Godly Model Creator Chapter 198

Gmc Chapter 198

Chapter 0198    Hu Pais identity

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Su Haos eyes revealed an astonishing look.

He knew that many industries practiced outsourcing. When he studied computer science during theoretical foundation, he had stumbled across software outsourcing. Thus, he had a little bit of an understanding about this concept. However, he did not think that in the construction industry, the term outsourcing was also used.

Additionally, it was a dignified five star construction studio outsourcing jobs.

When he saw Su Haos expression, Hu Pao bitterly smiled as he shook his head. Later you will know that in fact, it is not only a construction studio. Even when building a real building, the construction team would also be having this outsourcing phenomenon.


Su Hao smiled while he looked at him. You seem to know the construction industry very well. Now for you to make business, dont tell you that you know every industry out there well? If so, you guys doing such a job must have been amazing!

Hu Pai revealed a trace of sad look.

After he paused for quite some time, he then smiled wryly. I am also one of the workers of a construction studio.

Su Hao smiled indifferently. He had already guessed this.

From the way Hu Pai had described the details of this industry, he could have a good guess. That familiarity about the career, that feeling when he described it, he definitely was not an outsider.

Just that, why was the construction industry reduced to such a sorry state?

As a dignified staff of a construction studio, he actually came out and did such business, earning 100 star dollar at a time. His current state was quite pitiable!

Looking at Su Haos expression, Hu Pai could only wryly smiled.

The construction career isnt really that difficult. But our studio is a bit brutal. He bitterly laughed. Because of some special reasons, our studio had not recruited any newcomer for a long time. Even if we manage to snatch a job, we wont be able to finish it. Im afraid it wont be long before this studio closes. I could only find another way to survive.


Su Haos eyes lit up. How many stars is your studio?


Hu Pai showed a bitter expression.One star studio.


Su Hao almost spat out water One star studio?

Hadnt Hu Pai warned him to not join such studios, as they were usually blacklisted?

He himself was from such studio?

Interesting... Su Hao showed some interest. Tell me what your one star studio all about.

Hu Pai was stunned. He never thought that Su Hao would not be scared away.

After he was silent for a moment, Hu Pai slowly said, Our studio was originally a two star studio. A few days ago, we received a task and were prepared to breakthrough and become a three star studio. However, we never thought during the last critical moment, we would be framed by competitors. One of our staffs betrayed us and of course, our task failed to be completed! We even had to bear the name of committing fraud and plagiarism.

And that studio, our competitor, took our idea and product and completed the task in a sweep and they then became a reputable three star studio. As for our studioit was reduced to one star, which made us unable to recruit people.

Even if our old customers trust us, we still would not be able to handle the jobs given to us on time. When one people was missing from a team of model building, the whole process becomes broken! Additionally, the low credibility that comes from being a one star studio made us fall deep into the abyss. If this continues, Im afraid that our studio will dissolve pretty soon...

After Su Hao heard this, he did not know how to express himself.

Overall, he really could not feel any sympathy toward this studio. To be frank, this was just a story and its truthfulness was still questionable. As a bookworm, Su Hao put this matter out of his mind. Thus, regarding this tragedy, Su Hao could only pretend to show a sad expression.

What kind of job are you guys lacking?

Su Haos eyebrows twitched. He felt that he had found the key point here.

Virtual model builder.

Hu Pai bitterly laughed. It is also the most important man in the team. His job would be analyzing the model designed by us, ensuring we could construct a solid perfect model! Without this step, we would be dealing with a heap of messy of data.


Su Hao pondered.

He understood a bit about this.

Although he had not experienced anything about this, if his guess was not wrong, his model analysis should be able to capture data out of nothing. After analysis, a virtual model would then show up in his mind. However, it was just a model that was successfully built.

Once it involved a large building, the model would contain a huge amount of data. The service of a professional model designer was definitely required to complete it!

A professional model designer needed a sense of beauty and a grasp of the current era. You could even say that they were the soul of the architectural studio. 

When the model designer completed the design of the model, there would be a lot of data involved. This data would need to be converted and a virtual model builder would be responsible for this! Their job would be to transform these data into 3D model after analyzing it.

To make it into a beautiful, well-designed building. 

Because in this era, the so called building model was not just a frame of the exterior but a truly perfect architectural model, a real-life model!

It must be exactly the same as a real one!

Even the plants and trees in the model must be perfectly displayed! Everything in the model must be in 1000:1 ratio when compared to the real one! This meant that if you were building a 1000 square meter villa, the model must perfectly reveal everything within a square meter!

This was what building a model was all about in this era of origin ability!

If Su Hao tried to design something, it would probably be difficult for him. This was because he had no sense of design and beauty, he was totally clueless about it. If he was to design a house, besides covering all the sides, he would have zero sense on what the interior should look like.

But to just create a virtual model, that should not be a huge problem!

He could only analyze what was seen?

No problem!

Model designing itself was all about getting as close as possible to reality. In order to show perfection, the requirement from the construction team must be met. If some materials were used during the designing stage which were not available in Jianghe City, then everything would be a mess!

Thus, the materials used for construction must exist here!

As long as these materials were present on the scene, wouldnt it just be a matter of minutes for Su Hao to build a virtual model?

Once he thought of this, Su Haos eyes shined.

Hu Pai, if I want to join your studio, what do you think?


Hu Pai who was thinking of something got stunned as he heard this from Su Hao. His eyes wide opened. You what did you say? You want to join our studio?

Why, I cant?

Su Hao smiled indifferently. As a virtual model builder, I think I still have the qualifications.


Hu Pai was shocked by this. He was completely bewilded and filled with joy.

This was too astonishing!

He could not even remember how many times he had felt frustrated. The studio, which he had invested a lot of emotional effort into and accompanied for two years, just like that it became a one star studio on the brim of being closed down.

He had been looking forward for someone to join their studio.

But just like what he had mentioned before, one star studios belonged to the category of those getting dissolved soon and blacklisted.

Who would be willing to join their studio?

Even if there was someone willing!

After joining the studio, the studio would still not get any new jobs for a period of time. This was normal too. In the end, the studio would still need to be closed down.

Thus, he had prepared well for this

However, never did he expect that when he went to earn some extra money, a young man who was a virtual model builder would promise to join their studio!

How could this not excite him?

This was too surprising!

You, youre not telling a joke right? Hu Pai once again confirmed in excitement.

Of course Im not.

Su Hao smiled. If you dont mind, can you bring me to have a visit at your studio?

Of...of course!

Hu Pai was so shocked that he could not speak smoothly and he quickly led the way.

Su Hao followed behind him with a smile.


He had made careful considerations before he had decided to join this studio.

Firstly, based on Hu Pais card description, this studio definitely had a three star standard. This showed that their staff definitely had a good standard. As a starting point for his research resources, this seemed to be a good idea.

Secondly, even though they had become one star and blacklisted, they could still receive tasks from old customers. This proved that their reputation was good. This point proved that all the staff in the studio were not just playing around. They were serious and passionate about their job.

Su Hao was satisfied to work with such a team.

Thirdly, and also the most important reason.

With Su Haos current state and qualifications, no three star or above studios would want to hire him! A high school intern?

Was this a joke?

Even a lot of those two star studios would not accept him too!

Therefore, taking into account the tragic position of model analysis in the construction industry as well as his current qualification, Su Hao decided to join this one star studio.

Perhaps, this would be quite a great start.