Godly Model Creator Chapter 197

Gmc Chapter 197

Chapter 0197    Construction studio

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The Origin Ability Association, located at the center of Jianghe City.

Among the countless number of skyscrapers, one was akin to a super skyscraper that pierces through the clouds like a sharp sword, that was the Jianghe Citys branch of  Origin Ability Association which was 100 stories tall! When Su Hao was standing on the ground floor of the building, he felt a grand and magnificent force blowing against him. A skyscraper that was hundreds of meters tall, in the whole Jianghe City, only the Origin Ability Association could possess such grandeur!

Upon entering the Origin Ability Association, it was about the same as the Origin Ability Firm.

However, regardless of whether it was the technology or cleanliness, compared to the latter, it was significantly better. An extremely clean hall, a tidy queue, a number of security officers patrolling, every one emitted an aura that caused Su Haos mind to startle a bit. The abilities of these people were at least above him!

But such people were merely security officers?


Indeed the Origin Ability Association was rich and powerful.

Perhaps there were many important figures here. Teacher Su Wans recommendation letter didnt cause any disruptions. Only one of the Origin Ability Associations employees brought Su Hao to register his information. After completing his registration, Su Hao would now be counted as a member of the Origin Ability Association.In the hall of the Origin Ability Association, he then entered into the talent market system. 

Through the virtual display, Su Hao entered into Jianghe Citys biggest job application place!

Inside the system, every profession and classification was included and listed. Here, the difference with the Origin Ability Firm was, most of the time, the Origin Ability Firm had temporary one-time tasks. But here, it included professional, long-term tasks, and completely legitimate work.

Model class?

Su Hao tried to enter his own search item into the search bar.


Swiftly, the retrieval of information was complete. A list of information showed up.At the top, information on a small number of professions was listed. Toy making model division and a playground model division. These two professions were currently under the status of the most requested jobs.

And underneath these two professions, were a line of small words.

The model type profession is relatively little. Are the professions you are looking for related to construction type modeling? If yes, please click here to execute your search.Su Hao felt ashamed.

This talent market system was quite intelligent.

It seems like, many people also had the same mistake, that the system had recorded it into its database.

After clicking the construction model search information, swiftly, countless information appeared.

Ding -

Snowfall Float Construction Studio is recruiting one model designer, three physical model construction master, one virtual simulator builder, one ecological derivative master. Generous treatment! Reputation level: five stars.

Wireless System Construction Studio, recruiting 100 physical model construction master, a branded studio, definitely has the advantage to develop your career here, ten years old brand, generous treatment! Reputation level: five stars.

Galaxy Morning Rain Construction Studio, recruiting three model designer, generous treatment! Reputation level: four stars.

God Demon Mainland Account Construction Studio, recruiting one ecological derivative master, willing to hire at a premium of one and a half times higher. Interested candidates please contact us quickly, reputation level: four stars.

Sjnzh12 Construction Studio, recruiting ten model design masters, includes meals and accommodation, complimentary training, requires bachelor's degree graduate, fair, transparent, swift. Internal promotion once every three months, reputation level: four stars.

The cramp recruitment information almost blinded Su Haos eyes.

This was only the information on the subject, after opening each offer, within it contained detailed recruitment information, recruitment requirements, introductions of the studio, service qualifications, and specific traffic routes.

According to the reputation level order from highest to lowest, five stars would be extremely high reputation, and the only two with five stars were Snowfall Float and Wireless System Construction Studio. As for four stars, there were countless of them. Is the difference between five stars and four stars very big?

Su Haos eyebrows slightly wrinkled.

As he was in a dilemma, his shoulder suddenly received a smack that almost made Su Hao subconsciously react. Then he realized this was the Origin Ability Association which made him relax.

As he turned his head, he saw a handsome young man who had their hand on his shoulder. The man was smiling as he looked at Su Hao, Brother, you looking for a job?


Su Hao nodded.

Your first time here?


You must be a bit lost


Thats alright!

The young man was overjoyed, Whats your opinion, do you need me to assist you?

Su Hao was startled before he glanced at him, Do I have to pay for it?

Heh heh.

The young man giggled joyfully and said satisfyingly: Friend, you are spot on. How about it, only 100 star dollars and I will provide my service for an hour and satisfy all of your problems today! To be honest, I, Hu Pai, have been here for more than ten years, the service I provide is incomparable. Basically, as long as you ask, there isnt anything that I cannot answer! Satisfaction guaranteed!

Heh heh.

Su Hao laughed without batting an eyelid . 

Hu Pai?

Such a hilarious name, were you born when people were playing mahjong?

Been around for more than ten years?

First, let us not mention how many years had passed since the origin ability outbreak. Based on this persons age, ten years ago, he would probably just be an embryo.

Cough cough

It was as if Hu Pai knew that he went too far in his exaggeration. He then smiled awkwardly, Young man, so what do you think? It is value for money!

Su Hao smiled indifferently, then took out 100 star dollars and gave it to him.

Hu Pai received the money and relaxed. Immediately beating his chest, Brother, you can be assured and ask away. I will definitely answer your questions.

Su Hao then shared with him the display screen, then he pointed out the star levels above, These five stars and four stars, what do they mean? 

Heh, the construction industry.

Hu Pai squinted his eye, a depressed light flashed through his eyes. However, he quickly recovered to his usual self, The difference between five stars and four stars is huge, five stars are the industry leaders. For example, this Snowfall Float Construction Studio, which is in the whole Jianghe City, one of the most reputable studios! And the proceeding four stars studios, although they are also very good, they are still behind by quite a bit.

I see.

Su Hao understood, pointed towards the long list of studios, How many stars can be considered as reliable?

Under normal circumstances, three stars represents a pretty good reputation, studios that can go to three stars can be considered good. For two stars, normally belongs to those who pay higher salaries, but are comparatively unstable small sized studios. Those who desperately need money can give it a try, but failure is normal. As for one star.... they basically belong to the blacklist category, it is strongly recommended to not even contact them, they belong to the category of killing people and not paying.

Hu Pai viciously said. Seeing that look, seemed like quite a number of people must have been cheated before.


Su Hao seemed to have some thoughts, Then for those studios who dont have any stars?

Erm, you mean these?

Hu Pai looked for a while, These are the newly established studios with incomplete tasks, hence they do not have any ratings. Once they complete tasks, any rating is possible. But even if the task is complete, normally they begin from two stars. One star is created for those who go against various kinds of regulations.

Su Hao kept silent.

As expected, the difference was huge.

The depth of the construction industry was actually that deep!

However, his main purpose was not to work.

Hu Pai, if I find a job here, normally how would things work? Do I need to sign a contract?

Of course!

Hu Pai nodded, However, when you just enter the studio you will have a one-month probation if everything goes smoothly, then you can sign a one-year or three-year contract. If something doesnt go well, the studio may directly terminate employment. During probation, you may leave anytime. However, you will lose your salary and there is a possibility of being blacklisted.

This is not bad.

Su Haos eyes lit up!

Since it was none of his business, he did not really care about the money.

Hu Pai curiously looked at him, not understanding his comment. This contract was blatantly unfair to the applicant, why would he praise it? When one goes to work, who does not wish to find a secure job? Probation may sound good, but it was used to assess the person. If they failed the assessment, naturally it would cause people to leave.

Because of this, there were many studios which many employees were hired with low wages. After the end of the probation period, then the studios would fire them and repeat the same hiring method.

With such deceptive methods, that was why many studios were rated one star.

After gaining a rough understanding, Su Hao then checked the studios before him to see if there were any studios that fit his requirements, as he was prepared to join.

It was at this moment, Hu Pai suddenly said this sentence.

If you are prepared to develop in this industry, I recommend you not to choose Wireless System Construction Studio.


Su Haos eyebrow frowned, after checking, the mentioned Wireless System Construction Studio, it was the only five star studio that was comparable to Snowfall Float Studio.

Wireless System Construction Studio, recruiting 100 physical model construction master, branded studio, will have an advantage developing a career here, ten years old brand, generous treatment! Reputation level: five stars.

That was a very attractive introduction.

Although this studio is an old brand studio, its abilities are undoubted. If it recruits other professions those who wish to join them would be many, but for physical construction masters they will definitely not join. Hu Pai explained to him.

Oh, why? Su Hao hesitated.

This studio is a bit unique because it not only accepts the studios own tasks but even accepts the tasks of other studios! For example, for some studios it is possible to complete model analysis and virtual construction, but it doesnt have any physical model construction master studio And at that time, this task will be received by this studio and they will complete it themselves.

They will send out their own employees to go to the opposite studio and complete the task together. Of the 100 physical model construction masters, at least ninety of them are being sent out all the time! This method is known as outsourcing!