Godly Model Creator Chapter 202

Gmc Chapter 202

Chapter 0202    Derivation!

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Traces of energy illuminated within Hu Pais hand. It was really a magnificent sight.

Su Hao curiously stood together with the crowd, watching traces of the subtle materials Hu Pai inexplicably held that magically formed into a model. It was like a figurine, such a mysterious process.

This was how the solidification of the model was done.

The material was as real as the real-life one!

It was exactly the same as those used in the construction site.

In fact, for inspection, a virtual model should be more than enough.

However, in order to prevent any problems, the solidification of the model was still necessary. This was because only a real-life model could be evaluated and assessed!

For example, the security level of the villa, the durability of material used, the seismic rating of the villa, the noise canceling level, and the like. Only with a real-life model could you clearly see all these. These were all matters which simulation could not test.

Such an amazing thing!

This was Su Haos first impression.

As he looked at one brick, it instantly turned into dozens of mini bricks in Hu Pais hands. He then began to build step by step based on what the recorder had captured. Su Haos eyes shined.Very soon, a small garden was successfully built.

Inexplicably, Su Hao thought about that feeling a moment ago.

When he thought of the possibility of him reaching such a realm in the future, Su Hao got excited. One day, I will definitely reach it!

Of course, until then, he should at least understand all the mysteries of his model world!

Hu Pais construction lasted for three days.

Like layers of bricks, the model was meticulously implemented. With just a blade of green grass, he could even create a meadow. That was so interesting.

This was his ability!

Being driven by Lin Yues madness and Su Haos perfection, Hu Pai also did his job cautiously without leaving room for a single hint of regret. After all, this was related to their future.


Hu Pai looked at the model in front of him and felt relieved.

Everyone quickly came over. Looking at this near perfect model inside the glass display, they found it stunning and amazing.

90 percent!

Hu Pai actually could not help but admire his own work. I actually perfected it to the 90 percent level! Haha, I am now already in the three star standard!

It was such a rare occasion when nobody hit him for his boast.

Origin ability talent, there was really not one which was a waste!

Su Hao exclaimed. If he did not see it personally, how could he even think of this? This fairytale villa in front was the hard work of everyone all these days?

Although he was the one who built the virtual model, whenever he saw their hard work, he could not help but feel stunned too.

Because, it was too beautiful!

Yan Xiao, the final step will have to depend on you, Lin Yue excitedly said to Yan Xiao.

Great, now watch me!

With both hands placed above the model, Yan Xiao slowly closed his eyes. A mysterious light began to flash. Blue ripples appeared from his hands and gradually turned into something like snowflakes that fell over the model.

If you looked from the perspective of the model, you would see it was snowing!

Blue star shaped snowflakes.

Su Haos eyes revealed a strange look. This was the so-called dynamic derivation?

In his model world, models could interact with each other. As for the model in front, because it had already become a real-life object, of course, it would be impossible for them to interact with each other. However, this dynamic derivation made it possible?


With the infusion of the blue snowflakes, this life-like model seemed to be alive.

Crystal blue lights flashed within the room.

Very soon, the snow melted as it landed and was absorbed. After that, a surprising scene happened!

A slight breeze blew and the trees in the house started to sway according to the direction of the wind. The flowers in the garden were about to bloom at any time. There was even a stream of spring water flowing through.

What model was this!

Wasnt this a real-life environment to be more precise!


As Yan Xiao was about to finish, Lin Yue quickly stuck a bunch of tools on both sides of the model.


As the tools were in place, the villa model was completely sealed. Only then did Yan Xiao feel relieved. As he wiped the sweat off his face, he revealed a surprised look. Everything is done now!

Our project is completed!

Everyone else also revealed a look of surprise. As they looked through the transparent glass and saw that perfect, almost fairytale like villa, they felt excitement This should be considered the best model they had ever created, right? With Su Haos perfect simulation, they finally made the best model since the start of this studio!

After being surprised, it was time to wrap up everything.

Lin Yue gently pressed the switch on the right side of the tools.


A light flashed!

The glass cover turned black completely!

From outside, nothing could be seen.

When he noticed that Su Hao was pondering about something, Lin Yue suddenly explained to him. This is a device to cover up the model. At the bottom, it would be powered by origin ability energy. After Yan Xiao completed his ecology derivation, as long as there was a continuous supply of origin ability energy, such a state could be maintained for a short period of time. A model cover up could provide energy and at the same time prevent it from being leaked out.

So this was it.

In fact, the matter that made him ponder was not this model cover up but the scene shown by Yan Xiao just nowecological derivation!

Being able to turn dead things into living things, that was undoubtedly amazing!

However, what was the principle behind this?

Had the model really been given life? No, of course not. Although those trees and grasses looked lively, it was just a matter of being supplied with origin ability energy. That was why this model needed to be covered up need and be constantly supplied energy. Object moved by energy was not really that strange.

The really interesting aspect was how did these plants maintain their movements in such way?

Under origin ability, achieving certain movements were not a problem but after Yuan Xiao let go of his control, those plants could still maintain such state. As long as there was origin ability energy, they would maintain such movements. Compared to real-life plants, there was simply no difference.

This was something he needed to figure out.

Yan Xiao, can you demonstrate again what you did just now again?

Su Hao suddenly voiced out.

Huh? Alright.

Yan Xiao was obviously stunned for a moment. Ecological derivation, what part of this was interesting to look at? However, he just considered Su Hao as being curious and walked toward the model on the table which was kept as a memory to use his ability.


The crystal blue light once again covered the model.

A flash of light could be seen within Su Haos eyes. Numerous data began to appear within his mind as he carefully observed the changes within the model.

Suddenly, he was startled.

Under model analysis, he finally found the answer to the mystery of ecological derivation! Within those blue snowflakes, there were countless data. All the mysteries were inside the snowflakes!


Su Hao then stared at one of the wavering snowflakes.

The surrounding blue light flashed instantly, disappearing as he analyzed and transformed the data within snowflake. With countless data inside, this snowflake was like a lamb without clothes in front of Su Hao.

Geography factor

Speed analysis

Prediction deduction

A lot of words passed by within Su Haos mind. His eyes revealed the color of excitement.

So this was it!

This so-called ecological derivation was in fact pretty similar to model analysis. Model analysis would analyze the data of the factors and then reassemble them within the mind. Ecological derivation, however, was an ability that captured the geographic details and then perform speed analysis.

To put it in plain words, it was to capture all the information of the mysterious factor from mid-air.

However, what Su Hao did was just to restore! Restoring each others ability, experience, skills but ecological derivation was more advanced!

Because what Yan Xiao did was deduction!


From the data within the snowflake, Yan Xiao deduced the response of the plants in reality and then instilled his will onto those plants model. To an extent, they would become consistent with real-life objects.

Vivid and lifelike.