Godly Model Creator Chapter 20

Gmc Chapter 20

Chapter 0020 Viper appeared

Jianghe city, in the garden of a villa.

Chen Yifeng leisurely lied down on a couch. Through the transparent glass in front of him, he was enjoying the scenery outside the window. The current, handsome face of his, occasionally flashing some grins. Compared to his pathetic appearance when he was with Chen Yiran and Su Hao, they seemed to be two completely different people.


The door of the living room silently opened. An old housekeeper slowly and quietly entered, walked to the side of Chen Yifeng, and respectfully him handed a letter.

Young master, a letter.

Owh, what era is this? Surprisingly theres still someone who uses this.

Chen Yifeng took the ancient envelope with great interest. When he opened the letter to have a look, his facial expression instantly turned grave. Viper! Surprisingly, that bastard has come back!

Even the expression of the old housekeeper changed. Being in Jianghe city for an unknown number of years, of course he knew who this Viper was!

One year, Chen Yifeng had him as a strong rival. Those two couldve been considered evenly matched. In the end, Chen Yifeng managed to win against him by a slim margin and successfully became number one; became the legendary one.

Ironically, this era was like that.

Although Chen Yifeng was only stronger than Viper by a tiny bit, and while both were admitted into Zhangzheng college, people always remember the first one. Viper had long ago been forgotten from the back of their heads.

However, only those who experienced facing Viper would know how scary Viper was.

That old housekeeper had witnessed that year, how Chen Yifeng looked miserable and almost grew white hair. After both entered Zhanzheng college, they walked in different directions and never intersected again.

Is Vipers strength monstrous?


His origin ability was not a combat level origin ability but a neglected, yet fearful one: C-grade material analysis. This ability allows him to separate and analyze each element in a material.

Thus, by relying on this ability, Viper became a fearful pharmacist. Even to the extend that later on, the drug association had officially marked material analysis as The best origin ability to be a pharmacist. After entering Xingkong college, Viper improved by leaps and bounds in the drug field, and eventually the origin ability organisation upgraded his ability from C-grade to B-grade.

Is this what Viper is strong at?

No, youre wrong! Vipers strongest point was not his drug talent but his heart; his never ending schemes! Any person with an origin ability with the word analysis would have a cunning heart!

Viper specializes in scheming behind the scenes, like in a game of chess. Its also due to this that others call him Viper.

What did that bastard come back here for this time?

Chen Yifeng got up on his feet with a grave expression on his face. It shouldnt be for me. I shouldve left this place earlier, but didnt due to some matters delaying me. I didnt expect this guy to come back here and cross paths with me.

Could it be because of second Misss matter? The old housekeeper said.

Chen Yifeng was silent and pondered for a moment. Call Yiran here. I have something to tell her.

Yes. The old housekeeper excused himself and went upstairs to get Chen Yiran and invited her down.

Chen Yiran went down while wearing her pyjamas, a bit confused. It was very obvious that she had already been sleeping for some time now. Bro, this late at night, is there anything?

Chen Yifeng replied in a soft tone, In this short period of time, you and Su Hao shall not meet again.


Chen Yiran was shocked and instantly awaked, What, whats happening?

Viper is back.

Chen Yiran was startled. Suddenly, she rose her head, You mean, its because of me?

Chen Yifeng nodded. Viper values his familys reputation the most. The matter about you and Su Hao, Im afraid that he already knows about it. Dont forget your own identity. Although I know you never care about it, but.

Chen Yiran raised her eyebrows, Su Hao and I are not in a relationship.

I know. Chen Yifeng faintly said. But others dont see it that way. Since things have developed into such mess, I have some responsibility too. Su Hao, that kid isnt bad. I have a very good impression in him. Viper might not dare touch you, but that doesnt mean he wont make a move on Su Hao. Thus, it would be better if you two didnt meet from now on.


Chen Yiran nodded without any hesitation.

It didnt matter for whom she was making the decision, but it was indeed the best choice. But it was such a pity, both of them were just starting to sprout out a tiny little flame. If this was to continue, it would definitely be enough to start a giant fire! However, now this little flame was completely extinguished!

Viper, such a name could bring fear to people. People only remembered the name Viper, but not even a single person knew his true name Sun Yaohui!

In front of a villa.

Ding, dong-

The doorbell rang. Sun Yaotian was surprised when he came out to see a young man casually standing in front of the gate while carrying a military bag. Bro, you came back.


Sun Yaohui hit him with a slap, causing one side of Sun Yaotians face to become swollen. This sudden turn of event caused Sun Yaotian to feel wronged, Bro.

Hmph, you are just a waste. Sun Yaohui coldly said, You cant even manage your own fiancee. It really made me lose face when I heard a rumor of you being duped by your wife while I was at Zhanzheng college.

Sun Yaotians face suddenly changed, Bro, Im sorry.

Sun Yaohuis anger disappeared. He pondered for a moment, Ive made some preparations. Now that Im back, no one will dare to compete with you. From now on, pursue Chen Yiran well.

But bro, that Su Hao.

Su Hao? Sun Yaohui smiled with a sinister expression. Rest assured, we do not have to make a move ourselves. The Chen family will definitely warn him. Since the Chen family has already made their move, it would not be appropriate for me to act. But I have a plan here for you. When I leave here, you will give him a good lesson.

Bro, I know youre the best to me. Sun Yaotian said with such great flattery. Apparently, that one side of his face no longer felt that painful anymore.

Chen Yifeng and Sun Yaohui both understood each other extremely well. They both knew each others plans, but obviously Sun Yaohui was one step ahead. He had secretly prepared a plan to make a move on Su Hao after he leaves this city. However, both of them seemed to have forgotten about this variable: Su Hao. Will he really take a step according to the road that they gave him?

Perhaps the strength of Su Hao was so weak that Viper didnt pay any attention to it.

However when a viper appeared from the dark, losing the opportunity for a fatal surprise attack, losing the blessing of the shadow to hide itself, it was, after all, just a long reptile!

In the morning, at a campus, it was as cold as always.

Su Hao who just came back to school from practicing in the park, didnt happen to see Chen Yiran there. However, he happened to stumble upon her in the campus and was stopped by her.

Eh? Chen Yiran, why are you here, I didnt see you at the park today. Looking at Chen Yiran, Su Hao could not help to smile. Today, Chen Yiran was still wearing the same pale light color clothes and as usual, it was a pleasing and refreshing sight.

Chen Yirans face showed a cold expression, as if she was seeing the disgusting Sun Yaotian right now in front of her. With a low tone, she said, From now on, its better if both of us never meet each other again.

Eh..? Su Hao was obviously confused. What situation is this?

Everyday I can see you in the park. You really thought I dont know what your heart is actually thinking? I thought that you were different from the others. It seems that I have overestimated a man who is just like an animal. Chen Yiran coldly continued, After your strength has improved, you are just the same as Sun Yaotian: your lower half is just acting like an animal.

Su Hao was in a lost. What situation is this, man? Has Chen Yiran found out that I like her?

This really didnt made any sense. Two days ago, they were both making some sparks. He was pretty sure that although Chen Yiran couldnt be considered as interested in him, her heart definitely had a tiny bit of feelings for him. And now, out of nowhere, what trouble is this?

Indescribable. Su Hao felt as if he were watching a TV drama.

Noticing that Su Hao didnt give a response, Chen Yiran felt that perhaps she wasnt cruel enough and continued adding oil to the flame, Youre just trying to catch this root of mine and use my family to your benefit. With your lowly origin ability, even if your fighting technique has improved, youre still a waste no matter what. Next time, we no longer have to meet anymore.

Once she finished her sentence, she turned her body and prepared to leave.

Su Hao laughed and without any hesitation, grabbed her wrist. If it were only those words earlier, I really would have thought that you had misunderstood, but those words later on, inferior, waste, were not your style at all.

Chen Yiran turned her body and said, indifferently, just as before, Im saying the truth. Let me go. Get lost!

Really? Su Hao smiled indifferently and looked at the crowd which kept growing and surrounding them. So this is the reason why you stopped me in the campus. To show this to everyone? Under normal circumstances, in a TV drama, the actor would feel dejected and leave the scene and drown himself with alcohol. But do you know what Im going to do?

Ah? Chen Yiran was confused by this reaction. It wasnt what she was expecting.

A trace of smile could be seen in Su Haos mouth. Suddenly, he pulled Chen Yiran under his arms and forcefully planted his lips upon hers. Chen Yirans whole body was frozen. Her right hand was flashing in blue; ice crystals were sparkling around it and nearly subconsciously attacked Su Hao. Luckily, the bright gaze in Su Haos eyes eventually made her give this plan up.

After struggling for a moment, Chen Yiran helplessly turned weak in the embrace of Su Hao.


The surrounding students were in an uproar. Although they already knew that both of them were in relationship, but to kiss in a campus, this seemed to be a bit too crazy?

While clinging on to her soft and tender body, Su Hao looked at Chen Yirans beautiful and attractive appearance and smiled. This is the punishment for the words you said just now. Now no matter what you do, no one will believe your break up declaration. So, do you still want to continue acting?

Chen Yiran only responded after a few seconds passed. Staring at Su Hao with an angry tone, she said, You actually dare

Su Haos mind immediately moved. This time she was really mad at him and he quickly explained to save himself, This is all because you scared me just now. So, I had to see whether you were acting or not. The result, en, seems to be true.

Chen Yiran wiped the traces on her mouth and with her eyes widely opened, You scoundrel, just to justify whether I am acting or not you dared to take my first kiss away

Su Hao spread out his hands and showed his innocent look.

Chen Yiran immediately escaped from his embrace and snappily looked at him, You, this is just great. My entire plan has been ruined by you. Im doing this for your own good

I know. While still holding her hand tightly, Su Hao said in a serious expression, But you have to know this, whether or not we are really together, this matter shouldnt be something for a girl to solve!

I, Su Hao, havent gone down to the point that I need a girl to protect me.

Chen Yirans heart felt a hint of sweetness. Noticing that they were still holding hands, she hurriedly released his hand. After she corrected her hair, which was a bit of a mess, she turned away and left. Hmmppphh, who wants to protect you. Also, we arent in a relationship. Dont think that just because you got a cheap shot in that Im yours now.

Su Hao coughed for a moment. Raising his head and facing the direction of the three story teaching building, he sneered, Whatever it is, feel free to come at me. Even to death, I will still accompany you and play!

There, Sun Yaotian was watching him with a flaring heart, as if it was going to explode at any moment.


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