Godly Model Creator Chapter 191

Gmc Chapter 191

Chapter 0191    Battle bet

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Three days passed in the blink of an eye.

After practicing for a few days, Su Ling had a quick improvement after being personally taught by Su Hao, allowing her to maintain a perfect condition for the midterm exam.

And meanwhile, Su Hao was only madly training!

In fact, since his mastery of the body forging technique and the stimulation of various life and death situation, he had already improved by a large quantity. At least, when compared to the ordinary training pace. Coupled with the effect of the body forging drug, in just two and a half days, he actually achieved the point of success! If he was right, his physical fitness had perfectly reached the maximum 400 points!

Physical fitness is all about forging your body.

Besides training the body forging technique to forge one's body, there were also battles and other hardships. That was why his progress was able to increase so rapidly in one month.

400 points is the limit of the human body!

When he reached this step, Su Hao felt a burst of noise in his mind. His whole body had this sort of wonderful feeling. It was as if his body had become agile at this moment. The feeling he felt in this world was totally different! From head to toe, his body was filled with brimming power.

He had this faint feeling that a punch of his could destroy a house!

Whether it was an illusion from the strength improvement or his real power, this feeling really made Su Hao feel incredible. This is because, in the past, he had never experienced such feelings before.

And the moment when his body forging technique was completed, it was as if he received a revelation from God.

The limit of ones body, it is something unimaginable!

Since he had completed his body forging technique, there would not be any effect even if he kept training. That was why it was the right time now for Su Hao to move his concentration on to advanced military fighting technique. After establishing the card the other day, during these few days of training, he did read the card. Since he had mastered origin ability refinement and origin ability control, the consumption of his energy had been greatly reduced!

This was because if it was the previous him, the level of this card would require at least half a month's worth of origin ability energy.


Under the influence of the body forging drug, his body was in a very magical state.

He began to be extra sensitive to the energy within his body and also the state of his body too. Thus, when he trained advanced military fighting technique, Su Hao went into the zone, a mysterious state.

It seemed like at every moment, during training, he was super clear about every action he made.

Every time he made a punch, he could feel his own strength.

Chou Yans battle experience was imprinted in his brain. Under the analysis of his ability, he completely absorbed it into his brain. This formed a strange state, where Su Hao took the opportunity to display each move. Coupled with Su Haos solid knowledge in fighting techniques, he just spent a full day to have a full grasp of this card!


Su Hao punched out with all his might in mid-air and produced a grunting sound.

In the air, you could clearly see a strong fist of wind being bombarded out, knocking over a cup about one meter away.

Su Hao was satisfied with his punch.

Just a single move and such power was produced. If he really hit someone with it, even if the target wasnt dead, he would be seriously injured!

The maximum points in fighting technique and physical fitness caused Su Hao to fear no one!

Body forging technique, 100 points, training completed! Previously 50 points, there was now an additional 50 points!

Advanced military fighting technique, 100 points. Including 70 points from intermediate military fighting technique, there was still an additional 30 points. When he just entered the natural selection class, due to his proficiency in fighting techniques, that added an additional 10 points in his fighting techniques. Thus, it was actually a 20 point increment to be exact.

When all the points were summed up and compared to the previous him, he had increased a total of 70 points!

Su Hao smiled indifferently. Reassessing himself, since his previous origin ability was 14.9 points, his current points would be 15.6!

Maybe its the time to go back now.

Su Hao murmured.

A few days of training had allowed him to improve his strength, but he missed the time for the battle of honor. However, with his current maxed out physical fitness and fighting technique, at least he had the ability to protect himself. This also meant that he could rest assured when stepping into the path of origin ability!

A sniper rifle was obviously very effective during low-level tasks.

However, it was only against humans. As for those berserk beasts, perhaps even the bullets would not penetrate their fur. This point was clearly shown on Chou Yans body.

Firearms were totally ineffective!

If a specialized variant esper was already this powerful, what about a professional variant esper then?

Su Haos eyes lit up.

What is the exact potential of this mutated model analysis?

He was looking forward to it!

Jianghe City, Natural Selection Class Campus.

The battle of honor had already passed several days ago. However, nobody dispersed from the school campus.

The competition between the repeaters and freshmen was getting tenser.

October 1st, the freshmen made a counterattack and even broke the record of the previous battle of honor. This really made the repeaters feel embarrassed. After all, during their time, when repeaters were getting beaten, it wasnt as tragic as it currently was. In the first battle of honor, they had to pay the price of 22 points! Thus, this time, the repeaters swore to claim back the embarrassment.

And the previous battle of honor, Su Haos performance had attracted the most attention.

Thus, this time if the repeaters saw Su Hao, they would quickly get away from him or attack with a number advantage to kill him! Fang Lin was also looking forward to another fight with this man who was the only one who could injure him.

However, during the battle of honor, something unexpected happened!

Su Hao was absent!

He actually didnt participate!

The battle of honor was almost like the best chance to collect task points. For this one day event, even Fang Lin himself was not absent, yet Su Hao dared to be absent? The repeaters, who were brimming with confidence and fiery hot blood, had almost splurted out blood.

However, since Su Hao didnt come, wouldnt they be able to obtain more points?

Every repeater thought so.

However, when the battle of honor started, they quickly put this idea aside.

Zhou Wangs super talent, once again, had a huge improvement. His origin ability reached 16 points, full of strength. Chen Yiran followed from behind, her origin ability directly jumped from 12 points to 15! Bai Lingfeng and the others also were unwilling to be left behind and had some breakthroughs too.

The gap of strength between the repeaters and freshmen began to lessen.

And the most amazing thing was these students were all covered with killing intent!

Killing decisively!

Only a few people knew that they had undergone a blood baptism and entered a new stage where they were no longer the same as the previous them.

Thus, this time, the repeaters lost a total of 30 points!

Although they still won in the end, that did not make them happy. Based on such progression, perhaps it would not be long before the freshmen achieved their first victory!

For a time, the campus atmosphere was filled with competitiveness.

At this time, Su Hao finally returned.

Huh, isnt that Su Hao?

Damn, its really him!

This brat didnt even participate in the battle of honor. Whats the point of him returning now?

Dont know. Look, that Guan Yuanzhong is there. I think a good show is happening soon.

Su Hao just came in and already felt the atmosphere wasnt right.

Many people were whispering. Since his physical fitness had achieved the perfect score, what improved was not just his raw power, but his overall senses too. It was just that he was too lazy to pay attention to these people.


A burly figure blocked his path in front. Su Hao had a look, it was really Guan Yuanzhong!

During the first battle of honor, he was the one who had been played by Wang Lian and killed by Su Hao. Not to forget, Su Haos beginner military fighting technique was obtained from him.

Need something?

Su Hao frowned.


Guan Yuanzhong laughed, Su Hao, do you dare spar with me?

Su Haos eyes suddenly squinted, A challenge?


Guan Yuanzhong looked at him coldly, I respect you as the top student of freshmen. Do you dare to accept my challenge?

Guan Yuanzhongs anger was huge.

He had confronted Su Hao twice.

The first time, he saw victory in front of him but was tricked by someone who pretended to be from the same side and then was killed by Su Hao.

The second time, due to his defeat in the battle of honor, he had to vent his anger and found trouble with Sun Yaotian. The result, Su Hao stepped forward and provoked the freshmen, who failed in the battle of honor just a moment ago, to be mad and willing to confront him.

Every time, it would always be this petty trick which made him mad in anger.

It was alright to say his mind was simple or even stupid, he didnt mind. After all, since birth, he didnt like things which relied on his brain. Relying on ones own personal origin ability talent, confronting head-on with their fists is what he worshipped. Thus, that was why he was forcing Su Hao into a direct confrontation. Without anyone to help him, let us see how Su Hao is going to win!

Su Hao waved his hand boringly, Not interested.

Guan Yuanzhong grinned evilly, Did I ask you whether youre interested or not? I just want to challenge you! If you agree, that would be great. If not, I will use the means of bullying freshmen to fight you!

Su Hao was dumbfounded.

This guy was dealing with him like Sun Yaotian!

Last time, when he confronted Sun Yaotian, was it not the same move too? A direct confrontation. However, this time, he was facing against Su Hao.

You still have task points?

Su Hao looked at him casually.

I have!

Guan Yuanzhong activated his virtual screen, while not really understanding his meaning, 700 task points left.


Su Hao smiled indifferently, I will play with you. If you win, I will give you 700 task points. If you lose, then these 700 points will belong to me!

A battle bet?

Guan Yuanzhong laughed out loud, Great! I agree!

Su Hao actually want to do a battle bet with him?

This guys brain was too funny!

How did Su Hao win in their previous confrontations, he himself was clear of it.

Had Su Hao become delusional from the advantages he had in their previous confrontations? Talking about combat effectiveness, even with Su Hao and Wang Lian teamed up together, he could still beat them with one hand!

If someone was giving him free task points, why would he not take them?