Godly Model Creator Chapter 203

Gmc Chapter 203

Chapter 0203    Card!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Such a frightening ability!

That was Su Haos first reaction. If this ability was utilized in battle, being able to predict other peoples reactions and being a step ahead, wouldnt that person be invincible?

Such a pity!

This was Su Haos second reaction.

Because after putting in some thought, ecological derivation could only be used on these tiny models. They belonged to the daily life classification of the origin ability talent. If someone wished to use ecological derivation in a battle, a large amount of energy would be consumed. Perhaps Yan Xiao would not be able to provide enough energy for such a reckless move during his entire lifetime.

In fact after thinking, if this type of deduction ability could be used in the middle of a battle, perhaps this origin ability talent would be moved to the top and be ranked as B level and above.

However, just because Yan Xiao couldnt do it didnt mean that he couldnt.

A bright light flashed before Su Haos eyes. If he had this ability and mastered it better than Yan Xiao, when he had a better control over his origin ability, it would not be impossible for him to make an immediate deduction!

If he could master this...

As Su Hao thought fanatically, he suddenly noticed that the surrounding atmosphere wasnt right. Lin Yue and Hu Pai were looking at him strangely. Yan Xiaos face turned pale and took a few steps back, That Su Hao, if you are interested in men that, I will recommend Chief to you, er

Yan Xiao!

Lin Yues eyes locked a cold glare at Yan Xiao.

Puff -

Su Hao almost spat out blood!

I only looked at you for a little longer, damn you!

The people in the studio, why were all of them getting influenced by Lin Yue till they become crazy!

Su Hao was speechless.

But this interruption, instead caused him to walk out of his earlier delusion. No matter how grand a dream was, first and foremost, it must be realistic. Although model analysis covered every detail, to develop this skill, perhaps it would be slower than Yan Xiao. As for the battle prediction, lets forget about that.

Su Hao pondered for a moment, Yan Xiao, for every ecological derivation profession, is it possible to reach such a standard?

How is it possible!

Yan Xiao sneered, Their ecological derivation requires constant control. However, the completion of mine is one of a kind, so only an origin ability energy tool is required to preserve it. Because of this, even Snowfall Float Construction Studio invited me

Yan Xiao said halfway and suddenly felt something was wrong. He immediately shut his mouth.

Lin Yues pupils shrunk, Yan Xiao, the earlier invitation, was from Snowfall Float Construction Studio?

That was a proper 5-star studio!

The top brand in the construction industry!

Under these circumstances, Yan Xiao actually waited until the studio was not able to issue a salary. Then he announced his request to leave. Lin Yue suddenly felt, as a CEO, he really failed to be one.


Yan Xiao shook his head and felt slightly awkward, This, Chief, that was the past. As long as we pull through this time, we, From the Stars Studio, would also be a very capable 3-star studio.

Liu Yue patted his shoulder and viciously nodded, Good, this time we will definitely pull through!


Su Hao glanced at them and didnt utter a word.

He was still thinking about that earlier problem. Those who could execute ecological derivation, there should be quite an amount. Only Yan Xiao alone could deduce to such a realm how to put it, for Yan Xiao in this field of ecological derivation, it can be said that he had contributed a fair amount. Such deduction, did it come along with his individual talent?

Su Hao thought of the card he saw earlier.

Origin ability talent: Model manipulation.

Talent effect: Able to utilize origin ability, manipulate models!

Grade Rating: Grade D

This was Yan Xiaos origin ability talent, it was a Grade D talent. It was the same as many weak origin ability talents with many flaws and defects. It was no different from any normal ecological derivation type origin ability. This type of ability, how did his deduction control have such a high level of calculation ability?

Su Hao raised his doubt. Yan Xiao then suddenly realized and explained to him.

Actually, it was not really strange.

For ordinary origin ability user, Origin Ability Firm was the place to increase your ability. A few years ago, after completing a certain task, Yan Xiao received an opportunity to be personally taught by an ecological derivation master. Yan Xiao took hold of that opportunity and speedily grew in this area of ecological derivation, which then allowed him to take a huge leap forward!

I see!

A flash of light shot through Su Haos eyes.

For master level tasks, their favorite task reward would usually be personal tutelage. On one hand, it would save a lot of work and caused countless people to compete. On the other hand, they tried their luck to find any suitable disciple. Of course, strange people like Zhang Zhongtian who used all of his time on experiments, couldnt be bothered to teach others were the few exceptional ones.

Master of ecological derivation.

Every field has a specialist, this saying was true.

No matter what industry, as long as one keeps working hard, eventually they will become the industrys leader. For ecological derivation, the analysis of model deduction was merely trivial. However, due to its extreme level of difficulty, there were very few people who mastered it. It was very honorable that Yan Xiao had learned it.

According to Yan Xiaos explanation, the master taught him a training manual called Model Deduction.

After returning and using three full years of intense training, did he manage to get into this field. Having a slight achievement, he then formally entered into the construction industry. Otherwise, with his grade D origin ability talent, even if he forced himself into the industry, he would only be the type that gets dragged behind.

So great!

Looking at Yan Xiaos proud expression, Su Hao sincerely praised. As his face smiled like a flower and a blue light flashed in his eyes, strange light already enveloped Yan Xiao.

Model analysis, start!

Card modeling!

Locked on - model deduction!


A model deduction card rapidly constructed out. Su Hao quickly established a connection.

Card selection complete beginner model deduction model analyzing model constructing card model construction complete

To be honest, as the crowds abilities grew stronger, whenever Su Hao activated the model analysis, he could see many specialized cards that were of no use to him, like Sun Yaotians iron element essence. If not for the introduction of Yan Xiao, he might have missed this model deduction card.

The reading of the card was swiftly completed.

As Su Hao excitedly looked at the minds newly appeared grey colored card, his whole body trembled at where he stood.

Name: Beginner model deduction

Level: 3 stars

Introduction: Created personally by the model master. Deduction analysis for the customization of models, origin ability talent that fits with models type can perfectly cast ecological derivation system.


This. This is. A three star card?

Three star card!

Su Hao was completely shocked.

This was his first time seeing a three star card. Even if it was body forging technique, fighting essence, these powerful skills, the schools price tag of 3000 task points for the body forging technique, at most was only a two star card. But before his eyes, Yan Xiao, a normal ecological derivation profession, yet he saw a three star card from him!

A pleasant surprise!

Absolute delightful!

Two star card was already so powerful, how about this three star card?

As Su Hao tried to hide his feelings of excitement, he executed the reading of the card.

Hua -

Just with a single thought, a horrifying suction surged over. The bodys origin ability energy instantly charged towards this three star card before it stopped abruptly again.

Su Hao was stunned.

After a while, his face revealed the expression of a bitter smile. His origin ability energy unexpectedly was emptied again!

Ever since having mastered beginner origin ability refinement and intermediate origin ability control, to face a two star card, he was completely self-sufficient and didnt face any problems. But, as he faced a three star card for the first time, like in the past he was completely squeezed dry in an instant.

An instant.

It was as if Su Hao returned to the time when he was extremely hungry for origin ability energy.

Really not enough for him to use ah!

Could it be, he had to improve his origin ability transition technique passively again?

Su Hao thought for a moment if it was any normal time, he naturally wouldnt use so much energy to master a skill that would be useless to his combat power. But for this moment, due to his excitement towards a three star card, his will to fight was high!

Intermediate origin ability transition technique, charge!

Lin Yue, when will the construction model tender conference be held?

3 days later!

Lin Yue answered. This task actually gave him 10 full days! But because of it, they went berserk, for a task that had a very high difficulty level, they unexpectedly completed it within a week. Instead, there were still three full days of time remained. Everything would be fine as long as the safety tools were implemented within the remaining three days.