelings without noticing, Chen Yiran quickly switched to another topic, Brother, you still havent told me how you found me?

This, Yiran and also brother-in-lawowh, wrong. I mean Su Hao, this big brother here still has stuff to do. So, I have to go first. Chen Yifeng was in a tight spot and he didnt wait any response. Instead, he quickly ran back to his sports car and drove off in a blink of an eye.

Su Hao laughed at his actions. This legendary senior, really not even one bit of impressiveness.

He.always acts like that. This is why many people like him. Chen Yiran smiled and shook her head. This prideful girl was showing a face full of pride not because of herself, but for her brother.

Su Hao was envious of him. He did not know when his own sister be proud of this brother?

You dont have to be in a rush. Chen Yiran looked at him, The first mock test, there are still many days left. Plus, your improvement is definitely much faster than the students in natural selection class.


Su Hao nodded silently.

Coming back from the park, Su Hao didnt go back to his school. Instead, he directly went back home.

He had too many things to be done.

In his own room, Su Hao was examining the gray card in his mind.

Sure enough, with all his origin ability power added, it was only sufficient to light up a small portion of the card. It was basically the same as the one situation he faced with advanced origin ability cultivation card.

The consumption rate was becoming higher and higher!

Last time when he was learning beginner police fighting techniques, even with Liu Zhenlong personally teaching him, it still consumed a huge amount of his ability power! As for intermediate police fighting techniques, it will definitely be several times more than beginner.

As for the advanced..it will definitely be more terrifying!

If advanced police fighting techniques was already at such terrifying levels, then.military fighting techniques? According to the current recovery rate, even a years duration might not be enough for him to master it.

After his analysis, Su Hao temporarily placed this issue aside.

Including the cultivation card, he already had two cards available. Thus, his current goal was very simple, which is to find the third advanced card!

The next few days, Su Hao went back to his usual school life.

His daily routine was very simple. Everyday he would get up early to the park to practice, chat with Chen Yiran, attend classes and come back home from school. These activities seemed to be like a mundane everyday life.

But only God knew that Su Hao would start analysing anyone which he felt was strong. He would then establish a model of the person and began to slowly analysing each ability.

More than 10 days had passed but there was no harvest at all!

From origin ability of 5 till 9, Su Hao had already done analysis of each and every person. Each of them only had the basic fighting techniques card which only separated from each other by the level rank, beginner, intermediate and advanced.

It seemed that everyone was concentrating on their own origin ability and only learned fighting technique as an auxiliary route! After all, fighting techniques were capped at 400 points, while origin ability had no limit.

This route was definitely more efficient, fast, and powerful!

Under the heaven, Su Hao had came across all sorts of magical origin ability names. From the lowest rank of smelling or cooking abilities to the highest rank element control, he had seen them all before. Indeed there was nothing which could make him surprised anymore.

The impact of origin ability, there were 4 affected areas.

Physical fitness? He could only see.

Fighting skills? He had already put so much effort into it that he had even surpassed Chen Yiran. Plus, he had the advanced police fighting techniques card ready to be deployed.

Theoretical basis? His 180 points on theoretical basis easily left the others in the dust.

Ability index? The only thing which he could improve which is the cultivation card he had already prepared. As for each persons origin ability talent, he was not capable to build a model of it.

Thus, from Su Haos calculation, he was caught in the tangle of these four areas and was unable to escape!

Sometimes, Su Hao himself did not know what he is waiting for or looking forward to.

Or perhaps, the so-called legend which he had learned.

Human fighting technique limits, 400 points!

But is that really the case?

Su Hao clearly remembered that he had seen at the bottom of the fighting technique column, there was a small line of printing. If someone achieved more than 400 points, they will be reassigned into ability index.

What does this mean? This means that fighting techniques can definitely be more than 400 points!

Not only fighting techniques, even physical fitness which is over 400 points, could also contribute into ability index.

It is very easy to comprehend physical fitness.

In case someones ability increases their physical fitness, something like the power of superman, with more than 400 points in physical fitness. This is of course something that needs to be considered.

Fighting techniques were similar. Once someone uses their ability to break the 400 points barrier, they will be able to increase their fighting skill. When that happens, of course their origin ability will increase too.

So, besides using origin ability?

Su Hao vaguely remembered that he had seen in some random book which was about the old Chinese civilization. In the book, it stated there is an origin ability which was called internal force!

As for the moves of internal force, they are called martial art moves!

Once you are able to display them, with your empty hands you could flatten mountains and walk above snow without any trace. However later on it was now known why but this knowledge was gradually lost, as if it were being eaten by time. Luckily, with the emergence of origin ability, martial arts once again demonstrated its power!

Legend has said that those with hundreds of thousands of ability index, they do not rely completely on their own origin ability but also these mysterious martial art moves!

As for practising these martial art moves, the minimum requirement is to completely master the three ranks of fighting techniques!

Thus, Su Hao wanted to look at the students and teachers in the school to see whether there is anyone who had mastered martial arts moves. If possible he can have a look at it, and while at it, he could then establish a martial arts moves card model in his mind.

Unfortunately, he was disappointed!

If until exam and he could not find it, Su Hao would then be forced to give up. He could only cultivate these two cards and give up on the third one.

But he was really unwilling!

A bottle of three million star dollars worth black market beginner body strengthening drugs, 35 bottles berserk beginner origin ability recovery drugs; this kind of opportunity was definitely a golden one and came once in a lifetime.

Only three days left before the exams begin.

Su Hao made up his mind. I will wait until the final day. If I still havent found it, I will really have to give up.

The three days countdown began!

All the students were concentrating on cultivating as hard as they could. They only had one goal in their mind, which was to enter the natural selection class! To increase the chances to enrol into Zhanzheng college!

Besides searching for the card, the remaining time was used by Su Hao to cram all the knowledge in theory in his brain.

Heaven will reward those who are diligent!

Theoretical basis with full score of 200 points, he was fighting for the remaining 20 points!