Godly Model Creator Chapter 201

Gmc Chapter 201

Chapter 0201    Crisis of Competition

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Looking at those pieces of glass surrounding them and the faces of those in the studio, Su Hao felt a little embarrassed. In fact, when he recalled the last few minutes, he did feel some lingering fear. When his model world was still in its infancy period, he already wanted to touch reality. That was such a bold move that if he was careless for a moment, perhaps this entire building would collapse!

Seems that there was some accident here, Su Hao continued in an embarrassed tone. Next time I will definitely pay more attention.

Lin Yue helplessly shook his head, Its alright as long as nobody is injured. I will ask the workers to tidy it up. I know model analysis is a bit special, but not at such scale. However, the virtual model is completed. The next step would be done by Hu Pai and Yan Xiao.

No problem! Hu Pai then interrupted as he admired the 3D model on the recorder with his eyes glittering, This is the very first time I have seen such a perfect virtual model! Total perfection! Su Hao, youre too awesome!

Su Hao was stunned, This is the design of our CEO. It has nothing to do with me.

Heh. Lin Yue shook his head and laughed, Su Hao, you dont have to be humble. We have accepted countless amounts of business. Yours are the only ones able to surprise me. Under normal circumstances, if the one I designed was 100 points, to be able to build a virtual model with a score 80 points is already considered perfect, and 60 points is the standard for the real model being built.

Su Hao was dumbfounded. He didnt know there was this kind of quality discrepancy.

In fact, if he thought more about it, that seemed to be logical. Theory and reality would always have a certain gap. His own philosophy, everyones experience would have differences. The design created by a designer would eventually wind up different than what he imagined. The same thing applied here to virtual model building. Because of personal habits and different styles, to be able to achieve 80 percent was already considered a great job.

For cases like Su Hao, everyone would definitely be amazed.

Hehe, I already said that my eyes wont do me wrong, Hu Pai proudly said. With this building model, we will soon complete the task and smoothly go up back to a two star studio!

Of course! Lin Yue was confident.


At this moment, the door was suddenly opened. A young man leisurely broke in, I heard that an useless one star studio managed to find someone?

Lin Yues face turned stiff, Ren Wugui! Its you!

Su Hao revealed a doubtful expression.

Hu Pai quietly explained, This bastard is the traitor!

Su Hao then understood the situation here.

This was the traitor who then joined another studio to become three star? Such a character really made one despise him.

Ren Wugui coldly sneered as he looked at Lin Yue, Hey, big Lin, your temper isnt good. If youre a girl, I might even offer my pity to you. Too bad youre a guy. This young master is not interested in transgender. Or perhaps, I can introduce you to one?

Lin Yue looked at him coldly, If you dont get out now, then dont blame me!

With just you?

As Ren Wugui laughed out loud, two people in black suit and sunglasses followed him from behind. Their identity was obvious, bodyguards!

You want to make a move? By that time, if this matter gets big, you will be the one facing the consequences. You need to remember, I am the staff of a three star studio. As for you all, youre just one star! Your studio had been warned before for plagiarism. These two bodyguards are prepared for those who are unwilling to face failure. The treatment of the staff from three star studio is really at a new whole level.

Ren Wugui proudly said this, making everyones face go ashen.

Hu Pai was enraged and was ready to charge forward. However, he was stopped by Lin Yue. Since Ren Wugui had bodyguards with him, they could only face the humiliation unwillingly.

After saying so, Ren Wugui then looked at Su Hao.

Young man, youre the one cheated by them? From your look, you must be new here. Dont be fooled by this kind of garbage studio which has been blacklisted. How about coming to our studio? Ren Wugui said so with a sinister smile, The treatment there will be good.

Su Hao smiled indifferently, As for this, you dont have to worry.


Ren Wugui was annoyed, Repaying peoples kindness with ill intent. Since youre so ambitious, then I wont bother with you. The reason I am here today is to inform you all a good news. Wait, I havent mentioned it yet just now? Our studio has accepted the task of building deputy mayors villa. At that time, we would be competing with each other...


Everyones facial expression changed.

Their studio also accepted the same task!

This Ren Wugui was just trying to court his own death by forcing them further into deepest abyss! When a one star studio and three star studio were compared together, just their lack of credibility was enough to destroy them! Even if Ren Wuguis model was worse by a bit, in the end the final winner would still be him!

Unless, they could come up with a stunning model which captured everyones attention.

Haha, work hard, then! Ren Wugui laughed like a madman. Walking to the side of Su Hao, his right hand patted Su Haos shoulder, Young man, you have to work hard too. Later, when you lose, dont cry and come begging to me.

Pa ji!

As that hand of his patted down, Su Hao didnt evade and just tolerated the force from his pat.

Ren Wugui turned to leave. However, his right hand was caught.



Su Hao gently twisted the traitors right hand. Ren Wuguis wrist instantly snapped and then he was kicked out from the studio.


Ren Wugui landed face-first on the ground.

Everyone was stunned. Apparently, nobody expected Su Hao to make a sudden move.

Ren Wugui was at a loss, too. As he stood up, he spit out the dust on his mouth. With his pale expression, he was mad at those two bodyguards, What are you two doing?! Couldnt you see he was attacking me? Go and kill him, this bloody grandson!

The bodyguards glanced at each other as they felt being wronged.

Who the hell would know the opponent would make a move out of nowhere? You even put your own wrist on his shoulder. Wasnt that just courting your own death? They were just working for money. So, they still charged at Su Hao.

Be careful! Hu Pai warned.

Su Hao smiled indifferently on the same spot. A touch of chill could be seen in his eyes.



As his figure flashed, one could see the blurry shadow of Su Hao. The shadow was in midair here and there a few times. Both bodyguards were then blasted out and each of them fell a distance away.

Ren Wugui opened his mouth wide with panic written on his face.


These bodyguards were ones he spend a huge amount on. Their origin ability was around 15 points. Just like that, they were thrown around by a young man. This was too terrifying!

Get lost! Su Hao coldy glanced at him. Ren Wugui then quickly fled. The studio was in complete silence once more.

You...youre an esper? Lin Yue asked in shock. They who were in the construction industry, which one of them hadnt given up because of their origin ability talent? But Su Hao, a model analysis talent, had such combat effectiveness?

Uh.... Su Hao scratched his head, I learned a bit of fighting technique for self-protection...


Lin Yue rolled his eyes. Self protection could instantly lock down two fierce-looking bodyguards? However, since Su Hao didnt want to answer this, he didnt ask any further. Anyway, they wouldnt be having any loss. Moreover, to see Ren Wugui being beaten, especially just a moment ago

That was so satisfying!

However, even if Ren Wugui is gone now a few days later, during the bidding process after all, their studio is a three star studio with complete tools and capital. Plus their good reputation, Im afraid we wont be able to win this. Hu Pais face was a bit dark.

Whats there to be afraid of? Lin Yue sneered, We also have the same three star standard. Plus, this time we have Su Haos perfect simulation, there is nothing to be afraid of! Plus, the first two steps were perfectly done. The following one, you will be the one handling it!

Alright! Hu Pai gritted his teeth. Traces of origin ability energy could be seen on his hand. It was such a magnificent scene.

This time, I will accompany you all into madness!