Godly Model Creator Chapter 200

Gmc Chapter 200

Chapter 0200    Solidification!

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This weakness of the model analysis, later I will ask Hu Pai to bring you to the actual scene and have a look.

Yan Xiao, one last time. If we fail this time, you dont need to leave, this studio will just close.

Lin Yue said as he looked at the young man in front of him.

Yan Xiao put his bag on the ground. Fine!

Thank you very much!

Lin Yue said gratefully before turning to face Su Hao. Let me formally introduce myself to you, I am Lin Yue, the Chief Executive Officer of From the Stars Construction Studio. My main responsibility is the construction designs. Besides me is the Officer of Public Relations, Wang Jiajia. This person in front of us is called Yan Xiao, the Officer of the Ecology Department, responsible for the derivation of ecology. As for Hu Pai, you have already met, he is the substance division officer, his main responsibility is the construction of real models.

Puff -

Su Hao almost snorted when he laughed.


This studio was really impressive. It had a total of four people, one being the Chief Executive Officer and the other three being the department heads!

If so, I should also be the Officer of the Virtual Department. Su Hao said mischievously.

Everyone in the crowd roared with laughter. It could be considered that everyone had formally met each other now.

Chief, do we really have a business now? Hu Pai said in excitement.

Of course.

Lin Yue proudly said, These two years, all the connections that our studio has painstakingly gathered shall not be so easily defeated. If not for the betrayal of that person, we would have been three stars much earlier! But now, it is still not too late, with the addition of Su Hao, we shall quickly surge upwards once again!

As Lin Yue finished his words, he charmingly smiled toward Su Hao.

Lin Yue was very pretty.

An extremely flirtatious attractiveness.

Especially when he smiled.

His voice was also very delicate. Combined with his perfect face, it was simply an ultimate killer!

But... Once Su Hao determined through the voice that he was a male, Su Hao had all sorts of chills. Especially when he smiled that way...

Damn it!

Su Hao wiped the cold sweat from his forehead.

He began to doubt his decision to join this studiobut no matter if it was the right or wrong decision, his career in a construction studio had officially begun!

After one day of interaction, everyone was quickly familiar with one another.

Although Wang Jiajia was not familiar with construction, he quickly managed to get a business for them through his personal advantages and the studios public reputation. This was also Su Haos first job when he arrived here, a villa model.

This was not any ordinary villa.

Far from that, it was the villa of Jianghe Citys deputy mayor!

The whole villa not only required consideration of the beauty of its environment, the freshness of the air but also the preset security equipment and auxiliary defense. This all had to occur before cracking the idea for the safest design.

As the task was received, Lin Yue began his designing.

It was the first time Suo Hao had seen the madness of this transexual. For three days, without eating or drinking, the floor was covered with countless discarded papers which had designs that were outlined by pencils. Even a design that Su Hao found to be incomparably exquisite was discarded. Obviously this time, Lin Yue was very determined.

Finally, when the basic outline was completed, Lin Yue began analyzing.

Through the assistance of machines, countless lines flashed on the display screen as numerous data flowed through. This was model design! From the outline up until the design of the real scale model.

It required a lot of energy consumption!

Bottles of origin ability recovery drugs were consumed. I was not until the fifth day that an exhausted Lin Yue passed a saved file to Su Hao.

This is the model design data, if you could convert it into a virtual model, then it would suffice.

This was Su Haos task.

We know the weakness of model analysis. When we encounter something which is unable to be converted or unable to be simulated, we will let Hu Pai lead you to see the substance. Jianghe City has construction related shops, he should know them well.

Lin Yue said as such.

No need.

Su Hao smiled indifferently. These few days, Hu Pai has already brought me to visit every shop.

Erm, of course I know this but doesnt model analysis only work by looking at real-life objects before a model can be constructed? Lin Yue was slightly at a loss.

Su Hao smiled.

In theory, of course, it was like that.

However, there was an exception and that was the construction of permanent models! Since he had constructed the permanent model of the objects he wanted in his mind, was there still a need to look at real-life objects?


If a model already existed, a direct transfer would be enough!

When he had followed Hu Pai to visit around, he had secretly activated his origin ability. For all the models that might be required, he constructed them into permanent models!

This was also his first time experiencing the feeling of unscrupulous energy.

It felt so explosively good!

The combination of origin ability refinement and origin ability control allowed him to not worry about the consumption of his origin ability energy for now. In these few days, he had added an innumerable amount of permanent models into his model world.


Connecting to the origin ability mapping device, Su Hao once again used his ability.

The data in the saved file was read instantly. Under the conversion of model analysis, an exquisite picture appeared in Su Haos mind. This was Lin Yues construction model design.

At this moment, every brick and tile appeared from the sky.

Under the astonished eyes of Lin Yue and the others, a beautiful construction model was built. It was diffused and became taller as it approached perfection.

The construction of the model continued for a long time.

However, the crowd had long ago forgotten about the time as they blankly stared at this scene. The recorder responsibly captured this perfect scene.

Su Hao was also soaked in the pleasure of this moment.

It was as if at this moment, he had become a creator. It was like he had the power to squander the heaven and the earth as he constructed a perfect villa and magically completed the model. In another moment, he was like a three year old child who was clumsily holding pieces of building blocks and stacking them together to create a castle that belonged to him.


At this moment, Su Hao had a realization.

In his model world, he was like a deity! With a thought, he could mold the villa and with another thought, he could cause this villa to disappear.

This.was the power of a god!

A surge of arrogant confidence reverberated his heart like a seed that wanted to sprout out.

This was a mysterious state. While Su Hao was in a daze, it was as if he had reached a bottleneck, the critical moment on the verge of a breakthrough.

Su Hao subconsciously uttered the words, Solidify!


It was as if a crack had appeared in the sky.

A strange air wandered in the sky and a series of transparent ripples flashed. The crowd in the studio were horrified to the point that they took a few steps back, completely unable to understand what was happening.

At this time, an object appeared from the crack. It was sharp but it gave people a familiar feeling.

A powerful origin ability energy wave reverberated in the studio. Lin Yues jaw dropped, he was completely stunned. Isnt isnt this the villas roof?


As it revealed an area that was not even a square centimeter, the origin ability wave suddenly erupted and a powerful surging energy reverberated in the studio. Lin Yue and everyone else immediately sprawled onto the ground.




At this moment, countless glasses were shattered. As for the crack, it instantly disappeared, as if it had never shown up.

A moment later.

The scene was restored back to normal.

Su Hao opened his eyes. In them, an expression of regret could be seen. Failed

Lin Yue and the others looked at each other, failed?

What failure?

If it was about the villa, was it not a success? The recorder had already recorded everything completely. The construction level of this virtual simulation was much higher than Lin Yues imagination! No, not only that, there were even slight changes. This was even more perfect than Lin Les design and these were all recorded!

After getting these 3D records, as long as it was given to Hu Pai to proceed with the real-life construction, a perfect model would be created.

It was supposed to be perfect.

However, why did Su Hao say he failed?

Also, that horrifying scene that happened at the end earlier, what was that?

Su Hao sighed.

Only he understood what he had reached earlier. The fourth realm of model analysis, the object summoning! Or it could be called the solidification of objects!

Summoning the models from his model world into reality!

Earlier, it was as if he was trapped in a mysterious realization. As the origin ability eruption waves were very powerful, the upper limit of his origin ability energy had evolved and had even caused a strange resonance.

Under that strange condition, he subconsciously executed the solidification of the villa.

Unfortunately, it was still an eventual failure.

The summon was not even one in ten thousand before it became a complete failure.

The distance between him and that realm, nevertheless it was still too far!

Unfortunately, this realm can only be found by accident and could not be sought, otherwise, through daily trials, the solidification would eventually be completed.

However, since this was the first time, could the second time be far away?