Godly Model Creator Chapter 194

Gmc Chapter 194

Chapter 0194  -  Bitter Talent

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There were two libraries in the natural selection class campus. One was a virtual library which hold hundreds of millions of pages of information. Basically, every book which was open to public could be found here. Previously, when he searched for information related to origin abilities, Su Hao came here.


In addition to this virtual library, the school had another library, a physical library.

Here is where all physical books were stored. Those written in pen and ink, and also many personal notes which were precious and left behind during the turbulent period of the origin ability era.

Those books related to origin ability were unusually precious.

To check for information here, you had to come personally and each hour you had to pay 10 task points!

Entering the physical library...

Inside, everything was neat and clean, sorted out in a right order. Su Hao headed straight to a small section about modeling types.

Compared to the other sections, there were only a handful of books here.

Su Hao picked up the topmost book and suddenly a cloud of dust rose.

Ke ke... Su Hao coughed. His face revealed a trace of a smile. This modeling type origin ability was really a rare one. Such a thick layer of dust, it must be nobody had come for this for years. No, perhaps since the establishment of the natural selection class, there had not been a student with the modeling type ability?

If so, being able to access these few books could be considered as a golden opportunity.

First book, The Model World in my Heart.

Su Hao carefully flipped over and had a look at the contents. His forehead wrinkled. This was one of the modeling type origin abilities. It was written from the writers point of view, gradually forming a story, he would explain about his model world. However, there wasnt much information relating to the origin ability talent. Instead, it had more trivia life stories and also his knowledge about the surprises of his model world.

It was all just a rough explanation of the relation between origin ability and modeling. 

Su Hao even had doubts about the person who wrote the contents, perhaps he didnt even have any origin ability talent yet?

Helplessly putting that book down, Su Hao took out the last one from the shelves.It was also the thickest one. The heavy texture gave a different feeling to his touch.

After clearing off the thick dust, a few words appeared in front of his eyes, Modelling Type Origin Ability Talent Statistic Manual.

Statistic? Modeling type? Su Hao was startled.

Flipping past the title page, the small print above stunned him. He had this faint premonition that this was the book he was looking for.

Modeling type origin ability, so far 18 types had been discovered.

Su Hao kept looking further in. In just a moment, he was completely attracted to it. After an hours duration, he was completely immersed into the contents of this book. Introducing 18 types of similar modeling type origin abilities had really opened his eyes wide, making him to gasp in amazement.

Was the modeling type ability always like this since it made its debut?

Of course not!

It was said that when the modeling type ability made its debut, it became hot! Because there were many aspects of life it could be applied to. Building construction required modeling! Weapon production, vessel construction, aircraft, car, anything which needed to be build ultimately need this word, modeling!

At that time, it was the era of flourishing modeling type ability..

But it was also the most dazzling peak period.

But, the good days didnt last for long. Soon, firearms were disposed of and banned. Ships, aircraft, cars; their models were basically completed. With the aid of computer, a little tweaking would produce a new product, thus eliminating the need of the modeling division.

At present, the only industry which still needed modeling was none other than the construction industry!

Because this era was in chaos, destruction of houses was pretty common. Naturally, to rebuild them, there was an influx of demand for modeling.

It was said that there was once a city which was nearly wiped away completely due to a berserk beast tide. Later on, the government and Origin Ability Association decided to rebuild it. Countless houses and urban planning were handled over to the model construction division. A large number of architects then became famous. That famous grade E model analysis architect was one of them.

Just that, after the recent confrontations between men and berserk beasts, the world seemed to be more peaceful. Berserk beasts no longer dared to attack cities populated by humans. For a long time, this had not happened. Coupled with some people who had virtual or computing type abilities, this led the the modeling construction division to once again face a dilemma.

The construction field, IT field, literature field; these were known as the three industries facing the greatest hardships!

Not to mention those in these fields not gaining much income, but compared to other industries, these three seemed more like a perfect pyramid.

The top people in the industry, easily raked in hundreds of millions annually!

The middle layers, to get such amount, perhaps hundred of years were required.

The lower the layer, the more individuals in it. And the undermost layer, numbering in the millions, they would doubtlessly only receive a few thousand star dollars.

The content behind this was all about how to survive in the world of construction.

As for its combat ability? It had long been ignored

There were thousands of origin ability talents for combat. There really wasnt any need for daily life origin ability talents to challenge their spot.

Su Hao carefully looked down. Those 18 types modeling talents were described a bit by their ranking and analysis. And his model analysis ability sadly was ranked 16th!


Su Hao himself was shocked.

Although he knew that model analysis would be a harsh field, but among all 18 types of modeling abilities, his was ranked 16th?

This was really a bitter talent!

Is it really that bad? Su Hao dared not believe this, it was his first time being evaluated from a different perspective by a senior.

Model analysis, grade E.

Within the 18 types of modeling ability, it wasnt outstanding. Or you could even say it didnt have any place here! If those grade F abilities were to be ignored in the ranking, his ability would be proudly getting first place...from behind!

There were several types of modeling classes.

The virtual design modeling, virtual construction modeling, real life construction model, ecological environment construction. When these few models were built together, then a perfect ecological environment model could be established! You could then easily build a city and its residences.

The virtual construction model, there was one called Virtual Construction, a grade D talent. Basically, its function was to build a virtual model. Whatever style or variation could be perfectly built. As for model analysis, you must see it with your own eyes before being able to build it

To be more precise, since youre able to see one, what was there any reason to simulate it?

This was just doing twice the work!

In several other aspects, it was basically the same story. For example, in physical modeling construction, model analysis did had its uses there. But in the notes of the world famous architect, to achieve such a realm, one would need to achieve the so-called legendary fourth realm!

The fourth realm

Grade C ability, Entity establishment, easily solved this problem! As long as there was a virtual or shadow model, the user of this talent could easily build the real life model out of it.

Not to mention about ecological environment construction. It seemed like model analysis did have such ability, too.

But the summoning of a real life model, could it compete with this large scale ecological environment? This seemed to be a higher level that nobody was able to touch it.

And this point, a Grade C origin ability talent, ecology simulation could complete it.

Looking at the thousands of words lengthy analysis, Su Hao felt bad. So, his predecessors were saying that he had a model analysis ability which he should be ashamed of.

Model analysis seemed to be involved in every step in construction, but each step was poor and inefficient.

In theory, if model analysis was strong enough, a person could complete the work from analysis to completion! Killing off every other ability, but a theory was just a theory just the so-called fourth realm, countless people were already having difficulty stepping into this realm for the rest of their life!

Seems that it was a bit bitter! Su Hao felt ashamed.

Just that, his mind had a turn. Su Hao thought and then looked at the description of the process. Modeling construction was also a pipeline process, as long as he concentrated on one function, that would do.

Since he couldnt get involved in all areas, then if he started from one field, that should be all right. Not to mention others, completing an analysis on a person and creating a virtual model of the individual shouldnt be a problem, right? There were so many fields involving model analysis, there must be one which was suitable. Although it might be a bit slow, that didnt justify its 16th ranking!

Continued to read further, the next pages answered Su Haos question.

If only because of these reasons, being able to multitask in many fields, his power still wouldnt be ranked last. The reason his ability was ranked 16th was because of this one weakness, which was that the consumption of energy was too huge!

According to the authors estimation, the same virtual modeling construction and model analysis had 10 times more consumption than other modeling type abilities!

10 times!

This meant that he had to spend 10 times the effort just to match others!

Moreover, due to the potential factors, a lof people who had model analysis were stuck at 6 to 8 points, and it was hard to improve any more because they were poor!