Godly Model Creator Chapter 196

Gmc Chapter 196

Chapter 0196    Intimidation Strength

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Task? Su Hao and Chen Yiran glanced at each other.

Under normal circumstances, tasks were usually accepted via the school task system. However, for Su Wan to intercept this task before it was listed, it must have been a good one! However, both of them were just enjoying their sweet time recently and rapidly progressed. To separate from each other at this time, they were a bit reluctant.

How long? Chen Yiran asked.

The earliest would be one month. Up to several months!

This... Chen Yiran looked at Su Hao.

Su Hao hugged her and laughed, You dont have to care about my opinion. You have to care about your own development too. After all, this is the era of origin ability.

En. Chen Yiran nodded, I will go!

The incident last time made her feel that she was completely useless. Although her strength was considered great among her peers, and her origin ability talent was one of the best, she couldnt help but feel weak in front of Su Hao. This was even more true with the recently maxed-out physical fitness and fighting technique of Su Hao!

Such progress was really incredible!

It made her feel as if she was even more of a burden.

In this era, strength would always be the first criteria! Although Su Hao wouldnt despise her, she definitely wouldnt be a burden for him.

Love required both sides to contribute.

Whether it was for the love of both or her own pride, she would absolutely not allow such a thing to happen!

En, great. Su Hao pulled her little hands, As long as youre careful, everything will be fine. With Teacher Su Wan accompanying you, I do feel ease.

Alright, you two brats, Su Wan smiled. If so, then we can go with this decision. However, before leaving, Su Hao, as your girlfriends master, I can be considered as half your mother-in-law...

A few black lines appeared on Su Haos forehead.

Half mother-in-law? How did she come out with that?

So as your mother-in-law, I will do you a favor and explain a bit about origin ability talent. After saying so, Su Wan gently smiled, About model analysis.

Shua! Su Haos eyes suddenly lit up.

Model class origin ability talent, I believe you already understand about it. So, I wont touch upon it. I will only comment some about those opposing your ability.

After they sat down, Su Wan slowly continued.

I have seen model analysis. When I was in school, I met a student who had the same model analysis as yours. I am quite well versed in this ability. Last time, he also took the same route as yours. But in the end, he failed. Then, he knew he had walked the wrong route. After regretting it for a long time, he finally decided to abandon his origin ability. This was also why I advised you to give up previously.

Su Hao nodded.

When he came for the guidance of ability index, Su Wan did suggest to major in path of origin ability talent. As for fighting, let it become an accessory to assist him. Because his situation was a bit special, his fighting technique was able to progress rapidly, even countless times faster than his origin ability. That was why Su Wan didnt intervene.

To be honest, I do feel a little strange. At this moment, Su Wan revealed a weird expression. Your model analysis, and what I knew about model analysis, are completely different. Although the function is generally similar, I still have this strange feeling that yours is different from others.

For example the second realm of model analysis. I have seen it before from others, basically able to achieve a 99 percent similarity to real human. But a model is still a model. With a glance, you can clearly see it is a model, an item.

But your model analysis is completely different. The same model, the last time you demoed it for me, I had this feeling that it wasnt a lifeless object, but one with a hint of anger, as if it were alive. Thus, I think your model analysis has had a slight change. That is why it has some variation.

Having said so, Su Wan shook her head, Of course, if could be because your level of modeling is much higher than the one I met before, and that was why it looked more realistic.

Perhaps, I have also only started to study more about it. Su Hao made a small laugh. Yet, his heart was surprised.

Damn! She could even see this? Indeed worthy to be the natural selection classs instructor!

It had always been Su Hao subconsciously hiding the matter of his mutated ability. But never did he expect that through observation, his instructor Su Wan was able to easily deduce the truth. 

Well, never mind. Whether it mutates or not, there wont be much difference, Su Wan indifferently continued. Grade E model analysis, even if it mutates to Grade D, then so what?

 ... was all Su Hao could say.

If you have seen the description of model analysis, you should know this ability has a limitless potential in a wide scope. But its own development is very slow. Therefore it became an useless talent. However, yours is a bit different. Your strength seems to be able to support your ability well. Perhaps, it might bloom in a different angle, it is uncertain, Su Wan continued.

If you really decide to study model analysis, I advise you to start from the very basics. Origin ability and fighting technique are about the same, only with a solid foundation can you rapidly improve! And to understand more about the basics, I suggest you take a trip to the Origin Ability Association.

The Origin Ability Association? Su Haos mind moved.

The Origin Ability Association was a good place!

In this era of origin ability, things had changed a lot.

For example, the government was in charge of life of citizens. All daily necessities and basic maintenance of public order was taken care of by the government. The Origin Ability Association was mainly responsible for matters related to origin abilities. Matters like saving the world and safeguarding the peace were all under the jurisdiction of the Origin Ability Association.

In the Origin Ability Association, it was like a talents heaven. As long as you ranked up your ability talent, enhanced your current situation and posted the work you wanted to do, very soon people would come to screen you. Of course, you could pick those jobs which met your requirements.

This was the only official way to search online for jobs!

As long as you met a standard, you would always be able to find the right job.

That place... it wasnt that Su Hao hadnt considered it.

However, the so-called job searching channel was a function only available to a small amount of the members in the association. The threshold of the Origin Ability Association itself was very high!

One of the most important factors was recommendations!

A candidate with recommendations from a senior of this association would be eligible to become an official member. For a poor student like Su Hao, naturally he wouldnt have such recommendations.

But for Su Wan to mention it, perhaps

Su Haos eyes suddenly lit up.

Looking at his expression, Su Wan knew that he had already guessed it. Taking out a white envelope, she said, Nah, take this, the recommendation letter for the Origin Ability Association. This is all for the face of my beloved disciple. If you dare to do things behind her back, hehe...

Su Wan gestured a scissors sign at Su Haos lowered body.

Su Hao suddenly felt a chill.

WTF! This witch!

Su Hao quickly fled. Before leaving, he could even hear the arrogant laughter of this witch.

The next day, Su Wan left with Chen Yiran.

Holding the recommendation letter in his hand, Su Hao decided to first visit the Origin Ability Association in Jianghe City.

As Su Hao went out from the campus, the repeaters around him acted like they feared a tiger amongst them.

These days, the sudden rise of Su Hao had once again spread throughout the whole campus. To destroy Guan Yuanzhong with a single move, this clearly displayed his super strength! Even Zhou Wang, with his 16 points in origin ability, might not be able to achieve such a feat.

Didnt this mean that Su Haos origin ability had reached 16 points, too?

Origin ability assessment software wasnt something everyone could afford. With its enormous price tag, only a few could afford it. 

Recalling the previous battle of honor, Su Hao was at just 12 points. In just one month, he had rushed all the way to 16 points!

4 points in a month, such progress really thrilled people!

This top student of the freshmen, after laying low for a month, once again created a miracle!

And at this time, the news regarding Chen Yirans birthday party had also spread to here. His mysterious background, that legendary romantic scene, Su Haos piano performance, coupled with the recent intimacy between them; it had became the hot news on campus for a while.

This Su Hao, a seemingly simple student, was once again enveloped by layers of mystery.

This person, they couldnt judge him well!

Watching Su Hao leaving the school campus indifferently, the repeaters just looked at each other. Nobody dared to provoke him again after witnessing the consequences of Guan Yuanzhong.

In front of absolute power, no one was willing to be his stepping stone.