Godly Model Creator Chapter 199

Gmc Chapter 199

Chapter 0199    Perfect simulation

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

This is the studio youre working in?

At a building, Su Hao looked at the studios signboard and could not stop himself from asking.

En, that is our studio name.

Hu Pai embarrassedly replied.

Su Hao was speechless as he followed Hu Pai into the studio.

Some shabby automatic glass door closed after they went in. Above the glass door was a huge signboard with a few words imprinted on it containing a very arrogant name, From the Stars Construction Studio.

The workplace was small.

It was only about 100 square meters, an ordinary unit with two rooms.

Just that when Su Hao entered, he could feel the solemn atmosphere in the workplace. 

A young man was carrying a bag while standing there in shame.

As in front of him, two beautiful women were sitting at the desk and looked down. Nobody uttered a single word.

Whats happening here?

Su Haos mind moved though he didnt open his mouth.

What happened?

Hu Pais face suddenly changed. Looking at the young man holding his bag, Yan Xian, what do you mean by this?


Yan Xiao opened his mouth but did not know how to explain.

When the studio is in it's most difficult time, you want to leave?

Hu Pai was mad, After knowing each other for two years, I would have never expected you to be such a person!


The woman who sat on the desk roared loudly, Im the one who let him go. Yan Xiao is different from you. He has a wife and son. You want him to follow us and suffer?



Whether Hu Pai was scared or not Su Hao wasnt sure, but Su Hao himself was definitely shocked!

A woman?

Woman your head!

This is a man!

What is wrong with that thick makeup?

What was with this flirty appearance?

When Su Hao had a closer look, her no, his neck had an Adams apple. He was indeed a male!


Inexplicable, Su Haos mind came up with this word. Suddenly, he felt speechless. 

Im sorry!

Yan Xiao was somehow ashamed, When my work is stable, I will definitely help you all later!

After saying so, Yan Xiao no longer had any desire to stay here. Turning away, he then carried his bag with him.


Hu Pai with a pat, stopped him and then had a look. As if he could understand Yan Xiaos mood, he was silent for a moment and then said, What if I found a virtual model builder?


Everyone in the studio was shocked!

Did he find a virtual model builder?

At this time, then only they changed their sight to a young man who came with him. Perhaps, this young man

Not bad.

Hu Pai pushed Su Hao to the front and then took a deep breath, Let me introduce him to you all. He is the new virtual model builder I found!



The rest of them in the studio were dumbfounded.

It was not that they did not believe him, but they were shocked! They knew it very well what the situation the studio was in. A one-star studio being blacklisted! Any sane person would not join a studio which was about to close down. Thinking of Hu Pais recent part-time job, everyone seemed to have understand the situation.

Lin Yue frowned, Hu Pai, I know youre doing this for our good, but to deceive a newbie into our studio is a violation! Doing so would only harm him! If we fail our job, his future would be bleak too!

Hu Pai bitterly smiled, I really didnt do that!

Su Hao then stood up at this time, This big sister I mean brother, Im willing to join myself. I heard about your situation here from Hu Pai and volunteered to work here. Of course, as long as Im paid with wages that should be fine.


Everyones eyes lit up.


Even Yan Xiao who was about to leave halted. If this was true, perhaps their studio had the chance to make a comeback! Perhaps, they could go back to a two-star rating!

As long as they went back to a two-star rating, with their capability, they would surely upgrade to three stars one day!

Thinking of this, everyone was excited again!

Lin Yue didnt bother about Su Haos title and excited asked, Youre a virtual model builder, then what is your origin ability talent?

Model analysis. Su Hao replied.


As if a bucket of cold water was poured onto them.

The excitement a moment ago instantly disappeared without a trace.

Model analysis

Everyone bitterly smiled.

No wonder he was willing to join their studio. This origin ability talent, who would use it? The limitation in designing and the consumption when building a model. Even if a designer came up with a design, what could be portrayed was probably about one-tenth of the details. Basically, there wasnt any chance of success!

Hu Pai opened his mouth wide.

He was too nervous!

He was too excited!

The moment he heard Su Hao was a virtual model builder and was willing to join their studio, he already excited dragged Su Hao here, yet he forgot to ask what Su Haos ability talent was.

Model analysis?

It might be useful in small buildings.

But when it came to their large-scale architectural designs, it was totally useless! The energy consumption of model analysis was ten times more than any other origin ability talent!

This was such a big difference!

He had once recruited a model analysis intern when not even 10 percent of the model was done, his energy had been fully depleted!

A simple virtual model took a full 3-month period to complete. In the end, the studio could only fire the intern!

This Su Hao who looked so confident turned out to have model analysis?

Everyone was sad.

Being desperate wasnt something scary!

What was more frightening was during desperation there was this glimmer of hope, but was extinguished once again!

Su Hao: ...


Do you all have to respond in such a depressed manner?

From the excitement just now till the current despair, Su Hao also felt heartache. This talent of his was truly a waste for its reputation.

Even if model analysis was really a waste, how could you all respond like that?

This was the first time that Su Hao personally experienced how lowly the status of model analysis is.

Looking at their reaction, Su Haos face color didnt change. Looking at the surrounding, he indifferently asked, Is there any origin ability mapping device here?

Lin Yue then showed the location of the device with no spirit.

Su Hao walked over and turned on the device, he then began to familiarise himself with this origin ability mapping device. Looking at a 0.5 square meter model in front of Lin Yues desk, he then directly activated his model analysis.


The dark studio was suddenly covered by dazzling light.

A fine villa model appeared in mid-air. The green lawn, bright flowers, each grass and flower were so beautiful. The landscape of this villa was vast and charming. When compared to the model in front of Lin Yues desk, it was exactly the same! No, this was wrong. It was even more realistic than the model itself!

This virtual model was full with a dynamic aura.

This this is perfect simulation?

Everyone in the studio was stunned!

That small and compact physical model, it was the first job which the studio accepted during its early day. It was that job which caused their studio to bloom and rapidly improve in reputation. Although this model was small and fine, the interior was very complicated and had been kept in the studio as a memorial.

They never expected this young man to easily simulate it out!

Plus, it was even more realistic!

After all, a model builder was still a human. It was impossible to perfectly present another persons thinking. Even with model data, the result would still be the same. Thus, a simulation was divided into three categories: normal, excellent, and premium simulation. However, in this world, the so-called legendary perfect simulation did exist!

And the level of this simulation in front of them was impressively a perfect simulation!

Model analysis, since when did it become so formidable?

I think I am qualified to be a virtual model builder right? Su Hao smiled indifferently.

Yes. Of course, yes!

Lin Yue excitedly said, This level of course, its a yes! If youre not qualified while possessing such a level, Im afraid in the whole Jianghe City, not many people would be qualified then.

Su Hao was speechless.

Oh yea, the weakness of model analysis was the need to see it personally you?

Yes, that is the case here for me.

Su Hao nodded, If it is any ordinary model, I could create it at will. But such a realistic model as this, I need a physical reference.

Yea, this is right.

Lin Yue instead felt relieved.

Only when there was a flaw did this seem proper. If everything was so flawless, that would instead make his heart worry. After all, they had previously experienced a betrayal.

Sometimes, things which were too perfect would be problematic too!