Godly Model Creator Chapter 192

Gmc Chapter 192

Chapter 0192    2/8 principle

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The eyes of the surrounding students lit up.

More excitement to watch!

Su Hao and Guan Yuanzhong, this was definitely a clash on the heavyweight level.

Naturally, Guan Yuanzhongs abilities did not need further description. Last month, his origin ability had already reached 15 points. At this point in time, it was estimated that he was close to reaching 16 points.

But as for Su Hao?

When he entered the school in September, his origin ability was at 12 points. In Octobers battle of glory, he was still at 12 points. It seemed that the rumors were real. He had reached a bottleneck.

From now on, it would be very difficult for him to increase his origin ability level!

Although a month ago, Su Hao had purchased the body forging technique but so what?

The Body forging technique would at least take three months. In the worse scenario, it would take more than six months. This technique required long term training before it became of some use. Even if Su Hao worked very hard in this one month, he would probably only be able to train a part of it. At the most his origin ability would increase by 0.5, if that was the case, his origin ability would only be 12.5 points.

The gap between him and Guan Yuanzhong would be a full 3 points!

Such a huge difference!

As they thought of this, the crowd sighed.

After being here for two months, Luo Nan had been gradually left behind by the crowd even though he used to be in first place. Additionally, according to the schools principle law of 2/8 sprinting, such a gap would only grow bigger and bigger!

This so called 2/8 sprinting principle law was the result of the research by natural selection classs Tian Jiaohui.

According to this principle law, in tenth months, the first two months of increment followed by the next eight months, were actually extraordinarily close! Most of the time, it applied to every student with a stable condition.

The results of the first two months basically represented the results for the following eight months.

Of course, this excluded any chance encounters and various uncontrollable external factors. According to calculations, more than 90% of people will observe this principle law.

If Su Hao still did not gain any increments in the first two months, he would really be left far behind by a horrifying amount.

Guan Yuanzhong also saw this point. As such, he was not afraid of offending Su Hao. So what if you had powerful abilities? To these type of people who did not have a future, what was there to be envious about!

Tonight, I will see you at the martial art building!

Guan Yuanzhong ridiculed Luo Nan and said, At that time, you better not act like how you did during the battle of honor, being so scared that you dont dare to come.

At night?

Su Hao slightly shook his head. Student Guan, I dont have any obligations to accompany you tonight. If you want to fight, lets do it now. I dont wish to waste too much time with you.


Guan Yuanzhong was stunned.

Where was this?

This was the school entrance!

Which idiot would dare to cause trouble here!

However, after further thoughts, he understood. I know, heh heh, you are afraid that I would destroy you, that is why this is a good place to ask for help right? Right! Killing in the school is banned. It would be different if its in the schooltsk tsk, dont worry, I wont kill you here.


Su Hao helplessly shook his head, where does this guy get his baffling confidence from?

Since you are looking to die now, let me fulfill your wish! Guan Yuanzhong sinisterly said. 

The muscles on his whole body expanded. Once again, origin ability energy filled his whole body. From the top to the bottom of his body, he was filled with a sense of power. His whole person was like a giant. When compared to Su Hao, who was as light as the wind, they were like completely different people.

Go and die!


Guan Yuanzhong viciously threw down a punch.

A powerful gust of wind appeared. The surrounding crowd could even hear it. With his huge fists, he viciously aimed at Su Haos chest and attacked. The crowd was tense as they watched.

Such power!

Wow! This powerthis guy is on the precipice of reaching the 16 mark.

Yeah, Su Hao is in trouble this time.

Its too horrific, just the surrounding powerful winds are already near my power level, exactly how powerful are those fists?

In the eyes of the crowd, Su Hao seemed to be scared silly as he did not have any reaction at all.


A punch landed but no cry rang out.

The crowd looked once again and were shocked. They could not believe the scene before their eyes.

Guan Yuanzhongs horrifying fists were blocked by a plain hand right before him. It was simple and without any fancy moves.

However, due to this hand, Guan Yuanzhongs fist had been completely stopped and he was unable to move.


Guan Yuanzhongs face turned red as if he was suffocated. He mustered all the strength of his right hand and forcefully pushed downward. Above his right arm, the blue veins of his arm were exposed. It was as if those blue veins on his arms was an intertwined worm, it was very aghast.

Compared to Su Haos calmness, it was a sharp contrast!

However, no matter how much strength he used, he was not able to move even an inch.

As I said before, I dont have the time to play with you.

Su Hao sneered and his right hand viciously pinched down.

Ka cha!


Guan Yuanzhongs face twisted as he let out a cry. Just like that, his right arm was crippled by Su Hao. The fingers of his right hand were completely displaced and they were horrifyingly twisted as fresh blood spilled over.


Su Hao then followed this up his leg and viciously kicked out.


Guan Yuanzhongs huge body fell to the ground.

Su Hao walked over and pressed Guan Yuanzhongs communication device. He transferred 700 task points to himself before he smacked Guan Yuanzhongs face. Dont keep screaming. If I were you, at this moment, I would go to a medical facility. Otherwise, if this hand is crippled, I wont help you.

After he finished his words, Su Hao indifferently left.

Guan Yuanzhongs whole body was in pain but soon he regained his clear mind.

He stood up with difficulty and he walked towards the medical facility in embarrassment. It was like what Su Hao had said, if he did not get medical treatment in time, his arm really would be crippled!

This is Su Hao...

Guan Yuanzhongs eyes flashed a look full of resentment but it was just resentment. Deep within his heart, he was a little fearful. It only took one movenonot even one move. Su Hao had only casually acted and he was completely defeated.

Was that really Su Hao, who had an origin ability of 12 points?

Bafflingly, Guan Yuanzhong felt a deep fear toward him!

He even decided that after completing the next task, he must buy some origin ability assessment software no matter how expensive it was! Because in this world, the scariest thing would always be those who hid their own abilities from others.

After Su Hao left, Guan Yuanzhong also left.

The crowd looked at each other.

This result, was out of their expectationsbecause it was inconceivable!

Guan Yuanzhong losing was a considered outcome.

Although the possibilities were low but in accordance with the precedence set by Su Haos past battles, it was not impossible for him to leapfrog levels and beat someone stronger than him. However, in this engagement, it was completely beyond everyones expectations.

Instant kill!

Even if it could not really be counted as an instant kill, it was a still a complete destruction and a one-sided humiliation!

The current Su Hao, how strong was he exactly?

Among the crowd, there was a youth. After he looked at this scene, he displayed an indifferent smile. His face even revealed an interested look.

Beside him, a bunch of slightly immature students said in astonishment, Guan Yuanzhong couldnt even receive his one move. Brother Yi, this Su Hao, how strong is he exactly?

The youth who was called Brother Yi smiled indifferently. He looked at the data displayed on the screen.

Target origin ability assessment complete, target assessment: Su Hao, theoretical foundation 190 points, fighting techniques 400 points, physical fitness 400 points, ability index 570 points, total 1560 points, standard origin ability: 15.6!

15.6 ah

The youths eyes flashed a slight ray of light. In two months time, his origin ability has increased by 3.7 points such speed Zhou Wang and Chen Yiran also increased by 4.0, and those freshmen who increased 3.0 and above this generation of geniuses, are surprisingly many! It looks like me and Fang Lin have to work harder.

Natural selection class campus, the theoretical foundation lesson just ended.

Chen Yiran walked out of the classroom. Her eyes were chilly. After that battle, it was as if she had matured a lot. Her whole person also had a special flavor compared to the past and she was now much more attractive.

Many students peeked at her.

Ever since her return from the battle of honor, it seemed that Chen Yiran had changed.

Although the Chen Yiran of the past was cold, it was merely on the surface. However, this time, even if others looked at her, they would feel a chill that came from her heart. Sometimes, as people walked past her, they could felt the coldness from her whole body.

Icy cold!

Was this because of her origin ability talent?

The crowd silently guessed.

However, it has to be said that people can sometimes be quite lowly.

After Chen Yirans whole person went through a major change, in just a moment, she had been promoted from being the school flower of the past into the ice queen goddess in their eyes!

And to a certain person, Chen Yirans transformation caused his lust for her to be even more irresistible.


Sun Yaotian appeared with a bunch of fresh flowers in his hands and he affectionately said, Yiran, the familys decision, you probably already know. This was my suggestion to my father. Because I feel that I didnt want this type of feelings. Only through genuine pursuit can you feel my sincerity.

It cannot be!

The crowd was speechless for a moment, this guy was at it again?

Didnt Chen Yiran reject him many times in the past? How many fresh flowers were fed to the bin! From the past till present, no one had such stubbornness!

Just as the crowd had no strength to complain, they were astonished when they saw Chen Yiran actually accept this bunch of fresh flowers.


Was it true or false?

She accepted it?

This type of person could also be wanted?

The crowd was astonished. The characteristics that Sun Yaotian possessed, everyone knew clearly. Could it be that just by being thick skinned could also attract others even as someone who did not have anything good from top to bottom?

Sun Yaotian gulped. He was pleasantly surprised when he saw that Chen Yiran had accepted the bunch of fresh flowers. His heart was excited for a moment and he trippingly imaginedcould it be that Chen YiRan was finally touched by him?

As he was imagining things, a strange noise rang out.

Ka cha!

Ka cha!

As the crowd looked on, they immediately found out to their horror that the bunch of fresh flowers was inexplicably frozen in Chen Yirans hands. The terrifying ice began to spread upwards from the bouquet.

Very quickly, a perfect bunch of red roses was frozen to blue.

Underneath the sunlight, the red and blue colors mixed. It was crystal clear and very beautiful.

However, as the cold spread from the bouquet, Sun Yaotian to subconsciously took a step backward. With some awkwardness he smiled and said, That Yiran, are you blaming me for not being there on that day? After your birthday, I went to drink, I really didnt know what happened later. Otherwise, I surely would have been in front of you to protect you, really!