Godly Model Creator Chapter 2

Gmc Chapter 2

Chapter 0002   A change in ability

Su Hao arrived home late at night. He was greeted by the fragrant smell of dinner from the kitchen, and the pleasant peals of laughter of his mother, Li Xiaoru and his sister, Su Ling.

Mum! Sis! I am back!

Go wash your hands. The meal has already been prepared. Li Xiaoru told him.

Okay. Su Hao washed his hands, and his whole family of three sat at the dining table.

He had a single parent family. A few years ago, Su Haos father died in a car accident. The family of three only have each other now. Even though the journey is not easy, they never feared any difficulties they may face.

Bro, how did you get such an injury? Su Lings nose could be seen moving for a bit. Even though from the outer appearances nothing was abnormal, with Su Lings origin ability value of 8 points, how could she not be able to sense anything?

Not a big deal. I just fell. Su Hao scratched his head.

Bro, youre speaking nonsense again. Su Ling said with hints of anger in her voice. Did that Sun Yaotian bully you again? That bastard, I will go teach him a lesson.

Sit down! Su Hao spoke with a stern voice. Su Ling immediately quietened down.

I will handle my own matters. That Sun Yaotian, sooner or later, I will give him a lesson. Su Hao spoke slowly. Little brat, next time you are not allowed to inquire about my matters. Just concentrate on your studies and ensure your origin ability value reaches 10 points. Then, you should be qualified to enroll at Zhanzheng College!

Zhanzheng College!

The college ranked first in the world in nurturing origin ability!

Only by entering there would you have the qualification to call yourself one of the best!

For his sister Su Ling, who already reached origin ability value of 8 points when she was only in her second year of high school, her opportunity to enter Zhanzheng College was very high. As for him, even a qualification to enter a normal university seemed far away.

Hmmph Su Ling grunted, Smelly brother (TL: Chinese culture likes to add smelly in front as a form of intimacy. Even my dad called my mum smelly darling. Oops!), trying to save your face would only make you suffer more. People have already reached 8.8 points and are going to approach 9 points soon. Just wait for me to reach 10 points and watch how I am gonna teach Sun Yaotian a lesson.

Oh? Your origin ability is approaching 9 points? Su Hao was pleasantly surprised. His sister was indeed a genius. If she reaches 10 points in the future, his family will have better days. His mother will not have to suffer anymore either.

Of course. Who am I? The genius Su Ling. Su Ling triumphantly said.

Li Xiaorui looked at these two bickering and felt the comfort deep within her chest. Unconsciously, her two children had grown up. Although Su Haos talent was not great, these two siblings never had a bad relationship with each other.

You two, thats enough. Finish your meal. After that, go practice. Li Xiaorui said.

Okay! Su Hao smiled and turned his head to look at his sister whom he is proud of. But at the same time, he thought. His own sister has reached 8.8 points. Soon, she will be farther away from me. As for him, he was still struggling to reach 4 points.

8.8 points, how great would that be?

Su Hao subconsciously activated his own origin ability, model analysis.

After two years of research, he had already mastered his model analysis. He could now easily construct a human model in his brain which aided his analysis of other peoples strength. The object he is currently visualizing would be his beloved little sister, Su Ling. Although his ability is not desirable in the fighting department, his origin ability is first rate in the investigative field.

Ability start ah?

Su Hao activated his origin ability and was momentarily shocked. How did his ability become like this?

Though it was still the model analysis which he was familiar with, at the same time, it was no longer the usual simple model constructed from light rays. Su Ling virtually appeared as a whole in his brain and looked the same as the real Su Ling. The model was very vivid as if it was the real person!

Floating next to Su Ling, there were four cards with names faintly embossed on them. Su Hao read the text embossed on top of the cards.

Mid-level basic fighting technique, high-level yoga flexibility, low level-heavenly blaze, low-level origin ability cultivation technique.

These are the abilities and skills Su Ling mastered? Su Hao was surprised by the cards and unknowingly asked his sister.

Su Ling, you learned yoga? He said while looking at his sister.

Yeah Su Ling laughed with a sense of proudness before playfully continued. Anyway, it is not hard at all to learn to high levels. Foundation in fighting technique is a bit boring. Learning this can also maintain my body shape in peak condition. You guys wont understand

What he saw is freaking real!

Su Hao had a spoonful of rice to cover up his shock. He then touched the card which showed middle-level foundation in fighting technique. Immediately, the scenery in his brain started to change. It felt like an illusion.

This feeling it feels very similar to the time at the bridge.

Card selection completed Intermediate basic fighting technique analyzing card establishing model establishment of the cards model completed

Su Hao finally grasped certain aspects of his current situation. When he inspected his mind, he found that there was an additional grey card. And the card showed the same words, intermediate basic fighting technique! On top of the card was a very detailed introduction of the skills. Also, a star was marked on a corner of the card.

Name: Intermediate basic fighting technique

Rank: 1 star

Introduction: The basics of all martial arts; basic fighting techniques. Once mastered, all martial art difficulty will be reduced by half. This course is an advanced high school leveled course.

The surrounding illusion then disappeared without any sign and returned to the original state like before. There was not even an iota of change. Su Hao was shocked.

Just now, his model analysis finished analyzing his sister Su Lings intermediate basic fighting technique. Then, the exact skill was added to his body!

Does this mean I have mastered intermediate basic fighting technique too?

Above the skill, it stated this was an advanced high school student course which meant every student after mastering basic course would need to learn this. Thinking of this, Su Hao covered up the surprise in his heart. He was concentrating on his mind and stared at the gray color card with the name intermediate foundation in fighting technique on it.


Su Hao felt his origin ability starting to expand. It then started to expand at a very monstrous rate and went towards the card. Surprisingly, the card started to brighten up.

It was getting brighter and brighter! 

A bright light flashed through his mind. The card became illuminated.

At the same time, Su Hao felt that a ton of obscure and hard to understand knowledge was forced into his brain. The knowledge was then gradually digested.

It was the intermediate basic fighting technique!

Su Hao had a feeling that he had fully understood the intermediate basic fighting technique. As long as he practiced it, he would be able to utilize it fully!

Su Hao, what's wrong? Li Xiaoru asked after noticing Su Hao in a daze.

Su Hao casually pushed the last bit of rice into his mouth and went straight to his bedroom. Nothing. I have finished my meal, gonna practice now

Li Xiaoru sighed and knocked at the head of Su Ling. You see. You already know about his lack of talent, yet you still talk nonsense...

Aiya, okay then. I will be more careful next time. Su Ling stuck out her little tongue. Rest assured. Brothers mental strength is very strong, so you dont have to worry.

In his bedroom, Su Hao was squatting and kicking out a leg.


The kick was as steady as Mountain Tai.

This is indeed a skill of the basic fighting technique. Su Hao was pleasantly surprised. As for the intermediate techniques, I am still not able to execute them. I can only use the low-level ones. However, I am still unfamiliar with them. Soon, as long as I get some practice, I will be able to master the intermediate basic fighting techniques.

This strength must be from that mysterious card! That killer must have acted for the card, and that middle-aged man must have chased him due to the card. Thus, both of them fought each other. Then those two died, and I was the one who benefited.

Such an extraordinary ability is bound to be a skill wanted by everyone. I have already destroyed all the traces. As for this secret, I must not tell anyone or else

Su Hao in a blink of an eye got his thoughts in order and decided to conceal this secret. Of course, the most important thing right now was to practice!



Due to his lack of talent, Su Hao had to work harder than everyone else. Now, he had been given this golden opportunity. He crazily practiced the basic fighting technique imprinted in his mind as rigorously as possible.

At 2 am, Su Hao completely mastered the low-level basic fighting technique skill.

So, its like that.

A flash of delight could be seen in Su Haos eyes. After analyzing the skill card which was copied from Su Ling, all of her experiences regarding the skill was copied over to him. Thus, when he practiced the skill, it became easier for him to master.

With the upgrade of basic fighting technique, it also signified that his origin ability had increased by a huge margin. For a low-level basic fighting skill, only those who had reached an origin ability value of 5 points could practice it. For Su Hao to master this technique was indeed a huge leap in achievement.

I had zero points in combat methods, but mastering the low-level basic fighting technique will give me exactly 50 points. Su Haos eyes flashed. My origin ability has climbed from 3.8 to 4.3. Wait until I truly master basic fighting techniques! I believe I can still go further!

Sun Yaotian, next time, I will give you one heck of a surprise!