Godly Model Creator Chapter 195

Gmc Chapter 195

Chapter 0195    Route of development

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The resources required for training were difficult to obtain.

This was especially true when ones origin ability talent was not suited for combat, such as model analysis.

The initial stages of model analysis basically needed an unlimited investment of resources while receiving zero in return!

For ordinary people, who could withstand such a burden?

After all, not everyone would be like the master of architecture, who just happen to have the ability at the right time. At that time, his ability was desired and helped rebuild cities with endless amount of funds and resources.

Thus, the ultimate result was that these people gave up on their origin ability and trained their physical fitness to find some odd jobs to gain money.

Damn it...

When he saw this, Su Hao also felt sad.

The consumption of origin ability, he had experienced it first hand. For a long period of time, his origin ability energy was always in a state of near exhaustion. Even if he did not use it to read a card, an occasional terrain modeling was more than enough to drain everything instantly! Only at a later stage, when he had mastered origin ability refinement and origin ability control, did the consumption rate ease.

If he was in such situation, what about others?

Those who worked in the field of building models?

No wonder, one by one they began to neglect their own origin ability and relied on their own physical strength to survive. For ordinary citizens, whatever glory and contribution to mankind was all b*llshit. All they want was to survive! To survive in this chaotic era!

When he continued to read further, it was as he predicted.

Su Hao saw the final judgment of this predecessor in regards to model analysis.

Origin ability talent: Grade E model analysis

Final evaluation: A talent that is worth next to nothing and is the most pitiable! Among all model type talents, it is the most extensive and practical, yet the lowest!


Su Hao suddenly closed the book. In this one hour, he had absorbed a lot of information and was shocked too. He needed to take some time to rest and slowly digest what he had learned.

To tell the truth, before he came here, he had already been mentally prepared for the worse case scenario regarding his model analysis.

After all, the Origin Ability Association had rated his ability talent as grade E. Naturally, such decision had its reasoning. However, Su Hao had never thought that model analysis was at the bottom of the bottom among grade E abilities!

If they had not considered model analysiss scope, it might even be demoted to grade F.

Such talent being rated as next to nothing was it really the same model analysis he had?

After he thought for a moment, Su Hao obtained his answer.


A definite yes!

From the descriptions by this predecessor, he also had a full understanding of model analysis. Even if his model analysis did not undergo a mutation, it would still have a lot of usage in battle.

Such a talent, was it really a grade E talent?

Terrain modeling character modeling card modeling experiment modeling life detection prediction line... Su Hao quickly recalled every function he discovered.

These were a few abilities which he had found out himself. Based on his prediction, even if he did not have the mutation, he would still be able to master terrain modeling, character modeling and prediction line!

Even experiment modeling, if he were to train to a later stage, he would still be able to master it!

The mutation of his talent only accelerated his progress by a step.

These little abilities provided a lot of aid and he was clear of them. Regardless of it being considered a grade E talent, it was definitely more than the grade E level when all these little abilities were utilized together. Coupled with his potential and the correct model analysis, the real grade should not be at grade E.

But why it was so low?

Su Hao pondered about it and finally understood.

The reason was not more than a word, persistence!

From the start of the origin ability era, how many people had mastered model analysis? Only a number in the hundreds. Additionally, among these people, how many had actually managed to achieve more than 10 points in origin ability?

The only one with fame was that master of architecture.

Moreover, his success was due to the blooming era of city reconstruction and he had endless resources for him to spend. It was a success which could not be copied. No matter what kind of architect you were, living in such a period would eventually lead to your rise!

Whenever a new ability talent appeared, the assessment of the Origin Ability Association would always be based on the actual situation.

No matter how you exaggerated it, actual survival and fighting moments were the best criteria for assessment. Those more than a hundred people who had a similar model analysis ability but gave up were the best proof that this talent was indeed a waste! The Architect Association also made such evaluation on it!

In the end, after they referred to multiple data sources, the Origin Ability Association decided to only grade it an E.

However, at this time, the amount of information which Su Hao could obtain from his model analysis such an assessment was definitely underestimating his true potential.

Model class origin ability talents were all in the same class category and were useful in daily life.

Thus, this model analysis was placed under the same category too. It was categorized as something useful in daily life. However, Su Hao was very clear that this ability was still very useful in the fighting department.

The correct assessment should be like this instead!

If one looked from the angle of daily life, it was indeed a grade E talent. However, in terms of fighting, it should be grade D!

If he could complete the cultivation system of the model analysis in future, this ability would at least reach grade C or even higher!

I will look forward to such a day!

Su Hao smiled indifferently.

His mind was moving like electricity but in reality, only a few moments had passed. Model analysis was not just an ability which improved his strength but also enhanced his thought!

He became even more intelligent!

This was not something other abilities could compare with. Although there was not anything to prove this point, Su Hao had a faint feeling that his thinking speed was faster than before and his reactions had become more sensitive too.

After he finished reading the part about model analysis, Su Hao continued to flip this book in his hand.

Besides model analysis, all 18 non-combat ability talents were described in details and evaluated! The highest was only at grade C!

However, since it could reach such a level, it was already considered powerful for a non-combat ability talent.

Su Hao quickly read and imprinted all the details within his brain.

Although model analysis seemed weak, it was interesting to note that the goal to struggle for each model class origin ability seemed to be consistent. This allowed Su Hao to vaguely see a path it seemed he could find out the direction for his development from other model class abilities?

It did not matter if his talent had undergone a mutation or not, his ability was still based on modeling. Thus, if he wanted to improve his origin ability, the most fundamental factor would be improving the model analysis itself!

Does not seem like a bad discovery.

A light flashed within Su Haos eyes. It seemed that each of those model class abilities had a specific direction it had to take. Then, if he linked them all together, wouldnt his model analysis ultimately be enhanced? This meant what they could train was also what model analysis ability users could practice too?

Origin ability energy consumption was too huge?

No problem!

He had already mastered beginner origin ability refinement and origin ability control. His consumption rate had dropped significantly. He definitely would not exceed others by a large margin.

A huge amount of resources need to be consumed?

No problem!

Since he was a pianist and a pharmacistcoupled with his strong combat capabilitySu Hao felt that he could still feed himself if he struggled.

From now on, everything seemed to be going well.

Study model analysis itself

Then start to divide model analysis

Find the real difference between his mutated ability and the original version

In just a short time, a clear short term route had been planned out clearly in his mind.

The next step, should be to find those other users of model analysis...

After he put back the book, Su Hao left the library after the required task points were deducted.

In just a day, Su Hao had a new understanding of his model analysis and even how to enter a new level. However, to really enhance his model analysis, he would still need to take a long period of time.

Regarding this, Su Hao feared no one!




In the school martial art building, a figure flashed. A man and a woman were having a lightning war. Every fist clash was full of forceful impact. The resounding echo showed how powerful there force was.


Suddenly, a huge amount of origin ability energy burst out from both of their hand!

As both of the energy sources confronted each other, they quickly transmitted to the surroundings before it dissipated. 

Both of them were forced back by the impact and retreated a few steps before they finally decide to stop.

Next to them, a girl rushed over and wiped the sweat off the young man. The lady opposite them revealed a helpless look. Yiran, your master is so tired like this. Yet you only take care of your lover?

Chen Yiran gave her a cursory glance. Master, is it an accomplishment to tease your student? Su Haos fighting techniques were only maxed out recently. How could he withstand being bullied by you?


Su Wan burst into laughter. Just maxed out? Look at him when he was fighting just now. Where can you see him as a student who has just maxed out recently? He is definitely an old timer! Making his move decisively, en lets be honest here. Su Hao, where did you learn all these fighting techniques?


Su Hao touched his head and did not say anything.

When girls talked among themselves, it was best to not intervene.

These past two days, Chen Yiran was as like a little girl who got jealous easily. As for Su Wan this witch, she seemed to love tricking people. If he was not careful, he might step into the pit set up by her. As for her questions, it was best to remain silent.


Looking at his expression, Su Wan curled her lips. Yiran, am I such a strict tutor?


Chen Yiran laughed without saying a word.

Alright then, you two little brats.

Su Wan felt helpless as she looked at these two love birds.

I have a task here which is very much related to Yirans origin ability talent. Before the school released the task, I managed to book it. It might take a long time to complete. Originally, I planned to bring Yiran with me. However, with the recent with the new development between you two, would it be polite to ask if you want to go or not?