Godly Model Creator Chapter 193

Gmc Chapter 193

Chapter 0193    Being refused till the end

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Nora.

Sun Yaotian explained with a lingering fear.

Who the hell would know!

That night, after he was angered by Su Hao, he went straight to the Golden Nightclub and found a girl to vent his anger. Never would he have expected that the next day he woke up, everything would have changed! Sun Batian was worried for a long time and then found him in one of the rooms in the nightclub. Sun Batian almost crippled him on the spot!

However, after Sun Yaotian heard about the incident that had happened last night, he felt a lingering fear.

So many people had died.

With his subpar standards, could he have survived?

He could not say for sure!

If he was dead, then it would be a great loss. Without a hint of embarrassment, he instead felt lucky.

Just that, in front of Chen Yiran, he naturally had to say a different version.


Two soft sounds broke his thoughts.

The ice-like bouquet instantly floated in mid-air.

Countless ice crystals that were like petals floated in front of Chen Yiran. Under the reflection of the sunlight, a beautiful blue light was revealed. A bouquet of flowers, ninety-nine roses formed countless ice crystal petals that floated in mid-air. At this moment, Chen Yiran gently waved her hand and those petals began to move.

Countless ice crystal petals grouped together like a torrent and rushed forward!

It was full of killing intent!


Sun Yaotians face changed.

His figure instantly retreated. With the activation of his origin ability, he covered himself with the iron element to withstand the attack. The iron surface had a thickness of one centimeter.

Sun Yaotian squatted down to the ground and let those petals hit him.

Dingding dangdang!

A metallic impact continued to ring.

When these frozen petals completely shattered, Sun Yaotians whole body was covered with all sorts of iron pitholes. This clearly showed the strength of the ice crystal.


As the iron element on his body vanished, Sun Yaotian swallowed a bit of his saliva. He looked at Chen Yiran in front of him. You cant be serious right?

Because of the relationship between them, no matter how much Chen Yiran hated him, she never had the intention to kill him. But never did he expect, yesterday just

Today, Chen Yiran almost killed him!

This is the first warning.

Chen Yiran faintly spoke as her cold killing intent locked onto Sun Yaotian. Yiran is not a name you can call. If I hear you call me that again, Im going to kill you.


Everyone sucked in a mouthful of cold air. Chen Yiran was really serious!

Exactly what had happened?

Chen Yiran looked at Sun Yaotian, who was a bit horrified. She shook her head and turned away. Her expression was a bit sadSu Hao, are you having a good time over there?

Every time she thought of that days scene, she would wake up with a nightmare.

That white figure had jumped down just like that from a height of hundreds of meters, that figure also made her heart fall all along! Others might not know it but she clearly knew who that person wasit was Su Hao!

That few words on the virtual screen seemed to be his last words.

The next day when she woke up, she cried for a long time.

She hoped that this, more than anything else, was all just a dream.

Her coming of age ceremony, she received the most romantic gift. Never had she expected to lose her most important person after the end of the party.

How she wished to receive a message when she woke up that day.

I miss you, my Su Hao.

Fool, I will quickly regain myself and then take good care of Ling Er and aunty! Chen Yiran sadly thought of this. However, at this time, a loud voice came from behind.

Huh, isnt that Su Hao?

Chen Yirans leaving figure suddenly turned stiff. Her whole body was startled as she was stunned on the spot.

Su Hao?!

Chen Yiran turned her head in disbelief. She was shocked to find a figure walking toward her, plain and calm.

Its him

Hes still alive!


Countless ice crystals shined. A cold light flashed from the crowd as a figure passed by. Chen Yiran had already arrived in front of Su Hao and stared at him in disbelief.


Su Hao was shocked.

He had just entered and suddenly saw Chen Yiran rush to him in madness. He felt that the situation here was not really right. What had happened exactly?


Without she even finished her words, Chen Yiran suddenly hugged him. That hot temperature let him feel a bit warm and also some disbelief.

After he hesitated for a moment, he still patted Chen Yirans back and hugged her with a hand.

The surrounding crowd was quiet. Nobody dared to speak.

For a long time.

Chen Yiran looked up. Su Hao wiped away the tears on her eyes and gently asked, What happen?

Chen Yiran bit her lips. That day, that person was you?


Su Hao nodded. From the moment he shot, he already knew that he could not hide it from Chen Yiran. That was why he admitted it.


Chen Yiran hit his body fiercely while she sobbed. Who asked you to save me! Who let you jump off that floor! Why didnt you send me a message! Youre clearly alive, I thought you...

Su Hao bitterly smiled and instantly understood the situation here.

The scene on that day, they actually saw it all?

Since they were separated so far, that was why he felt safe to jump. Never did he expect that Chen Yiran would witness it too and would even think that he was dead. That illusion was used to deceive Chou Yan. Never did he expect it to trick them too.

Im just worried about bringing you any trouble.

Su Hao bitterly smiled. Wasnt it because of this that both of them had not been in contact for quite some time?

I know.

Chen Yiran whispered.

Biting her lips, Chen Yirans face was a bit rosy. As if she had made a decision, she suddenly raised her head. While Su Hao was still shocked, she held him and kissed his lips.


Su Hao opened his eyes wide as he looked at Chen Yiran, who clung on him tightly.

His mind became totally blank!


Brother actually got a kiss stolen?

As he looked at Chen Yiran who hugged him tight with her inexperience kiss, he felt it was funny. Her lips were in contact with his but she was clueless of the next step. He hugged her in a comfortable way and both of their bodies became close as they shared a passionate kissing moment.

Su Hao directly used his tongue to pry open Chen Yirans mouth and explored around. Chen Yiran had never experienced such a thing before so her eyes became wide open. She subconsciously wanted to retreat but was hugged tightly by Su Hao. After she struggled for a few times and failed, she gave up and closed her eyes.

What was this joke?

After you kissed me, you want to run away?

The surrounding crowd was dumbfounded.

WTF - was this the ice snow goddess from two days ago? Furthermore, she was even the one who took the initiative to kiss. Everyone felt that their view on this world had changed.

Were they living in the same world?

If they pursued a girl in the same manner, there would always be one who had it on easy mode. Not only that, he would have cheats activated too. As for them, they felt as if they were playing purgatory mode?

The kiss lasted for several minutes.

It was a long duration.

Su Hao then let off Chen Yiran who was about to be breathless. That red rosy look of hers really made him feel blissful. Despite this, he quickly thought of their identities and asked with some worries, Wont this bring you any trouble?

Chen Yiran shook her head and laid on the arms of Su Hao.

It has been canceled.


Su Hao looked at her puzzledly. What is canceled?

That contract.

Chen Yiran sweetly said.

You mean... Su Hao was a little surprised, You mean...


Chen Yiran nodded her rosy face. Because of Sun Yaotians performance that day, he got caught red-handed in Golden Nightclub while everyone was in a life and death situation. Thus, he basically received the outrage from the public. Even mum was unable to withstand this. So, yesterday both Chen and Sun family nullified the contract.


Su Hao sneered and said, This guy, he really couldnt change his habits.

Chen Yiran hugged him comfortably and did not want to say anything more. All she wanted was to enjoy this rare happiness.

But returning back to the real topic...

Su Hao pretended to look at her in amazement. Even if the contract is nullified, you dont have to be that hungry right. My lips were almost swollen...

Hate you!

Chen Yiran kicked him in annoyance, her face was red in embarrassment.


Su Hao laughed and grabbed her hand. Come on, lets go somewhere else. There are so many onlookers surrounding us here.

Chen Yiran curled her lips. Let them be envious then.

After she finished her sentence, she firmly held Su Haos hand. Her original elegance had been restored!

The previous Chen Yiran had come back!

Su Hao felt the warmth in his hand and also a burst of happiness. At first, he thought he would require a few years he thought he could only look from afar this moment of warmth made him feel the happiness he sought.

Both of them left.

Everyone was envious. At the corner, Sun Yaotianwhose body was decorated with red dots from the attack earlierwas displaying a crazy look of jealousy. He really could not understand! That night, he did leave but he was not the only one who left. Didnt Su Hao leave earlier too?

Both of them left the party earlier but why was the gap in treatment between them so huge?

A mouthful of old blood sprayed out and Sun Yaotian almost fainted.

Everyone glanced at him. Nobody bothered with him.

In the natural selection class, this trash would always be an object of contempt!

The next few days, Su Hao and Chen Yiran were always seen together.

Eating together, practicing together, sleeping together...hold on, the last part has not happened yet. In short, these past few days, Su Hao had been immersed in a blissful feeling. At first, he thought that before he graduated from university, he could only dream of this happiness Sure enough, happiness was something one needed to fight for!

After he had struggled for so long, it was finally time for Su Hao to enjoy this hard won warmth.

Fortunately, his training was not left behind.

In a few days, Su Hao ensured that he was able to combine and perfectly integrate his body forging technique with his maxed out physical fitness and fighting techniques.

After all, a sudden increment in strength might cause instability in ones grasp of the essence during battle.

After a few days of training, he was finally able to stabilize his body and make his basic tempering solid!

As for his origin ability talent, after he sought for many inquiries, he finally found out that the database of origin ability refinement was available in the school library!

Just that it was a special library!